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Chapter 1

Pi Beta Phi Sorority House, University of Virginia

Harvard Law School is one of the preeminent centers of legal education in the world. Led by a diverse and dedicated group of faculty and legal scholars, HLS provides unmatched opportunities to study law and related disciplines in a rigorous and collaborative environment.

Caroline smiled as she re-read the Harvard Law School page for probably the billionth time in her 22 years of living. At sixteen, it had been a pipe dream. At twenty-two, after years of hard studying in her Government class at UoV, it was no longer a pipe dream- in a few months; she would arrive at the school that had produced hundreds of world leaders, world renowned legal experts and politicians. It had been the most intense time of her life, her application coinciding with her final year of college (she had managed to be class valedictorian, something extremely helpful for her application), where she had been at the point of throwing up after her interview. She thought she'd bombed, but when that email came and that scarlet banner came up, she'd nearly screamed. From small town Virginia to Harvard law, it had been a big step. A lot of her family had been to college, but nobody had touched the Ivies and she knew that her parents were very, very proud.

Caroline Forbes, B.A, J.D. She could see it now on that shiny plaque when she made partner at a big New York City or DC law firm at the age of 30. It was ambitious, she knew, but ambition was healthy in her book. If she had dreams, well, that was that.

As she looked through the accommodation portal, her phone buzzed. Picking it up, she smiled at the text:

Can't wait to celebrate tonight babe ;) xxx

Tyler Lockwood had been her boyfriend since the first semester of freshman year. The pair had met when they had sat together in their Political Theory 101 class on a sunny September afternoon, soon becoming close- they'd be four years in less than six months, which is longer than Caroline knew a lot of relationships to be. Their plan had been formulated firmly in the summer between freshman and sophomore year- they would attend Harvard Law together, and would kick ass. They'd be the best in the group, graduate top of the class and then go onto their job. Tyler would work for a corporate firm and soon become a top business lawyer, Caroline would work in human rights, protecting sexual abuse and trafficking victims like she'd always wanted to. Both would become famous in their field, and they would do it together. It was their pact- do it together, but always celebrate the other's success and work for the other. They were a team, a partnership- as it always would be.

Having both got into Harvard Law, they were having dinner at a fancy restaurant- paid for by Tyler's parents, who were both wealthy- in order to celebrate their success.

Friends had whispered to Caroline that Tyler could propose, but the blonde knew her boyfriend well enough to know that he would not go down on one knee that night. When he proposed, it would be after law school- it was easy, undergraduate, law school then marriage. It hadn't really been discussed as part of their ten year plan, but both knew that they would not be ready. Caroline felt bad for thinking this, but she would be inclined to say no- at 22, she felt too young and that she had her whole life ahead, though she didn't want to insult those who married young. Education first, that's what her mother had taught her. She supposed her mother, who had discovered that her husband was having an affair with another man, was a little bitter about relationships in general, but she knew that Liz Forbes was right. Brains over a man.

The dinner was in a few hours but it didn't hurt getting ready. She'd slipped into her jeans and t shirt after cheer practice, her pom-poms and orange uniform folded neatly over her bed. Plus, she hadn't decided what to wear.

Now that was where her girls came in. Exiting her room, she went downstairs and luckily found the two she wanted.

Bonnie Bennett was the sensible one of the trio- level headed, grounded and bright. Always kind and ready to give advice, everyone in the sorority joked that she was the mother, hence why she was Head of Pi. An architecture major whose math and art skills blew everyone away, she had won a scholarship to do her master's degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the best in the country for her field. Next to her was Elena Gilbert, the sweet and caring- though always loyal- girl. A pre-med student who particularly loved children and was best at sorority charity events, Elena would be staying at UoV to do her medical degree, having just passed her exams for it.

They were her best girls and the girls who knew her fashion sense better than any of the other sisters.

"Let me guess," Elena looked up from her textbook, "You need help deciding what to wear to The Waterson?"

Caroline nodded, "You know me so well."

"Come on then," Bonnie took Elena's hand, before taking Caroline's and leading them back upstairs, "It's not every day our friend is getting into Harvard Law of all places- or goes to The Waterson, man that place is expensive. The last time a guy took me out it was to that cheap pizza down Park Street."

