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James' Harem 2

Chapter 60
A Frosty Fire In The North

"There we go." James assured, back in Metropolis. He was watching Team Metropolis, alongside Rose. James was in his FiveFiveFive form, sparing with the team.

Cir-El, Skarlet, Firestorm and Jeriko.

Cir-El was new to the team, and arguably the strongest being half Kryptonian. Having been here for a month the group had a chance to get to know each other, and now it was time for them to learn how to adapt to their expanded team.

"You're doing quite well." Rose commented.

Though Jericho couldn't speak, he gave a responsive 'Thank you, Sister.' look to his face with a smile.

"HA!" Firestorm created a plume of flames to make a firewall behind James.

"Fire? Really?" he teased, back flipping through the flames without any wounds

"Yeah, knew that might happen." Firestorm answered as he changed the molecules of the fire and turned them into crystals, shooting out at James.

"HA!" Cir-El called, blasting at him from behind with heat vision

James smirked, using his jet pack to throw himself high into the air. The heat vision from Cir met with the crystals that Firestorm had produces, refracting and blasting the energy in a dozen different directions

"OMPH!" both Firestorm and Supergirl grunted as they were blasted by their reflected attacks, flying away

"BANG BANG!" Variant called, unleashing a large barrage of missiles from her arms

"Sorry Scarlett, so close." James teased, quickly launching a few laser beans from his armour that caused the missiles to explode


"Uncle James! Mean!" she glared, her arms combining and turning into a giant cannon


"Grr!" James grunted, quickly summoning a shield from his armour to block the attack

"Creative." Rose commented

"You got in my way!" Cir snapped at Firestorm

"Me?! I fired my attack first! YOU are the one with super speed, you should have been able to stop!" he argued

"Ronald, now is not the time to argue!" Professor Stein urged

"Professor, come on!" Firestorm talked to himself.

'Right, keep forgetting that it's 'two-for-one'.' Cir thought to herself.


"Hey, Firestorm." She stated, whispering into his ear

"Ha!" James called as he managed to get in close to Variant


"Gah!" Variant screamed as she was hit back by her own repulsor attack.

Suddenly red light from heat vision shot all around, bouncing around... And focusing onto James' back

"ARGH!" James grunted as he was blasted and shot forwards into the wall face first.

"Enough!" Rose called

The training session had ended, James got back up as both sides backed off from each other "Nicely done." He praised

"Thank you." Each of them responded.

'Are you alright?' Jericho asked James which Rose translated.

"I'm alright, I'm alright." James nodded, reassuringly. "My armour's tougher than you'd think." He ruffled the blonde's hair, grinning softly

"So what now? Hit the showers and rest?" Firestorm asked.

"Yeah. We can go over how you did in the training later." James nodded

"Thank you, James." Cir nodded as she flew off to the showers.


Firestorm separated, turning into a young man with brown hair and an elderly gentleman wearing a tweed jacket.

"On man, I'm spent!" He groaned

"Considering what we have to go through, Ronald. I understand." The elderly man responded.

"Professor Stein; I assume?" James asked

"Ah, yes. Good to see you again, James?" He smiled and nodded

"Hope that the training wasn't too rough." James joked a little.

"It was for me." Ronald, or Ronnie as he wanted to be called, responded.

"I do believe that was the point, Ronald." Professor Stein commented

"You know what I mean, Prof." He answered.

Jericho signed something to Rose, which made her smile. "Yeah, I know what you're going through." She explained and stroked his head. "Let's go get washed."

"See you all in twenty." James nodded with a smile


We arrive in a laboratory where scientists were working around the clock as they had a figure suspended in a tube. People were talking amongst themselves, general noises you'd expect in a busy lab.

"What's the status of the DNA?" A scientist asked.

"Still stable, but this-this amount of DNA. I've never seen it before!" Another scientist responded.

"How?" Another scientist muttered "How is it holding together?"

"It won't." A male voice said darkly

The scientists turned to the source of the voice as it came through a set of doors. "Mr Luthor! We're doing our best, Sir. But this... I don't even know if it's human. This thing is mind-boggling for us."

