Scene 21. Main Entryway: POV follows Trevor, Adam, and Cody, as they enter the main entryway of the house. A wide screen view shows us that the main entryway is spacious and beautifully decorated. The walls are painted a soft white with blue trim. Various kinds of pictures and paintings are shown to be hanging along the walls. Some are people, though we do not know who they are, though some are shown to be of maritime and oceanic themed. As we enter the main entryway, the audience notices that all three brothers are looking around. Trevor speaks.

Trevor (looking around): Wow. (Trevor eyes Adam) Looks like you were right. (Adam is puzzled) No one has lived in this house for a while.(Adam laughs)

Adam(laughing): If we decide to keep the house it'll take us probably a year just to get this old place back into shape. (all three nod in agreement. Cody speaks)

Cody(nodding in agreement): Good grief. It'll take us all weekend just to get this place looking somewhat decent, never mind getting it back into shape. (the audience notices that all three are shaking their heads. Cody continues) Well, if we've inherited this old place, we should start exploring. (Adam winces)

Adam (wincing): Where do we start?(they all shrug. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (shrugging): Beats me but I don't think we should head off alone.(we notice all three making their way through the house, each of them looking around) This place looks like something from an old horror movie.(fade out as we see them make their way through the house)

Scene 22-24. Montage Scenery: Camera leads us into a montage scenery as we follow all three of the brothers through the house, each of them taking in the house. As we follow the brothers, the audience notices various other rooms, including: a sun room, a living room, the solarium, and various other rooms. Fade out as we make our way into the kitchen.

Scene 25. Kitchen: POV follows the montage scenery through the house and into the kitchen. A wide screen view shows us that the kitchen appears to be old and run down, yet we also see that the kitchen is still in good condition. We can also see that the kitchen does need a lot of work in order to clean it up, though the audience can see that some parts of the kitchen appear to still be as good as new. Just as the brothers enter, Cody speaks.

Cody(entering the kitchen): Tell me something you two.(both of them eye one another) Are either of you brave enough to cook in here?(Trevor and Adam, eye one another. Adam speaks)

Adam (eyeing Trevor): Thank God for McDonalds.(all three laugh. Trevor speaks)

Trevor(laughing): Or Pizza Hut, or really any fast food place.(Adam and Cody nod in agreement. Trevor begins to rumage around the kitchen, then shakes his head) I seriously think that if, Rachael, saw this kitchen, she'd drop in shock.(all three chuckle. Adam speaks)

Adam (chuckling): It's obvious that none of us can cook in this kitchen so why don't you both call your girlfriends and we'll order something to eat and I'll treat.(they both look at him. Cody speaks)

Cody(looking at Adam): Seriously?(Adam nods)

Adam (nodding): Do you really want to try cooking something in this kitchen?(Trevor and Cody grimace) So you decide what you all want, then ask your girlfriends what they want, and then we'll go from there.(both men smile appreciately. We see that Trevor and Cody are shown to be on their phones, though we do not hear the conversation as they are texting. Cody looks up)

Cody (looking up): Callie said yes and she'd be on her way as soon as she got some clothes together. (Trevor looks up)

Trevor (looking up): Rachael said that she'd be getting some clothes together and be on her way and then added that whatever we wanted to eat she'd be okay with. (Adam nods)

Adam (nodding): So that just leaves us three and I for one don't really care what we eat.(they all nod in agreement. Adam thinks for a moment, then speaks) What about pizza? (Trevor speaks)

Trevor: Fine by me.(Cody speaks)

Cody: Same with me. Pizza sounds good.(Adam speaks)

Adam: Okay. What about Pizza Hut?(Trevor and Cody speak)

Trevor/Cody (in unison): Perfect.(Adam nods. He retrieves his cellphone and dials a number. We do not completely focus on the conversation as he makes the phone call. Fade out as he makes his way back through the house)

Scene 26. Main Entryway: Camera follows Adam as he makes his way into the main entryway. We see that he is still talking on his cellphone. Fade out as he hangs up.

Scene 27. Kitchen: POV leads us back to the kitchen. Trevor and Cody are still looking around the kitchen. Trevor speaks.

