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++++++++++++++++ Wednesday afternoon, two days left.

Yohji turned off the car with a sense of uncertainty. He had a madman in his back seat. The two people he was counting on to keep him under control were either insane themselves, or had some weird psy powers. Certainty was not a word he'd use to describe his life at the moment.

"So," He said, "what now?"

"Now we take him up to somewhere secure, and this German friend of yours," Brad gave Shuldich a dirty look at this, "is going to fix him."

Shuldich rolled his eyes and got out of the car, not bothering to mention, yet again, that it wasn't that easy. Yohji sat and thought for a moment, waiting for everyone to get out before he slowly followed them into the building.

The first place Brad, hauling Farfarello, headed for was the office, the only part of the upper stories that he was at all familiar with. He stopped in the door, looking at the shards of glass everywhere.

"This may not be the best place to put the knife - crazy madman," Shuldich said sarcastically from behind Brad's shoulder. Brad looked at him in irritation, but did not deign to reply. Instead, he raised his eyebrows at Yohji, shifting the burden he held in his arms. The Irishman hadn't stirred this whole time, but Yohji knew that it was only a matter of time before his body recovered from the shock he'd been given. He sighed, knowing that there was only one place the man could be kept secure.

"This way," He said, motioning them to follow him up to the fourth floor. He led them to the bedroom, where his wonderful soft bed sat, just waiting for him to lie down and sleep. Then he would wake up tomorrow and life would be back to normal, and none of this would have happened at all. . .

He gestured for Brad to put Farafrello down on the bed as he went to the closet, getting out some soft, non-abrasive rope. The silence in the room stretched as he tied the rope expertly around the Irishman's arms, legs and torso, and to small yet sturdy parts of the bed. After he was finished his task, he turned, meaning to get answers as to what the Hell was going on. Instead, he found himself the center of two very strange looks.

"What?" he asked, surprised.

"Where did you learn that?" Shuldich asked, suspicion lacing his words.

"Learn what?"

A gesture towards the bed. "How to tie a person to a bed . . . for that matter, where did you get that rope? That isn't something you pick up at a convenience store,"

"Er, what makes you say that?"

"Yohji, it has little fluffy bits," Shuldich said with exaggerated patience.

Yohji blushed. "I don't see what that has to do with -"

"It's sparkly for god's sake!" Brad said.

The man on the bed started to stir, saving Yohji from having to answer.

"Fucking hell." came the indistinct mutter from the bed. One amber eye focused painfully on them as the madman snarled and tried to lunge at them. "Kill you all, make you bleed!" He cried as he struggled.

Yohji stepped behind Shuldich and put a hand on his shoulder. "Well then, do your thing." He said to the other man.

"And what exactly do you suggest I do?" the red head asked over the ever increasing volume of death threats.

"Dunno, think at him? This isn't exactly my area of expertise you know."

"Yeah," Shuldich said, looking towards the bed, "join the club."

Shuldich closed his eyes, trying to relax and think at the person lying on the bed, who had begun muttering obscene things at them while trying to struggle out of his bonds.

Brad took a step forward but stopped when the madman grinned evilly at him. He then stood back to watch the German intently. Farfarello growled at this and doubled his efforts.

Shuldich let out a breath and opened his eyes with a frown. "This would be a whole lot easier if he was still knocked out." He said. "Yohji, give me your tazer."

"Eh?" Yohji said, unthinkingly handing over the small weapon. Shuldich took it and headed towards the bed. He was almost within an arms reach when Brad stepped in front of him with a scowl.

"You are not tazering him again," He stated.

"First off," Shuldich bit out, "I was not the one who tazered him in the first place, so I can hardly do it again. Second off, if you have a better idea of getting him unconscious, I'd be glad to hear it."

Brad glared some more, but did not move. They were at a deadlock for a time, wherein Shuldich seriously considered tazering both of the men in front of him. It was ended when Yohji snapped his fingers and smiled.

"I have the perfect thing," He said, leaving the room for a tense moment and coming back with a medical needle and jar in his hands. He was busy inserting the needle into the rubber at the top of the jar, expertly preparing to administer whatever the drug was. Brad and Shuldich both looked equally surprised as Yohji flicked and squirted, making sure of the absence of air bubbles. He nodded in satisfaction and started towards the bed, but was stopped by Brad just as Shuldich had been. This time, Shuldich could have sworn he heard the American growl.