"It is an alien. A weapon." Luthor said darkly "I REFUSE to let that... That BRAT better me! This will work! We did it with a Kryptonian... I shall do it again, you hear me?!"

"Y-yes sir!" The scientists panicked and as they tried to isolate and stabilise the full aspects of this thing in the tube.

Atop the tube was a large white label and written upon it was a codename.


*with Titans Metropolis*

"How do you think they're doing, James?" Rose asked as she leaned gently against him.

"They are working great as a team." James admitted "However Ronnie has a bit of an ego, Skarlet is too wild, Cir is not used to working in a team and I noticed they all ignore Joseph a lot, especially in their plans."

"Yeah, I know. It's hard for Jericho, but he's doing his best." Rose answered.

"He's a good kid." James nodded gently

"I don't know if they should learn sign language or learn a code language. Just so they include him." Rose admitted.

"They are learning. It's more they need to realise be isn't delicate and how his powers can be REAL useful in combat. In so many ways." James shook his head

"I know." Rose sighed sadly. "I hope they realise that before it's too late."

James kissed her forehead gently. 'Me too.'

"Hey, Teaches." Ronnie waved as he walked over

"Oh, Ronnie." The two looked at him.

"Did you need something?" Rose asked, composing herself quickly.

"Not really. Just heading out, got a date." He said casually


"We didn't do the debrief yet, Ronnie." James deadpanned

"What's to tell? We were all there." Ronnie responded.

Rose pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed heavily. "Just because we were all there doesn't mean that it's the end of it. We need to review and grow from it."

"Eh, I'm fine. Later!" He waved

"Ronnie!" Both James and Rose called out. "Urgh..."

"When our kids turn to teens, I am going to drill some sense into their heads." James muttered.


Rose's face turned bright red as she heard that.

"Rose? You okay?" He blinked

"Our kids?" She asked with a blush and a smirk

"W-Well, I meant. You know. When. If..." James fumbled. "Yeah."

"You dork." she grinned

"Yes, I am. And that's why you love me." James rolled with it, trying to save face.

"Eh." She shrugged

"Um, Uncle James? Are we going to go to the debrief?" Scarlett asked as she entered the room, seeing both Rose and James sitting together.

"Right!" James laughed

The two Titans rose to their feet and headed to the debrief room, where James tussled Scarlett's head gently. "Let's go."

In the debrief room, Cir and Jericho were waiting inside, while Professor Stein walked in after a moment. "I apologise for being late."

"It's fine Professor, at least half of you is here." Rose assured

"So, what's the result?" Cir asked, wondering about their progress.

"Mixed." James explained

'Where did we go wrong?' Jericho asked as Rose translated for him.

"And where can we improve?" Professor Stein added making James smile

"Well, let's start with Cir and Firestorm's tactics." Rose spoke. The half Kryptonian looked away in embarrassment and a blush "Cir, your ingenuity with the crystal wall and long-ranged fighting was smart." Rose began.

"However, it's situational." James added "Your adaptation is admirable, but you rushed in."

Cir nodded, taking that all on board. "Thank you, I'll be better."

"Scarlett. You show great bravery in putting yourself in the fray as a distraction." James turned attention to one of the younger members of the group "But you go solo too often. You didn't back up your team, even as a distraction. Just the opponent in front of you."

"Oh, okay." Scarlett responded sadly.

"Professor Stein." James looked at the elderly man.

"Yes, Mr Tennyson." He answered.


"As far as I know, you did great." James stressed

"Thank you. But if I can be self-critical for a moment, I did not do my best guiding young Ronald." Professor Stein answered.

"Well you are just a voice in his head, Professor." Rose commented, the Professor shaking his head

"I should still at least help him be a team player." Professor Stein answered.

"Also, you left Joseph out of everything." James finished

"Which leads us to -you-, Joseph." Rose turned to her brother.

Joseph seemed to gulp nervously. How harsh was this going to be?

