megakat city the home of the swat kat the most famous heroes in megakat city everyone trust them but commander feral don't but callie trust them hell she even calls the swat kats for help so one she was writing the speeches for the mayor and of course she hated it

callie: "i wish this guy can write it on his own"

mayor manx: "hey callie, how's the speeches goes?"

callie: "getting there mayor"

mayor manx alright keep up the good work"

but while she writing the speeches she noticed something a red dot on her desk she thought it was weird but the dot moved then she turns behind the window and the dot is at her head then she thinks and go under her desk and a bullet came in yep I was indeed a sniper rifle she see's the sniper guy leaves

callie: "well so much for your job right?"

but then she think about something and she is worried about it she got out of her desk and see the mayor's body on the floor and shocked

callie: "MAYOR!"

then she ran to mayor manx's body and there were blood every wear on the floor

callie: "oh god"

then an hour later a ambulance came in and takes the mayor's body and ann gora reporting the news

ann gora: "this is ann gora from kats eye news, unfortunately mayor manx has pass away from a gun shot by a unknow assassin. calico briggs is alive and here is talk with us. so how do you feels that you're lucky that you didn't shot"

callie: "well I guess the assassin only want manx and not me"

ann gora: "did you see the assassin?"

callie: "well I did, but I didn't his face he was far away"

then commander feral came in and said

feral: "i know who he is"

meanwhile at the salvage yard jake clawson and chance furlong see the news and are shocked to hear about mayor manx's death

jake: "really, tell feral"

feral: "i found this on the street and it's a uk flag, and I know one guy who is from the uk"

ann gora: "you mean"

feral: "yes, paul adler"

jake: "PAUL ADLER!"

ann and callie: "PAUL ADLER!"

feral: "yes paul adler, for those who never knew him he's a deadly assassin from the untied kingdom and this guy kills everyone in that place even the queen of england he never go to jail not once"

chance: "oh god"

meanwhile paul adler is siting on his chair and watching the news

paul: "yes mate, it's me feral it was me all along feral" *laughing*

random: "so sir, are we done?"

paul: "not quiet, I still have one more thing to kill and that's phase 1 of my plan"

random: "what's phase 2?"

paul: "well I glad you asked, it's the swat kats"

random: "swat kats, why them?"

paul: "well for along time these buggers live in megakat and saving it for long enough and I think it's time to take them down, all the other villains failed to get the swat kats but i'll be the first one who kills the swat kats"

random: "that's sound awesome"

paul: "indeed mate, I need to let them know"

random: "how?"

paul: "easy"

the next day after the mayor died everyone is still scared about paul adler in megakat city even the swat kats themselves

chance: "paul adler, why is this guy in megakat city?"

jake: "this guy will kill anyone you know"

chance: "oh boy I hope he doesn't kill anyone else"

jake: "let's hope it's not callie"

but then callie calls them ever though it's not an emergency and jake answered

jake: "yes miss briggs"

callie: "hey razor, did you hear the news from yesterday"

jake: "yeah real sad"

callie: "are you worried about paul?"

jake: "of course"

but then as chance watching tv it got interrupt

chance: "what the?"

then paul appear on tv

paul: "hello everyone"

jake: "what?"

callie: "jake, you are watching the tv right now? cause I am"

jake: "yes"

paul; "this is paul adler reporting to you live on your tv screens, right now i'm talking to your heroes, the bloody swat kats"

chance: "oh boy"

paul: "swat kats, I know you're not gotta stop me cause I never in jail, i'm a deadly assassin of course so you better watch out, I want you to be in the city hall so we can see each other face to faces or are you just too scared of me, I know you'll see me in the city hall i'll give you one day so you can say your last goodbyes" *chuckle* "i'll see you there"

then he ends the message and swat kats just watch it with a blink stare

callie: "razor, you think you can try your best to beat paul"

jake: "yeah sure, we'll try"

and callie hang up the call

jake: "we're dead"

chance: "no, we'll try our best like she said"

jake: "you kidding me chance we can't beat this guy he can come up with a cleaver plan so that meant our luck will fail us"

chance: "we'll can't just stay here, what if guys will send out his men to find"

jake: "that i'm also worried about"

chance: "well what can we do?"

jake: "i don't know chance I don't know"

then he sit on the couch and chance join in as well and being sad cause they know they're going to die

chance: "you want to tell secret to each other?"

jake: "sure, I guess that's our last moment"

chance: "you got a love one?"

jake: "well, it's callie briggs"

chance: "mines felina"

jake: "i admit she is good"

chance: "well not only that, but on like her uncle she can trust us you know"

jake: "yeah, I noticed"

chance: "i really like her"

as they talk about their love one jake come up with a idea and sound crazy but Is his plan might at well go for it

jake: "hey chance you want to hear my idea"

chance: "about what?"

after hours later jake came to callie's apartment as razor he take a deep breath and let it out

razor: "alright let's do it this"

then he knock on the door and callie open it

callie: "razor, I didn't think you come here"

razor: "yeah I know, but the thing is callie I came to confront something to you"

callie: "really/ well come in"

then razor come inside of callie's apartment and sit down oh her bed

razor: "callie..."

callie: "what? tell me"

razor: "do you like me?"

then callie went blink and respond

callie: "well... actually I am like a lot"

razor: "well to be honest I like you too"

callie: "really? that's said great razor"

razor: "and I was think about me and t bone are going to die by paul adler"

callie: "no don't say that I know you can beat him just don't said that"

razor: "well I guess you're right"

callie: "well of course i'm right"

then razor place his left hand on callie's right hand then he look at her callie is a bit blush from this but she smile at him then they lean their heads down and they kiss on the lips and they continued kissing until callie grab the zipper from razor's vest and pull down

callie: "you want to keep the mask on?"

razor: "of course"

the they continued kissing each other and they lay down on the bed

meanwhile with chance as t bone about to confront with felina feral he's already in felina apartment and he knock on her door and felina open it

felina: "t bone?"

t bone: "hey there"

felina: "what are you doing here?"

t bone: "well I thought we can have a talk with each other, you know"

felina: "well alright sure come in"

t bone: "thanks"

then t bone came in and of course have a talk with felina

t bone: "so um do you know paul adler?"

felina: "are you kidding? everyone knows about him he's like the deadly assassin in the uk hell he shot the queen of england and mayor manx"

t bone: "and now he's gonna gets us, he wants to meet him at the city hall"

felina: "i heard the message on the tv"

t bone: "look I know this may shocked you but hear me out"

felina: "really, tell me then"

then t bone take a deep breath and said

t bone: "i actually like you felina"

then she's shocked of course (I have a felling I'm gonna keep saying that)

felina: "wow, I didn't know that"

t bone: "yeah I know"

felina: " like you to"

t bone: "well I knew you said that"

felina: *chuckle* "thanks"

t bone: "and to tell you the truth the only reasons are 1. you look great and beautiful and 2. you're like the only kat who can trust me on like your uncle"

felina: "yeah that's true, my uncle does hate you but I don't"

t bone: "that I like"

then they continued to talk but after awhile t bone see that felina has a face that means that she wants to kiss him so t bone grab her head pull her and kiss her right at the lips an felina went blushing over it when t bone done with the kiss felina smile at him

felina: "wow, that was great"

t bone: "i know right"

then they kiss once again and both felina and chance lay down on the bed and (you know what)

to be continued for chapter 2