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Inside an abandoned building

Flash still carrying Killer Frost is racing through the building's floors one by one until eventually entering a room. Quickly Flash sets Killer Frost down on her feet as they look over to see the Green Arrow battling an unmasked Prometheus, who he gains the advantage over and sends to the floor.

Glancing over both Barry and Caitlin see a hooded woman dressed in black silently entering through a doorway on the opposite side of the room and firing an arrow.

Racing forward Barry catches the arrow moments before it hits Oliver than a minute later Killer Frost fires a blast of ice directly into Talia al Ghul which sends flying back into a wall. Walking over Caitlin seeing the woman trying to get up pins her to the wall by using another blast of ice before striking rendering Talia out cold with a blow to the face using her fist. Meanwhile, Barry tosses the arrow in his hand across the room.

As Adrian reaches for his discarded sword the Green Arrow pulls out an arrow from his quiver and shoves it into Prometheus's chest right near his heart. Coughing up blood Chase looks up at Oliver manically grinning.

"Looks like I was right about being a monster who kills because he can after all. Remember this as die I was right" Adrian replied.

"No, you're wrong. I'm killing you since I learned from Darhk murdering Laurel how pretending to be the Flash or The Atom doesn't work for me. You're the monster who comes up with excuses to kill, not me" Oliver said.

Whatever Adrian could have said next never comes out since he takes his final breath and his eyes roll to the back of his head, before slumping to the ground lifeless.

Glancing at them both "So what are you two doing here?" Oliver asked.

"Preventing a far darker future. Don't worry this isn't going to end up like Flashpoint, I hope" Barry said.

Nodding Oliver walks over to Talia whose out cold body is held up against the wall, and presses on her throat in a similar manner he learned from Shado about how to put somebody in a death like a state. After a moment Talia is awake once more and coming to her senses glares at Oliver. Stepping back some feet Oliver notches an arrow with pointing it directly at Talia, as Barry and Caitlin both turn to look at the daughter of the demon as well.

"Now before you begin yelling about how I am a monster for killing your father who was going to destroy Starling City keep quiet and listen. Or I can just send you to join Ras and be on my way" Oliver growls dangerously.

"Fine, I'll listen" Talia snarls "Not like it will make much difference."

"You do know I survived Ras al Ghul's blade? Your father trained me, and I was Ras when I killed him. Now I made a grave mistake giving Malcolm the ring but one I have since fixed. I get you hate me only I have the feeling you don't have all the facts" Oliver said.

"Yes, I know my father chose you as his heir, but it makes little difference to me. I will never stop coming after you" Talia replied venomously.

Letting out a sigh "Very well" Oliver said before letting go of the string.

The arrow pierces through the ice and into Talia's heart killing her nearly instantly and Oliver lowers his bow.

Suddenly hearing movement, the three of them turn to see Sara in her White Canary suit with a veil covering the bottom half of her face and Diggle in his Spartan gear enter through the doorway.

"Hey guys, good to see you" Barry said cheerfully.

Glancing around "What happened in here?" Diggle asked

"They died" Oliver replied.

Looking at the Green Arrow "Doris Chase died as well, and Samantha is secure" Sara said to her boyfriend.

"Who?" Killer Frost asked.

"Adrian Chase's wife who he killed is Doris and Samantha Clayton was a hostage Chase took" Diggle said.

Tapping the com unit on his chest "Terrific sent an unknown tip to the SCPD once we get out of here, so they can come pick up the bodies" Oliver orders.

"Rodger that GA" Curtis replied over the coms.

"You know Arrow it wouldn't kill you to say thanks or are knowing you it just might" Killer Frost said smirking.

"I knew there was a reason I liked her" Sara replied.

Glancing at the Flash and Frost "Thanks for assist" Oliver said.

"Anytime" Barry said grinning.

"Your welcome Robin Hood" Killer Frost replied.

"I'm not… never mind" Oliver said unhappily at being compared to Robin Hood yet again.

"Did you guys come over for help?" Diggle asked towards the two from Central City.

"Nah no alien invasion this time" Barry said.

"Well that's a relief" Diggle said.

"Just time travel stuff though" Barry said.

"I swear my life used to be normal before you showed up Barry" Diggle said grumbling.

