Chapter 9: A Hero Returns

Link, Vivian, and Erik still stood inside the Magic Cottage. Link was put on his Kokiri Tunic over his Chain-Mail and white shirt. He then strapped on his Gloves and belts, and Equipped his Great Fairy Sword and Mirror Shield. Finally he put on his iconic floppy green hat, and put in his blue earrings. He looked at himself in his Mirror Shield and realized he looked a lot like his adult self when he pulled the Master Sword.

After Link got finished getting equipped, Vivian gave him back the Ocarina of Time. "You'll probably need it more than me anyway," she said as she handed it to him.

"Yeah," Link said. "I probably will."

Link then checked for all his items and equipment. "Ocarina, check. Hero's Bow with Light Arrows and the Biggest Quiver, check. The Biggest Bomb Bag with Bombs and Bombchus, check. Hookshot, check. Hero's Hammer, check. Gale Boomerang, check. Magic Rod, check. Lens of Truth, check. Magic Cloak, check. Deku Nuts, check. Six Bottles, check. Giants Wallet with 1,500 Rupees, check. Gilded Sword, check. Hero's Shield, check. Water-Breathing Tunic, check. Heat-Resistant Tunic, check. Flippers, check. Iron Boots, check. And finally, all 24 Masks from Termina, check. All right we're ready to go."

After the little item check, Link, Erik, and Vivian left the Magic Cottage, and got started on closing the Portal of Darkness. They first cleared out all the enemies around the cloaked cottage. It took almost no time at all, with Link able to move quickly and slice up the monsters just as fast. He also used a better version of the Spin Attack called The Great Spin. When they cleared out all the enemies around them, they started walking toward the Portal of Darkness and defeated the enemies there. They got rid of all the weaker enemies, but then a Giant Purple Beast jumped out of the Portal.

The Beast looked like a mixture of Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, and Twinmold. It had Odolwa's body with his Sword and Shield, Goht's legs and hooves, Gyorg's fins and tail, Twinmold's head, and finally, Four of Majora's Eyes, one on the back of it's head, one on it's back, one on it's stomach, and the last one is inside it's mouth.

Dark Masked Beast: Gyohtmoldwa

Gyohtmoldwa charged at Link with fury. Link barely got out of the way as Gyohtmoldwa smashed into the forest, knocking down all the trees in it's path. The Beast went on a rampage, destroying the forest around it. Once all the trees were knocked down, it stood in a warriors stance ready for battle. Link noticed Deku Flowers on the ground and realized Gyohtmoldwa was fighting in the same way Odolwa battled.

Link then lended Vivian his Bow and Light Arrow, and lended Erik his Gale Boomerang and Bombs. "Use these to cover me," Link told them.

"What do you mean cover you?," Vivian asked with Erik nodding along.

Link then pulled out his Deku Mask and said, "You'll see." He then put the Mask on his face and let the Soul of The Deku Butlers Son consume him, transforming and shaping him into a Deku Scrub. When he transformed he didn't look the same as when he was young and transformed. He looked more like the Deku King but more in the style of the younger version of his transformation.

When the transformation was finished, Vivian and Erik looked on in surprise. They both had the same thought running in their head, 'What else can he transform into?'

Deku Link then got ready for battle by diving into one of the Deku Flowers. He then flew out the flower and soared above Gyohtmoldwa and dropped Deku Nuts on him. But with the new version of his transformation, the Deku Nuts power was amplified, and became like a mini-grenade. Gyohtmoldwa went down while taking a lot of damage and exposing the open eye on it's head. Deku Link then dropped to the ground and beat on Gyohtmoldwa eye until it exploded.

Gyohtmoldwa then started to battle like Goht did. So Deku Link took the Deku Mask off of his face, and then replaced it with the Goron Mask. He then let the spirit of Darmani change his body into a Goron. The Goron transformation was more or less the same, the only difference was he was a bit taller and had bigger muscles.

Goron Link then curled up into a ball and began to roll. Gyohtmoldwa then began to run and rampage across the island. Goron Link then began to chase it.

While Goron Link was chasing the beast, Vivian and Erik used there items Link lended then to hurt Gyohtmoldwa. Vivian shooting Light Arrows at the beast, and Erik using the Gale Boomerang to bring Bombs above Gyohtmoldwa and drop them on it.

While Goron Link was rolling he saw the attacks from Vivian and Erik were slowing the beast down, so he took that as his chance so he sped up and charged full force with his spiked roll into Gyohtmoldwa, knocking him down onto his side. Goron Link then brought out the Hero's Hammer and smashed the eye on Gyohtmoldwa's back. After a few smashes, the second eye was destroyed.

Gyohtmoldwa then jumped into the water and started swimming around in the same way Gyorg did. Goron Link took off the Goron Mask and then put on the Zora Mask, letting Mikau reform his body into a Zora Warrior.

Zora Link sped into the water using the Hookshot to pull Gyohtmoldwa closer to him. He the saw arrows going into the water, hitting Gyohtmoldwa. He then pulled himself closer with the Hookshot. He then surrounded himself in a barrier of electricity, making Gyohtmoldwa float belly up, exposing his third eye. Zora Link used the Hookshot to get on top of the beast, he they attacked the eye until it was destroyed.

Gyohtmoldwa then got out of the water and burrowed into the ground just like Twinmold. Zora Link then took off the Zora Mask. He decided to use the Giant's Mask, so he put it on his face, transforming into a Gray Giant. He then got ready to battle with his fists. When Gyohtmoldwa shot out of the ground, Link and the beast then began to fight. Giant Link began to beat down Gyohtmoldwa by smashing it with his fists. He then grabbed it and brought it into a choke hold, crushing the beast's windpipe, and then he smashed the beast's head onto the ground, destroying the last eye.

Gyohtmoldwa started throwing itself back and forth until it the beast turned purple and exploded into a dark purple cloud that took the shape of Majora's Mask.

Giant Link then walked over to the Dark Portal and smashed his fist into it using his left hand. The Triforce of Courage emitted golden light and closed the Dark Portal, breaking the link to wherever Majora's minions came from. Giant Link then took off the Giant's Mask and became regular Link.

Link then sat down panting from the battle. Vivian and Erik then ran up to Link checking if he was okay. "I'll be alright," Link told them.

"Good," Vivian said. "Now we can go back to Aerondor and rest."

"Yeah, let's go," Link responded.

The group got onto the boat, that Vivian and Erik took to get to the island, and rode back to the mainland. The ride took about an hour but they got back to Aerondor with no problems. They docked at the Port and walked off the ship. Link took a big breath and said, "Ahh, fresh air." He then looked around at all the people and shops. "I never thought I'd say this, but I miss places like this."

"Now we can finally go on a real date," Vivian told Link.

"That would be great," Link told as he smiled.

Vivian smiled back, but then Erik said, "We still need to do other things first."

"I guess your right," Link said as he sighed."I should probably tell the King about my survival."

"Alright," Vivian said. "Link and I will go tell my father about today, while you, Erik, will go take care of whatever you need to do. Then Link and I will have a romantic date."

"Fine," Erik said. "But tomorrow we do our job."

"What was that all about?," Link asked.

"We kind of work for my father," Vivian said. "We kill monsters threatening people and the file reports."

"That's kind of boring," Link responded. "But I'll help you guys."

"You will?," Vivian asked, beaming.

"Of course," Link said. He then kissed her as she kissed him back. After about a minute or so they disconnected their lips. "I guess we should go report to your father."

Vivian, blushing, responded with, "Yeah, right." They both then walked towards the Aerondor Castle to tell the King about Link.