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"It's super-nice to meet you." – normal speech

"Where are you looking?!" – speaking with emphasis

Is he worried? - thinking


"WE'RE A'LL GONNA DIE" – Screaming with emphasis

"Detroit Smash!" – special move

"Hope has arrived! Because I am here!" - Buff All Might speaking

{READY? START} – Speaker phone speech (Present Mic, in other words)

Anyway, let the adventure begin!

Here's the sad truth:

People ... are not created equally. Some people are born with more money, more intelligence, more power than others. In another world people can grow to be young adults, or even become full on grown-ups before having to face this sickening reality. But in this world which we are born, we learn it when we are four years old; the typical age when people find out whether they will be born with power… or without it.

Jukei Ikinuku knows that he was created to be superior to others, yet he does not feel like it, he thinks, walking down the street in jeans, a grey hoodie with red stripes over each shoulder, green Nikes adorning his feet. The power he was born with — his quirk— was only because his parents got together as an obligation to the world: it would be more accurate, he thought idly, sifting a tuft of his unruly brown locks through his fingers, to say that it was an obligation to the government. He knew he was only born because men in suits demanded it. He also knew he should be grateful, regardless. The power to increase strength with punishment and the power to recover from any punishment combined in one body? Power like that should be enough to make anyone feel superior, feel more than equal. But he wished that he could just ... he wished he could just have one person in his life who truly loved him because he was him, regardless of whether they were equal. He knew he shouldn't complain. He would grow up to be an amazing hero one day. His parents had gotten him into UA Academy, the world's greatest school for future heroes, on a recommendation. His teacher knew he would be capable of great things! So why? Why did he feel so empty?

Because his powers were the only reason anyone praised him.

He wished he had one friend, one person who could admire him for another reason. So when he's walking down the street one day and his grey eyes see a young boy no older than four lying on the ground, he decides this is a chance. Sure, he's not a classmate, nor is he very strong if the bruises he is covered in are anything to go by, but it's worth a shot. Maybe this way someone can look up to him just for being there. He makes his way over to the child. Seeing him up close, he has confirmed that the child is indeed covered in bruises. Among the child's other features are green eyes. Some freckles dotting his cheeks, and a curly mop of black hair with green highlights make up his other features. It also seems that he has not taken notice of Jukei. He is simply staring up into the sky.

He decided it was time for the child to take notice.

"Hey there, kid." Well, first greeting could be a lot worse. The kid looks up, finally noticing the – by comparison - enormous figure hovering over him. Shunsuke can't help but notice how the kid's eyes seem to trade exhaustion for nervousness. He answers by reaching out with a scarred hand, offering to help the younger one up. The child raises himself off his back, looks at Jukei's outstretched hand, then to Jukei, looks back at the hand, then- nervously, it seemed- grabbed Jukei's hand, which quickly lifted him off the ground. The boy dusted himself off, then quickly looked around himself, probably trying to think of what to do next, Jukei mused. Then he looked up at Jukei, and spoke in the purest voice Jukei swore he ever heard.

"H-hello," he started shyly. He seemed unsure of how to proceed. Jukei wasn't going to hold it against him, because talking to a stranger of a whole different age group? He wasn't sure what to do either. That didn't stop him.

"Well, kid, you seem like you've had a rough day." Oh, that totally wasn't insensitive!

The child didn't quite seem offended. Of course, he didn't seem to want to talk about it either. If anything, he seemed like he wanted to avoid the topic.

"Oh, uh… i-it's nothing. I…I was just playing with my friends and I… fell." That lie was entirely too obvious, and they both knew it. It only motivated Jukei to press further. "Oh, really? And what were you and your friends doing? And where are they now?"

"Um, hehe, th–they went home now." He lied clumsily "I d-decided to s-st-stay behind and r-rest, and then go home by myself."

Jukei's focus went to the kid's right arm. "Really?" He said. Well, you must've landed on some pretty hot rocks. They look like they left some pretty nasty burn marks."

