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For clarification, here's how old I think all the campers are: Max: 10 (duh), Neil: 12, Nikki: 9, Space Kid: 8, Dolph: 7, Harrison: 12, Nerris: 11, Preston: 13, Ered: 15, Nerf: 15. Plus others: Pikeman: 17, Snake: 14, Petrol: 16, Sasha: 11, Erin: 13, Tabii: 11, David: 24 (duh), Gwen: 25

You may or not agree. They'll all be those ages in this story

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Little bit of warning: Will contain sensitive topics such as suicide, child abuse and cancer. Plus deep feels, I'm the kind of author who puts a lot of emotion into their character's stories and s***. And swearing, 'cos, you know, it's Camp Camp :)

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God, stitches hurt like a bitch. Almost as bad as the wounds had stung when he's first got them. Max picked at the edge of his bandages in boredom as the doctor in front of him shifted through the paperwork. He seemed too beefy to be a doctor, and his hair was grey, but precariously styled. Max didn't like him. He didn't really like anyone, but he especially not this guy.

"So, Maxwell..." The man rolled his tongue around his mouth as he said Max's name.

"Max." The kid said stiffly.

"Max." The doctor muttered. "Your stiches were a success, but you did lose a lot of blood in the incident, and you will need a special treatment for a few weeks..."

"So what?" Max muttered. "Can't I just bugger off home already?"

"Treatment that requires you staying in our care." The doctor finished. Max realised what this meant, and scowled.

"Dammit." He muttered, kicking the desk that separated the pair of them. "What do my parents say about this?" He demanded, desperate for an excuse to get the fuck out of here, even if it required seeing his parents even more than he already had to.

"Your parents have already been contacted." The doctor explained. "They have no problem with you staying here." Max sighed.

"Of course not." He muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." Max muttered, fixing his eyes on the doctor's nametag. Head Doctor: C. Campbell. What a stupid name.

"I sent for the head nurse of Children's Ward One." Campbell told Max. "He should be here, ah, speak of the devil." The door behind Max opened and he turned to see who this man was. He saw a young man with red hair and a similar white coat to Campbell. His nametag read: D. Campbell. He was smiling too widely for Max's liking.

"Ah, hello David." Campbell said brightly. "Right on time, as always."

"Right you are, dad." David said three times as brightly. Max grinned a little.

"So you're his dad then?" He asked with mockery in his voice.

"Well, I adopted Davey when he was around your age, Max." Campbell said. "But never mind about that." He looked uncomfortable. "Davey here will take you up to the ward." He motioned for the pair to leave, already turning his attention back to some papers on his desk. Max sighed and slid off his chair, sloping off toward David, who smiled down at him. Max did not smile back.

"Alright, Max, our newest patient!" David exclaimed as they left the office. Max picked at his bandages, causing David to frown down at him.

"I don't think you should be doing that Max. Those bandages may be annoying, but they sure will help you heal!" Max scowled and shoves his hands in the pockets of his jeans. David approached a line of wheelchairs, but Max stopped walking.

"Absolutely fucking not!" He snarled.

"Hey, language!" David noted.

"I can walk fine." Max snapped. "Leave it!"

"Oh, alright." David sighed. Then he smiled again, making Max's head flushed with annoyance. "But you'll need to save your strength, you know."

Max rolled his eyes and they walked the rest of the way in silence. David approached a blank, white door with a simple, metal nameplate. Children's Ward One. Down the corridor, there was Children's Ward Two, and an office at the end.

"I'm not the only nurse here," David said in his usual, cheerful tone.

"Thank God." Max muttered.

"We also have Gwen, you'll get on with her swimmingly." David said as he opened the door. Max expected a neat layout of beds with sick kids in them, all clean and calm and sterile. This place instantly proved him wrong. It was a scene of hospitalised chaos in a normal looking room, long with ten beds and a window at the end and a door at the other end. A female nurse was shouting as a turquoise haired girl ran around the floor, and other kids whooped at her in delight.

"Go Nikki go!"

"Be free!"

"Crush the authority!"

"Nikki!" The nurse yelled. "Get back into bed right this instant!"

"Why?" The girl called from the window. "Space Kid's not in bed, so why should I be?" The nurse gasped and span round to see a young, brown haired boy wearing navy blue pyjamas decorated with rocket ships and crescent moons. He had a bandage wrapped tight around his head and was bouncing on his bed, shouting something about space.

"For fuck's sake." The nurse muttered. David gasped and hurried forwards, taking hold of the boy and sitting him back in bed.

"Come on Space Kid, your head isn't going to heal by doing that." Meanwhile, the female nurse manage to catch hold of the girl and wrestled her back into the bed opposite the boy's. "Stay put!" She shouted. Nikki laughed.

"The revolution has only been temporarily deterred, my friends. One day, freedom will be ours!" The kids all laughed and cheered, then seemed to settle down again, as if this was daily routine.

"What the gosh darn heck happened, Gwen?" David asked the female nurse, Gwen, Max guessed. Gwen sighed.