"Yes, but his parents weren't paying for it," Elena reminded her, "God, I wish the Lockwoods were my boyfriend's parents- can't be too bad if they're paying for that."

Caroline, truthfully, did not like Richard and Carol Lockwood. Richard had put on a nice face but he seemed mean and angry, whilst Carol did not approve of Caroline and often acted as she was the Queen of England and not the mayor of some town. For them, this was not a personable act; they were just doing it because they could. They probably didn't want to spend money on the 'small town girl' that they thought of her as, they were doing it because they wanted Tyler to celebrate and he would of course be celebrating with his girlfriend who had also got in. Elena and Bonnie knew of Caroline's disapproval for the Lockwoods, but Tyler didn't. As far as he was aware, his parents loved Caroline and the feeling was mutual. It really wasn't but he didn't need to know that. She didn't want to be the girl that forced her boyfriend to choose between his parents and his girlfriend- that wasn't cool.

Caroline shrugged as they headed into her bedroom. Throwing open her huge wardrobe, the three girls pulled out every single outfit that Caroline had- which was a lot- they pulled out everything. Bonnie had the sense to clear bed space before they threw everything down on it, a variety of vibrant colours and different outfits clogged together. Looking at one another, they knew that they had a lot of work to do.

"Ok, it's a nice place so let's rule out anything too casual or too revealing," Elena decided before the group threw those parts to the side. Still, they had several to pick. It would be a while, considering all three found something wrong with everything she had worn. Everything just seemed to be too flamboyant, too plain, too colourful or not colourful enough, nothing just seemed to do for that special evening out with Tyler. It seemed so ridiculous, Caroline thought, she had always been a planner and liked to plan special outfits at least a week in advance but for this important celebration, she had absolutely no idea what to wear. Back home in rural Mystic Falls, there were no especially fancy eateries and when the family transitioned into a single parent one at the end of her high school freshman year, there was no time for such luxuries even though the family was hardly poor. This was a very expensive place that only the Lockwoods could afford and such luxuries were unused to such a small town girl. Scanning it, she continued to pull out and pick things before throwing them back on the no pile, frustrated that she had nothing. Dammit, she should have gone out to buy a fancy new outfit for this, why the hell hadn't she? She had been busy planning sorority activities, getting ready for the college cheer finals...and she hadn't managed to buy a killer new outfit. Still, she was learning to be thrifty.

"Ooh, how about this?" Elena pulled out a slim fitting, satin dress with an off the shoulder top and a skirt that went down to her knees. It was perfect- hot but classy, enough to turn Tyler's head but not bad enough to get them rejected from the restaurant. Caroline walked over and ran her hands over the fabric, admiring the beautiful dress that had escaped her vision beforehand.

"Oh Elena, great choice," she agreed.

"You can wear it with these," Bonnie pulled up some dark, dangly earrings, a pretty necklace and a cute clutch bag, all perfect to wear with the wine coloured gown. Grinning from ear to ear, Caroline accepted them from her friend's hands.

"I am going to look killer tonight."

"All the best for the future lawyer," Elena danced around the room, "I'll be a surgeon who finds a pioneering new method, Bonnie will create a new form of architecture that will sweep the world and Caroline will be the lawyer who never loses the case. We are all gonna be strong, amazing women who constantly kick ass and are super amazing pioneers. We're the Cavalier Chicks."

At that last part, Elena had gotten hold of Caroline's pom poms and waved them in the air.

"Girl, you're outta your mind," Bonnie took the pom poms from Elena and put them back, "We gotta all do our graduate degrees first, which we'll kill of course but still...gotta have our priorities in order before we rule the world."

"Spoil sport," Elena threw herself on the bed, the pile of clothes cushioning her fall.

"Hey," Caroline ripped her clothes from underneath her friend, "You will crumple them and you know how much I hate ironing."

Elena laughed as Caroline's phone started buzzing on the windowsill. Going over, the blonde smile, "It's Tyler."

"We'll leave you to it," Bonnie teased as she and Elena headed out the door, "Bye girl..."

"Hey- you need to help me...oh never mind, I'll do it myself," Caroline put down some jeans before going over to the phone, "Hey babe."