Izuku Midorya knew the game was up just like that, but he didn't want to burden this…stranger… with his problems. What was he supposed to do? He had to find a way out, he had to! Before he realized it, tears began flowing out of his eyes, and he began to sob uncontrollably. He couldn't do it anymore. He had to put up with so much. He was clumsy and untalented, his own friend hated him, and he would never get his quirk. He had put up with it for so long and now he couldn't do anything but cry, because it was all just too much to bear.

Jukei was taken aback when the child in front of him started to cry, but he wasn't exactly surprised. That did not mean he wanted to deal with it. In fact, it was this exact situation he had been hoping to avoid, because he didn't know what to do. He knew how to take down a villain who was armed when he was not. He knew how to rescue civilians from a burning building. He knew how to one-shot a villain with a hostage. But at the end of the day, he could not bring true comfort to children like other heroes, for he did not know how to stop their tears. So he did what he could do: he crouched down in front of the boy, and wrapped his arms around him. He honestly didn't know what he was doing. His parents did this from time to time, when he cried, so he just did what came to him. He didn't stop there either, stroking his back with all the gentleness he could muster.

"Shhhhh." He whispered into his ear, resting his head on top of Izuku's. "It's alright. Let it out. Let it all out." He honestly hoped this was working, because he had literally nothing else.

Izuku did not know what was going on. First this strange teenager comes along, and then actually talks to him, of his own volition, and without trying to hurt him. What makes it strange is that only his parents and his teachers ever did any of these things, and he was certain that this young man in front of him did not fit under either of these categories. Then he helps him, asks him what was wrong with him, and was now hugging him, like a hero trying to comfort a civilian. But he didn't really care right now. All he wanted was to cry into the comfort offered by this man. So he quickly wrapped his small arms around the man's front and sobbed openly into his torso. Nothing mattered right now. His world had crumbled on top of his head, and all he really wanted was to cry.

And he did. For the next several minutes, all he did was cry until he was exhausted. When the older of the two no longer heard any sobbing, he ever-so-slightly pulled away in an attempt to get a look at the green-haired toddler's face. "You feel better?" He asked quietly. When the small one backed away to face his newfound helper, Jukei cringed at what he saw. There were clear red, puffy rings around his eyes. This child wasn't just a normal, childish kind of upset, he realized. There was something beyond whatever abuse he had clearly faced, something that was still bothering him right now, and had plagued him very recently. Jukei suddenly felt even more motivated to help this child, however he could. It wasn't any of his business, but being able to help someone just because you wanted to… it was refreshing, to say the least.

With that in mind, he decided to pry just a little more.

"Do… do want to talk about it now?"

The child hesitated for a moment, before nodding reluctantly and taking Jukei by the hand. He needed to find someplace where he was certain he could talk without being heard by anyone else. Eventually they found a park bench, and Izuku sat down with the brunette on his right. They sat down, and for a couple seconds, no one said anything. Jukei decided he should say something to encourage the boy to speak.

"So…" he started off awkwardly "what's wrong?" He would admit he didn't know if there was anything he could do, anything he could say to make the kid feel better. He had never been subject to the particular torments that the younger boy probably had.

Izuku Midoriya knew there were many things he could answer with, naturally because there were many things wrong, but he needed to start with the very thing that started it all. "I'm… I'm quirkless." He answered ashamedly. Jukei couldn't help turning quite suddenly to face Izuku fully. He could swear he might know exactly what the problem was already, and the kid had only said one thing. One little thing that meant a lot in today's world. He often heard of quirkless individuals who were unfulfilled because they would have rather had careers as heroes, or they just wanted to have something special. Not only were they denied this, they didn't fit in properly. Jukei had only imagined what it was like for those without power. Was this it? Was this what it was really like?

"I wanted to be a hero, but I can't do that if I don't have a quirk to save people with. The doctor said that my pinky toe having two joints instead of one is a sign that I'm never gonna have a quirk. So I can't be a hero. And… a-and it's not just that. I-*sniff*-I lost my friend because of it. He doesn't want to be with a useless, quirkless deku." The fact that he had lost his friends came as no surprise at this point. Quirkless kids were treated like second-class citizens by their peers, and said "peers" often considered associating with them to be costly to their image. But what really caught his attention was the last thing he had said. Deku? As in… someone who can't do anything? Judging by how he had used the name, the kid had been called that for some time. This ran deeper than just his quirklessness.