Trevor (still looking around the kitchen): You know, there's still something we have to discuss.(Cody looks at his older brother)

Cody(looking at Trevor): And what's that?(Trevor sighs just as we see Adam walk in. Adam speaks)

Adam(walking into the kitchen): Pizza's on its way. Should be here in about fifteen or twenty minutes.(both nod. Adam looks at his brothers, then speaks) So what are we talking about?(Trevor speaks)

Trevor: There's a few things that we need to discuss about this house. (Adam nods. Trevor looks at them) But we can speak about that over dinner.(Adam speaks)

Adam: I think there's a lot that we need to discuss.(Trevor and Cody both nod. Adam thinks for a moment, then speaks) So, are the girls on their way?(both nod. Cody speaks)

Cody (nodding): Callie's said texted me and said that she was getting into the car and on her way.(Adam grins. Trevor speaks)

Trevor: Rachael said the same thing. Packed two suitcases and was just heading out the door.(Adam smiles happily. Trevor thinks for a moment, then continues) Although, I don't know how they're going to handle sleeping in the house with us.(Adam and Cody nod in understanding. Trevor continues) Oh, does anyone know what I did with that envelope that the attorney gave us?(Adam speaks)

Adam: I think we left in the main entryway on the table.(fade out as they walk out)

Scene 28. Main Entryway: Camera follows the Harcourt brothers through the house and back into the main entryway. As they enter the main entryway, we can see that the envelope lies on a table. Trevor picks it up.

Trevor (picking up the envelope): Anyone want to hazard a guess on what's in this?(Adam and Cody shake their heads. Adam speaks)

Adam (shaking his head): Based on the kind of house they left us, I'm kind of afraid to even ask.(Trevor and Cody chuckle. Adam thinks for a moment, then sighs) Although, before we go exploring the house I highly suggest we update our life insurance policies in case we mysterious disappear.(all three nod at one another in agreement. Adam thinks for a moment, grins, then bursts out laughing, causing both Trevor and Cody to eye him. Cody speaks)

Cody (eyeing Adam): What's so funny?(Adam continues to laugh)

Adam (continuing to laugh): I just have the feeling that we're in some kind of Scooby Doo cartoon episode. (both look at him, puzzled) Investigating a scary old house.(we see that Trevor and Cody are on the same page. They too start laughing. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (starting to laugh): Now I'm on the same page.(he looks around, then chuckles) We just need to find us a great dane to snoop around with.(Cody snorts)

Cody (snorting): Only thing is that we're one extra person ahead. The original Scooby Gang only had four members plus Scooby, we've got three guys and two girls and no dog.(all three start laughing. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (laughing): Maybe we're more like Buffy's Gang.(he thinks for a moment then shakes his head) Nah. We're going to need someone who practices witchcraft, a female demon, a Slayer, a Watcher, a mortal boy, and two vampires who fight over the Slayer, so that's not going to work either. (Adam chuckles)

Adam (chuckling): Well, that's not going to work.(all three laugh. Just outside the door, the audience can hear someone knocking. Adam walks and opens the door) Oh hey sweetheart.(as he stands aside, the audience notices a beautiful young woman with blonde hair, captions reveal her name as, "Calliana Thomas". She appears to be in her late teens and is dressed in a nice pair of blue jeans with a light purple t-shirt and a nice pair of tennis shoes. The audience notices that she appears to be drenched from the rain. Callie walks into the house and speaks)

Calliana(walking into the house): Hey there Adam. How are you?(Adam smiles)

Adam (smiling): Hey Callie. (she hugs him) If you're brave enough, come on in to Spooky Manor.(she looks around the house, then speaks)

Callie(looking around the house): Wow.(she walks into the main entryway) So where Cody?(he walks back into the main entryway)

Cody(walking into the main entryway): Hey sweetheart.(Cody offers his girlfriend a kiss, which she returns. Cody looks around, then speaks) Did you bring the suitcases?(Callie speaks)

Callie: Yeah, barely just made it onto the porch before I got me a second shower.(Adam walks over to the door and brings in two suitcases. Callie looks at them, then speaks) So where do we sleep at?(Trevor speaks)

Trevor: Beats me. None of us have been brave enough to explore the house on our own.(Callie smiles)

Callie (smiling): Seems like a smart move.(she looks around the house) I wouldn't be surprised is there's a ghost or two lurking around the house.(all four chuckle. Callie grins mischieviously) Looks like we're going to busy this weekend getting this house back into shape and somewhat liveable.(all three nod in agreement. There is another knock outside the door. This time, we see, Trevor walk over to the door and opens the door. Trevor smiles)

Trevor(smiling): Hey you.(as he steps aside, we see a beautiful young woman with dark hair, captions reveal her name as, "Rachael Hastings" walking into the main entryway. She appears to be in her early to mid twenties and is dressed in a nice pair of blue jeans with a hooded sweatshirt and a nice pair of tennis shoes. Like, Callie, we can see that she is completely drenched from the rain. As she enters, she greets everyone)

Rachael (entering/greeting everyone): Hey guys.(adlib greetings. Rachael looks around) Wowzers.(as she continues to look around, she turns her attention back onto the others) Has anyone found any bodies and murder evidence anywhere? (the audience notices that all of them smile. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (smiling): I think everyone's on the same wavelength.(they all nod. He pauses, then looks at Adam) Did they say when the pizza would be here?(Adam speaks)

