XXXX Seven Years Ago XXXXX

Ruby had never felt so free since her ex-family, save her uncle/godfather. It was like constantly having candy every day except it wasn't candy, it was her freedom from the abuse that she had endured at the house in Patch. Of course, there are downsides of being free, such as the MPD trying to get her into S.S. because she is young, alley fights from other orphans but they would end up scared once they knew what Faunus she was. She quickly learned how to pickpocket from a homeless thief, people call him Orange due to his unique eye and hair color, he would always put children above himself Faunus and human, it doesn't matter to him as they were 'thrown' away from having a good childhood. Many people would think that he is a pervert at first but once they really know who he is and what happened to him in his past then they would understand why he helps children.

Ruby met Orange about two weeks since her arrival to Mistral, even though she was carefully spending her lien on cheap food and not getting anything unnecessary such as candy, pop, anything that wasn't on sale and to the young Faunus unfortunate luck cookies. Okay, maybe she does get cookies every now and then but she only gets one about two to three days!

How they met was when Ruby was counting her lien to see how much she has left, unknown to her that she was being watched from a roof across from her. While Orange watched from a roof that was across the street from the young wolf Faunus was at. Orange was a woman of many talents, talents that she would rather teach to others that need them more than others, such as orphaned children that live in the streets. Of course, he could open up an orphanage if he chooses to but that would require lots of lien, food, electricity, water, and workers were to be accounted as well but that would take time and time isn't really on the side on those that are on the streets.

Orange took notice that there was a new orphan in the neighborhood, some of the other kids were talking about her there was this girl that managed to beat two of Nero's top dogs. Of course, the guards kept quite to how they were beaten by a girl and the said child was only seven years old. But what struck him odd was how the guards said that one of them punched the girl but it seemed as if a barrier-protected her, and barely even moved from the spot that she was hit. From his experience and knowledge that a kid her age shouldn't even have their 'Aura' activated unless it was the latter of the 'Aura' theories that are taught in the Academies. If so then how come she isn't in the hospital from 'Aura' overload? Perhaps she is unconsciously expelling the extra 'Aura' through her clothes? Or perhaps to dampen her Faunus senses? There were many possibilities that ran through the woman's head.


~ Talon's Shop ~

Nyx was starting to get bored as she waited for her Ruby to show up to get her custom-made blade. When the dark-haired girl first saw the scarlet Faunus, she completely became infatuated at first but later on at discovering odd quirks about the younger girl. She started to desire for the young wolf but decided to wait until they were older to pursue her.

Nyx groaned at the boredom, "Can't they get here faster?!"

Just then there was jingle that came from the entrance, she quickly thought it was HER Ruby and put on a sweet smile but it wasn't the desired person. Instead, it was an elderly man, perhaps in his early forties or late forties. He was wearing light brown dress shoes, light grey slack pants, pristine white button shirt, and a reddish-brown vest with the same colored tie. He was easily recognized as the Headmaster of Haven Academy, Leonardo Lionheart, an expert on the Grimms defense, and History of Remnant.

"Evening Mr. Lionheart! How may we help today." Nyx said in a cheerful tone, although a bit reluctant but still had to do it because she was working.

"Good evening young Nyx, and as for help, I believe that I would need your parents for that. Are they in the store right now?" The elder asked, his hands behind his back and his Lions Tail softly swaying.

Before she could answer him the bell jingled again and this time it was Ruby, with her signature blood-red scarf and gray cap, along with Sienna, and her signature clothe which consisted of a dark and light brown plaid poncho with a hood. Both of the girls were talking when they noticed their friend was talking to a customer, Leonardo turned around to see who else came and gave a small nod towards them before turning back at Nyx.

"Right now they are out, perhaps you can find them on the west side of the Green District Mr. Leonardo."

The lion Faunus gave her a nod and began to walk out of the shop, as he took a better look at the two people his eyes went wide for a moment when they landed on the Wolf Faunus. At first, he thought it was an old friend that is thought to be dead but once he took a look again he saw that she was younger and her eyes looked slightly different, it didn't have the same light as Summer's eyes, rather it was duller but still had emotions going through them.

When Haven Headmaster left out the door Nyx quickly used her semblance ''Shadow' Shift'(1) to get behind Ruby and hugged, before grabbing Sienna into the hug as well.

"How're my favorite girls in Mistral?"

Ruby hummed a response along with a shrug while Sienna gave a thumbs up.


(1) This is Nyx's Semblance, originally it was supposed to be called 'Dark Teleportation' but "Shadow' Shift' seemed better. She is able to shift through the dark, or rather shadows, but when she uses it during night time it is basically undefeatable. The only weakness to her ability is that she can't shift through her own shadow, and if there is to much light then it isn't possible to use her semblance. Also, she can only shift with only one person.


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