Carol and Stuart decided to name the baby Sierra Carolyn McCormick.

Kenny and Karen we're joining Stan at his house, as Carol went into labor a couple hours ago. Kyle and Cartman tagged along as well.

"When will we get to see baby Sierra?" Karen asked.

"Tomorrow most likely. Depends on when she arrives." Kenny explained

"Let's go downstairs. Dinner is almost ready." Stan said.


Later the the phone rang and Sharon answered it.

"Hello Mr. McCormick. Really? That's wonderful! I'll go tell them."

Sharon came upstairs and found the kids in Stan's bedroom just hanging out.

"I have some great news for you Kenny and Karen."

"Did Mommy have the baby?" Karen asked.

"Yes she did. You're a big sister now Karen. Your father will be picking the two of you up at 10:00 so you can meet the new baby." Sharon announced.

At hearing this, Karen had to jump for joy.

"I'm a big sister!", Karen cried out.

"Kenny, congratulations. Congrats to you to Karen." Stan said. "Well, I never thought I'd say it but, congratulations Kenny and Karen." Cartman said.

"You think she'll like me?" Karen asked worried.

"Of course she will." Kyle nodded.

Kenny and Karen hugged each other close.


The next morning, as planned, Stuart came along with kevin to pick up Kenny and Karen to meet their new baby sister.

Karen yawned. She had not gotten much sleep due to the excitement.

Kenny, Karen, and their father came to the room Carol was in. Carol was lying in bed holding a tiny bundle close to her.

Carol smiled. "Hello, kids, you ready to meet your new little sister?"

Karen came to the bedside along with Kenny and Kevin. Carol lowered the bundle for them to see.

"Aw, she's so cute!" Karen squealed.

"She looks just like you Carol." Stuart said.

"Welcome to the world Sierra." Kenny smiled. Both Kenny and Karen climbed up onto the bed and hugged their mother gently, as she held baby Sierra in her arms, she even let them cradle her for a little.


Stuart returned Kenny and Karen to Stan's house.

"Well? What's she like?" Stan asked.

"She's very little and adorable." Kenny said.

"I'm glad to be her big sister." Karen said proudly.

"A great big sister you'll be." Kenny said.

Karen just had to smile