"Do you really have to go?" asked Present Gohan.

"I'm afraid I do." Said Future Gohan, "we still have to go back to are own time defeay the Androids as well to make sure that Cell does not come back."

"Goodbye father." said Trunks.

Vegeta didn't say word, he just waved in the air where they nasty look on his face.

Future Gohan laughed out loud. Never in a million years would Vegeta ever show any kind of compassion in public; not even to his own son.

Trunks climbed into the time machine followed by future Gohan.

"What are your plans?" Future Gohan asked King Cold, "will you go back to your home world?"

"Maybe we will have some point." said King Cold, "Right now Ji, Chi and myself are going to stay here and do some more training. The Earth is a very beautiful blaze after all, perhaps we will live here."

Future Gohan waved bye and the time machine disappeared.

In seconds both future Gohan and Trunks were in there own time.

"Trunks! Gohan!" said Bulma as she ran up to Trunks before work get even get out of the time machine.

"Gohan! My baby!"

Future Gohan was not expecting his own mother to be at Kami's look out, but they're she was.

"Trunks!" Said Bulma, "you look like you have grow alot."

"Yes mother." said Trunks, "I went to this place here at Kami's look out. I was able to get a full year worth of training in 1 day and father was there with me."

Bulma smiled, "that sounds exactly like your father, spending a year worth of time only in one day with you."

Later after Gohan told the story of what happened, the radio came through life.

"This is just in. The Androids are in downtown west City causing trouble again. Stay inside and lock your doors!"

"Amazing," said Gohan, "I didn't know you can get radio reception all the way up here."

"Well I need a special radio to do that." said Bulma.

Trunks' fist slammed down with anger, "that's it! Now it is their return!"

"It's okay," Gohan told Bulma, "we got a lot of training in the past and we should be able to handle the Androids easily now."

"Be careful boys." said Chi chi as Gohan and Trunks flew down to the city.

The androids laughed cruelly as the people fled in terror! 17 shot multiple energy blasts "Hey 18 you should give this a try! It's far more fun than shopping for clothes!" 18 grunted "Shut up! I'm still not talking to you!" 17 continued laughing "Oh come on! Is this because I blew up that shop? You didn't like any of the stuff anyway, so I don't see why your so mad about!" The area was reduced to rubble.

Suddenly 17 leaped aside as a ki blast flew at him.

"So it's both of you this time." said 17 as Gohan and Trunks landed.

"Yeah," said Gohan turning super Saiyan, "now is is over. This construction is going to stop now."

17 laughed, "Stop now? Don't you remember what happened last time? Nothing stops except you!"

18 looked at the saiyan duo before turning to 17 "These punks are so arrogant! Uh, I want them dead!" 17 nodded and laughed. He whispered "But we'll be wasting weeks of entertainment! Do you follow me sis?" 18 grunted "I don't care! It's a matter of principle!" The androids attacked together!

Trunks' also turned super Saiyan and blocked 18's attack.

Gohan dodged 17' punch as he turned super Saiyan 2. "You are quicker than you were before." Said 17, "but don't think you can beat us just because you change your hair to a darker color."

Trunks threw 18 hey way from him by the arm and she landed by Gohan and 17.

The androids rebounded towards him! Gohan blocked both of them!

"I'm going to enjoy this!" Said Gohan as he grabbed the both 18 and 17 by the hair.

"Maybe this will pound on sense into your thick skulls!"

Gohan threw both 18 and 17 into each other banging their heads together.

Trunks laughed.

18 growled as she blasted ki at Gohan who blocked it easily.

Trunks moved in on 18, "Two against one is not fair."

17 arose to his feet, "What the hell!?" We fought Gohan two weeks ago! No way he could improve this much! And that damn kid!"

Gohan appeared behind 17! He kicked him in the back, sending him flying towards a building!

Trunks grinned at 18, "Now you know what it's like to feel helpless."

"You brats think your so high and mighty!"

18 roared with anger and fired ki blasts at Trunks, he blocked them.

"This is for my father! Big bang attack!"

Trunks yelled as he blasted 18 with a mighty wall of ki.

18 screamed one last time as she was destroyed.

Gohan rushed to 17 and kicked him to the ground. "That was for Piccolo! And this is for my father! Kamehameha!"

Gohan blasted 17 into dust and the last thing at 17 saw was a bright white light.

Gohan and Trunks disengaged their super saiyan forms and flashed each other a thumbs up!

Later that day, Gohan and Trunks prepared to take another trip back into time.

"Come on out Cell!" said Gohan.

"We know you're there." said Trunks.

"What?" said Cell.

"You're so lame, sneaking around like the boogy man." said Gohan, "Are you planning to kill us and steal our time machine?"

"Huh?" Said Cell, "How do you know all of this?"

Trunks laughed. "We already learned about you in the past. If it matters to you, you succeed in absorbing the Androids. Something you won't done here."

"So you already learned about me? You think that makes a difference? I am the superior fighting machine!"

"Oh really?" said Gohan, "Past Gohan and myself have unlocked a new level of super Saiyan."

Gohan and Cell backed up and flew into the sky. Gohan shot towards him with his left foot extended! Cell dodged, readying his counter punch. Gohan twisted through the air and hurled a ki blast! Cell easily dodged! He appeared behind Gohan and readied a kamehameha! Gohan looked at the energy forming in Cell's hands and gasped as he moved to release it!

Trunks appeared above Cell and brought his sword down, severing Cell's hands! Gohan smiled and fired a masenko! Cell managed to avoid the majority of the attack, but his whole left hand side had been vaporized!

"This is impossible!" yelled Cell as his body regenerated.

Cell descended a few feet away from Gohan and Trunks "The data provided by Dr. Gero states that you were weaklings. Although you've increased it greatly it's still a fair assumption!"

Gohan began laughing. Trunks looked at Gohan as though he'd lost his mind "Gohan?" Cell to looked strangely at the young saiyan. Gohan stopped and then gave Cell the thousand yard stare "Were weaklings? Cell that data became invalid the moment I became a super saiyan! The androids were the same. They relied on Gero's data and couldn't understand it when the person they were fighting proved to be stronger! We'll soon see who's weak!"

Gohan readied himself for battle. Cell grunted "These are your last minutes boy! Make them count!"

Cell shot forward! Gohan vanished from his view and appeared above him! He joined his hands and connected Cell on the back of the head! Cell staggered forward "What is this speed!?" Gohan appeared before him and delivered a decisive blow to his chest!

Cell clenched his chest tightly "Where did you get this strength?"

Gohan grabbed Cell's tail and threw up into the air.

"Super Kamehameha!" Gohan shot up a wall of ki. "The nightmare is over Cell!"

Cell screamed one final time and disappeared in the wave of energy.

The end.