Death greets Gohan at the end of the Cell Games, yet instead of passing on to The Otherworld, Whis takes an interest in the young saiyan's incredible power and decides to train him as Lord Beerus' successor. With the balance of the universe at stake, Gohan accepts the deity's offer. Yet there is a prophecy on the horizon along with an ancient evil threatening the universe as they know it. Throw in a junior apprentice struggling between what is right and wrong in the realm of Gods. Will Gohan become the next God of Destruction of Universe 7? Or will he return to Earth and put the universe in danger?

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Hello there Fanfictioners! This is a new story for me, as most of my focus at the moment is on my series Dragonball Awakening. But I have had this idea for a very long time, since I started watching Super, and I wanted to post the first chapter and share it with the sit to see what people thought. Like many Gohan fans, I felt that our boy did not get the spotlight he deserved at the end of Z and in Super, so I wanted to do a twist on a very much loved story. This fanfiction will be much more light hearted than my series that I am writing at the moment, and I really hope that you enjoy it. It's something that Ive been writing chapters of here and there when I need a break away from my series, but as Super has ended for now, I couldnt help but write a bit more. I really hope you guys enjoy the first chapter! And just a side note, I am British and as such will be writing in a British accent and style, with British words and terms, I just find that my writing flows a lot better that way, and it is just the way I write! ES x

Chapter One

The End


Planet Earth, Age 767

A familiar scene, a change of heart, a drastic decision that will alter the fate of the universe forever. It is said that one's destiny is already set in stone, yet the consequences of our actions are so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future and by extension, destiny, is a very difficult business indeed. One small change, one rash decision can alter the ripple of time itself, break the chain, shift the winds of direction. And so it was that on this day in the month of May, in the age of 767 on a planet made of mud and water, did a the destiny of a young boy come into question.

The entire world waited with baited breath as good challenged evil, as light struggled to overcome the darkness in a tournament of fighting skill and glory. One being strived to prove his perfection, whilst the other strived to unleash the imperfection within. The battlefield was painted red with blood, intermingled with the tears that spilled from the boys deep emerald eyes. The need to save his friends was overwhelming, and every strike, every blow that crippled them reached his ears in a sickening rhythm. They were going to die, he was going to loose them all.

He would not watch this anymore.

Then, there was rage, rage that ignited a fire in a young boy that refused to be put out. It was unyielding, consuming, as waves of rippling power washed over the battle field. The whole world shook with an agonising force, as the lad who had not even entered his teens struck the bio-android down with two mighty blows. The warriors, battle torn and bloodied beyond belief were awestricken, rooted to the spot as they stared disbelievingly at the once innocent little boy that had now surpassed every single one of them.

Hope swelled in their feverish hearts as the boy overpowered the malicious android, yet that hope slowly turned to worry and uncertainty. Perhaps the warriors of Earth had put too much faith in the boy? As it was with a painful realisation that he was growing reckless, cocky, especially when he had hit the android with so much force that the young woman was expelled within the depths of the beast's gut.

Fury, this time from the android, a threat to Earth, a young boy's mistake and a father's sacrifice. It was over, and the pint-sized competitor fell to his knees. Golden spikes of hair fell about his face, tears intermingled with blood, sweat and dirt. Son Gohan sobbed, the desperate, heart wrenching cries for his father echoing around the barren wasteland. He could feel the eyes of his friends burning into him, and through his grief could he just make out his father's best friend talking to him in hushed tones, a strong hand clasped firmly against his shoulder in reassurance.

Suddenly, laughter cut through the air like a knife, and a familiar bundle of Ki's illuminated his senses. Cell was back, gloating fuchsia eyes leering at the young saiyan as he stood before them, more powerful than ever before.

And the path of destiny diverged.

Gohan's grief overwhelmed him, his blood boiled over and he leaped at the android before anyone could blink, ignoring the startled squarks and roars of desperation from his friends. Lightening bolts rippled over his golden aura as he manically charged at Cell, yet quickly found that the android was managing to keep up with him. It was no longer a tournament of perfection, of proving ones worth. No, it was a battle of vengeance and desperation, a furious scrap between two titans, a fight to the death - and it was close.

