Two back in time

Gohan woke up in bed

"Is he going to be alright?" asked Trunks.

"Yes, he's going to be just fine." said Bulma, "He's lost one of his arms. It's a good thing we found the ruins of Dr. Gero's lab. Using the various parts of the prototype Androids I have managed to replace Gohan's arm."

Gohan grunted.

"He's awake. Gohan, can you hear me?" asked Trunks.

"I think so." said Gohan, "What happened?"

"You lost you arm when fighting the androids" said Bulma, "but I have fixed you up."

Gohan looked down at his new arm, it was a robot's arm with a energy absorption hole in the palm.

"How do you feel?" Asked Bulma.

"I'm okay." Said Gohan, "Tell me how is that time machine of yours coming?"

"It's almost ready." Bulma smiled. "I am building big enough for both of you."

Gohan gasped.

"Bulma you didn't have to do that, I just thought I'd be a good idea trunks went so he would have a chance to meet his father."

"Trunks magnet made the transformation into a super Saiyan yet. So I thought I'd be a good idea if you went with him. Trunks? Where are you going?"

Trunks was jogging out of the room. "If I'm going to make that transform a Devon going to have to find a place where I can use them training."

"Wait Trunks," said Gohan as he was sitting up from his bed, "Let me get dressed and I'll come with you. I have to try out this new arm of mine."

Later that day.

"The energy absorption arm works great." Said Trunks as he threw another ball of ki at Gohan.

Gohan absorbed the ball with his new hand easily. "This is incredible, I wonder why Dr Gero didn't use this on the final versions."

Much later.

Trunks screamed as his hair stood up and turned bright red.

A crater had formed all around his body.

He continued to scream as his hair stood up a little more and turned a bright yellow.

Suddenly Trunks stopped screaming and fell to the ground exhausted.

"What am I doing wrong?" Trunks gasped, "Why can't I change?"

"You need the motivation in order to change." said Gohan, "a good way you get the motivation is to turn and emotional breakdown of anger and sorrow like I did when my father passed away."

"You and Mom are the only ones I have left" said Trunks, "I can't bear to lose either one of you. There must be another way to get that motivation."

Trunks stood up and screamed again.

And aura of bright yellow energy covered his body.

He's hair stood up and turned bright red once again.

Trunks screamed again as his hair turn bright yellow. He could see a vision of Gohan and his mother being tortured by the androids.

One final scream and Trunks completely transformed!

His hair stood up with a gold color!

He had finally done it!

Trunks grabbed his fists with rage. Veins exploded out as a wave of energy shook him. His muscles involuntarily flexed out.

He gave out a deep goan. Letting go of his emotions, horrible thoughts of his slaughtered loved ones surrounded him, raced across his mind.

Gohan shouted with joy.