The bell rings, and it's the start of another school day for Joyce. She had thought long and hard the night before, if it was for her and Harry to continue their relationship.

Joyce is sitting in Marilyn's class; she is not listening to one word that Marilyn is saying. Marilyn notices.

Marilyn: Joyce, would you like to contribute?

Joyce: Umm.. no Ms. Sudor I think you covered it all.

Marilyn: Try to pay more attention, ok?

Joyce: Ya.

Joyce is sitting outside on the steps she's on her spare. She sits there just staring into space, when someone walks up to her.

Joyce: Do I know you sir?

Man: How have you been?

Joyce: Who the hell are you? I don't know you.

Man: You really don't know who I am Joyce?

Joyce: Fuck, how the hell do you know my name? Actually I don't want to know, just stay the hell away from me. (Walks back into the school)

Joyce is sitting in the dungeon waiting for Harry to finish his work.

Harry: I'm almost done.

Joyce: Do you like being a teacher?

Harry: (Looks up)

Joyce: I mean all you do is like repeat crap.

Harry: What?

Joyce: I don't know it seems like teaching is a boring job.

Harry: It depends how you look at it.

Joyce: Why did you go into teaching?

Harry: It makes me happy, knowing that I'm able to help a student succeed.and to meet you.

Joyce: (Smiles)

Harry: Come on let's go.

Joyce and Harry walk out to the parking lot.

Joyce: Where's your car?

Harry: I didn't drive it today.

Joyce: So how are we going to get home?

Harry: Well I was thinking that we could take a nice walk down the streets of Boston. (Grabs Joyce's hand)

Joyce: Are you sure this is ok? What if people see?

Harry: It's seven, it's dark out, and I don't think anyone can see.

They both walk down the street, as their walking Harry can tell that someone is following them. They take a turn left.

Harry: What the hell are you doing following us?

Man: I don't know what you're talking about.

Joyce: You?

Harry: You know this man?

Joyce: No, but for some reason he knows me.

Harry: Who the hell are you?

Man: I don't have to answer your questions.

Harry: (Slams the man against the wall)

Joyce: Harry.

Harry: Who the hell are you?

Man: It's none of your business.

The man pushes Harry off of him, and punches him across the face. Harry pushes the man to the ground and punches him in the stomach.

Joyce: Harry, are you alright?

Harry: (Groans) I'm fine.

Joyce: Who the fuck are you?

Man: You really don't remember me?

Joyce: I don't even know you.

Harry: You stay the hell away from her.

Man: You know you could be in a lot of trouble dating a student.

Harry: And that would be none of your business.

Joyce: Harry, can we just go?

Harry: Come on.

Joyce and Harry begin to walk down the alley, but the man grabs Joyce by the arm.

Man: Joyce don't go.

Harry flips, he starts to punch the man. They both start to fight, but a police car drives by, and sees this.

Joyce, Harry and the man are all sitting in the police station.

Joyce: Are you alright?

Harry: I'm fine. You know, I think I look good with a black eye.

Joyce: (Smiles) Don't worry I'll make it feel better later.

Harry: (Smiles)

Police Officer: Ok, would someone like to tell me what's going on?

Joyce: We were walking home, and this man was following us.

Police Officer: (Looks at the man) John Hayes.

Joyce: Wait a second; what did you just call him?

Police Officer: John Hayes.

Joyce: (Looks at the man)

John: Joyce, I'm your dad.

Harry is shocked. But Joyce is mad..

Joyce: I'm sorry sir, but I don't have a dad.

John: Joyce please..

Police Officer: Apparently, this is a family matter.. Mr. Senate do you still want to press charges?

Harry: Umm..

Joyce: Yes he does.

Harry: Joyce.

Police Officer: Ok, just wait a sec.

John: I know that you're mad at me, I'm sorry.

Joyce: Like I said, I don't have a dad.

Police Officer: Ok, Mr. Senate if everything looks right, just sign right here.

Harry signs the papers and leaves with Joyce.

Harry: Joyce...

Joyce: ..

Harry: Don't do this to yourself.

Joyce: My dad left my mom, 6 years ago. He left behind a whole pile of shit. Why is he back now?

Harry: Maybe if you talked to him..

Joyce: I'm not talking to him.

Harry: (Looks at his watch) It's getting late.

Joyce: Harry, I don't want to go home tonight.

Harry: Umm..

Joyce: Can I go to your place?

Harry: Ya.

Harry walks into the teacher lounge the next morning.

Lauren: Harry what happened to your eye?

Harry: (Pouring a cup of coffee) Nothing.. bumped it off a counter.

Kevin: You bumped your eye off a counter?

Harry: Ya.

Marilyn: Did you see a doctor?

Harry: No big deal, I think my eye looks good like this.

Lauren walks up to Harry and puts an ice pack on Harry's eye.

Lauren: This should make it feel better.

Harry: Thanks Lauren. Umm.I got to go.

Marilyn: Lauren are you ok?

Lauren: I'm fine. (Walks out)

Marilyn: Kevin is Harry seeing anyone lately?

Kevin: I don't know. Why?

Marilyn: Just wondering.

Kevin: I don't think he is.

It's lunchtime now; Joyce walks down to the Dungeon.

Joyce: Hey Harry.

Harry: Hey.

Joyce: How's your eye?

Harry: It's getting better.

Joyce: I'm sorry.

Harry: It wasn't your fault.

Joyce: I just...

Harry: (Smiles) It's fine. Are you going to talk to your mom about this?

Joyce: I don't plan on telling her, it'll just upset her. I can handle it.

Harry: (Looks at her)

Joyce: I can.

Harry: If you need any help..

Joyce: I know who to ask. (Smiles) See you after school. (Walks out)

Joyce is sitting on the steps waiting for Harry.

Lauren walks out of the building.

Lauren: Joyce your still here.

Joyce: Ya, I'm just waiting for someone.

Harry walks out of the building.

Harry: J.. Lauren.

Lauren: Hey Harry.

Harry: It's getting late and you're both still here.

Lauren: I was just leaving.

Lauren walks to her car.

Harry: Are you ready?

Joyce: Harry maybe you should go first, I'll just walk home.

Harry: It's fine.

Joyce: Ms. Davis is sitting in her car; she's going to see.

Harry: Joyce.

Joyce: Harry it's fine.

Harry: I'll meet you down the street.

Joyce: Ok.

Harry drives his car down the street, and waits for Joyce. Lauren is across the street at the convenience store, she is walking to her car, when she sees Joyce walking down the street and into Harry's car. She gets into her car and follows Harry and Joyce. Lauren pars a car, a couple of metres away from Harry's car.

Joyce and Harry both get out of the car, and begin walking to Joyce's door.

Joyce: Thanks Harry.

Harry: No problem. I won't bother you tonight, I'm sure that you have some things to think over.

Joyce: (Smiles)

Harry: See ya tomorrow.

Harry gives Joyce a kiss on the lips and walks to his car. Lauren is stunned; she cannot believe what she had just seen.