"Well hi there Care Bear," Tyler's voice smiled on the other end of the phone, "I just wanted to see how my favourite girl is before our big dinner, can't wait to see what your ass squeezes itself into."

She could practically hear him wink on the other side.

"Oh hush you, can't it be a surprise?"

"Well excuse me for being excited to see my gorgeous girl, especially since we are going to be the best looking boyfriend and girlfriend Harvard Law School has ever seen and will ever see. From the first day til graduation, we are gonna own that place."

"So modest," Caroline shook her head, "All I'm gonna say about what I'm gonna wear is that you need to make sure that you are going to have to work hard all night to take it off...it ain't gonna be easy, maybe this will be practice for Harvard...having to make such a massive effort."

"You tease," Tyler purred, "You are gonna be the best lawyer, keeping that poker face on- they're never gonna know what to do with you."

"Well, I have a feeling a certain boyfriend may be a pretty fabulous lawyer too," Caroline smirked as she removed a shirt from her knee, "Representing those businesses."

"Not as sweet as my girl, helping all those vulnerable women- they're gonna be the luckiest, having such an amazing girl and an amazing lawyer making sure they get justice. Those businesses will get justice, and so will those girls- and we're gonna give it to them. Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes, top lawyers from Harvard Law School," Tyler complimented her, "Hey, I don't think saying those words is ever going to get old, is it?"

"Nope," Caroline popped the p, "Harvard Law, home of two mega awesome Virginians."

"The best Virginians," Tyler agreed, "The best Virginians indeed. Hey, since my parents are footing the bill tonight we're going to have to pick the best champagne right? Not the best to get drunk on, but we don't want drunken sex before law school. Babies, STIs and law school don't mix."

"Oh my god that time we both went to the clinic because we thought we hadn't used a condom," Caroline laughed, "Then it turned out we had, and we didn't realise. God, I was sat in the waiting room praying to the Lord above neither of us had herpes."

"I was the same. We can drink to Harvard success and a lack of herpes."

"Gosh, I feel so bad for spending your parents' money," Caroline ran a hand through her hair, "I really feel bad that they're paying for such an expensive restaurant, I just don't want to take advantage of their money even though the lobster is supposed to be amazing."

"Care," Tyler comforted her on the other end of the phone, "They would not be doing this if they could not afford it or didn't want us to celebrate. Babe, we got into Harvard Law, that has been a dream of ours since we knew what Harvard was. Both of us dreamed of it our entire lives and we managed to find each other, two ambitious and amazing people who joined together. Harvard was written in the stars, it was fate for the both of us and fate that we both happened to sit together in that first class. After all the hard work we've done- you for cheerleading and the sorority, me for football and the fraternity, and just generally working our asses off for this, we deserve a really amazing night. Now, we are gonna have the finest food in all of Virginia, drink the most fabulous champagne two students can find and just generally have the best time. We are both AWESOME Caroline, two college kids who had totally made it. We are going to go into Harvard with the best partnership and leave with the best partnership still- two lawyers against the world."

Partnership, not relationship. Caroline had always wondered why Tyler had never used relationship and instead referred to themselves as partners. She knew a lot of people referred to their other half as their partner, but not at this age and in the way Tyler said it. Oh well, she wondered, maybe that was how he was.

"I guess you're right babe," Caroline twirled one of her curls.

"I always am," Tyler nodded along, "Anyway, I just gotta finish an essay before I get ready so I will see you at your place at seven."

"See you then. Love you."

"Yeah, yeah, you too, see you then."

Tyler hung up the phone, leaving Caroline to her thoughts. Sighing at the mess her friends had made, she piled up the clothes in her hands and began to put them back. A creature of habit, Caroline had her clothes categorised by type, then by colour, top items at the left of the wardrobe and bottom items on the right. Her friends called her neurotic but Caroline preferred the term 'organised.' Being cheer captain, head of the sorority and top of all her classes meant that she had to be organised, otherwise she couldn't be successful in all of her pursuits. After her organisation was done, she looked at the clock and decided she had several hours.

The time seemed to almost fly by, with Caroline almost fainting when she saw what the time was. Scrambling upwards, she grabbed her towel and shower gel before rushing to the communal bathrooms in the sorority house, praying that it wouldn't be taken. Luckily for the blonde, she was the only one in there. As she scrubbed herself clean for the date, she sang loudly.