"He even t-tried to beat someone up. He w-wants to be a hero too, but… but heroes aren't supposed to do that, right? They're not supposed to beat people up, unless they're villains. But he-he made him cry. Heroes are supposed to stop people from crying, and… and he…he just…just…"

Jukei only half paid attention as the green-haired toddler broke down into tears once more. He was at a loss. He really wasn't sure what to do, even when it sank in that this child, who clearly wanted to be a hero so much that he would never settle for anything else, not only was incapable of ever achieving it, but had also been abandoned by the ones he called his friends. He was lost as for what to do, he was stressed because he had confirmed he could not offer true solace, but in the midst of it all, he was angry. He was angry at himself for being so incapable, he was angry at the little monster who decided belittling him for what he didn't have, he was mad at himself for being unable to do anything, but he was also angry about being right. This kid was born with less, left wanting more. He was born unequal. These were the kinds of people he did not know how to truly help. And when he looked at this child, who was suffering at too young an age, it only made him feel worse. He desperately wished there was something he could do, but he could think of nothing.

"But.. even so…" Izuku suddenly spoke up, recovering from his tears "I'm not gonna give up." Jukei jerked hi head quite quickly to face the kid. "I don't care if Kacchan says I can't do it. I'll become a hero, even if I don't have a quirk. I'll find a way, even if it takes all I got." Izuku turned to Jukei with a determined expression. "I'll do just like All Might does, and keep smiling, even when things get bad. If I gave up here, I wouldn't be a hero at all. So I'll keep going until I make it there, no matter what."

Jukei was in awe. How was this kid… just a kid? How could someone his age be capable of giving himself hope like that? Jukei wanted to think it was just denial, that he was really broken up, but the tyke just sounded so…genuine. The brown-haired hero in training wouldn't deny wondering if the kid could actually do it. Could one really be a hero without a quirk? He had known of an upperclassman of his who would be going by the name Eraser head, who's quirk allowed him to erase the quirks of others, but when he thought about it in depth, Jukei was well aware that it afforded him zero combat or rescue prowess. He was able to take on other villains due to his skills and on-hand tools. Suddenly, a quirkless hero didn't seem so far-fetched. He honestly wished he could be there to watch the kid pull it off…

And then it hit him: what if this was it? What if this was he had been looking for? What if this was what they both needed?

Jukei, as strong as he was, was alone. And his child, tenacious as we was, was in need of support, and a friend, just as Jukei himself was. Maybe Jukei could at least guide him part way, and it would be something they could bond over. What if this was... dare he say it... an act of fate? In any other event, he would have very vocally scoffed at the idea, because in a world where genetically passed superhuman abilities were the norm, beliefs of such wild phenomena were easily dismissed. But in this moment, he couldn't help but feel that they were meant to meet and helped with each other's problems. He didn't think about it too much. Instead he took this rare - almost nonexistent - opportunity and decided to make the young boy and offer that would help them both.

He turned to face him, and put hit a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. The child suddenly turned to face him, his eyes dried of tears.

"Tell me kid," Jukei started. "What would you say if I told you that you could indeed be a hero even if you don't have a quirk?"

Izuku was definitely confused now. He almost thought he hadn't heard the teen correctly.

"W-What do you mean sir?" He asked.

"I mean exactly what I say." Jukei replied smoothly. "What would you say if I told you that, regardless of if you had any powers, you really could be a hero?"

Several moments of silence passed before the green-haired child answered uncertainly. "I…I w-would ask… how?"

"I will teach you." he said confidently, his lips slightly rising in a smile "Kid, I am going to make you the offer of a lifetime. Become my student, and I will help you achieve your dreams. I will do whatever I can to help you become a hero."

Izuku stared at the stranger in fascination. Was he serious? They had just met moments ago. Was he really offering this quirkless nobody his assistance?