"Just, the usual. Space Kid trying to get to space and Nikki being a little-" David shushed her.

"Gwen! And today we have our new patient as well.." He pointed to Max. Gwen sighed.

"Oh yeah, Maximus or something like that."

"Max." Max corrected her. Gwen sighed again.

"Right, David, give him his bed." She headed off into the small office that Max hadn't noticed before. David scanned the ward.

"Alright, last spare bed Max!" He pointed to the one...

Bang on next to Nikki. Max didn't want to spend three weeks next to a complete psychopath, or a girl. But it looked like he would have to do both. Max shuffled over and sat on the bed, feeling multiple pairs of eyes following him.

"I'll get you some pyjamas until your parents send your stuff." David said, and went into the office. Nikki instantly turned to Max with a wild grin. For the first time, max noticed that her arms were both in casts, a few signatures scrawled all over them.

"Hey, I'm Nikki!" She exclaimed. "The troublemaker. You're Max, right?"

"Yeah." Max grunted, glad someone had got it right. He looked away from Nikki, to his right, the other bed next to him. A boy with brown curly hair sat there, playing some game on his phone. He looked relatively normal, except from wild looking red patches all over his face. His arms were bandaged, like Max's, only less tight, and they looked to be of a different sort.

"What the fuck happened to you?" Max exclaimed. The boy sighed and looked up from his game.

"I was doing a very basic scientific demonstration, when I was distracted, added Hydrogen Nitrate instead on Hydrogen Carbonate, and the whole thing blew up in my face." He said. "Go on, laugh."

"Dude, I don't even know what those are." Max told him. "But, ouch."

The boy nodded. "I'm Neil." He said. "Max, right?"

"Right." Max told him.

"So, spill the beans, dammit!" Nikki said excitedly. "What happened to you?"

Max had prepared for this. He held up his bandaged forearms.

"I fell on some broken glass." He told them.

"What were you doing near broken glass?" Nikki asked.

This, Max hadn't prepared for. He lowered his arms.

"Oh, er, my little brother smashed a window with a baseball, and then I tripped over that baseball, and fell onto the glass."

"So you tripped on a baseball?" Neil asked. Max nodded, wishing he had his long sleeved hoodie right about now, but it was still in his closet at home.

"I smashed a window like that before." Nikki told him. "My mum was well mad at me."

"My mum was mad at my brother." Max lied.

"I just fell out of a tree and broke both my arms, plus two ribs, they're all better now." Nikki said. "But Neil was trying to make an explosive, when it exploded!" She laughed. Max gasped and looked at Neil, who looked embarrassed.

"Yeah, and it still hurts like hell." He said.

"That's crazy!" Max exclaimed.

"If you think that's crazy, check this!" Nikki leaned over to whisper to him. "Over there, opposite you." Max looked at the bed opposite. A young boy sat there, propped up on some pillows, with neat, dark brown hair and a pale face. He was drawing something in a sketchbook, frowning slightly.

"That's Dolph." Nikki whispered. "He was SHOT!" This surprised Max.

"No way!" He whispered in awe. Nikki nodded eagerly.

"Yeah, he came in one night, and he was in the operating theatre for like, twelve hours or something. That was a few weeks ago, I was in here with a broken leg or something similar, I'm always finding myself back here, but he-"

"I'm just here, I can hear you!" Dolph said in an obnoxious tone, not looking up from his sketchbook. He had a thick German accent. Nikki instantly ducked her head away from him.

Max edged forward in his bed to get a good look at the other patients. Closest to the office was Nikki, then himself, then Neil, then a boy with a brown bowl cut who didn't seem to have any bandages of anything, but a small drip fed into his arm. He was reading a very thick book entitled: The complete works of Shakespeare. Next to him was a teenage girl with long, blonde hair, streaked with dark pink. She was also on her phone, and in a full body cast. Max winced and looked at the other side of the ward. The space kid was opposite Nikki, then Dolph, then a black girl wearing a wizard's hat who was playing a game of D&D on a small table with the boy in the next bed, who also had a drip. He wore a large top hat, covering all his hair. A teenage boy with bright red hair was next to him, who appeared to be reading a porn magazine. Max wondered if this boy would let him borrow it.

"Yep, that's our ward." Nikki said as she noticed Max looking. She went round in a clockwise direction. "That's Preston, he's a drama queen, and Ered, she's just SO COOL, and then Nurf, no one really talks to him, I heard he got stabbed though, (Max gasped) Then Harrison, and Nerris, you already know Dolph, and then that's Space Kid."

"Space Kid? What's his real name?" Nikki shrugged.

"Only the doctors really know, but everyone just calls him Space Kid."

Max sighed as David appeared with some folded, white pyjamas.

"Here you go Max." He said brightly. "The door over there is the toilet, you can go get changed." Max slid out of bed and shuffled over to the toilet. It was a full disabled bathroom, which made sense. He sighed. White didn't suit his dark complexion, and the pyjamas smelled funny. He looked down at his bandages, wondering just how long he'd be able to last in here.

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