"Mr. Spencer, we don't need your assistance on this case! We will call you if and when we do." The Chief said, slightly agitated by the persistent consultant.

"Chief, I'm telling you there's something very fishy going on here! The spirits are telling me something very bad is going to happen!" Shawn exclaimed, subconsciously picking up the fish paperweight from Karen's desk.

She gave him a look and sighed. "Well unless the spirits have something to contribute, I'm afraid I can't let you on."

Shawn sighed in defeat, putting his hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright. But don't say that we didn't warn you!"

He looked down at the item in his hand, taking in the rainbow spots that covered the hand-blown glass desk ornament. "This is one nice fish."

"Yes, Mr. Spencer, and it is mine. So if you could put it back, please," she said, pointing to its home on her desk.

Shawn stepped forward to return it, only to gasp in horror as it slipped from his hands, falling and breaking into several pieces and shards on the hard tiled floor of the SBPD.

"Mr. Spencer!" she yelled, getting up to view the mess on her floor.

"Chief, I am so so sorry! It just slipped out! Here, I'll help-" he said, whipping around to find something to scoop the glass up. He stepped forward but in his rush tripped over himself and fell backwards, landing on the broken glass.

"Ou-ch." Shawn whispered, having his breath knocked out from the fall.

"Crap." Vick muttered. "Lassiter!" she yelled. "Call an ambulance!"

Shawn winced. "No, no ambulance… I'm fine… Totally… fine."

He sat up, head spinning, as Lassiter walked in.

"Holy Crap Spencer, what happened?" he exclaimed, seeing the glass that was sticking out of his back, blood already starting to soak Shawn's shirt.

"Just a little… accident. Anybody have any band-aids?" he winced, trying to get up.

"Don't move, Mr. Spencer. The medics are on their way." The Chief said, her voice a little softer than before.

Shawn surrendered and settled back down. "Sure," he said. His head was spinning and he swear he could feel every single shard that was embedded into his skin. Two areas specifically felt like gaping holes.

"Chief, what's going on?" Juliet said, curious about all of the commotion in the office. "Oh my god Shawn! Are you okay?"

Shawn sucked in his breath as the pain suddenly intensified and blood started spreading even further across his back.

"You know, Jules... I've definitely been better." he joked.

Juliet went over to examine his back and see if she could do anything to help. "Yikes Shawn, you've got two larger pieces that seem to be in there pretty deep."

"Trust me, I can tell." Shawn said. His head was pounding more than ever before and his vision blurred as a wave of dizziness made him want to throw up.

"I think I'm going to lie down now…" he whispered, slowly moving to his side so as to not disturb his back any further.

Shawn closed his eyes as he tried to get his body under control.

"Chief, the medics will be here in two minutes." said Lassiter.

"Thank you, Detective." Vick replied.

"You hear that Shawn? They'll be here soon, it's okay." said Juliet, gently rubbing Shawn's shoulder.

"Mmhmm… awesome." he whispered. "Hey, Jules?"

"Yes, Shawn?"

"Does this mean Chief's fish will always be a part of me?"