The Z-Fighters took to the air, as sonic booms caused the ground below them to shake uncontrollably. They watched disbelievingly, as the eleven year old's eyes glinted with malicious intent, striking powerfully at the android before he was knocked back just as hard.

Cell chuckled as they broke apart, "You're letting your anger blind you boy."

Gohan snarled, his broken heart pumping with adrenaline, "I'll make you pay Cell."

"In your condition?" He scoffed mockingly, "I highly doubt it. Though it would be interesting to see how much further I can push you."

The young super saiyan gritted his teeth, just what was that monster planning?

Suddenly, his eyes widened, as Cell directed an outstretched palm towards the Earth, "My my Gohan, just how many more innocent bystanders are you going to let me kill before you fulfil your promise of destroying me?"

"NO!" He roared, as a bright yellow beam erupted from his palm and careened towards a young girl with pigtails, who was cowering behind a nearby rock formation.

Gohan was quick to act, and in a burst of golden Ki, he propelled himself through the air, grabbing the girl by the waist and protecting her from the murderous blast. Pure agony ripped through his left arm as the attack hit, knocking him to the ground and on top of the girl. He could hear her shrieks over the sound of his own cries of pain, but knew that he had taken the hit full force. Blood spewed unforgivingly from his bicep and shoulder, his shoulder blade shattered and his arm dislocated from the socket. He panted as the dust subsided, and looked into the girl's fearful sapphire eyes.

"Are you alright?" he asked, gritting his teeth in pain.

She nodded, "Y-yes, t-thank you for saving me."

He gave her a goofy smile, despite the pain he was in, blushing a little as he realised he was still firmly on top of her. He had no idea where she had come from, he certainly hadn't seen her before. Though it was evident that she was some kind of martial artist, she wore a white karate style gi that was now dirt laden and singed from the explosion. Her short raven pigtails were frazzled, settling on the shoulders of her gi which had the mark of 'Satan Dojo' embellished on the chest.

They clambered up slowly, helping each other to their feet as the girl gaped at his useless arm.

"Y-you're hurt!" she gasped, tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry about me, just get to safety," Gohan pressed, his features suddenly becoming stern as he looked towards the smirking android in the air.

"Videl! VIDEL! Oh my little girl!" The booming voice of Mister Satan gushed, running towards them and tumbling over himself. The camera crew, along with his flamboyant studies were hot on his tail. "What are you doing here?! It's too dangerous!"

"I-I'm sorry Daddy," she sniffed guiltily, as the enormous man engulfed her into a protective hug,"I just wanted to see you fight!"

"Y-you," The Champ stammered in awe, his eyes averting to the young saiyan, "You saved her."

Gohan sighed, he could feel the android's wicked energy pulsating above him, attacking his senses in white hot waves. He knew that it was no use, his energy was completely cut in half. Still, he needed to give the others time to escape.

"Please, get as far away from here as fast as you can," he stated boldly, giving the group who were looking at him with a mixture of disbelief and terror one last glance before kicking off from the ground and firing himself back towards the awaiting Cell.

"Your fight is with me Cell," the pre-teen growled, his eyes narrowing at the android, "Leave everyone else out of it."

"Interesting," Cell observed, "You are severely injured and yet you still insist on fighting me. Surely you realise that your efforts will be in vain."

"Less talking, more fighting," he seethed, causing the android to erupt into laughter.

"As you wish," he smirked, before Gohan was met with a crippling head-butt.

He was seeing stars, yet quickly recovered, phasing in and out and dodging Cell's attacks as quickly as he could.

"You can't dodge me forever!" Cell snarled, and then suddenly he disappeared.

The halfling whirled around, his eyes darting about him, until a sudden shriek from below reached his ears. Cell's energy was directly behind him, and the young saiyan felt the horror crawl up his throat and lodge there, as long cold fingers stretched out on the curvature of his back.

"Incase you're wondering," came the monster's sadistic tone, "it's a little trick I learned from your dear departed father when he attempted to destroy me. It's how I was able to come back to Earth, and it's the very same trick that I'm going to use to end you, you little brat."

