079. Silence



If Jyn doesn't wake up to her cellmate's dying screams, as Imperial stormtroopers either beat every living inch of them or blast their guts onto flaming, gorey pieces… it's a fairly decent morning.

Silence is a rarity.

During those early and peaceful hours, Jyn turns her kyber crystal around her fingers, meditating on the feeling buzzing inside her. The call inside her.

"You ever tired of this?" Yalla grumbles, wrinkling her olive-green, tattooed face in revulsion. "They wouldn't be so stars-damn cocky about hitting us if I had one of those electric rods in my hands…"

Jyn raises her eyebrows skeptically. She folds an arm behind her neck while continuing to stare untroubled into the glimmering, transparent object.

"Don't let the guards hear you say that."

"You're a coward, Hallik," Yalla announces, but without malice or treating her words like spitting venom — which the Mirialan woman usually does when she's infuriated. She walks over to Jyn's bedding, throwing a leg over the other woman and bending over, kissing her aggressively.

Hungry for touch, in whatever form it is, Jyn grinds herself up against Yalla's narrow hips, opening her mouth submissively for a moaning, bucking Yalla to lick past Jyn's teeth and gums.

"I'm not," Jyn consists breathlessly, nipping on a soft, tattooed lip and grinning. "I'm just not interested in getting myself killed like you."

That earns her a smack on the ass.



A riot breaks out in one of the southernmost quarters of the Imperial detention centers, prompting Jyn to be escorted back to her cell.

Yalla does not return. Neither do her rebel friends.



Star Wars isn't mine. Thought about doing Jyn/Padme or Jyn/Leia but then realized while Jyn was imprisoned, that she knew some women and thought it would be more interested to explore a rare rarepair. Tell me if you liked it! Any comments/thoughts are deeply appreciated!