after the swat kats got shot by paul adler callie is in the middle of a ally crying over the death of the swat kats including her love of her life and that is jake clawson aka razor and there she was siting arms on the knees and press her face on her arms an cry and then it starting to rain making her all wet she looked down and see a image of razor on a puddle and somehow razor said

jake: "i love you callie...i always do"

then the image disappear and turn into a reflection of her crying then she respond

callie: "i love you too jake"

then continue to cry meanwhile at felina's apartment she is sad as well when she lost her love one chance furlong aka t bone she loves me so much after he confront to her about him liking her when he died and felina really loves him a lot then she look at a mirror and said to herself

felina: "someday...i will get paul adler for killing t bone" while tears fall down

2 days later a funeral for the swat kats begin it was raining like all funeral everybody crowd around the grave wearing all black for the funeral even both callie and felina priest came in a give a speech to everybody

priest: "i would to have to speech so everyone be quite about it, we are gather here to honer the heroes who saved megakat city from evil knows as the swat kats, and they saved the city a lot of times we all respect them for doing their job but they're gone now because that one assassin from the uk. If there's anyone who would have a speech"

feral: "i would"

then feral came the give his speech about them

feral: "despite I never like the swat kats, I had to admit I was shocked when I discover that the swat kats were once the hot shot who destroy the headquarter years ago, but when I saw paul pull the trigger on them now I realize that the swat kats may be vigilantes and they save city more than us, if there's a new vigilantes that takeover the swat kats job I will respect them, but for now we will miss the swat kats and they're gone forever"

so after he give his speech about the swat kats the coffins begin going down in the holes while the coffins going down callie throw a red rose at jake's coffins and land it is now 2 day after the funeral callie is in her apartment still felling sad about her lost of her love razor she get a knock on her door then she open the door and it was en a enforcer

enforcer: "miss birggs"

callie: "what do you want"

enforcer: "i'm here to give you this, we found this from one of the swat kats after they died"

then he pull out a letter from one of the swat kats then callie grab the letter

callie: "thanks"

then she close the door and look at the letter it was cover in blood from the gun shot and it said from jake to callie so that meant it was a letter from jake before he dies meanwhile at felina she get a knock on her door as well then she answer it and it was her uncle

feral: "felina"

felina: "yes uncle"

feral: "we found this from t bone"

then she show her the letter and she is wondering about it and then she grab it

felina: "thanks uncle"

feral: "you're welcome"

then she close the door and the front said from chance to felina so both callie and felina open the letter and starting reading them

(now this may confuse you but what this letter is about is that both jake and chance write the same words but one of them is for callie and felina and that meant chance insert a word about him and jake and jake talking about him and chance and the reason i'm typing this just the heads up)

"dear callie/dear felina if you read this and if we both die after the mission with paul then hear me out on this when me and chance/ me and jake were about to do the mission we had a felling that we're going to die and we both confront who is our love then I came up with an idea/ then jake came out with an idea and I listen to him you knew what we did I came to you and confront I love with you then we did the you know what, so anyway the idea is and this may shocked you but since we want the swat kats legacy to continued I decided to do one thing and that is...impregnate you and since chance and I/ jake and I really want to have a kid I might as well impregnate you but even though i'm dead if I am right now, then you raise the child on your own so basically you are raising an next gen swat kats, I hope you understand that if you do then I love you so much"

-jake/chance (if you're confuse right now then I don't know how do you write a letter about both person"

so after they read they were shocked from the fact that the swat kats impregnate both of them to continued the legacy at first it was crazy but then they think about it so both of them buy a pregnancy test to make sure that they were right about it they both test it and wait for a minute then when they see the result it reads positive that means they're pregnant now with callie as she sit down and think about it she look down to her stomach and she smiles and said to herself

callie: "well, I guess I can do it for jake" and she pat her stomach

as for felina at first she was happy about raising a child belong to her love one but then she think about her job as a lieutenant in the enforcer and how is she gonna tell her uncle that she is pregnant with chance's child would he be happy and or mad about it and more she think about it the more worried she got so about an hour later callie is siting down on a bench looking at a statue of the swat kats and think about razor like he always do then felina same and sit down next to callie and look at the statue and callie talks

callie: "hey felina"

felina: "hey callie"

callie: "so um, why are you?"

felina: "well like you I miss the swat kats"

callie: "yeah, everyone miss the swat kats very much at this point"

felina: "yeah I know"

callie went slice for a moment and think about telling her about her pregnancy so she said

callie: "so you want here the crazy thing just happen today"

felina: "yeah sure"

callie: "alright...i'm pregnant"

then felina froze for a moment in shocked

felina: "what?!"

callie: "i know right"

felina: "who?"

callie: "get this, I got a letter from razor before he died and he said that he want to continued the legacy by having a next gen of him he impregnate me cause he loves me and I love him"

then felina froze for a another moment and then she said

felina: "i got a letter from t bone and i'm pregnant as well"

callie: "what?!"

felina: "so they both impregnate us"

callie: "wow, did t bone love you?"