Instant transmission? But how? How had he learned his father's technique so quickly? But there was no time to ask questions, as a blood curdling scream echoed around him, and a searing heat cut through his back, ripping through his torso and shooting out the other side. Gohan watched the Ki blast careen off into the distance in shock, and it took a while for him to realise that the screams of agony were his own. Blood filled his throat, the metallic taste causing him to gag and the red liquid to spill forth from his lips. His transformation left him altogether, his golden locks quivering before returning to it's usual ebony as he hit the dusty ground, lying in a pool of his own blood, that was rapidly haemorrhaging from his body.

"GOHAN!" he heard several of his friends scream, yet his head was swimming, his vision blurred.

His entire body was going into shock, sending signals of alarm and terror rushing to his brain. Yet he mustered all his strength to focus on his deadly opponent, and he could just about make out Cell landing before him, before turning around to smirk at his distraught friends in the sky.

"So, who is going to be my next challenger?" The android asked smugly, chuckling to himself, "Oh come now, don't be shy! Though I suppose it doesn't matter now, if you forfeit it'll only make me destroy the Earth faster. It's up to you, the great Goku and your little brat are dead. Vegeta? Come, why not try to avenge your fallen race for old times sake?"

Gohan frowned, had the android missed something? He may have been dying but he was certainly not dead. Had Cell gotten so cocky that he thought a badly aimed Ki blast would finish him off that quickly? His heart was still beating for goodness sake!

"Tick tock," Cell smiled sadistically, "You're only prolonging the inevitable. Once I've destroyed the Earth, then I'll move onto other planets. Oh yes, Doctor Gero designed me for one purpose only, but now I have achieved killing Goku I know that I am destined for so much more. I AM THE UNIVERSES END! I AM PERFECTION!"

Gohan growled as the stupid bug continued to gloat, he was in so much pain! But he couldn't just roll over and die when Cell was about to destroy everything he had ever loved. Android Sixteen had died for him, his father had sacrificed himself for them all, and now the entire Earth was next on his list, along with countless other planets. He would not stand for it, he would not let one death go unaccounted for - not one.

A surge of untapped energy suddenly erupted within him, his golden aura sprang to life as Gohan willed all the Ki he had left to come to the surface. His aura cracked with lightening bolts, his hair flashing gold and spiking upwards, his onyx eyes turning a vibrant green. The young saiyan used his Ki to push himself upright, staring daggers at the monster who all but turned to look at him in bewilderment. A startled gasp escaped the Z-Fighters at the sight of the blood soaked super saiyan. He was half dead, though before Cell could even get a good look at the ascended boy, did a Ki blast rip right through his torso, straight through his blackened heart.

"W-well, you can't be that p-perfect," Gohan panted, falling onto one knee, "F-first rule of battle, stupid, d-dont ever turn your b-back on your opponent. Y-you must have got t-those shit for brains cells from F-Frieza."

The android made a horrifying gargling sound with his throat, as he choked on his own blood, "W-why you little-!"

"KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAA!" The young boy roared with all his might, pushing every last ounce of strength he had into the bright blue blast that erupted from his palm.

His left arm lay useless by his side, his torso bleeding unforgivingly. His body was ripped to shreds, and he could almost feel his organs shutting down one by one. Cell's screams echoed in his ears, along with the frantic shouts of his friends. He poured everything he had into the Kamehameha Wave, thoughts of his mother and father swirled in his mind, Mister Piccolo, Krillin and the rest of the Z-Fighters. He would not let them down, he would take Cell to Otherworld with him! Gohan unleashed a howl of rage and agony, as the entire planes were engulfed in a vibrant blue hue. The entire Earth was shaking, but the pre-teen knew he had to push on. Tremors rocked the planets surface, the clouds darkened and lightening bolts cracked across the sky, intermingling with Gohan's pulsating aura.

Then, as Cell's Ki winked out of existence, Gohan collapsed to both knees, his transformation gone, his energy spent. The Super Kamehameha burst threw the clouds, dispersing the darkness and bathing the battle field in the glorious May sunlight. The young saiyan watched it fly off into the atmosphere, into the stars where he knew his father would be waiting for him beyond. Tears coursed down his fevered cheeks as utter agony fled through every part of his body. Piccolo was beside him before he could face-plant the ground, rolling him over so that he was looking up at him.

"Gohan, Gohan stay with me!" Piccolo ordered, though his usual gruff tone sounded frantic and thick with emotion.