"You considered your client a supposed billionaire playboy running around as the Starling City vigilante as normal? Ok then" Oliver said in one of his rarer moments of humor.

Sara and Barry snicker at that.

"Let's get going" Oliver said.

Green Arrow, White Canary and Spartan exit the room leaving the Flash and Killer Frost standing there.

"At least those changes from flashpoint proved to be a good thing" Barry said.

"What?" Killer Frost asked him curiously.

"Once we beat the Dominators earlier this year I spent some time on the Waverider with Gideon intending to get a better understanding of what my actions on flashpoint caused" Barry said.

"What were the changes compared to the original timeline?" Killer Frost asked.

"Sara decided to remain in Star City after the Legends stopped Vandal Savage and helped Team Arrow beat Damien Darhk who died by Oliver's hand like before. Felicity left the team for good after needing to deal with Havenrock with Curtis taking over the tech support role as you already know" Barry explains.

"Any other changes?" Killer Frost asked.

"Yeah, the Green Arrow never recruited Rene Ramirez, Dinah Drake, Evelyn Sharp or began training Curtis to become a field operative. Which those four all ended up either betraying him or constantly undermining his authority" Barry said.

"Glad it turned out all right for them. Now how about let's head back to Central City" Killer Frost said.

"Any place in particular?" Barry asked.

"My apartment, it's been a long night" Killer Frost replied.

"Certainly" Barry replied before picking her up and speeding off.

Mere seconds later in an apartment

The Flash comes to a stop inside her living room and sets Caitlin down with her grabbing his arm briefly to keep him from leaving.

"Don't go running off just yet. Could you just say here with me tonight?" Killer Frost asked.

"Sure" Barry said removing his cowl.

Killer Frost changes back into her normal appearance with looking over at Barry.

"Going to go take a shower then get changed. Your bag of spare clothes is still where you left it last time" Caitlin said.

"Thanks. I'll uh take the couch" Barry said.

"Barry you can use the bed. Besides, we are a couple now and I trust you. It's me I'm not too sure about" Caitlin said.

"As you currently or Frost?" Barry asked.

"Both" Caitlin replied with a smirk.

Barry grins while Caitlin turns around and walks down a hallway to somewhere else in the apartment.

"Well you can never say your life is not interesting Allen" Barry said quietly.

Using his speed Barry finds himself in the bedroom in less than a second with reaching under the bed pulls out a simple duffle bag. Seconds later Barry is in a red T-shirt and gray sweatpants with his Flash suit gone back into the speed force until needed again.

Slipping the back under the bed than pulling the covers back Barry climbs in the bed with laying down and within moments is quickly sleeping.

Close to twenty minutes later Caitlin emerging from the bathroom dressed in a pair of pajamas walks over to her bed and lays down in front of Barry with drifting to sleep. Almost on instinct Barry reaches out and lays one of his arms across Catlin's waist as they snuggle in closer with each other asleep peacefully.

Near afternoon the following day at Barry's lab in the CCPD

Barry is looking at his computer reading information on various chemical compounds with writing down certain info on a notepad. Given Barry's so focused on his work Barry doesn't even hear Joe enter or even what the man first says until eventually, Joe mentions a name.

"No Julian Desmond left after Caitlin became Killer Frost seemingly for good the second time and has no plans of coming back" Barry said offhandedly then realizing "Sorry, I guess I was a little too Sherlock Holmes focused."

"Ah don't worry about it bar, I'm more than used to it by now. We do need to talk though, and it's not work related" Joe said seriously.

"What about?" Barry asked turning to look at the man.

"Iris told me about what happened, and I talked to Cisco who accidentally let it slip you're with Caitlin now? I've rarely been this disappointed in you but now this one of those times" Joe said sadly.

"Next time you want to know about my personal life come talk to me instead of going behind my back talking to Cisco" Barry said, and trying to push aside the hurt from Joe telling him he's disappointed.

"This is not about me. This is about how badly you've hurt Iris and using Dr. Snow as some rebound" Joe said.

"And what about me Joe, huh? Am I supposed to live my life with a woman I don't love and only cares about herself? Then again you've always cared more about Iris than me when it comes to our relationship" Barry said bitterly.