But in spite of his denial, Izuku could not deny he wanted this. He truly would not give up. If anything, his powerlessness had pushed him to do better. So he decided to quit moping and take up on strangers offer. Now he even had someone to teach him! How could he refuse? With that, he quickly wiped the dried from his eyes, stood up off the bench, clenched his fists, and faced him directly; a determined look that Jukei couldn't help but think suited him far better than the tears.

"Yes." He answered. "Please make me your student."

For the first time since Izuku saw him, Jukei let out a smile, even though it was just a lopsided grin.

"Well then squirt," He said, "I would love to get started right now, but we need to be responsible. I'll have to talk to your parents about this and make sure I have their permission. I can't teach you anything if your parents don't want me anywhere near me."

Izuku nodded in acknowledgement.

"By the way kid if we're going to be working together I need to know your name."

There was a small awkward silence after that before the younger child introduced himself. "M-my name is Midorya I-Izuku."

The older child took that as his queue. So in a rare moment of bravado, he puffed his chest out and cocked a thumb at himself, wearing a large toothy grin. "Nice ta' meet ya, Midoriya-chan," he said, "I'm Ikinuku Jukei, aspiring hero and second-year student of U.A. high school, the greatest hero course school in the world."

Jukei had never been an especially thoughtful person. His fighting style revolved around him thinking in the instant, never allowing himself any reconsideration of his next move, lest he hesitate. He was not stupid, by any means, or he never would have gotten past the written part of the entrance exam. And he could indeed read an opponent's attack pattern if they took their time to go down.

But in spite of his earlier words, he had no idea what he was going to say to either of Izuku's parents about his little offer. What were they going to say when they found out their four-year-old son had taken an offer from an unruly looking teenager to train under him in ways that would most likely be hazardous and cause him bodily harm? In spite of his obvious hesitance, here he was standing right in front of the door of the apartment belonging to the family of Izuku Midoriya, standing right beside the young boy in question who was currently knocking at the door.

"Mom! Dad!" He called. "I'm home."

From the other side of the door a sweet voice that could only be his mother responded. "Coming, sweetie!" Within a few moments, the door opened to reveal a beautiful slender woman with dark green hair, green eyes and a round face on the other side. This was Inko Midoriya, Izuku's mother.

"Izuku, honey, what are you doing home… so… late…" Inko's motherly question hung in the air unanswered as she finally decided to absorb the site before her.

First, her son was covered in bruises and burn marks.

Second, he was accompanied by a teenager with spiky brown hair and sharp grey eyes that looked at her with apprehension.

Third in spite of his bruises, her little boy seemed excited about something.

Unfortunately the bruises were the only thing that truly registered with her.


She practically threw herself at her baby boy, wrapping her arms around him tightly. She unleashed a barrage of questions and pertaining to his wounds.

"What in the world happened to you, baby?! Where have you been?! Are you OK?!"

Jukei could only look on in slight bewilderment as a worrying mother fussed over her sons injuries. It kind of made him feel worse about his own family predicament since his parents never exactly fussed over him like this. Sure he demonstrated the ability to heal grievous wounds in an instant, but still. Eventually Inko took a moment to notice the young man who had apparently accompanied her son home.

Jukei suddenly back at her like a deer caught in headlights. He coughed into his closed palm and gave awkward greeting "Hello." he said, bowing politely "I am Ikinuku Jukei." He could've sworn he was keeping his voice steady but his knees were trembling visibly like they were about to give out beneath him.

Suddenly, a distinctively male voice called out from inside the apartment.

"Honey! What's going on out there? Is Izuku home?"

Suddenly a man popped into view. If Jukei had to summarize it, the man looked like an adult version of Izuku except without the green hair at the roots. He was tall, definitely at least 6 feet, and his hair was black and curly. His hollowed cheeks pronounced the freckles on his face and he was modestly muscular. The man got a good look at Izuku and all of a sudden he set into worrying of his own following the same pattern as Mrs. Midoriya, except without all of the close contact.

"IZUKU! What happened?! Who did this to you?"

This question set both Izuku and Jukei on edge, as the older of the two new that he would not want to have this talk again. Fortunately, he would be there to support him if they would take notice of him and allow him to be present any longer of course. As if to grant his thoughts the two adults suddenly looked straight at him and he once again felt apprehensive about intruding on their personal life like this, but he was not about back down now

"I am sorry" Inko said. "You seem to have brought our son home to us, but I don't believe we have met. Who are you?"

