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"Isn't it amazing?" Anakin asked, awed by the sight before them. Padme wasn't quite as impressed. Rather far from it actually. When she'd imagined buying her first home, she'd thought of fresh paint, a lush green garden and well, not this. The house they'd come to view was far from her fantasy. The admittedly large garden was dried up, browned and dead, the walls outside the house were covered by an awful crumbling pale paint that clearly hadn't been redone in years, the floors squeaked beneath their feet and what little furniture there was inside was enough to make her want to run for the door.

"Amazing isn't the word I'd use, Ani." She grimaced. Were they seeing the same house? This place was terrible! It was filthy. She'd wondered why the asking price was so cheap and the answer was right before her eyes. Someone would have to be mad to hand over their hard earned money to own this place. It was, for lack of a better word, a dump. Padme wanted their house to be something modern and spacious, somewhere they could invite their friends and family over to spend time together. This was not somewhere she'd want people over.

"Don't get caught up in how it looks now." He brushed away her concerns with a wave of his hand. "Think about what it could be! If the walls were repainted and we knock out this wall here, this place could really be something."

Padme rolled her eyes. "That's the start of a very long list of things this place needs done."

"It's so under budget, we could afford to give it the attention it needs!" He argued. "C'mon, what else do you think it needs?"

Padme's nose wrinkled as she looked around. Where would she even begin? "Well, this furniture is awful."

"I'll borrow Ben's truck and take it to the dump."

"It needs new carpets."


"The garden is dead."

"We could have it landscaped by the end of the week."

She sighed and shook her head.

They walked together into the living room and even Padme had to admit it was pretty big. The high ceiling was something she did admire in a house and matched with the bay windows, it could have been lovely, given the house wasn't so run down. She'd love to have something like this… Just, nicer. Upstairs there were three bedrooms each with its own ensuite bathroom and one spare in the hallway. The master bedroom was large too, plenty of room for their bed and cabinets. Plus, she was a sucker for an ensuite bathroom…

"Look, it has a walk-in closet!" Anakin beamed. "You love those."

Padme glanced at it suspiciously. "It's tiny. I won't be able to fit even half of my shoes in there."

After a brief walk around of the other rooms, separately and together, the couple reconvened in the spacious living room to discuss matters. "I know it needs a little work." Anakin declared.

"A little? It needs to be redone from top to bottom! Literally!"

"I know." He admitted, "but we can make it our own, Padme. This house is gonna be ours, we need to give it our own personal stamp."

Padme rubbed her forehead tiredly. "I understand where you're coming from, but, Ani, I want a house – a home not a project."

Anakin wasn't looking at his wife anymore, his happy gaze completely taken by the pitiful house and Padme felt resignation begin to set in. "There's something about this house, Padme. I really think it could be amazing. We'll get Ben, Ahsoka and the others to help out when they can. It'll come together faster than you think, I can see it."

She sighed again. "It'll take at least a year to look even somewhat presentable."

"Then in one year's time, we'll have the best housewarming party ever!"

"Why this place, Anakin? We saw better houses already! Ones we could move into as soon as the offer is accepted."

"Think about it." He smiled at her, wrapping his arms around her from behind to rest his chin on the crown of her head. "Every piece of it will be ours. Our decisions. Our tastes. Everything will be what we put into it. How many people get to say that? And the area is good! There are good schools around here. It's less than an hour from both our works… When it's done, it could be perfect."

Padme groaned in defeat. "I want this every inch of it checked for mould and sound structure. By professionals. Multiple. I want second opinions."

Anakin kissed her hair softly, hiding his smile.

Two years later.

It'd taken a little longer than they'd originally anticipated, but the work on the house was all but finished. They'd excitedly – well, Anakin had been excited at least – put forward their offer after Padme had satisfied herself with three professional check overs and begun work as soon as the paperwork was signed. The lawn was green and luscious, the walls painted cooling blues and purples and Anakin, for the most part, had left Padme alone when it came to decorating. Everyone knew she had the better taste out of the two.

Finally, she could say their house wasn't an eyesore on the street.

Secretly, she could admit that Anakin had been right all along.

The new carpet was soft beneath her feet as she padded through the house quietly toward their bedroom, sighing contently. It'd taken her a while but Padme loved their house. Now it was almost finished, she could finally invite people over to show off all their hard work and surprisingly, she was proud to show off all the changes they'd made. Anakin had been right about that too. Every part of it was theirs from the ground up, every decision had been made by them even down to which kind of skirting should be nailed to the walls.

"Hey." Anakin greeted her from the bed where he flicked boredly through Facebook on his phone.

Padme didn't answer and climbed on the bed beside him. "The new couches should be delivered tomorrow."

He snorted. "Thank god. Those deck chairs have been killing my back."

"You're such a drama queen."

"You just had to have the specially made, expensive as fuck Italian leather couches shipped from across the globe…" He grumbled playfully and she swatted his shoulder with a laugh. Yes, she did have to have those ones! When they got here they'd be beautiful. It'd really pull the room together, she was sure of it. It was well worth the expense… She just had to hide the shipping charge from him and it would be fine.

They were quiet for a little bit as Padme flicked the TV on with the remote and settled back to listen to the news. Eventually, Anakin shifted beside her. "We should start decorating the nursery soon."

Padme jolted. "Nursery? But I'm not even pregnant."

"Yeah, I know… I just figured that's what one of the other rooms would be… Maybe we should start working on it. "He admitted sheepishly and Padme grinned affectionately, feeling her heart swell in her chest.

"I think there's something vital we need to work on first…" She muttered suggestively.

Anakin leaned down to kiss her, nodding in agreement. "Over and over again."

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