With my feelings on fire, guess I'm a bad liar.

She sang every song she loved, in such a merry mood. She was so excited, so thrilled about tonight. Tonight she would be with a man she loved, celebrating an amazing achievement. Caroline had achieved what so many hadn't and she was unashamed at being incredibly excited.

Drying herself off, she continually sang as she headed back into her room. Shutting the door, she swanned over to the vanity. After her hair was done and her make-up placed on perfectly (Caroline was a regular visitor to make-up vlogs so was an expert), she swanned over to her beautiful dress, which was placed over her bed. It took her a while to allow the slim fabric onto her frame, her body shaking as she attempted to get it into place. Thrilled to feel the fabric against her skin, she went over to pull on her jewellery and shoes. Once she'd slipped into her heels, Caroline went over to the mirror. Smirking at the sight, she knew that she looked damn good in this. Knowing that she needed to take a new profile pic, she grabbed her phone and took a load of selfies. Five minutes of scrolling led her to find the perfect one, which she immediately put on her Instagram.

Only seconds later, a notification pinged on her phone, showing Tyler had liked her photo and left a comment:

Gorgeous as always, Caroline xoxo

Smiling to herself, Caroline held her phone to her chest- he was such a good boyfriend. He'd be getting ready now, she noted, as she had got ready ridiculously early. Deciding that she had nothing else to do, she skipped downstairs to show off her outfit to the sorority girls, enjoying some laughs as she waited for Tyler to call. Grabbing her bag, her heels clicked against the stairs as she ascended the house. As she went down the second floor, she heard coughing and spluttering from one of the bedrooms. Knocking on that door, she heard a weak enter.

Pushing the door open, she saw sorority sister April tucked up in bed, coughing her lungs up. Creased tissues littered the floor and bed, the younger girl swaddled in layers.

"Hey April, you not feeling good?" Caroline, as head of the house, always had concern for her sisters and hated seeing them under the weather. Caroline was admittedly terrible at being ill- she always complained and wanted fuss- so she always made sure to look after others.

"I've got that horrible 24 hour flu that's been going around my classes," April then sneezed, "Sorry. It'll pass soon but I feel so crap, my muscles are aching and I switch between cold and freezing. You'll be fine so long as you don't come too close."

"Oh April, honey, have you got some Advil?"

April shook her head, "No, I've asked around but no one has anything in stock."

"I'll run to the drug store, grab you some before it closes," Caroline offered.

"Oh no Caroline- you can't be late for your date, I don't want to keep you."

"Nonsense," Caroline interrupted, "I have ages and I just want to make sure you're ok anyway. The drug store is literally down the road, I'll be back with plenty of time. Now you just ask someone to get you water so you can have something to drink the Advil with. I'll be back in a tick."

"Thanks Caroline, you're the best," April thanked her before going into a coughing fit.

"No problem," Caroline shut the door before heading down the door. As she reached the bottom floor she ran into Jo, another one of her sisters.

"Hey Caroline, looking amazing!" Jo complimented, "Is Tyler here soon?"

"Thanks Jo! He'll be here at seven," Caroline told her brightly, "Listen, I'm popping out to get April some medicine for her flu, can you be a dear and grab her a drink of water for her to take it with? She's in her room."

Jo nodded.

"Will do, I'll go now."

"Thanks, I'll be back in a tick."

"Ok, see you in a bit."

"Ok, see you then."

Caroline grabbed her keys and exited the sorority house. Walking down the lane, she appreciated the good weather and quiet atmosphere. It was a Saturday evening so the Greek street would be abuzz later with wild parties and drunk students, though that would not be until well after Caroline had gone into main Charlottesville but it would be like that when she returned for sure. Caroline was used to this party lifestyle and was no wallflower herself. Humming to herself, she enjoyed the quiet night. That was until...