Yohji looked surprised at the resistance he was meeting. "It's a sedative Bradley," He said, his voice soft despite the usual mocking name. "It won't hurt him at all, I promise,"

Farfarello eyed the scene suspiciously, falling silent for once as he stared at the men before him. He watched as Brad hesitated, then stepped aside allowing Yohji to pass and administer the sedative.

The three men stepped back as Farfarello let out a soft whine and slipped back into slumber, relief showing on all of their faces. Shuldich turned toward Yohji, suspicious and confused.

"Alright," he snarled, "Where the hell did you get that," he pointed to the half empty bottle, "and learn how to use it?"

"Ah . . . natural instinct?"

"You're part of a drug ring, aren't you," Shuldich accused.

"Er," said Yohji. "No. it's just that, you know, some of the girls around here - guys too, for that matter - get a little . . . clingy."

Shuldich leveled a disbelieving stare at the man in front of him. "Clingy." He repeated.

"Yeah. Sometimes, they need a bit of, um, dissuasion."

"I . . . don't think I want to know,"

Brad cleared his throat. "Now that that's all cleared up," he said sarcastically, "you, start fixing him. You," he looked at Yohji sharply, "put that needle away."

"Aw, Braddy, are you scared of getting your shots?" Yohji teased, while wrapping the needle in the disposable plastic covering.

"No," Brad bit out, "but I am afraid of you with sharp objects."

Yohji looked put out, but put the needle aside. And then they sat down to wait. Brad claimed the only chair in the room, glaring when one of the others opened their mouths to protest. Yohji relaxed against the wall, watching Shuldich as he sat with eyes closed, facing the bed.

And they waited. And waited. For nearly three hours they sat in almost complete stillness, the occasional shifting of position sounding like a landslide to their tortured ears.

Yohji was considering prodding Shuldich with a stick, just to make sure he was still awake, when his stomach let out a very audible growl. The two other men looked at the figure resting on the bed in alarm, expecting him to be the source of the noise, or wake up because of it. They turned to Yohji when his stomach rumbled yet again.

"Anyone hungry?" he asked his companions sheepishly. Brad turned away, but Shuldich nodded tiredly. Stress was beginning to show around his eyes, Yohji saw. He wondered what was going on in his mind as he walked to the kitchen.

He surveyed his choice of food, opening the cupboards and fridge wide. He had . . . mushroom soup in a can. Damn, he'd forgotten that it was time to shop. Well, mushroom soup it was - he doubted that the others would appreciate delivery under the circumstances.

He was pouring the soup into two bowls when he heard activity coming from his room. He nearly groaned at the prospect of more drama. It sounded like the two men were yelling at each other.

"Can't leave them in the same room for five minutes," he muttered as he walked rapidly to his room, soup in hand.

The two men were indeed yelling at each other, over the quite awake, and almost free Farfarello.

"You were supposed to be watching him!" Shuldich was yelling.

"Well it's not my fault he's not fixed yet! What were you doing, sleeping?"

Yohji did an admirable job of tuning the fight out as he placed the soup on the bed side table and went to get a new needle. It was no use talking to either of them right now, they'd just snap at him. While in the bathroom, rooting around under the sink, he heard a crash and a yell. He rested his forehead on the lip of the counter, trying not to think of the state his bedroom would be in by the end of the day.

He returned to the bedroom and stood in the doorway, calculating the damage. The bedside table was overturned along with the soup. Which was, Yohji thought in despair, the only source of food for the moment. He was slightly vindicated to see that some of the soup had landed on Shuldich's nice red shirt, creating quite the contrast. He instantly forgot the thought as he took in the fact that the madman was attached to Shuldich's shoulder in the most painful way - by the teeth. His hands were being held by brad, but the damage had obviously been done. There were scratch marks on Brad's cheek, trailing a small amount of blood. Shuldich's shirt had been pulled partway off, popping off the two top buttons and exposing the four scratch marks on his chest.