"What are you even talking about?" Joe asked confused and somewhat angry at that.

"A few years back you told me that I should put my life on hold while I wait for Iris even when she was with Eddie. Despite the very real possibility of her never returning those feelings at all or even choosing to spend her life with somebody else" Barry replied "Of course given all the various timeline changes we possibly never have even had that conversation. It's hard to keep track."

"Well, I just want Iris and you to be happy. But I know I certainly raised you better than to dump your finance and go find another woman the same night" Joe said sternly.

"I don't have to justify my relationship with Caitlin to you or anybody else so back off. And for the record Joe, in a timeline, I changed Iris was still in a relationship with Eddie when she cheated on him with me. I'm not the one you should be giving that lecture to" Barry said.

"What?" Joe said shocked at his daughter even doing such a thing.

"Yeah, she's not the angel either of us wanted Iris to be. That was after she all but admitted to me she would be happy to cheat on Eddie with somebody if Iris thought it was worth it. Despite Iris claiming Eddie was in a joint agreement that looking back was a lie. Eddie was not that type of person" Barry said than bitterly adds "I should have known that she wasn't good for me, but I just chose to pretend otherwise."

"Everybody makes mistakes, Iris is no different. And I know from Cisco you killed Savitar. That's the reason why I don't like the Green Arrow being in your life given his negative influence" Joe said.

"I did what I had to do. And how many times are we seriously going to keep having that same argument over the Green Arrow's methods? For goodness sake Joe, the man helped save the entire world twice" Barry said.

"One day he'll snap if he hasn't already and you'll have to take the Green Arrow down. Frankly, I'm still not convinced Queen didn't kill the mayor along with the other people a few years back. And if you want me to cut Queen some slack you need to do the same with Iris" Joe said.

"Not the same thing Joe, not at all. And if you wish to keep this pointless argument I've got work to do" Barry said.

"Go apologize to Iris, she doesn't deserve how you treated her. Just be sure Caitlin is who you want and not a rebound" Joe said.

"No, I'm the rebound to Iris, her second pick and always have been Joe. Back when Eobard offered me a chance to save my mother Iris told me she had picked Eddie regardless of whatever the future said" Barry said.

Barry watches as Joe leaves the room before turning back to his computer screen with letting out a sigh. Barry knows there is no doubt Caitlin is who he wants and to go back to Iris asking for forgiveness? Barry is not sure he wants to.

Glancing at the clock on the computer Barry decides to take a short break for lunch before coming back to work.

STAR Labs building in the tech room

Cisco by a workbench hands Caitlin a blue cowl like Barry's only differences is a space for her hair to come out in the back and obviously no lightning bolts near the ears. Caitlin takes the cowl with slipping it on her head and after a moment removes the mask.

"So how does it feel?" Cisco asked grinning.

"Love it" Caitlin replied with a smile.

"Sweet, you are my favorite metahuman," Cisco said.

Caitlin just lets out a light laugh before asking "You spent last night working on this didn't you?"

"Yeah while Barry and you were off helping out Team Arrow I got a few ideas in my head. I figured having a cowl would work better than just running around with your face exposed" Cisco said.

"Well I appreciate it Cisco" Caitlin said.

"I finally got around to asking Liza Snart out and we got together" Cisco said.

"I know Barry told me and good for you" Caitlin said.

Suddenly a voice, "Nice mask" Barry said walking into the room.

Looking over "What are you doing here? I thought you were held up at the CCPD" Cisco asked.

"Nothing that can't wait. I've spent enough time ignoring my family, so I made a quick run over to Italy to get a small amount boxes of Pizza. They are in the main room" Barry said.

"How many is a small amount?" Caitlin asked.

"Oh at least forty or so. A good majority of them is for me and well you know being speedster I need to eat" Barry said.

"Eh who cares, let's go eat" Cisco said grinning.

"Sounds good to me" Barry said extending his arm out for Caitlin.

Caitlin takes Barry's arm as Cisco, Barry, and Caitlin leave the room with walking down the hallway as they head for lunch.

They have been through a lot and while there will always be troubles that lie ahead from evil metahumans, world-conquering aliens, and personal issues. However, the three of them know they will face them together as a family.

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