Calm. In control. Tactful. The highest level of "got this."

"It is nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Midoriya" Jukei said in a forcibly calm tone. "My name is Ikinuku Jukei, and if you would allow me a bit of your time, I have an offer involving your son."

They looked at him suspiciously. It was appropriate, he decided, for a way to regard a teenager who was interested in their toddler child.

"Pardon my asking, young man," Hisashi asked apprehensively, "but what business would you have with our son?"

Jukei could have sworn for a moment that he had his response physically stuck in his throat. "It has to do with how I found your son like this."

Silence rang throughout the household as the newly addressed parents of Izuku Midoriya absorbed the information received. With a bit of hesitance and some encouragement from Jukei, Izuku told his parents what had transpired a few Minutes prior to coming back home. His parents had been shocked to learn that he was being bullied, and by Katsuki of all people! But they were more shocked when he told them the tale of how he ran into this young man, and how said young man had –apparently- him the offer of a lifetime. And upon hearing the offer, they were sensibly shocked that a high school student was making such a proposal. They weren't quite sure what to think. They were currently sat down, with Izuku between his parents, looking between them hopefully. They continued to sit in silence, watching Jukei appraisingly.

Hisashi was the one to break the silence.

"So," he said, "If I understand correctly, you want to train our son, in spite of – because of – his quirklessness, and you believe you can make him a student worthy of, from what I understand, the greatest hero academy not just in Japan, but the world itself. Am I correct in saying this?"

The addressed student of said school would take to his grave the amount of terror he was feeling in having to face two non-threatening civilians just to ask their permission for teaching rights. He was grateful his teachers weren't here making an exercise out of this; he would be embarrassing himself and them. But the way the kid was looking at him… it pushed him through all that.

"That is correct, sir." He answered, swallowing. "I came across him in the aftermath of a…" he swallowed again "… heated struggle between him and some of his peers." Inko's face fell at the reminder. "I know that it wasn't any of my business, but as the person who found him … lying on the ground like that, I felt like I should have at least helped him up. I didn't think I'd be doing it metaphorically too, at least until I had asked him what was wrong."

Hisashi's face fell, matching his wife's. "I knew their friendship was strenuous at best," he said, "but I didn't think Mitsuki's son would take things this far."

The guest suddenly looked a bit intrigued. "Pardon me for asking, sir, but are you terribly familiar with the boy's – Katsuki's – parents?"

"Oh indeed." This time it was Inko who answered. "Mitsuki and Masaru went to high school with us. We became very close over the years." Her crestfallen look returned "We had hoped it would be the same for our children."

Jukei already regretted what he was about to say. "Sir and Ma'am, I would strongly advise that Izuku have his distance kept from … Katsuki."

Izuku flinched at this. It seemed he wouldn't be allowed to talk to Kacchan anymore.

"I concur, young man." was Hisashi's curt reply. "Now, let's get back to the… other matter."

Ah. Jukei was grateful they hadn't chosen to stray away from that deliberately. "Of course, sir. As I said, I believe I may be able to help him become a hero without a quirk. I myself would not be a very promising individual if I didn't actually know how to fight, and I know a senior student at my school who can deactivate people's quirks by looking at them. I know that sounds effective, and it is, but on its own, it can't help him fight them. He does that with martial arts and whatever gadgets he has as part of his hero costume. I know all this because I have an internship with the same hero as him, and I once asked him about it because I hadn't seen him use it. We ended up discussing it at length."

Jukei paused after this, allowing his audience to soak in the information, before continuing. "His quirk his, at best, a binding that only works when he has his attention is solely on them. He might as well be quirkless. I think that, since your son has no quirk, he can put even more effort into physical training. My dad drops me off at a high-end gym every Saturday after school. I'm sure I could get Izuku a membership when he's old enough. I can't put him through intense training until he's nine, though, if he should choose to start, otherwise it would cause muscle degeneration at the age he is now, effectively doing more harm than good." The parents paled at the idea. "Therefore, I'd simply focus on self-defense arts, find out which would be best for him, and have him learn no more than three." He let out a breath. "Besides physical training, I'd also have him train his mind." At this he looked right at Izuku. "And for that, I'll need him to keep his education up. I'll be keeping standards for him to keep track of his grades by, when the time comes. If he drops below the line that will go up, and it'll go up, believe me, I'm letting him go."