His very nicely toned chest, Yohji thought. Now is hardly the time, he thought at his hormones. He hurriedly grabbed the bottle filled with clear sedative and prepped the needle, taking the time to make sure it was done right. He considered briefly, very briefly, leaving an air bubble in the needle, and seeing an end to the problem this madman posed. But no, that would bring about a whole new set of problems, not the least of which would be Brad's wrath. He pushed his way to the hands Brad was holding, with some difficulty, and administered the drug.

All three collapsed as Farfarello glared, but submitted to slumber yet again.

"Shit. We can't keep doing that to him, too much could be lethal," Yohji said to no one in particular. "What the hell happened?"

Crawford opened his mouth with a frown, looking towards Shuldich, who was sitting with his eyes closed and hand to his shoulder. "Che," was what came out of Brad's mouth, instead of the expected accusation. He looked away, then said, "We weren't watching him. He got his hands loose. We tried to restrain him."

Always to the point, was Bradley.

Yohji got up and started to pick up the fallen objects. The soup was, regrettably, a lost cause, most of which was on the bed. He got a few towels to sop it up, and placed his bed side table further away. He then checked the ropes, very carefully, before turning to Shuldich, who hadn't moved at all. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, sitting slumped on the floor. Yohji turned to get a first aid kit, when they all heard a horrifying noise.

It came again, as they stared. A ring. They turned to the telephone and stared at it with the type of look reserved for those who have woken to find very large spiders on their chests.

Brad looked at Yohji, and mouthed 'You're not home!' as if the phone would hear him. They let it ring through to the answering machine.

"You're there . . ." it said, "And I'm not here . . . so, leave a message after the tone."

"Yotan? Yotan, I know you're there." Said a familiar voice. Yohji winced as he heard his best friend leaving a message. If Botan said he knew Yohji was there, he knew. It was just that simple. "Listen, I know you weren't feeling so hot last time we talked, so Ran and I are coming over to make you some dinner. And don't you dare try to get out of this by saying that you're going to work, I know you have too much to do as it is. We'll be over in - "

Yohji picked up the phone frantically. "No! Don't come over Botan! . . . Because I'm, uh, busy, Very Busy! . . . No no! It's fine! Everything is good! . . . Yeah . . . sure, tomorrow night is fine . . . Okay . . . Yeah, bye."

A collective sigh went up as the phone was set down. Even Shuldich registered relief through his fatigue. Yohji got the first aid kit, and started helping Shuldich with the bite mark while Brad tried to clean up the bed.

"You might want to get stitches for this," Yohji said quietly.

"You mean you can't do that, too?" Shuldich teased lightly, his eyelids drooping.

"Hey, I might look like perfection incarnate, but . . ."

Shuldich and Brad rolled their eyes in unison. "Nothing could be farther from the truth," Brad finished for him.

"Braddy," Yohji said, looking hurt, "you wound me,"

Brad looked at him sternly, one eyebrow raised in consternation. But the edges of his mouth were softened in an almost - smile, for anyone who knew how to look.

"Brad," Yohji said, his expression turning serious, "if he gets his mind back, what will you do?" Shuldich looked up with interest, his hands stilling over the medical tape he was using.

"I . . . it depends. If he remembers, I don't know what I'll do, or if I'll even know him anymore."

"If he doesn't though," Yohji said, not finishing the sentence, but leaving the question there nonetheless.

"We'll leave. Go somewhere quiet, somewhere he won't be questioned, and try to work things out. He can't stay here, with so many people, and I won't leave him alone." The last was said with such ferocity that neither of the men listening thought to question him.

There was silence for a time, while everyone tried to pretend that they were doing something, while actually just buying time to think. Finally, after twenty minutes, Brad sighed and put down his towel. He glared at the bed while he said, "This is a lost cause. It will have to be washed."

"Shit," Yohji said, looking at it. He had been using Momo-san's washer and dryer to do his laundry, but the washing machine had recently broken, leaving Yohji with very few clothes or sheets. "Alright, let's get him into the living room, and I'll try to find some sheets we can use."

Yohji and Brad manhandled Farfarello into Brad's arms, yet again, and started to take him out into the living room. Yohji stopped Shuldich as he started to follow.

"You should finish that up," he said, pointing at the scratch marks that Shuldich had left un-bandaged. "It can infect easily,"

Shuldich nodded wearily and went to sit on the bed, placing his head in his hands and staring into the distance in a daze. Yohji went to help Brad watch Farfarello and look for his few remaining sheets. The two conscious men froze when there was a knock on the door.