"You've done your best." she stated "But you need to more assertive."

Jericho nodded nervously as he heard that. Though he took it on board and signed. 'Okay, I'll be better.'

"Great." James smiled


Ronnie was strutting down the streets of Metropolis, he was feeling confident about himself because of that training session. And he wasn't up for those debriefings. It was a bit of a bummer after all, he leaned everything he needed to during the fight.

"Ronnie!" A girl called from across the street

"Hey babe." He grinned and nodded, his hands in his pockets "You up for this date?"

"Yeah." She giggled, arms crossed behind her back... before she blinked "Are you okay?" She asked, pointing at the bruise on his cheek

"Just some heavy sparring. I'm alright." He answered, reassuring her.

"Oh, okay. Please don't hurt yourself too bad." The girl asked "I didn't know you did Martial arts."

"Kind of a recent thing." Ronnie smirked. "So, shall we?"

"Sure." She smiled


We arrive back at Central City Prison, where Thaddeus was sitting in the library reading. It was something he could do without too much supervision. His hands where twitching once more as he read, he felt like he was always twitching nowadays. The world... It was so slow.

He hated it.


Hated it!

Everything was so slow, and he was trapped in the slowness. Why?! WHY?!

This was hell!


Three seconds. He should be finished with this and a dozen other books by now!

"GRR! GOD!" He slammed his hands down angrily, this was torture!

"It's okay." A soft female voice said as a hand was placed in his shoulder


"GAH!" He yelled and span around, seeing Batwoman sat next to him "B-Batwoman? When did you-?"

"A while." She answered, sitting next to him calmly "You are cute, reading."

"It's boring as hell." Thad answered, sulking as he looked away from her "Why are you here?"

"Bart is helping Flash." She explained "And I wanted to help."

"And you can't because you're slow." Thad commented bitterly. "I know the feeling."

"No." She shook her head, putting a hand on his shoulder "I want to help you. Have nothing else to do, so helping you."

Thad flinched gently at Cass' gentle touch... it was nice, but also uncomfortable. Even with his lack of Velocity 9 coursing through his veins, he still felt horrible. "I don't deserve it." He mumbled

Cass leaned in and hugged him. "You do. You need help." She reassured gently.

Thad froze. And for the first time since he was locked up... It felt like his heart was moving at super speed 'Sh-she's too close!' He thought to himself, panicking by her embrace. "Why?" He squeaked out "Why do you care?"

"Because." She answered, shifting a little. "Because you are worth it."

"Worth it?" Thad gulped nervously as he heard that, he wanted to hug her back... but he didn't want to get the ire of the guards. 'Oh god...Cass.' He thought to himself. 'How is she so nice? She is just some random goody goody.'

Cass could read Thaddeus' body, seeing how uncomfortable he was by the differences between her and himself. "Do you trust me? I know you care."

"Care? Me? As if?"

"You are nervous. Scared to get close." Cass muttered. "Let me help." As she gently kissed his cheek making him freeze "Oh... Oh my..." She blinked as she read his body language

"Ms Batwoman, is everything alright?" A guard asked, seeing her getting a little too close to Thaddeus "... Also, how did you get in here? And why?"

"I'm fine." She answered as the guard was clearly confused how she got in here

"B-Batwoman. J-Just go. I don't-I don't want you seeing me." Thaddeus lied, hoping to get through to her... but his body was betraying him.

"No. Want to help you." She explained before smiling and said the one thing she needed to "You are not a monster."

Thad's heart thumped faster as he heard that, tears began to form in his eyes as she said that. ''N-Not... a monster'?'

"No." She shook her head "You're not."

Thaddeus shook gently in his seat as he was still held by Cass. "Th-Thanks."

Cass nodded calmly and smiled

*With Ronnie*

Ronnie was sitting next to his girlfriend, the two of them were enjoying their company and even sharing some cake "Here we go." He praised, holding out a spoon full of cake

"Ah~, hmm~." She nommed on the cake and smiled. "Delicious."

"I know. It's nice having days off like this." He remarked.

