By the time Hoss became bored with steaking the aSTRoVaMPiReS, the battlefield was covered in ash. Only one aSTRoVaMPiRe remained, and it was on its knees, mourning the loss of its comrades.

Hoss was the one who approached, confident and grinning from the battle he had just singlehandedly won.

"Alright, you," he told the aSTRoVaMPiRe. "That was just a taste of what Underfist can do to scum like you. Now you're going to take your butts and get them out of our solar system. Do you understand me?"

The aSTRoVaMPiRe lifted its head and stared at the other members of Underfist, who were about ten feet behind Hoss.

It said "I can't believe you'd side with them."

"Oh, come on!" Hoss said, annoyed. "I learned my lesson in the last special, okay? Not all monsters are evil, some can be your friends, even one-eyed weirdos can be trusted sometimes, blah blah blah. I even kept an open mind about that Baron De Large guy, and he was really creepy."

"I know you're not an aSTRoVaMPiRe, and maybe not even an Earth vampire, but how could you side with one of them against us?" it asked.

"Wait, what?" Hoss asked, confused.

"What's she talking about, yo?" Irwin asked, worried.

"I'm talking about that!" the aSTRoVaMPiRe said. It pointed to a spot somewhere behind Underfist.

"Oh, like we're going to fall for that old trick," Skarr scoffed.

"You really should," a dark figure behind them said.

Underfist spun around to look at the newcomer. Their jaws dropped.

The figure grinned. "Did someone say, 'sequel hook?'"

When monsters come to wreck your town
And you need heroes to rescue you
And the Super Friends just ain't around
Then Underfist will rescue you
It's what they do
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah!
Un-der un-der Underfist
Un-der un-der Underfist
When aSTRoVaMPiReS arrive
With evil goat milk to doom us all
If you're undead you're not alive
But Underfist will take the call
Call Underfist, be free, oh yeah
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah!


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