Inko straightened her back and looked at him in approval, while the mentioned toddler seemed even smaller than he already was.

"His academic priorities aside, I'd teach him what I can about strategy, give him some varying mental exercises.

Of course, if I'm going to help him save people, I'll also need to teach him what I've learned about rescue operations. I won't exactly have the USJ at my disposal, but I'll see if I can craft him a proper rescue situation myself, for him to learn from."

Inko couldn't help but interrupt curiously. "Universal Studios Japan?"

Jukei wore an amused look at this. "Unforeseen Simulation Joint. It's a large indoor field meant for training hero students at U.A. in rescue operations. If… when your son gets into U.A., he'll be able to train there himself. His general training will, naturally, become more intense as he grows up, but that's for his own good."

It did not go over Hisashi and Inko's heads that the young future hero before them had just implied that their baby boy would surely get into his school, said to be the best in not just, Japan, but in the entire world. Rumor had it that its students came from places all around the world in an effort to see if they had a shot, and only one in every 300 applicants was accepted. They went through tests that would have been considered life threatening if not for the fact that they happened on a school ground. Rumors also said teachers had free reign to teach their students however they saw fit. It was lost on no one in the room that it included laying their own grounds for expelling students.

And the boy before them studying there now thought their Izuku would make it in.

Inko was indirectly flattered, for lack of a better term. This young man is so generous. At the very least Izuku would have someone to socialize with, even if he's not the same age.

Hisashi's line of thought was not terribly different. Keep it up, kid, you're almost there.

It was time, he decided, to address the elephant in the room.

"Tell me, Jukei- It's okay if I call you Jukei, right?"

"Of course, sir."

"Why exactly do you want to…" He was trying to find the right term for it. "… mentor, our son?"

The apparent mentor had spent the entire way walking there expecting, preparing for that exact question, yet he could never really be ready for it. That did not stop him, certainly not with how far he had come. No, he was going to see this through. Breathe in. Breathe out.

"I'm a product of an arranged marriage."

This shocking bit of information had certainly grabbed their attention before, if he didn't have it now. Inko let out a small gasp, covering her mouth with his hands. Hisashi's eyebrows shot up, clearly not expecting this. The boy seemed like a totally normal teen, apart from being a student at the school for the world's finest future heroes. Izuku sat there innocently confused, having no idea of the subject of an "arranged" marriage. Jukei hoped he hadn't spooked them. He needed to confide in someone. After all this time, he needed someone besides his parents to talk to about it.

Jukei decided to continue. "Have either of you heard of quirk marriages?" he asked. Their silence told them that no, they had not. "It started somewhere during the 3rd or 4th generation of quirks. Heroes, particularly those of a higher status, would select a partner just for the sake of having a child with a powerful quirk that was either a variant of their own or a promising combination of the quirks from both partners. When my mother decided she wanted to have her Damage Stock passed on so she'd have a kid to spoil her when she retired, she grabbed onto my father, who's accelerated regenerative quirk would give their kid a way of… recovering from the backlash of the quirk on her side."

Izuku may not have had a lot to go on, but it sounded awful, being put together with someone when you didn't want it. You were supposed to marry someone when you love them! Izuku had a sinking feeling these people didn't really love each other very much.

The adults were just plain shocked. Inko was horrified that two people would try to exploit their children like that. Weren't children supposed to be loved by their parents, that final piece in the concept of love that was family, which one enjoyed the world with? How could they just use him like that? If not for the fact that her family was sitting right there, she would have seized this boy in a hug, trying her damnedest to ensure him that he was more than a tool, to ensure that there was someone out there who loved him, but this was neither the time nor the place.