"Yeah... What do you do again?" She smiled

"I want to-" He responded, before there was a sudden chill in the summer air... which was strange because it was about thirty degrees Celsius out.

"Weird." he shuddered at the coldness... and saw cold air leaving his mouth

"It-It's cold. Why? Why's it so c-c-cold?" Ronnie's girlfriend shuddered, holding her arms as she felt the warmth disappear.

"Oh shit!" Ronnie's eyes widened as he saw the source.

Walking down the streets was a woman with cold blue skin, long white hair and wearing a strange blue outfit. The woman was wearing elbow-length blue gloves with white fur on the elbow side. Long silver stockings with heeled blue boots; and a blue leotard that hugged her slender body with C-Cup breasts, that had a silver star-shaped snowflake with a blue 'eye' in the centre.

"Killer Frost!" He shuddered, going over and protecting his girlfriend.


"She's a super-villainess. She's dangerous. You need to get out of here." Ronnie answered, fighting off the cold to protect his girlfriend "Come on, hurry!"

Killer Frost looked around as she was absorbing the heat from all around her. And she wasn't satisfied. "More... I need more!" She proclaimed, sucking the heat around them. "I'm so cold... Hungry... MORE!"

"She's cold?" Ronnie's girlfriend shuddered.

"Helen, let's go. We have to contact the police!" Ronnie thought like a civilian, trying to get her and other people away "Come on!"

Helen almost dragged her feet as she was pulled away from Frost and the freezing cold.

Ronnie was hoping that the Titans were getting the message. This was dangerous and he didn't want to get people involved. He hit a button on his phone, a secret signal calling the Titan's 'Come on guys, where the hell are you?' He thought angrily, but mostly because of the cold.


Back at the Metropolis Titan's tower, the signal was set up as they were alerted to Ronnie's distress signal.

"Ronald's in trouble!" Professor Stein shuddered as he felt like he was freezing to death.

"Yeah, we know!" Cir answered, seeing the alarm. "We've gotta go!"

The group had been in the main room, going over costumes and how they could be improved, when the alarm went on. Rose was preparing her outfit, making sure she had all her weapons, while James was grabbing warm clothes for Jeriko and Professor Stein

"Are you okay, Professor?" Cir asked. "Wait, your link with-"

"Yes, my link with Ronald. I feel what he feels." He answered. "He must be right in the thick of it."

"Then we better get there!" James answered. "Cir, grab the professor. Rose and Jericho, you're with me." And he transformed into Blurr.

"Right!" they all nodded

"Please don't drop me." Professor Stein asked nervously.

"Not my first time with precious cargo, Professor." Cir reassured.

"Ready?" Blurr asked as Jericho got onto his back and James carried Rose.

"We're ready." Rose nodded, reassuring her brother with a gentle hand-grip.



And off they went

*With Ronnie*

Ronnie had gotten Helen to safety, but at the same time, he tried to get other people out of there. And with Killer Frost just...arguing with herself as she walked. It was very jarring. His teeth chattered as he felt the drop of temperature in the air. All because of Frost and her vampiric abilities. 'P-P-Prof. You better get here soon. I'm freezing my knees off!'

"Ronnie, who is she? Why is she doing this?!" Helen cried

"That's Killer Frost, she's a villain." He answered. "She steals heat like a vampire."

"H-How do you know that?" Helen continued.

"I saw her on the news." He answered.

"But... Why is she doing this? What does she get out of this?"

"I-I don't know." Ronnie answered honestly.

"GAAHH! Need! need more heat!" Killer Frost screamed as she seemed...frightened and hungry. "I'm sorry. So sorry!"

"Stop~!" One person screamed... Only for their voice to be cut off seconds later

"Wh-what the-?" Helen asked in shock.

"Someone died."

"Someone save us~!" Another person screamed, as they fell silent and fell down.



"They're here!" Ronnie called out, seeing the blur of blue.

"Is that the Flash?!" Helen gasped in excitement

"No. Not quite." Ronnie answered as the sight of Cir, Rose and Jericho and a strange blue and black lizard-like alien appeared before them. "The Titans."