"H-he did it, he actually did it!" Yamcha gasped, uncaring that he had knelt in the rapidly forming pool of blood that escaped him, "Come on mate, you did it, you need to stay with us. Please."

"We need to get him to Dende," said Tien solemnly, "But I think it might be too late."

"W-we'll wish him back," Krillin choked, unable to keep his tears from falling, "Did you hear that kiddo? We're going to wish you back."

"Is there anything we can do?" Trunks' voice cut through the air sadly, "For the pain."

"I'll just hold him," Piccolo stated, before cradling him close, "It's going to be alright kid. We're so proud of you."

The young boy opened his eyes slightly, his breathing slow and erratic now, he could see all of his friends around him. The friends that had loved and guided him, fought for him and died for him even. They watched him intently, solemnly, and Gohan realised with sadness that it was only a matter of time. Kami, he must have looked a gruesome sight. Vegeta stood back, though was staring at him with an expression that he couldn't quite place. He spotted Mister Satan and his daughter a ways off with their little group, the quiet sobs of the blue eyed girl reaching his ears. He wished they wouldn't cry, he didn't deserve to be cried over. Krillin was closest to him with an unconscious Android Eighteen over his shoulder, and he brushed his fingers through his hair in a vain attempt to sooth his pain.

Slowly, his eyes found the coal black orbs of the person that held him, although they were shining with emotion.

"M's-sorry M-mister Piccolo," Gohan whispered, unable to stop more blood pouring from his mouth.

"Gohan, you have nothing to to be sorry for, do you hear me?!" Piccolo cried, holding the boy tighter to him, "Gohan! GOHAN!"

The Namekian's cries were followed by silence, as the young saiyan's life energy disappeared.

"H-he's gone," Krillin sniffed, looking sadly at his comrades.

Piccolo sighed, scrunching his eyes in despair as he slowly closed Gohan's eyes. He couldn't look at those deadened onyx orbs any longer. Yet no sooner had he removed his hand, did the boy's body suddenly disappear. The Z-Fighters said nothing for a while, instead they stared at the bloodied ground where he had been, as they all knew the reason why he had been allowed to keep his body in the next life. A sacrifice that should never have been. Too many had been sacrificed that day, Android Sixteen, then Goku and now Gohan. Yet hope that they would see their friends again carried them to The Lookout, and none of them even turned back to hear the frantic cries of one Hercule Satan and his daughter, who were in desperate need of a lift home.

The healing hands of the young Namekian soon restored the warriors energy, though did nothing to ease the gaping hole in their hearts.

"They'll be back in no time," Krillin stated boldly, giving them a wry smile as they stood before the glowing dragonballs, "You'll see."

The Eternal Dragon came forth in a summon of words and a spectacular swirl of golden light and soon enough the great world eclipsing body of Shenron towered before the battle torn warriors, red eyes regarding them curiously.

"You have summoned me," Shenron growled, "I can allow you two wishes, state your first wish."

"Shenron, can you bring all the people that were killed by Cell back to life?" asked Krillin with hope in his eyes.

"Your wish has been granted."

A swell of energy below The Lookout told them that all those lost on Earth had been restored, bubbling and buzzing with life on the planet below. However, their young friend was nowhere to be seen.

"That doesn't make sense," Yamcha frowned, "Where are Goku and Gohan?"

"Goku has been wished back once before," Piccolo said wisely, though his eyes darted around him curiously, looking for his student, "Though we could use the Namekian dragonballs to bring him back."

"But why isn't Gohan here?" asked Krillin worriedly.

"Maybe because Gohan wasn't… killed… directly by Cell it didn't work," offered Trunks tentatively, "He died of his injuries."

"Oh yeah, we might have to wish Gohan back separately then," Krillin said thoughtfully, "But what about Goku?"

"Hi everyone! What's the problem?" came a cheerful voice from above, causing their eyes to boggle.

"Kakarot?!" Vegeta growled disbelievingly, "Is that you?"

"Yeah, I just passed through the check-in station and King Kai told me that there's a problem, but he won't tell me what it is!" he whined almost childishly.

"Well, we don't know what to do Goku," said Yamcha, "We've only got one wish left and we're trying to decide who to use it on first."