Yohji spun around from where he had been rooting through the closet, looking wildly at Brad. "Shit," Yohji hissed. "Aren't you supposed to know when this stuff is going to happen?!"

"It hasn't really been top priority," Brad hissed back, looking almost as panicked, in his own way, as Yohji.

"Fuck." Yohji looked around before inspiration struck. "Hide in the closet."


"Hide in the closet. I'll tell him I was working or something. Just, hide!"

"Tell who? What - " but that was all Brad got out until a look of understanding crossed his features. He had either figured it out, as Yohji had, or had gotten a vision. Yohji suspected it was the latter, as Brad couldn't possibly know Botan as well as Yohji did.

After making sure the two men were suitably hidden in the closet, Yohji went to answer the door. Sure enough, there was Botan, Ran in tow. Botan was holding a key to the door as it swung open. Yohji cursed himself for giving the man a spare key. Yohji took a deep breath.



The difference of tone was incredible.

"Um. Now isn't really a good time," Yohji started, as he had on the phone. But Botan knew his friend, and knew when he was trying to keep something a secret. He brushed past Yohji with relative ease, and started surreptitiously inspecting the apartment.

"Nonsense," He said, peeking under a couch cushion. "You're hiding something, and I'm curious. Yohji, I've known you for most of my life. Why would you keep a secret from me?"

"Uh," was all Yohji could think to say. He was caught by the hurt look in his friends eyes, a look full of betrayal. Botan always did know how to make Yohji spill his guts. "It's really nothing," He said weakly, after much too long of a pause.

Botan sighed and looked away. "Fine. If you really don't want to tell me, fine. I'll just, go. Alone." He considered a theatric sniffle, but upon seeing Ran roll his eyes and cross his arms, thought better of it.

"It's really . . . nothing," Yohji repeated, weaker than the first time. Botan started to trudge to the door, away from where Yohji had unthinkingly placed himself. In front of the bedroom door, where Shuldich was. He started to follow, not noticing that he was leaving the door unguarded to the other member of Botan's team. Ran decided to have a peek at what Yohji was hiding.

Yohji turned around to see Ran opening the door to his bedroom, where Shuldich was sitting, unsuspecting to the secret they had to keep for Brad's and Farfarello's sakes. He started to object, but only got out a small, "Nnn," before Botan was bounding past him. Shit.

The two stood, staring in the doorway. Alright Yohji, time for some damage control, he thought to himself, hurrying to the two uninvited guests.

"It isn't what it looks like," He said, a bit desperately. And then he looked through the door.

Shuldich was sitting in a messy bed, the binding ties, fluff and sparkles and all, still hanging off the edges. They'd caught him in the process of redoing his shirt, which had two buttons missing, and showed the edges of four, obviously human scratch marks. To top it all off, he looked exhausted and disheveled.

In brief, he looked thoroughly debauched.

Botan started to snicker. Ran's smile had widened. Inspiration struck yet again.

"On the other hand," Yohji said, "Yes, it is what it seems. Very much so. And if you wouldn't mind, we were busy. Very Busy." He leveled a stare at Botan, who was trying to keep his laughter in.

"Hehe, I'll bet," Botan said, starting to turn away. Before leaving the door, Botan gave Shuldich a cocky wink. Shuldich blinked blearily at them, then looked down at himself and his surroundings. Yohji went to see Botan and Ran out the door, but not before catching the slight widening of the redhead's eyes. Hoo boy. He thought, I'm going to catch hell for this one.

"Look," Botan said at the door, obviously warring with humor and honest regret. "I'm sorry for coming. I didn't mean to interrupt or anything. I just. . ."

Yohji shook his head. He understood that Botan was curious. He didn't like it, especially in the position he was in, but he understood. "It's ok. Just, next time wait for a little bit before crashing the proverbial party."

"No problem. We still on for tomorrow night?"

And it was as easy as that. Botan and Ran were gone from the house, and Yohji sighed in relief yet again. It was becoming a habit.

He turned to see a shell shocked Shuldich stumble out of his room, eyes wide and hands still on his shirt buttons.

"Wha-" was his confused reaction.