"... Who? I don't follow those things." she waved her hand dismissively

'Wow, that hurt.' He thought. "They're a new group of heroes."

"Okay, I'll get the civilians out. Blurr, you try and sort Killer Frost."

"Got it, Renegade." James nodded

"Supergirl, keep everyone warm." Renegade added.

"You've got it!" Cir nodded as she released Professor Stein.

'Where is he?' the older man thought

"Helen, please get out of here. I'm gonna try and help people out of the area." Ronnie asked.

"B-but you'll be killed." Helen frowned.

"I-" he tried to speak

"SOMEONE HELP!" someone screamed, getting peoples attention all around them

Ronnie's eyes widened, preparing to rush off... only for Helen to grab his arm

"No Ronnie! We need to go!" she snapped

"I can't! That person needs help!" Ronnie answered, almost ripping his arm away.


Ronnie looked at Helen... and then back at the people in trouble. His inhale of icy cold air filled his lungs... and pulled as he ran to the people.


Blur was racing around, trying to get close to Killer Frost. But with her sucking the heat around everywhere, it was difficult to get close. James felt his feet freezing and possibly getting brittle! "Ha!" he called as he jumped into the air, warping into his Nechrofriggeon form

"What the-? What are you?" Killer Frost looked at the flash of yellow and saw the figure. "Stay back!" She hissed.

"Sorry, can't. Not while you're freezing everyone!" James answered, exhaling strongly and spewed fire from his mouth...which was absorbed by Killer Frost!

"What?" They both blinked

"... Okay, that's never happened before." James admitted.

Killer Frost looked at her hands and body... she felt... something. It was there still tingling on her person. She was warm. But then the chill began to sit in again. "W-What did you do?"

"Believe me, I want to know myself. That's the first time it's happened." James admitted. He flew down, approaching her "Who are you?" He asked

"Give me more heat. And I'll tell you." Killer Frost hissed, wanting more heat as the chill in the air began to seep in again.

"Heat?" He blinked

"HA!" she roared, shooting a large icicle at him

"Whoa!" James instinctively became intangible as the icicle passed through him and crashed into a building. "Okay, that's getting dangerous!" He flashed, changing aliens quickly. James landed to the ground and stood tall, having been turned into Volcadoll, otherwise known as 'Heatblast' when his father used it. James had turned into a humanoid volcano, burning blue flames with charcoal black and red lava plates on his body and small volcanoes on his shoulders. As James just *stood* there, the heat his body was generating was being sucked into Killer Frost.

"Oh~ fuck yes!" She gasped and shuddered, a small moan slipping from her lips. But not a sexual moan, the sort of one you'd exhale after having some delicious food or sitting down after a LONG day's work

Jericho looked in shock at the sight, feeling the warmth of James' form from meters away, whatever he was doing, it was working very well.

"Come on, this way!" Ronnie called out, helping some people away. "Prof, where the hell are you?"

"Ronald!" the older man called

"Prof, thank god. Where the hell-?" Ronnie asked.

"I don't know." He argued

"We gotta merge!" Ronnie suddenly called "I can-" Ronnie began to explain but...

"Ronald, it's not all about you!" Professor Stein answered.

"What?" He blinked

"You-You ignore people. You have been arrogant. And you think that you know everything." Professor Stein answered.

"Prof, I-" Ronnie whispered, hearing the professor berate him for his cockiness.

"You aren't part of a solo act anymore, Ronald. You're in a team. You have to start and trust your team and work together!" Professor Stein finished "You went and left us all during something we already planned to do, an appointment you knew about, but not only did you ignore it to plan this date of yours but you refused to tell anyone of this until you were literally walking out of the door!"

Ronnie was silenced... he was stunned that he had acted like... Was a complete asshole. And a selfish one at that.