Adam: They said about fifteen to...(he breaks off as the doorbell rings. Adam laughs)...I stand corrected.(he walks over to the door and opens it. As he opens the door, we can see a handsome young man with brown hair dressed in a pizza hut uniform standing at the door. The delivery boy speaks)

Delivery Boy: Adam Harcourt?(Adam nods) Three large. Two pepperoni and one sausage?(at the mention of "three larges" the others stare at him in disbelief. Adam takes out his wallet from his pocket and nods) Forty five dollars and fifty two cents.(Adam hands the delivery boy a fifty dollar bill)

Adam (handing the delivery boy a fifty dollar bill): Keep the change.(the delivery smiles and hands Adam the pizzas. He bids them a good evening then walks back to his vehicle. Adam closes the door, then makes his way back into the main entryway. Adam notices the others staring at him) Dinner's here.(we notice that Adam also carries several plastic bags) Didn't know what kind of drinks to get so I just got a Mt. Dew. Pepsi, and Diet Mt. Dew.(all four stare in shock. Adam notices this, then laughs) I don't trust anything in the fridge so I went ahead and bought a couple drinks.(as they walk into the living room, Cody speaks)

Cody(walking into the living room): Tomorrow we'll have to do a lot of grocery shopping.(Trevor and Adam nod in agreement as they make their way into the living room. Fade out)

Scene 29. Living Room: POV follows all five as they enter the living room. We notice them sitting down on the floor. Trevor still holds the envelope. Adam speads the pizzas over the tables. Adam speaks.

Adam (spreading out the pizzas): Well if you expect me to say anything you're going to be starving, so all I'm going to say is dig in and Bon Appetite.(they all dig into the pizza. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (digging into the pizza): Gotta love Pizza Hut.(as he takes a bite of the pizza, he smacks his lips) Delicious.(Rachael notices the envelope)

Rachael (noticing the envelope): So what's in the envelope?(all three eye the envelope, then shrug. Trevor speaks)

Trevor(eyeing the envelope/shrugging): Don't ask us. We haven't even opened it yet.(Callie speaks)

Callie: And is there a reason why not?(all three shrug. Adam speaks)

Adam (shrugging): Beats the hell outta me.(Cody and Trevor nod in agreement. Adam sighs) But if we're going to do it now's a good a time as any.(the audience notices that Trevor produces the envelope)

Trevor (producing the envelope): Who's brave enough to read it?(Cody looks apprehensive. Adam sighs)

Adam (sighing): For crying out loud. I'll do it!(Trevor hands Adam the envelope. Adam opens it and looks puzzled) There's something along the lines of a letter and some kind of key. (Trevor and Cody speak in unison)

Trevor/Cody(in unison): A key?(Adam turns the envelope upside down. We see a piece of paper fall from it as well as a small metal key. Adam hands it to Trevor, who sighs. Cody speaks)

Cody: Read the letter and see what it says.(Adam does as he is told)

Adam (reading the letter): "To Our Three Darling Boys,

May this give you the Light to find the Shadows,

Always remember that your strength lies together. Individually you are strong but only as one, can you truly stand against those who seek you.

The Power of Three Will Set You Free,

Love Mom and Dad." (all three brothers stare at one another. Adam shakes his head but it's Trevor who speaks)

Trevor(staring at his brothers): Does anyone understand what that means?(we can see that none of them do. Fade out as we see them continue to talk and eat)

Time Sweep: About an hour has passed. Time appears on screen: "7:50pm.".

Scene 30. Living Room: Camera returns us to the living room as we see everyone finish the pizza, though we also notice that several slices are left. Adam and Rachael close off the boxes and we see Cody looking up the stairs.

Cody (looking upstairs): Is um anyone ready to do some investigating?(we see the others looking apprehensive. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (apprehensive): Well. So long as we stick together we should be alright.(they nod in agreement. As they start to walk upstairs, Rachael speaks)

Rachael (starting to walk upstairs): First dead body or murder scene I see and I'm heading for the hills.(they all laugh as we fade out)

Scene 31. Upstairs. Second Floor: POV follows all five as they make their way up to the second floor. As we follow them, we can see various pictures and paintings of various things, mostly people, though we do not know who they are. Just as we make our way onto the actual second floor, there is a loud clap of thunder followed by a flash of lightning. All of them jump. Callie speaks.

Callie (jumping): Yipes!(she bumps into Adam, who steadies her. She looks apologetically at him) Sorry Adam. Didn't mean to leap into your arms.(Adam laughs)

Adam (laughing): Shortly after we graduated, my ex boyfriend and I, went to see a horror movie and he thought he was going to be a tough guy. Well let's just say that, not only would he not stop holding my hand, my parents thought we'd gotten married 'cuz, I was carrying him over the threshold.(all four laugh. As we enter the second floor, we notice several other doors. Adam speaks) These must be the bedrooms.(fade out as they enter a bedroom)

Scene 32. Bedroom 1: Camera follows the Harcourts and their girlfriends into a bedroom. A wide screen view shows us that the entire bedroom is quite spacious, though appears that no one has been in the bedroom in a while. The bedding appears to be old yet we can see that various sheets cover various things. As the Harcourts enter, we can see that they are surprised. Trevor speaks.