Yohji fought to hide his grin. "That was Botan and Ran," He said. Then he couldn't control his laughter, and he collapsed against the wall in the much needed hilarity.

Shuldich sputtered. "But they thought . . . we didn't . . . and you didn't correct them!"

This made Yohji laugh all the harder, and push off from the wall, towards the affronted man. "S-sorry," he managed. He put his hands on the other man's shoulders, calming down to a sparkling smile, and the odd chuckle. He looked into the redheads eye's as he voiced his next thought. "Would it really be that bad?"

"You-! You're not gay!"

"No, of course not. You think I'd keep this," and he gestured down to his body, "from the women? Or the men? A crime worthy of capital punishment my man."

Brad chose this moment to come out of the closet, with Farfarello. "They're gone? Good. I found the sheets." He deposited Farfarello on the couch and glared pointedly at the two other men, a clear warning to watch for danger. Then he went to make the bed.

"Hm, he's starting to sound downright domestic," Yohji commented. He realized that Shuldich was still staring at him. "What?"

"How can you just accept all of this?! What is wrong with you?!" He brought his hands up to where Yohji's rested on his shoulders.

"Would it make any difference if I had a tantrum about it?" Yohji asked, with perfect logic.

Shuldich collapsed his head on Yohji's shoulder, showing his exhaustion. "No." He answered. "But you should. To show me that you're still sane. Whatever that is anymore."

"Aa," Yohji said to the head resting so near to his. "What are you going to do about him?"

"I don't know," Shuldich said, and in his voice was as much helplessness as Yohji had heard from him in their short, two and a half week acquaintance. "I keep trying to find some trace of Jei, the person I knew before. But if he's there, I don't know how to find him. I just can't get in,"

Yohji heard the frustration, and tried to think of any way he could help. "Have you tried finding out more about who he is now?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well . . . I don't know anything about this, but it seems to me that you're looking for someone who doesn't exist anymore. What about trying to connect with who he is now, and taking it from there?"

"I - that might work . . ."

"But . . .?"

"But. It's difficult - I don't want to - to connect with him. What if -" he cut himself off before the thought could be completed. But it was still there.

"Hey, Braddy and me are still here. If we think anything is going wrong, we'll pull you out. I promise."

Shuldich snorted. "That man wouldn't care if I died, as long as he thought there was some way to get Jei back."

"I would care. Can't you, I don't know, do that thing with the thoughts again? Only, while you're trying to get into Farfarello's mind?"

"What, you mean go into your mind? You *want* me in your head?" Shuldich brought up his head to look incredulously at the man in front of him.

"Eh. I don't mind all that much," Yohji said with a shrug.

Shuldich shook his head. "You're crazier than he is," he said, gesturing with his head to the couch.

Yohji merely raised an eyebrow, his smile still lingering on his lips. "So, you think it will work?"

"It's worth a try. Better than anything I've been trying so far," He looked away, uncertain. "As long as you're sure -"

"I'm sure." Yohji said, squeezing Shuldich's shoulders once, and giving him a large smile.

Shuldich gave him a smile that was both open and sincere. Yohji blushed and looked down at his feet, not wanting the other to know how cute he looked like that. When he looked back up from beneath his eyelashes, he was met with a different smile. This one was full of mischief, almost like the one he wore when he was manipulating someone into feeling nervous or shy . . .

Hey, wait a minute . . . Am I *blushing*?!


They got Farfarello placed on the bed, and tied tightly. Yohji brought in a few couch cushions for him and Shuldich to sit on, and he sat, looking at the other man expectantly. All trace of nervousness from before was gone, replaced by a cold efficiency. Shuldich was a man on a mission, and he wouldn't screw it up.

At first, Yohji didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. But then he started to feel like his brain was too full, like he had too many thoughts and emotions. And then, he wasn't in his own head at all, but rather somewhere outside, attached to another. It was from this other that he gained direction, and that direction was to the man on the bed.

The man was difficult to understand, as he had very few human characteristics at all. Yohji started to think of him as more of an animal. And the more he thought on it, the more sense it made - all the reactions of this man had been ones that an animal would make, from the killing instinct of a predator, who had been in captivity for much too long, to the fight or flight reaction when faced with the only man he saw as a real danger.

He shared this thought with Shuldich, who was with him in his examination of the man on the bed. Felt the acceptance of it as fact by the other.

