The bell rings, and it's the start of a new school year for all the teachers. This means that Harry Senate would be getting a bunch of new students in the Dungeon to work with. Harry Senate is taking the attendance in his class.

Harry: Ok, Chris Phillips.

Chris: Here.

Harry: Joyce Hayes.

The room is silent.

Harry: Is she here?

Girl: Mr.Senate she's not here.

Harry: Not here? First day of class and not here already... (Harry puts a star beside her name and continues on with the morning)

The teachers are in the lounge talking about how the morning went.

Lauren: (Pours a cup of coffee) I can't believe that a student asked if he could touch you.

Marilyn: (Sits down) it came out of no where, I don't even know if I should tell Steven.

Lauren: I don't think Steven wants to hear that on the first day.

Harry walks in.

Lauren: Hey Harry.

Harry: Hey. (Looks at Marilyn, smiles) How was your morning Marilyn?

Marilyn: Shut Up Harry. ***************************************************

The next day a bunch of people are gathered in the hallway, where a fight breaks through.

Harry runs down the stairs with Kevin trying to break the fight up.

Harry & Kevin: Hey!

They both try to get the two girls off of each other.

Kevin: What the hell is going on here?

The girls are both silent.

Harry: (Looks at one of them) what's your name?

Girl: Joyce Hayes..

Harry: Get to the dungeon.

Joyce: What?!

Harry: Now!

Joyce walks down to the dungeon.

Kevin: I'll take care of this one.

Joyce sits on the desk.

Harry: Would you like to tell me what the hell was going on?

Joyce: It was a misunderstanding.

Harry: Misunderstanding? You were the beating the crap out of the other girl.

Joyce: ..

Harry: I don't want to go to Guber with this, especially on the second day of school.

Joyce: It won't happen again. Can I go now?

Harry: Go.

Joyce walks out of the room. Harry knew that she was hiding something, but what?