"What do you mean?" asked the deceased warrior, "Just wish Dende to Namek and then he can summon Porunga, I don't mind waiting a little while. Though I can't wait to see Gohan and Chi-Chi again. You were amazing son, I'm so proud of you."

The occupants of The Lookout shared an aghast look, did he not know?

"Goku," Krillin said carefully, "I don't know how to tell you this, but Gohan… Gohan isn't with us."

A pause, "Eh? What are you on about Krillin?"

"Your son is dead Goku!" Piccolo snapped suddenly, causing all heads to turn towards him in shock, the Namekian was positively seething.

"W-what?!" Goku spluttered, "B-but he can't be!"

"Well you'd better start believing it Goku," he snarled, "Gohan is dead, and it's all your fault."

"No Piccolo you don't understand, Gohan CAN'T be dead," he explained hurriedly, his voice breaking at the revelation, "I've just passed through the check-in station and he wasn't there. Hell, I can still see the check-in station form where I'm standing and he's not there!"

"But that doesn't make any sense," Vegeta scoffed, "The brat disappeared before our eyes."

"It is true," Shenron suddenly boomed from above, "The one named Son Gohan has not passed through the Check-In Station to Otherworld."

"W-what?" Yamcha's eyes widened, "So he's not dead? Then wish him here!"

"The one named Son Gohan is not alive, nor is he within the realms of the dead. He is in a dimension that I have no control over. I cannot reach him there, nor can I bring him here," the dragon explained.

"B-but what does that even mean?!" Krillin gaped, as the gang looked towards Shenron in bewilderment, "You're telling us that Gohan can't come back to Earth?"

"That is correct."

Silence rained upon them, before the eternal dragon spoke once more.

"Choose another wish."

"Krillin, wish Dende to Namek," came Goku's stern yet troubled voice, "I'm coming home, and we're going to find my son."

A Far Away Dimension, The Living World, Age 767

When Gohan opened his eyes, he was met with the strangest scene he had ever come across in his life; and that was saying something, given everything that he had been through in his short eleven years. He was surrounded by an amber sky, that was streaked with red and orange clouds. He could depict many moons and planets hanging like stars in the distant sky, that cast eerie shadows over the emerald grass that he was stood upon. An enormous tree stood before him, looking rather ancient with branches that twisted and turned as it spilled upwards, and he could just about make out several stone buildings etched into the bark.

He frowned, the last thing he remembered was battling Cell, a hole in his chest, being encompassed by blinding rage and being surrounded by his friends when… oh bugger.

Spotting a sparkling ravine nearby, the halfling raced over the grass and kneeled down to get a good look at his reflection. His purple gi was in tatters, though he was glad to see that he was devoid of any injuries, the gaping hole in his torso would not be a pretty sight to behold. He gulped, reaching up to touch the shining golden circle above his head.

Yup, he was definitely dead.

Staring at the reflection of planets and stars, he knitted his eyebrows in thought and asked allowed, "So, this is Otherworld?"

"Oh no my dear boy, far from it in fact."

Gohan jumped a mile at the sound of the sudden voice. It had caused him so much of a fright in fact, that the boy fell into the water, coughing and spluttering as he struggled to grab a hold of the river bank.

A musical chuckle reached his ears, and soon Gohan found himself levitating in the air before falling in a heap on the ground. He coughed up the water that had flooded his lungs as his face hit the dirt, his nose almost touching a pair of shiny black shoes. The young saiyan looked up, finding that the shoes belonged to a teal-skinned man, with rather effeminate features. He had white hair that was styled into a neat quiff atop his head. He was dressed in odd looking black and maroon robes, along with a black cuirass with white and orange diamonds adoring it. He held a long sceptre in his delicate palm, complete with a spherical gem hovering above it.

The strange man smiled at Gohan kindly, aqua eyes surveying him in amusement.

"W-who are you?" asked the young boy, clambering to his feet hurriedly, a little embarrassed at his display.

"Dear child, my name is Whis," he chuckled, "And you are Son Gohan, I presume?"

He blinked, "H-how did you know my name?"

"Oh I know a lot about you, young saiyan," said Whis, his voice calm and unwavering, "I also know a lot about the extraordinary power you have within, which is the reason why I have brought you here."