Hisashi was mulling over this information. He didn't doubt the marriage was likely loveless. Why should the parentage be any different? How was this teenager before them even function right sociality-wise? Was he simply given the right social guidance by one of his parents? If so, it was likely to be the father, since he was dragged into it. Just because he wasn't willing to do it in the first place didn't man he had to spite the child.

"And they did it." Jukei continued "They had the perfect offspring in me, right off the bat. I had both their quirks, exactly like mommy dearest wanted." I took no effort for him to mention his mother with only the most spiteful sarcasm. "For years after my powers manifested, my mother put me through hell just to make I could be good enough, that I had a place among only the best. I could only confide in my classmates during my time at school, but when I found out they basically had a social ranking based on one's quirk, I felt like I was the jerk. Like I was the reason those at the top were putting down those with less power than themselves. I couldn't stand it!"

They could only imagine. Children acted irrationally under peer pressure. They would do whatever it took to fit in, and if they didn't have it in them, they were cast out of the system. No one gave their life any value.

"When I got into U.A., I thought it would be different." Their grey-eyed guest said. "I thought students there would be proud, upstanding servants of society. I was wrong. They were just as self-entitled and greedy as anyone else. It's too bad, really. Even U.A. doesn't seem to have tests for spirit, or most of them would have likely been outed. I honestly wasn't all that upset. I had practically given up. Apart from a few social liberties here and there, I was my mother's puppet. I was no hero. I was nothing."

What the hell was this kid talking about? Hisashi had only wanted to know why the sudden interest in their son. Why did he feel the need to bare this soul to them like this?

"But when I met your son," he said, his tone suddenly shifting, "I saw someone not unlike myself. Someone who was thrown out and locked out, although it was because of something he didn't have, rather than did. But he was still alone. He learned that all people are not equal. I honestly thought it would just be another reminder of how powerless I truly was that…" he turned to look them both in the eye as best he could "… I couldn't do anything."

Inko was grateful he had even taken the time to consider it. Most other children just ignored him completely. Hisashi wasn't sure, but he thought he could see where he was going with this.

"But when he said he wouldn't give up… it made me wonder… What if he was the friend I was looking for? What if I could do something to help, and be closer to someone?"

Inko looked at him with a surprised look. Yeah, Hisashi thought. He figured so.

"I need a friend who I can rely on o be with me, and he needs to find a way to become a hero… and a friend… and some proper guidance… and a confidence builder… and…" He paused. This wasn't getting him any further as far as he could tell. "I just want so much to help him."

In that instant the brunette did what no one expected. He got up from his chair, got down on his hands and knees before the Midoriyas, and bowed his head to them. Needless to say, they were taken aback by the gesture, but it was clear whatever he had to say he wanted to mean it and assure them he meant it.

"Please, give me this one chance. Your son has a big heart, I can already see that much. If he could have an opportunity to properly train under someone, his dreams could become a reality. Please let me be the one to mold him, to guide him down the path of the righteous. Please let me bring him the strength to help others when they cannot help themselves! Please, let me help him prove to himself that HE CAN BE A HERO!"

And like that, it was done.


Confused by the sudden response, the teen looked up to see Hisashi staring at him with a calm but serious expression, with Inko looking at him in surprise, and Izuku…

Izuku didn't even register his father's statement. He was looking Jukei dead in the eye. The way Jukei was looking at him… it was like no one had even told him before. Not even his own parents.

Did he just become the first?

"I said," Hisashi repeated, "Yes, you have permission train our son to become a hero."

"H-hisashi!" Inko feebly protested. "Didn't you hear what he said? It could be really dangerous! Izuku's just a little boy!"

"I did hear him, Inko." Hisashi replied calmly. "I hear what he said about the risks. I also heard him when he said Izuku could be a hero."

Inko suddenly realized what he was implying. The aforementioned little boy had turned his attention to his father, who was still wearing a calmly serious expression, with shining eyes. His father turned to look back, a solemn look adorning his face.

"Son," he said "We – your mother and I – we didn't tell you what you wanted – needed – to hear. And for that, I'm sorry. We failed you as parents." Inko's face fell yet again as she recalled telling Izuku how sorry she was, how she wished things were different. She realized it sounded like she had given up on her little boy. She never wanted him to think that!