*with James*

"Well?" James asked as his flames washed into Killer Frost

Killer Frost panted as she began to feel fulfilled, feeling herself get warmer and warmer... it was wonderful. To no longer be hungry for the heat... and the voice in her head. It was slowly going away. "Thank you. Thank you, so much." She responded gratefully.

"That's good." he commented "So... what you agreed to tell me?"

"My name... is Caitlin Snow. I'm a... was a scientist at STAR Labs." She answered as she looked at her hands sadly. "However, I got into an accident. I became Killer Frost, and I began to crave heat. The more of it I absorb, the easier it helps the real me to come through. But I need to absorb a lot of it. The more I consume the more I need to sustain me."

'Morningstar.' James thought, having heard about this sort of vicious cycle power set.

"I've been trying to fix it, so I don't *need* to absorb a sun to stay myself." Caitlin explained. "I was... I was kept safe. Under lock and key. But... but there was a break. The power went out. The heat escaped. And I just... I couldn't help myself. The hunger. It... it was too much!"

James blinked and he realised something... it was like he was speaking to an entirely different person now. How she phrased her sentences, her body language, the look in her eye...

"I'm sorry for everything that Killer Frost has done. But... But I tried to go to laboratories to try and fix this." Caitlin admitted.

"I'm sorry." James commented

"It's fi-ah!" Catalin yelled before she held her head, stumbling forwards

"Wow!" James called as he caught her, quickly changing form. In a flash of light he became an evolved Methanosian, an evolved version of the alien his dad called Swampfire. His form was that of a tree like being, standing about eight foot tall. His body was light brown in color, nearly grey, and now had three green gooey shells containing an organic, yellow-coloured gel-like solution of napalm on each of his arms and a large one on his back. He also has a smaller pod on his front, through which his face can be seen.

He gently held onto her, his hands letting out a small amount of heat "Are you okay?" he asked gently

"Yeah... yeah, I'm fine." she grumbled and grinned as her body language changed, becoming more 'loose' and 'sensual'

'Okay, this must be the 'second voice' or something.' James thought as he saw her body language. "Look, we're gonna help you. But you have to come with us."

"Do I?" She asked, grinning cockily. Her voice a sensual pur, her lips curled into a teasing grin and her eyes showing a hunger.

"Yeah, you do. And don't get any funny ideas." James answered as she stroked his cheek... and began to absorb his flames. He staggered a bit, surprised as more and more heat was sapped from his body "Okay, you better stop this or I'm gonna-"

"'You're gonna'; what?" Killer Frost smiled, as Caitlin seemed to come back. It was... Weird "I-I'm sorry." She apologised.

"I can see this is gonna be a problem." James sighed. "If I give you enough heat to maintain your mind; how long do you think you can manage to stay yourself?"

"I... I don't know. A few hours. If it's large enough." She answered.

"Leader, what's going on there?" Cir asked. "What's happening?"

"Everything's under control, Supergirl." James responded.

"Are you serious?" Rose asked through the communicator.

"What?" He blinked, not noticing how Killer Frost was basically draped over him right now

"It took all of five minutes for you to stop her. I mean, that's just too quick." Rose answered. "Also she is literally hanging off you right now!"

"Better than just having... a broken city." James answered, before feeling a little nervous with how Killer Frost was almost teasing him at this point before he gasped, feeling his body heat seeping out of him like he was as suddenly in a blizzard. "H-Hnn!" He grunted as he almost fell to the floor.

"Sorry~, but... you're so~ warm." Killer Frost and Caitlin's vocal patterns overlapped "So hot~! Hmm~, I just want..."

"H-Hey! Watch the hands!" He grunted as she pawed at his crotch

"All~ of it!" She smirked

"Well... Sorry for you. But Marshfire's species don't so that stuff." He grunted

"Get off him!" Supergirl called as she tackled Killer Frost

"Oof!" The duo grunted.

"Supergirl, wait!" James called out

"Gah!" She screamed as she felt her body heat being drained away

"That's why." James frowned as he got up and ran to the pair.

*with Firestorm*

"Prof, I'm sorry. I just..." Ronnie apologised, still trying to find him.