"Sorry but where is 'here' exactly?" he asked, "You said this isn't Otherworld, and aren't I supposed to go there to get judged and stuff, Dad said-"

"Ah yes," Whis interrupted, "Your father. He is the saiyan that defeated Frieza isn't he?"

Gohan's eyes widened at the man's in-depth knowledge of his family, "Well, kind of, but how did you know that?"

"A deity such as myself is well informed of the trials and tribulations of the universe young one," Whis informed him.

"A-a deity?" the boy gaped, "You mean like King Kai?"

"I think God is the term you are looking for Gohan," he smiled, "This world is home to Gods after all, the North Kai as you know of from your father, is not permitted to step foot upon these grounds, being of lower rank."

Gohan stared at the strange deity, just where was he?!

Whis grinned, "Care to take a walk with me Gohan?"

"Um, alright," he replied, following Whis a little apprehensively.

They walked in silence for a while, passing through a well kept garden before Whis spoke again, "This is a world that exists in the land of the living, separate from Otherworld, but within a dimension of it's own."

The halfling listened intently, staring up at the man as they strolled along a winding cobbled path of stone.

"In the beginning of the universe, there was All. All gave life and destruction to all things, eventually causing a cataclysm of events that let to the creation of dimensions, Otherworld and the living world. The Sacred Realm of the Kai's was created, and a Kaiju grew from the buzz of life energy that resided there. From that tree, grew the golden fruits that sprouted deities known as The Supreme Kai. The Supreme Kai and their attendants took on their role of creating planets and life across the universe, but with a vast array of planets to care for, four other Kai's where chosen to watch over each quadrant, with a Grand Kai watching over their affairs. However, with creation comes destruction, as the universe can become imbalanced if they are not equal. Do you know what that would mean if the universe became imbalanced Gohan?"

"Well, um, I suppose something not very good," he offered, trying to wrap his head around the notion of all these deities even existing.

"You would be correct," said Whis with a small smile, "If there is only life, then the fabrication of the universe can unravel. Although mortals are complex in their ways, there is only so much war and disease can do, so it was reasoned that with Gods of Creation, there must be a God of Destruction."

"Why are you telling me this?" asked Gohan, frowning.

"I'll get to that," he said kindly, as they walked beside a sparkling lake, "You see, Gods of Destruction cannot simply be created and plucked from a tree. They must hold mortal qualities to be able to fully understand the consequences of their actions. Otherwise the immense power they wield, along with their responsibility can go to their heads, and horrific things could happen. All, or The King of Everything as he is sometimes referred to, has a powerful attendant called The Grand Priest. He is an Angel that gave life to other Angels, who are tasked with overlooking the Gods of Destruction and Creation and ensuring that the universe reminds in balance. However we mainly act as attendants and trainers for the Gods of Destruction and because they have to be so powerful, there is only one permitted for each universe."

"You say 'we'," said Gohan, eyes wide, "Does that mean you're an Angel?"

"Yes Gohan, it does," Whis smiled, "And I am currently an attendant of Lord Beerus, The God of Destruction for this universe."

"This universe? You mean there's more than one?!" he gaped in astonishment.

"Why of course," said Whis, "There are in fact twelve universes. We are the seventh."

"Woah, that's mental!" he squeaked.

"Quite," he chuckled, before he came to a halt, staring at the young saiyan intently, "But I have not brought you here just to describe the structure of the multiverse to you Gohan, there are much more pressing matters that I need to attend to."

"Oh, like what?" he blinked.

Whis cleared his throat, "Lord Beerus is at a time in his life where he will soon need to start looking for an apprentice. Time is not in abundance to even Gods, and time is ticking. Lord Beerus has only but a few hundred years to find someone to train before the end of his life cycle. I have been watching you for a while Gohan, your power interests me. Your intentions are pure yet there is such rage in your heart. You are young, yes, eleven Earth years are not much to show by ways of experience, but you have fought more battles than most mortal warriors have done in their lifetime. Your power is extraordinary, and I, for one, think you are the perfect candidate."

Gohan gulped, the word 'perfect' causing him to shudder, having heard it roll off Cell's tongue over and over again. "Sir, what are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying that the God of Destruction of universe seven will soon be no more," said Whis, "And I want you to become his successor."

23rd April, 2018.