"But you…" The father continued, turning to Jukei, "You just said it right now, that he can be a hero. You said what we as his parents didn't have it in us to say. And you said it without too much thought. If you believe he has a chance, then we leave his training to you." Jukei sat up on his knees from his bowing position as Hisashi stood a full height. "You have my permission to help him be a hero." He then turned to his wife. "What about you Inko?"

When everyone looked at her, they realized she was wearing a sad smile. They wanted to believe that was a yes, but Hisashi knew better than to jump to conclusions before his dear Inko confirmed her thoughts vocally. He had learned his lesson! Suddenly, she stood up from her spot on the couch, and bowed.

"Please teach our son everything you can." She said quietly. Jukei wanted to sing. He had their express permission! "But…" her tone turned dark. "If I find that by baby's been crippled or mentally scarred, and you are responsible…" She lifted her head, and suddenly her eyes danced with green fire, and the area around her seemed deathly cold "… you can forget about being able to train your own self."

The males in the room trembled, naturally. Jukei was intimidated sure, but he was also in awe of the raw protective aura Midorya-san was emitting. Was this what a real mother was capable of for their child? Sugoi!

"U-u-understood, Midorya-san! No harm will come to Izuku while he is under my tutelage."

She lost the dark aura after that. "Now then," Jukei spoke before turning to Izuku, and kneeling before him, "We need to discuss the specifics of your training. I already went over an overview of what you'll be doing long-term, but we need to discuss what you'll be doing for now. Training will begin every 4:00p.m.-5:00p.m. on Mondays through Fridays and 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and sundays. We'll need to teach you how to strike someone. You've never actually fought, have you?" Izuku looked at the ground in shame, shaking his head no.

"Well, there's no shame in that. In the years to come, fighting will become second nature to you. We'll start with teaching you how to hit someone. Then we'll move to basic fighting moves; punching, kicking, grabbing, dodging, blocking, and the like. I happen to understand martial arts at a level where I can look at a novice such as you and tell what kind of martial art they've been practicing, how good they are, and what would suit them best. By the time you're nine, I'll have you used to brawling, and I'll have selected three martial arts to teach you. At that point, training will be much more intense. And allow me to reiterate from earlier. You're studies should not have to falter just because you put on a little muscle. In fact, when you're not slamming a dummy or lifting weight, I want you hitting the books. If I find out your grades drop in the slightest in primary school, I'll double your training to help you catch up. That will be a strike, each of which will be a doubling of the last work rate. On the third strike, I'll drop you altogether. Got it?" Izuku paled at the thought of that, but nodded nonetheless.

"Good. When you get to middle school, I'm not allowing any slip ups. Strike one and you're out. Understand?" Even paler than before, Izuku nodded again. "Okay. The fact that you understand all of this speaks a great deal of how sharp you are, so it shouldn't be too hard for you after all." After that, the young mentor stood up on both feet. "So… when do you want to start?"

Izuku, who had spent the entire ordeal in complete silence answered instantly and resolutely. "As soon as I can!"

Jukei grinned. "Well then, today's Saturday. I was just on my way to the gym when I found ya. And the time now is…" He check his watch "… 10:30 p.m. You're already late for your first session." He teased.

"Oh goodness!" Inko panicked, followed by her son. "Izuku, if he's serious, we need to get you to your new training place fast." She turned to the student-teacher. "Ikinuku-kun, where do you train?! I can drive us there!"

You want to find the Seika champions gym. It's a large joint for all types and ages. It's only four blocks away."

"Well we need to hurry if my baby's going to make any progress! Hisashi! Get the car running, now!"

"Yes dear." Hisashi sighed. She still worried too much.

In the middle of all the commotion, Jukei allowed his vision to travel to his young, brand new apprentice. And he was looking back, as smile on his face and his eyes positively shining. It almost seemed like a quirk, but Jukei knew without Izuku saying it that he was indescribably grateful. And it was an unspoken promise that Izuku would not let him down. He could only smile back. Had he just become someone's Hero? He certainly hoped so.

"I see great things for you, kid." He spoke. "Great things."

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