SP-22: Turnabout Sraith

One day Féinics Ceart was sitting in his office. He is on the phone talking to a person. He has a surprised look on his face. His houseplant is behind him and it is unhealthy because he has not been watering it. There are also books that are dusty from not being read This is a very depressing office.

Féinics is now at the detention speaking to the woman on the other side of the glass. She has strange black hair and is sad. There is a guard in the back who is asleep. He must have a tiring working schedule and I do not blame him for slacking on such heavy work (I am the same with this sraith pictuir I am reading to you at the moment). Féinics however is confident!

Féinics went to the investigation place where Garda Gumshoe was waiting for him and he said "Hi pal! Evidence! Maya guilty!" There was a gun on the ground and gloves in the bin. There was also a man with a bullet hole in his face lying on the ground and he was obviously dead In the background there is a clock that says it is five o clock.

Féinics is now in court speaking to the man with the cravat Míle Imeallfiú and the breitheamh. There was a man called Liam on the witness stand telling them what he saw. He said "Pól dead. I saw it. Five o clock." Imeallfiú was confident but so was Féinics who had the autopsy report in his hand. He said "agóid" to Liam.

Liam confessed to his lie and admitted to killing Pól. He was making loud noises in public and it disgusted him. The judge was disappointed in Liam and will not go easy on him in his trial. Imeallfiú was devastated to have lost this trial but Féinics was happy.

Féinics is now in the defendant's lobby with Maya who was free from prison. The happiness of the world was on her and it was all thanks to Féinics Ceart. She said "burgers" to him. In the background Imeallfiú was cutting Garda Gumshoe's salary. Gumshoe will work harder from now on.

The end