The Tasmanian Doctor

(A Looney Tunes parody)

Written by Matthew Hawkins

The Tardis hurtles through space pulling stars out from their place in the sky and pinning them to the moon like darts on a dartboard. It arrives in Tasmania (where else?). The doors open and out spins The Tasmanian Doctor (Taz dressed as The 7th Doctor) who spins destroying his coat and tank-top spluttering in his usual manner. He stops eyes darting from side to side. He eats his hat and umbrella. He hiccups and the umbrella opens from inside causing The Doctor to look umbrella shaped.

Meanwhile three white Imperial Daleks (with added eye-balls and exhaust) come sputtering along. One gives the order to stop and the other collide into him. The Lead Dalek give them an angry glare before turning his attention to directly in front of them.

Dalek: "Small earth crea-ture de-tect-ted!"

The others look over his "shoulder" to see a spinning object coming towards them. It spins straight through them sending them up into the air 1-2-3 and back down 1-2-3. They give chase and arrive at a dead-end. Atop of a canyon formation is The Doctor who has naturally spun upward and is jeering and blowing raspberries from above.

Angrily a dalek fires blowing off the peak which falls downwards. In a blind panic the Dalek run round. (before stopping and facing the audience) One hold a sign reading simply mummy" The peak smashes them.

Triumphantly The Doctor claps his hands over his head his tongue hanging out spins down the formation and on to the Dalek mothership. He then proceeds to eat parts of the ship including the control panel.

Suddenly two large green wires attract his attention and his picks them up and chews them up.


Doctor Who, the Tardis and the likeneses of the Daleks and the Seventh Doctor are copyright of The BBC. The Tasmanian Devil is copright of Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc. This is a work of fan-fiction. No infringment is intended.