"Just what, Ronald?" Professor Stein frowned

"I've done things on my own. Always been put forward. Hell, I thought that I had all the answers and just coast by being... me. Guess I fucked up royal this time." Ronnie answered.

"No. Not yet." the older man said seriously

"Then what the hell am I supposed to do?" Ronnie asked

"Work with your team. How we become Firestorm is a two in one hero, we have to trust the others and help them." Professor Stein answered. "Come on Ronald. Be the bigger man, you can do it!"

Ronnie looked at Professor Stein and nodded, getting more determined because of this talking to. "Let's go." he nodded

"Firestorm!" they called together, their hands clasping

In a burst of nuclear energy and flames, Ronnie and Professor Stein merged together and formed Firestorm, the Professor turning into a second consciousness while Ronnie became the body.

"Alright!" he cheered, quickly taking note of the situation and where everyone was

'Alright, Ronald. Let's see if we can help these people. And remember to exclude the people if you're rearranging molecules.' Professor Stein warned.

"Got it, Prof." He answered. 'Okay. James and Supergirl are over there fighting Killer Frost.' Ronnie thought as he looked out.


Professor Stein and Ronnie where standing in what looked like an empty blackness, a 'hologram' made out of fire making a diagram of the battle field around them as the two took in the position.

They were in the middle of town, currently at an intersection surrounded by shops. James and Supergirl where north, slightly up ahead, with their foe. That left south, east and west for where the others may be.

"Okay, James, Cir and Killer Frost are there." Ronnie spoke, pointing at the diagram.

"And Rose and Jericho down in the remaining sections." Professor Stein added, making symbols for the team.

"James and Cir can handle Frost for now. This section is almost frozen off." Ronnie pointed "The siblings are to the right, getting the last of the people out of there."

"Variant is to the left, doing the same." Professor Stein commented

"We can probably make better use of our powers by reversing the effects of Frost here." Ronnie pointed

"But she is producing endless cold. It would just be an endless tug of war." Professor Stein explained "And the others are also in danger, in her grasp."


"I got an idea." Ronnie grinned

*back to the battle*

"That's the last of them." Rose commented. She turned to her little brother, seeing him do his best to evacuate people out of the area. "Jericho, is everything okay?" She called out.

He nodded back to her, giving a simple thumbs up

'Thank god.' She thought. 'James, I hope you know what you're doing.' "And where the hell is Firestorm?"

"Hey guys, I got an idea!"

Speak of the devil.

"I hope it's a good one." Rose grumbled

*With James*

Cir was keeping track with Killer Frost, trying to use her heat-beams to attack, but the laser's intensity was being absorbed into her body "Cir, try going cold!" James called as he changed aliens once more.

James had transformed into a large arctic blue lizard-like alien with a black jumpsuit, four large claw-like fingers and a hunched posture with a stubby tail and blue icicle fins protruding from his back. "Tch. My cold should be enough." He grumbled to himself

"Don't be mean. I just want to embrace you!" Killer Frost responded "I just want all that hot stuff!"

"Phrasing!" Both James and Cir responded at the same time, exhaling with their natural ice breath and freezing mist while Killer Frost unleashed her own cold blast

"Supergirl, look out!" James called out, wanting to protect her, but his natural climate made it so he didn't feel the biting cold of Killer Frost's ice.

"I'm not... That... Easy!" Cir-El hissed, ice covering her black clad torso


"Gah!" Killer Frost yelled in pain as a bullet nicked her arm

Standing down the road, Rose was holding a gun in her hands "Hey bitch. Hands off my man." She kicked with a grin

"Oh, I'm getting you back for that!" Killer Frost hissed, glaring at her with an icy gaze. Lasers shot from the sky, Varient zooming across the sky

"Variant, how's it look up there?" Cir questioned, looking up.

"I'm fine. I've got Killer Frost pinned down." She responded.

"Yeah, right!" Killer Frost glared. She rose her hands upwards and shot out shards of ice at the young woman.

"Firestorm, whatever you're planning, do it now!" Rose called out.