Tyler was leaning up against the wall, in a passionate embrace with none other than Liv Parker, a rival sorority girl from Kappa Kappa Gamma. It was definitely more than a friendly hug, the two were passionately making out, hands flying everywhere. Tyler was cupping Liv's breasts whilst Liv had her hands roaming Tyler's ass. She couldn't believe how brazen they were, it was a quiet street but it was still a street nonetheless. The worst part was that she wasn't just watching some tipsy couple grope each other at a frat party; she was watching her boyfriend of nearly four years do this. At this point, she didn't know how to feel...she was just numb. After watching for a while, she finally snapped out of it.


Tyler and Liv immediately split apart, shock evident on their faces as they looked into Caroline's angered face.

"Care...this is..."

"If you say this isn't what it looks like, I swear to God I will impale you with the fraternity sign. It looks to me like you and Kappa Bitch over here were getting acquainted over more than just beer. What it looked like was my boyfriend of nearly FOUR YEARS cheating on me and a girl enjoying macking with another girl's boyfriend- talk about sisterhood, ugh? I go out to get something from the drug store and I find my boyfriend cheating on me. THAT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE YOU PATHETIC BALLBAG!"

The other two looked at one another, both silent and terrified.

"Was this a onetime thing or what then?" Caroline asked, hands on hips, "Come on, let's hear it."

"We've erm...slept together a couple of times," Tyler admitted bashfully, "Well more than a couple actually...maybe four or five? We were both madly drunk the first time and I nearly didn't remember the next day. Then we found evidence and yeah, we met again a couple of times. I'm so sorry Caroline; we were both so gone..."

"Well even when I'm nearly passed out from drinking, I remember LOYALTY to my boyfriend because believe it or not, fidelity is important and even when I am totally drunk, I would never consider cheating," Caroline snapped.

"It's been a few months," Liv admitted, "I saw him close with one of the other sorority sisters once, I don't know what that was about..."

Tyler looked almost angry that she'd blabbed about that but that anger turned to fear when he saw the angry look on Caroline's face.

"Liv...Liv is the only one I've actually slept with. There were a few kisses and getting to second base here and there."


"Honestly, no one you really knew. There was a girl who was Brad's lab partner- her name was Molly Wood, then there were a couple of girls but I can't remember their names."

There was an awkward silence.

"I think I erm, best go," Liv stated, starting to head off up the road.


Liv had rushed off before Caroline could finish, leaving the boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Now, I want to know something. I would still be angry if you had JUST slept with Liv that ONE time whilst you were drunk and nothing else, none of the other girls. I would still be screaming at you for just being a man whore. I just want to know why, why you continued with Liv four more times? Why you kissed other girls when you were with me. It wasn't just one kiss or one night of sex, it was frequent, it was different girls. Why was that? What is wrong with you?"

"Look Caroline, I was tempted. We've been together for so long and I love you, I really do, but it's just gotten to be the same all kind of thing...but the temptation was there. Liv looked so hot at that party; Molly Wood had the sexiest glasses and cropped hair...when they were there, every impulse in me just flew about my brain...I just wanted to be with them. I do love you so much, I really do but I was tempted..."

"Right, let me make this clear. Us being together for so long does not mean you had to cheat, if you thought I wasn't the same person- it's still no excuse. If you didn't like how things were going, you could have talked to me and we would have worked things out. Even if you'd broken up with me, it would be better than you cheating on me. Instead, you just go around with Liv Parker and other girls whose name you did not even know. What kind of shit is this?"

Tyler had the decency to look ashamed.

"Caroline, you have no idea how bad I feel..." he went forward.

"DON'T," she yelled, putting her hands in the air as he tried to take her hand, "You feel bad? It's not like you accidentally hit a squirrel or stood on a puppy's tale. Nobody put a gun to your head and told you to stick your parts in Liv Parker, you did that- being drunk alters your state of mind but it also enhances the sober in you. You did do it more times sober. You went out, knowing you had a loving girlfriend, cheating. It wasn't flirting, it was a full out affair. If you think you feel bad, that is nothing on what I am feeling. When you are with someone for so long, you invest so many things into a relationship- your time, your money, but most of all, you invest YOUR HEART. For years, I have loved you unconditionally. I have thought about you all the time, batted off the advances of other men and proudly told everyone about the boyfriend applying to Harvard Law with me. I thought that we would go to Harvard together and have the most amazing time, be an amazing couple. Now, I feel broken, I feel numb right now. I have no idea what or how to feel. I have invested years of my love and heart only to discover I was not getting that return investment from my boyfriend. You have embarrassed me. I am going to have to tell them my boyfriend cheated on me multiple times under my nose. All that raving about my boyfriend, my perfect kind boyfriend who treats me amazingly, will make me look like a weirdo now. You feel bad for having an affair, I feel AWFUL for having it happen to me. I have done nothing to justify you cheating because you know what, nothing justifies this. I just...I just can't right now..."