Then, the main part that Yohji thought of as Shuldich was gone, leaving behind a small thread of himself in Yohji's keeping. And he knew that this was important, that he should keep watch over this until the other got back.

He did something then that he was getting frustratingly used to. He settled back to wait.


Shuldich was surprised to note that Yohji was right about the man who's mind he had been trying to enter for the last several hours. He was more animal like than human, in that he didn't experience the full range of emotions human's experienced. He felt no guilt, no shame for what he'd done. He didn't even know that it was wrong.

But beneath that, there were smaller parts, parts of him that had been buried until they no longer had any say in what this man did or even thought. Here was where Shuldich found what he was looking for.

He realized then, that he was looking at a person's psyche. It had many different aspects to it, some more prominent than others. The need for freedom, to stay alive, to hunt was at the very top, playing the biggest role. But under all of that, he found the desire to be happy, to please others, to find a home. He found all the things he had liked about Jei.

And at the very bottom, almost hiding, cowering, was what Shuldich had hoped, but not expected to find. The thing that made Jei who he was. This was the memory of Jei, the personality that all these aspects worked on and from. The animal instinct had just taken him over, gotten control where it only supposed to influence.

And Shuldich knew that it was his fault, because he was the one who had threatened Jei, making him use the more basic instincts of self preservation. Because Shuldich was what he was, he had stayed that way. He knew too, that it would be very easy to fall under the sway of this aspect himself.

He gave the small tether he'd given to Yohji a quick pull, to make sure he couldn't get lost. He didn't know what he was doing, but he was willing to trust his instincts on this one. Shuldich scratched his proverbial head as he surveyed the situation, and tried to come up with a suitable plan.

He started trying to pull the huddled ball of what he'd identified as Jei out of it's hiding, but it just dug itself deeper into it's own unconscious. So, he started the long process of luring Jei out.


Yohji ran a hand over tired eyes as he waited for something - anything to happen. They'd been sitting there for more time than he wanted to think about, waiting. Aside from a quick whimper from Farfarello early on, nothing had happened.

He looked over to where Brad waited, more patiently than Yohji thought he'd be waiting if he was in Bradley's place. But then, Yohji thought to himself, He's been waiting for this long already.

Yohji almost flinched when the Irishman started to stir on the bed. Both he and Brad were tensed to the point of muscle seizure when one amber eye opened, wincing at the harsh unnatural light. Dark had long past fallen.

He opened his mouth to speak, and it seemed like the world held its breath.

"Brad? What's going on? Where are we?" He tried to sit up, only to find himself tightly bound. "The hell? Brad?" He looked to the American for answers to his questions. Then he caught sight of Shuldich, kneeling on the cushion and head against the bed. "Shuldich!"

He looked scared both for and of the German who had not stirred. Yohji left this conversation to Brad to work out, as he stared at the German. Why wasn't he waking up?


He'd done it. The goal he'd set out to achieve was complete. Why was it so important again? He couldn't remember. He was just tired, so very, very tired. It was warm here, and nice. He could just drift forever.

Because he was finished. Finished what? He couldn't remember that either now. What was it that he'd had to do? It didn't matter anymore, it was done.

He could drift, forever.

But something wasn't right. Some small part of him was still attached, pulling him back.

Who was he? He didn't know, and felt that that should alarm him. But he was too tired, and too comfortable, and if it wasn't for that damn tug he could just leave dammit.

Where was he going? He was sure it wasn't as nice as the place he was enjoying now. He was somehow certain that he wouldn't enjoy whatever he was going back to.

So he was going to cut this tie that was binding him, and be free of the pain that was sure to come. It was so easy. He just had to think about it hard enough, and that little tether would be cut. Free.

Why was he hesitating?

What was that whisper he kept hearing?

It was so faint, he barely heard it . . .

What was it saying? The need to concentrate was divided between this little string, and the whisper.

He chose to concentrate on the whisper, coming closer and closer until he could hear the words.

Why isn't he waking up? Come on Shu, wake up . . . I know you're still there, I know you can hear me . . . Wake up Dammit . . .

And then he realized that the little annoying tether was leading here too. He was angry at himself for not cutting it when he had the chance, but then . . .

Did he really want to go?


No, he would wake up.

Right now.



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