Trevor (surprised): Well, this one doesn't look too bad.(the others nod. Trevor continues) It'll still take a us a while to get the old place back into shape but at least this one shouldn't take more than a few hours. (Rachael speaks)

Rachael: Some dusting. A bit of vaccuming. Some washing and definately a fresh set of sheets, and it may not be too bad.(Trevor nods in approval and understanding. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (nodding in approval and understanding): Who wants this one?(Cody shrugs but Adam speaks)

Adam: Depending on how big these bedrooms are, you and Cody, should, at least, get the bigger rooms since you both have girlfriends that are going to be sleeping with you.(Trevor and Cody eye him. Adam holds up his hand) Well, tell me I'm wrong.(neither of them say a word. Fade out as they make their way back into the hallway)

Scene 33. Hallway: POV follows the Harcourts back into the hallway. We notice another bedroom just a few steps down on the right side of the hall. They make their way into the bedroom. Fade out.

Scene 34. Bedroom 2: Camera leads us into another bedroom. The audience notices that the bedroom is just as spacious as the previous room. As they enter, we can see that, while the room definately needs to be aired out, for the most part, the bedroom is just as beautiful. Just as they enter, Cody speaks.

Cody(entering the bedroom): Same situation. A lot of cleaning, airing out, and major redecorations.(they all nod in agreement. He looks at his Callie) I guess we'll take this one, eh.(Callie nods)

Callie (nodding): Sounds good to me.(she looks over to Adam) Are you okay with this?(Adam nods)

Adam (nodding): Sure.(he pointedly looks at the two couples) Just try to keep the noise level to a dull roar.(all four roar in laughter, knowing what he means by that. Adam winks at the girls) Hey, just because I'm single at this moment in times doesn't mean I don't remember how wonderful and mindblowing sex is.(Trevor and Cody are speechless while the girls eye him, intrigued. Fade out as they re-enter the hallway)

Scene 35. Hallway: POV returns us back into the hallway just as the five of them leave Cody's and Callie's room. Just as we enter the hallway, the audience notices another door just a few steps away on the left side. Fade out as they enter Bedroom number 3.

Scene 36. Bedroom 3: Camera follows the Harcourts as they enter the third bedroom. A wide screen view shows us that, just like the other two bedrooms, the third bedroom is just as spacious giving the appearance that the bedrooms are the same size. Adam speaks.

Adam (entering the bedroom): Nice.(he looks around the bedroom, a wide smile on his face) Nice and spacious. A lot of potential for a room.(he looks at his brothers) I call dibs.(they laugh. Fade out as they make their way back into the hallway)

Scene 37. Hallway: POV leads us from the bedroom and back into the hallway. Just as they enter, we notice another series of stairs leading further up into the house. Callie notices them, then speaks.

Callie (noticing the stairs): What's up those stairs?(the others look to where she's pointing. Trevor speaks)

Trevor (looking to where Callie's pointing): Beats me. But let's investigate.(we notice that all five are somewhat apprehensive as they make their way up the stairs. Fade out)

Scene 38-39. Montage Scenery: Camera leads us into a montage scenery as we follow the Harcourts and their girlfriends up the staircase. More pictures are hanging on the walls though we do not completely focus on them. As they reach the top of the stairs, we see a door barring the way. Fade out.

Scene 40. Top of the Stairs: POV leads us up the staircase to what appears to be another room. There is a door that is closed and barrs the way. Adam turns the doornob but we see the door is locked. He speaks.

Adam (turning the doornob): Damn. It's locked.(as he tries again, we hear a loud clap of thunder followed by a bright flash of lightning. The lights go off. Adam continues) Now the power's out.(there is a moment's pause. Adam continues) I don't suppose anyone has a flashlight on their phone?(Rachael speaks)

Rachael: I've got it.(though we can't see her, there is a small point of light illuminating from the darkness. Cody speaks)

Cody: This is getting to be like a bad horror movie. We've had the thunder and lightning and all we're missing is the creepy noises and the creepy organ music.(Trevor speaks)

Trevor: I agree. Why not come back tomorrow when the sun's out.(there is a murmur of agreement but we hear Adam speak)

Adam: Hold on. I think I have the key with me somewhere.(pause) Found it.(we hear a slight click as the key unlocks the door. As the door opens, it creaks, adding to the eerie night. Fade out)