"Caroline, please, it was just temptation...law school will even me out, undergraduate fraternity brothers are always that little bit extra. Harvard is a much more mature place, it will mature our relationship and it will mature me," he clasped his hands together as he begged.

"Not being at Harvard yet is your justification?" Caroline raised an eyebrow, "You should keep it in your pants whether you're at Harvard or a community college, it's got nothing about being mature. Are you taking the mick? Jesus Christ Tyler."

"Look, if you give me one more chance...we've had such a great time; I've been a good boyfriend..."

Caroline let out a mighty laugh.

"I am not going to let you walk all over me. This is not going to be a case of me wanting you because you've been so good and I'm worried that I'm not going to get anything better. I'd rather have a faithful boyfriend for a week than a boyfriend of nearly four years who has been unfaithful. I am a girl who knows who I am and I am not one who will be taken for granted. I don't need to go back to a crap relationship. Christ, I am going to law school in the fall and I do not need the dead weight of a boyfriend who I have no guarantee will be faithful. Instead of sorority girls, you'll just be falling all over girls on our course or some other chicks. I am not stupid, Tyler, I am far from it and I am definitely not stupid enough to think that you will change. A leopard doesn't change its stripes and a cheater doesn't change his patterns. Screw you."

Tyler shook his head.

"You are throwing everything we've had over a little mistake?"

"You didn't think it was a mistake when you were going to Liv a second time, both sober as a rock to have another go humping like deranged animals? Yes, I am throwing this away. People stay with cheaters, that is their prerogative but that is not my style. A mistake is doing a math problem one, not cheating...I can't even look at the man who I thought was my soulmate."

She shook her head.


"No, no way Tyler, I am not doing this. We are DONE, completely DONE. Over, done."

"Don't do this."

"I am doing this- screw you, it's over."

With that, Caroline marched back up the street to the drug store. She was hurt and angry, but she wanted to get April's medicine before she dissolved into a sobbing puddle. Yes, she was pleased that she had found out and dumped that asshole, but it was still her boyfriend of years. He had lied, cheated, made her feel like trash all to satisfy his libido and his ego. Worse still, he'd blamed everything but himself. Yes, the other girls had still got with a taken man but it took two to tango and Caroline wasn't about to be one of those girls who defended her boyfriend over others. All the love and affection, the excitement about going to law school was all fading away into a red mist of fury.

God, she hoped that he choked on his dinner.

Withholding her tears from the eyes of the drug store cashier, she bought the pills before marching back down Greek Row. She knew that as soon as she entered the sorority house that she would break down, so enjoyed the time without tears. As her heels clapped against the road, she felt that red mist subside into a cold, angry determination.

Tyler hadn't gotten her into law school; she had gotten into law school. She had worked her ass off since kindergarten, kept a 4.0 in high school and college, would be graduating both as valedictorian and had gotten an amazing score in the LSATs. Caroline had done it herself; it was her achievement, not anyone else's and certainly not Tyler's. Right now, she didn't need her stupid cheater of an ex-boyfriend; she needed to know that she was awesome. Caroline knew that she was bright, she was fierce and ambitious and she didn't need anybody else to confirm this. Screw the cheater, screw him.

Yes, she was upset. She would cry for weeks, she knew it- she wasn't going to pretend that she wasn't hurt. Yet, she knew that it would drive her. She didn't need Tyler; all she needed was some TLC and a dartboard with his face on. Boyfriends could wait, getting a law degree couldn't. She would kick ass.

Finally arriving up to the sorority house, she felt tears pool her eyes. Caroline was a strong girl but right now, she was a strong girl whose boyfriend had cheated on her and made her feel like awesome. As the tears stung her eyes, she gripped the door handle and entered. That ambition could wait another day, because the hurt was overriding everything...

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