A young girl walked down the streets. She stopped for a second to tie her shoe lace , and she looked up. She saw a beautiful man, she recognised him, as she had a class with him. He was called George. She quickly looked away and went back to tie her shoe lace as she didn't want to stare at him and look like a creep. This girl ha a beautiful name , Faith. Faith was crushing on George for a while and she really liked him.

7 Years Later.

Faith received a text on her phone and thought it was her friend sandy. As she went to see what the text was she was surprised. The text was from an unknown number, she clicked on this as she was curious to find out who it was. The text simply read " Hey Faith" imminently faith was creeped out, she replied back with "hello...?" The unknown number had explained to faith that he was somebody at the old high school and he had gotten her number through a friend. Faith was confused , she had no idea who this was. She asked and the person simply replied back with George.

She was first a little confused as it was a long time ago and she couldn't remember. But then it hit her, she remembers and was shocked that he would remember her and even text her. She asked him why he was texting her and he asked if they wanted to meet up, and obviously Faith said yes to the offer.

Saturday night 9pm 21/6/2019

Faith shows up all dressed up fancy, she worried as its 10 minutes late and she thinks he's not coming, she stands outside a shop and finally, after so long he shows up. Faiths glances at him, amazed by his beauty. His first words aw come here, she walks over to George and they talk for a while until everybody is gone. George tells faith to come closer. As she does he quickly opens the boot of his car and shoved her in. He sprints to the car door in case anybody had saw.

3 Years Later. 25/4/2022

Mommy! Look what infound. Daddy come too!

Faith and George Ross Are Married, Have One Child Who Is 2 Years Old And They Live Together. They're not in love, Although George brainwashed Faith into thinking they were. Faith doesn't know , now she's stuck like this forever.