"Right!" Firestorm called as he rushed at Killer Frost, surrounded by a large sphere of flames


"Gotcha!" Killer Frost smirked as she walked all his heat, making Firestorm crash into the floor

"Ha!" Supergirl roared, aiming a punch at Killer Frost. The ice woman grabbed it, however, still smirking "Sorry... But we've got you." She stressed, her eyes turning bright green

"Wh-what the-?" Killer Frost asked in shock, seeing the eyes turn a different colour and was blasted back. Killer Frost landed to the floor, not moving

"Oh god..." James sighed "Cir? You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She nodded, her eyes normal

"So am I." Killer Frost as she stood up... Revealing her eyes where green, the whites of her eyes also a deep black

"What did you do?" Variant asked as she landed on the floor.

"The plan was a success!" Firestorm grinned as... He gave Killer Frost a high five?!

"WHAT?!" the others yelled

"Good going Joey." Rose nodded

"Thank you." Killer Frost responded, smiling as it was revealed it was Jericho alongside Killer Frost in her body.

"Er... what plan?" James asked

"Simple." Ronnie explained "Jeriko jumped into Rose while she and Variant acted as cover. I then went on full distraction so that Renegade and Supergirl could lock eyes."

"Letting me jump into her... Sorry about that by the way." Jeriko explained

James did the mental gymnastics and nodded as he caught up. "Is Caitlin okay?"

"She's fine, just resting." Jericho answered. "Both of them are... It is weird. Two people in here plus myself."

"Can we take this to a safe place where there won't be any more casualties?" Variant asked.

"Absolutely." Jericho nodded.

*Time Skip*

Killer Frost was sitting in a comfy bed, the Titans there were keeping an eye on her as she rested. The bed was part of a prison transport truck, her hands cuffed in power surpressors

"You think she's going to get the help she needs?" Ronnie asked.

Jericho nodded and began to sign. 'I hope so, I saw into her mind. She's not a bad person, she just needs help.'

James approached the truck, hands in his pockets. "Hey, Caitlin." James spoke through the door to her.

"What do you want?" Killer Frost frowned

"I know you probably hate me right now. But I promise, we're going to help you. These people will help you control your powers." He answered honestly. "And even then... I'll keep looking. On my own. I will do my best to find a way, to find a way to help you."

"Do you promise?" Killer Frost asked, reaching her hand onto the glass.

"I promise." He nodded, reciprocating so that the cold glass tingled on his fingers.


"Thank you." She smiled

"We'll take her from here, Mr Tennyson." The guards spoke as they drove off with Killer Frost in their stead.

"I'll wait for you, stud!" Killer Frost called as she took back over, licking the frozen glass door erotically "And if you do this... I owe your big fucking thing a big fucking thank you!" She called, her blue lips pressing against the glass in an over dramatic kiss... Before the game doors slammed shut


"Slut!" Cir-El huffed and puffed out her cheeks dramatically

"Rude." Variant teased, pointing at the girl mockingly

"... How is this guy so damn lucky, Doc?" Ronnie mumbled

"Honestly Ronald, I think it's his personality and his outlook." Professor Stein answered.

"Well well, my man. Looks like I might need to starting bringing a bigger stick to wack women away." Rose smirked

"Hehe. Maybe." James chuckled

*With Killer Frost*

Killer Frost sighed with that thought of fucking James in her mind, she was relaxing in the bed and was wondering which hospital or jail she was headed to... Considering she just killed up to a dozen people with her powers for heat, she didn't care. If it meant getting to James quicker.

"Nice try, thinking you could be better." a harsh voice said from behind her

"H-Huh? Who's there?" Killer Frost asked, turning around in fear.

"My name is Amanda Waller, Ms Snow." The voice spoke as someone emerged from the darkness "You've been given to me, like all the monsters. So you could be put to use."

"Put to use?" She asked with a glare

"Welcome... To the suicide squad." The woman spoke. She was a slightly overweight black woman with short black hair and wearing a purple business suit "Weather you like it. Or not."