felina: "well of course, what else by t bone impregnate me"

callie: "i guess the swat kats really want us to raise their kids"

felina: "that is crazy"

callie: "well you tell me"

felina: "this is just insane"

callie: "so you think you can raise your child?"

felina: "well to tell the trust, I dream of being a mother since I was a little girl"

callie: "awww cute"

felina: "thanks, but as I think about it. How I am gonna tell my uncle i'm pregnant, is he gonna be happy or mad that t bone impregnate me"

callie: "well maybe you just not being scare and do it, it's not that hard you know"

felina: "you sure"

callie: "yeah"

felina: "well I guess you're right"

callie: "well of course"

so after that felina came back to her apartment just watching tv and she rub her stomach and said to herself

felina: "well chance, if you want me to raise the child I might as well do it"

but then she gets a knock on her and she open the door and it was feral again

feral: "hey felina"

felina: "oh hey uncle" then she act nervously

feral: "so about that letter, what is about?"

felina didn't respond at first but she remember what callie an hour ago

felina: "come in and i'll tell you"

feral: "sure"

so feral come inside and sit down on a couch next to felina and then felina take a deep breath and let it out and finally she said it to her uncle

felina: "uncle, i'm gonna tell you about something"

feral: "well you can tell anything felina"

felina: "i'm...i'm pregnant"

feral: "what?!"

felina: "'s true"

feral: "about how?"

then she give the letter to feral and he read the entire letter about chance impregnate her to have a next gen swat kats and feral cannot believe it

felina: "look uncle I don't want to tell you want at first because you'll be mad at me for carry a child belong to t bone aka chance furlong"

feral: "actually no"

felina: "really?"

feral: "when the swat kats die from paul I realize that the swat kats heroes who save the city more than us and now I respect them"

felina: "right you're speech from 2 days"

feral: "so I guess you can be a good mother"

felina: "well, I always want to be one since when I was a little girl"

feral: "oh yeah, I remember that"

felina: "so right now i'll be out for 9 month for obvious reason"

feral: "yeah of course"

and they both smile at each other about the baby so it's now 5 month later at callie's apartment and of course her stomach is big because she's pregnant she was cleaning the apartment when her baby kick and said to it

callie: "easy there my little one, you'll come out soon"

as she continued to clean her apartment when she saw a photo of razor which she took a picture about a year ago when the swat kats was still around as she look at it then said

callie: "i really miss you jake"

meanwhile with felina she was eating at a diner and she look at the news in her phone when she discover that paul has kill obama (please don't send angry comment about that) as she read the news she give her flashback to the days when paul killed the swat kats then she close her eyes and place her left hand on her eyes

felina: "goddamn you paul adler"

random girl: "are you alright?"

felina: "yeah i'm fine"

as she finish her food she leaves the diner then she look down to her stomach and rub it and said

felina: "i hope he doesn't get you"

so 9 month as pass callie was siting on a chair cause right now it's her parents 30th anniversary of them being married as callie is having a talk with all of the sudden she fells something from her stomach when her dad ask what's wrong she replay

callie: "the baby is coming"

so her parents place her in her own car and rush to the hospital as she finally gets there she was laying on the bed the doctor tell her to push really hard and she did then the doctor said to do it again and she did until finally the doctor tell to push one last and she did and finally the baby when the baby come out she pass out but still alive so about a minute later she wakes up and look at the doctor and asked

callie: "hey, is the baby okay?"

doctor: "yes miss briggs your baby is born really healthy"

callie: "well, can I see it"

doctor: "sure thing"

then the nurse come and give the baby to her the baby is wrapped in a blue blanket so that meant he's a boy when she look at him the baby looks beautiful he has light brown fur like his father and when the baby open his eyes he has green eyes like his mother callie is extremely happy about her new born son

callie: "welcome to my little miracle" and she stroke his little brown fur and give me a kiss to the forehead

nurse: "so what name do you give him?"

callie: "jack, jack clawson"

nurse: "clawson?"

callie: "that's his father's last name"

nurse: "oh, alright"

as the nurse leaves callie continued to look at and love her son

meanwhile 2 days after that and now with felina she was having a just doing her business when feral came in without knocking

feral: "hey, sorry to interrupt"

felina: "that's all-"

then she fells something in her then lay down on ground and feral rush to her

feral: "what's wrong?"

felina: "oh god it's the baby!"

so then he place her in his car and rush to the hospital (i'm gonna skip the birth scene cause you already know detail so i'm not gonna repeat it"

so after that felina is laying on a bed then the doctor came and tell her

doctor: "miss feral, the good news is your baby is fine"

felina: "what's the baby?"

doctor: "you mean the gender, it's a boy"

felina: "well, may I see it?"

doctor: "right away"

so the get to the other room and he bring the baby to her felina grab the baby and look at him and the baby is beautiful he has honey blonde fur like chance and green eyes as well felina it's really happy about her son

felina: "hey little guy"

his ear twitch a bit and he wake up and see his mother

felina: "i got a great name for you, charlie furlong"

after she give a name to her son feral open the door and see her with her son

feral: "wow"

felina: "uncle, meet charlie furlong"

feral: "well, I guess you'll be a proud mother after all"

the end and now the sequel coming soon