Tenchi Muyo: No Need for Boys!

Merry Christmas, Baby!

Washu smiled as she hummed away, studying the readouts in her lab. "Well, well," the redheaded scientist said, "you're actually getting stronger, Ryouko."

Ryouko stood there impatiently, the catlike eyes narrowed a little as she tapped a foot. Bands of golden light washed over her body as she waited in the chamber, her nude form pale in the dim lights of the massive chamber. "Are you going to be done soon?" she asked, "I feel like I've been standing here for hours."

"Just a few moments more," Washu hummed to herself happily. The petite figure studied a image on another one of the screens floating around her even as she cheerfully asked, "So have you and Tenchi... done it, yet?"

"Washu!" Ryouko growled.

"I'd rather you called me momma," Washu chuckled, "or at least little Washu." She looked up impishly, "Well, have you?"

Ryouko hesitated, then a sly smile appeared on her face as the blushing woman firmly said, "None of your business."

"But as your mother I'm merely interested in seeing your development as a woman," Washu protested innocently.

"Yeah, right," Ryouko rolled her eyes.

Finally Washu shut down the scanning device, finding Ryouko's usual bodysuit and bringing it over for her. Switching tracks she said seriously, "It looks like you've fully recovered from your captivity by Kagato. In fact, you're nearly in peak health."

"Thanks," Ryouko said as she pulled on her top, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Washu..." she started, then trailed off.

"Yes?" Washu asked curiously.

"You know that we're coming up on a Earth holiday called Christmas, right?" Ryouko asked her, looking oddly uncomfortable.

"A seasonal holiday, probably dating back to primitive festivals on this world," Washu noted, "Jurai has a similar one. Why?"

"I'd like to give Tenchi a gift," Ryouko finished dressing by pulling her boots on, "but I'm not sure what to give her."

Washu considered teasing her daughter, but something in her eyes held her back, a gentle caring the girl rarely showed. "Have you tried asking Yosho?" she asked.

"He claims that he's not sure what to get her, too," Ryouko chuckled to herself, thinking of the older man wryly. Learning that the man who had once defeated her in battle, Yosho, had retired to this world as Katsuhito Masaki was still something she was getting used to, even though she did find herself liking him, oddly.

"I could always make her something," Washu offered, "but I'm not sure one of my inventions would suit her."

"Oh yeah," Ryouko visibly winced, remembering the havoc Washu's robotic double had caused only a few days ago. She had built the thing to help out with cooking now that Sasami was gone, but things had gone wrong pretty quickly. "Thanks for the offer though," Ryouko sweatdropped as she added, "little Washu."

Washu laughed happily, then bodily slapped Ryouko on the butt. "Head upstairs," she said, "I'm pretty sure your young lady will be back soon."

"Watch the hands," Ryouko growled, flickering as she teleported out of the room, only to reappear in the main hallway of the house.

The Masaki shrine had started out as a fairly normal temple, but with the semi-permanent arrival of her and Washu certain alterations had been made. Using advanced technology and equipment that Washu stored in a pocket dimension she built a home for them nearby the shrine, just beside a blue lake. Tenchi's father had also come out to contribute to the designs the architect helping the structure fit in to human norms.

The top floor was a kitchen, several bedrooms, a large bath and so on, while underneath the home Washu had parked her laboratory, A massive structure it was bigger inside than outside, quite possibly twice the size of the house itself. Washu left the lab only to cook and interact with Tenchi and Ryouko, becoming a almost motherly figure.

Ryouko strode out onto the porch that circled the house, smiling as she saw the snow falling gently from the sky. Uncontrolled weather was yet another thing she was getting used to here, but it could be oddly pleasant.

"Myah?" Ryo-Ohki asked as she looked up at her curiously, the little cabbit having slipped out of the house unobserved.

"Tenchi's not back yet," Ryouko answered, "but I think she'll be back from training soon."

Just then she saw Tenchi walking up the path, the young woman untying her pony tail while still carrying her practice sword. With a gesture her long black hair flowed free, going well with the simple jacket and pants the young woman habitually wore.

"Hey, Ryouko," Tenchi waved, her eyes lighting up with happiness, then she winced as if her shoulder was plaguing her.

Ryouko smiled as she walked up, "Is that mean old man beating up on you?"

"Grandfather sprung a new trick on me today," Tenchi agreed, bending down to scratch behind the cabbit's ears.

"Myah!" Ryo-Ohki exclaimed happily, rubbing gently against her hand.

"And you're a little annoyed by falling for it," Ryouko noted as she slipped her hand into Tenchi's, the two women heading inside together.

"I guess I am," Tenchi confessed.

Ryouko squeezed her fingers comfortingly, "Love, you've got to remember that he's had centuries to learn every dirty trick and tactic you can think of." She flashed a sudden smile, "To be honest, I'm impressed you're doing as well as you do."

"True enough," Tenchi brightened a bit. They went into the living room together, sitting down on one of the couches. "So who gets to make dinner tonight?" she asked, nervously sliding an arm over Ryouko's shoulders.

With a happy sigh Ryouko leaned in to Tenchi, letting her head rest on her shoulder. "Mine, probably," she admitted, "maybe I should order take out?"

"I can help you make some soup, maybe," Tenchi countered gently, the two of them relaxing there for a few moments.

"Tenchi," Ryouko murmured softly, "what do you want for Christmas?"

Tenchi reached out to gently stroke the blue hair away from Ryouko's face, smiling down at her tenderly. "But I already have everything I could want for Christmas," she said to her quietly, "you're here with me."

Ryouko looked up at her, eyes soft and warm. "You're a romantic, Tenchi," she murmured as she cupped Tenchi's face, "and I love you for it." Smoothly she drew Tenchi down into a kiss, at first delicate, then with a greater hunger.

Tenchi moaned softly as she felt her breasts press against Ryouko's as the woman wrapped her arms around her. Smoothly Ryouko tugged her down sideways on the couch, refusing to break the kiss eve as they lay down together.

"This is not a good idea," Tenchi said breathlessly, "Washu could walk in..."

"I don't care," and Ryouko licked along the other woman's neck, nibbling gently. "Watch out for me," she purred in Tenchi's ear, "I bite."

"I wouldn't want you any other way," Tenchi managed to get out then she moaned as Ryouko sucked hungrily on her neck. Her own hands began to gently explore Ryouko's body beneath her clothes, enjoying the moans she could cause the other woman, too.

"You know just what to say," Ryouko laughed throatily.

Completely unnoticed Washu smiled from the living room door, listening and watching with some degree of amusement. "I think we'll just leave them alone for now," Washu told Ryo-Ohki as Tenchi's shirt went flying, soon followed by Ryouko's.

"Myah," Ryo-Ohki agreed.

Picking up the cabbit Washu chuckled, "Besides which, Ryouko would probably kill us if we interrupted them now."


Notes: I just couldn't bring myself to leave this alone... Why did Washu build the house? In the original OVA Ryouko swiped the Masaki household during her battle with Ayeka, but since I had her avoid doing that in 'No Need for Boys' I had to come up with a different place for them to live.