"Xena sweet, wake up!" she was so tired. He really wanted to just cuddle with her but he had to wake her up.

"come on Ares, It's early! I didn't sleep well last night" Ares smiled. she looked so beautiful. she was literally glowing. pregnancy really made her even more beautiful, if that's possible.

"we have to go honey. Get up and I promise I'll let you do whatever you want for the rest of the day" It's funny to think that the god of war was literally begging his love to get up.

"If that's so..." She smiked at him and got up. he gave her a soft kiss on the lips and with a move of his hand he put her in a long silky red dress that made her tummy to stand out. she looked herself in the mirror. She didn't seem quite pleased with what she saw.

"Ares! first of all, I'm not your doll to dress up. second, this dress is over dramatic and makes me look fat"

he couldn't keep a straight face. he found it way too funny. "what's so funny?? am I that ridiculous?" anyone could understand how pissed she was. Ares on the other hand could see beyond that. she was actually sad. well, that was a first! Xena the warrior princess feeling insecure. His princess, the most perfect person existing thinking that she's not good enough!

"are you serious? sweetie... you are absolutely beautiful... This-" he said while touching her bump "Is our little baby...And it makes you looking more beautiful than ever! you should be proud of it"

She smiled. how stupid was she? he loved her and everything about her and she knew it.

"Okay now, we have to go to Egypt, remember?" "Is it necessary? can I just stay here??"

"Xe, I won't leave you alone here with my bitchy sister while I will be out of your reach and I won't be able to locate you"

"Okay let's get it over with"

he grabbed her waist and got her closer. with a snap of his fingers he got them to Egypt.

Xena was a bit nauseous. She hated it travelling with gods.

"okay, Xe, I want you to come with me. it will take long but I prefer knowing that you're around"

" Actually... I was thinking about going for a walk...to see the country". He arched an eyebrow

"yeah, forget that. we have to go visit the king"

"Ares! you promised that I could do anything I want!"

" it's different princess. you can do whatever you want in Greece but not here. I won't be able to sense it if something's wrong"

" nothing will go wrong. I can take care of myself"

" princess, please.." He looked at her, begging her to change her mind cause he couldn't say no to her pressing pleading look. He took a deep breath and said

"okay, but I'll come looking for you in an hour" she smiled widely. She was getting her way again

Ares on the other hand wasn't happy at all. He had a bad feeling about it.

"thank you, Ares!" she kissed him goodbye and turned around to leave. Ares shook his head. he wasn't sure that he was doing the right thing.


Xena was walking around not really knowing where she was heading to. She just liked smelling all these different things. she wanted to taste all of them. she was actually feeling peaceful.

She touched her stomach. how could she forget to eat? She bought an apple from a man who was screaming that he had the finest apples in the market.

Suddenly she felt someone pushing her. The push was so strong that she lost her balance and fall.

"who are you?" she said while turning around to see the idiot who had pushed her.

"No one you should know. I do know you though. you are the whore of War"

" I'm not his whore!" she really had a bad feeling about this. who was this guy anyway??

" well, you're pregnant and not married yet. plus my goddess, Athena, says that you're destroying her brotherbrother. he gave you an army cause you opened your legs"

ugh of course! Athena always has to get on the way. Why did she hate her? she couldn't understand. Xena hated her too though. She could easily kill this guy but Ares advices her to stop fighting for those nine months of pregnancy.

"That explains a lot. now get out of my way " She tried to walk by him when suddenly she felt a pain in the stomach. At first, she couldn't understand what was going on. She looked at the man in front of her. he dropped a knife and started running. Instinctively she touched her stomach. what she saw scared her to tartarus. Her hand was covered in blood


no one answered. Now she started to panic. Her baby. She was going to lose it. Why didn't she hear Ares?

everything is a blur now. She tried to keep her eyes open but she couldn't. what had she done?


She opens her eyes. What the hell is going on? where is she?

"where am I?"


she turns her head only to see Ares. Suddenly she remembers.

"What happened? Ares? Did I lose it? Tell me!" her eyes were full of tears. she was acting almost histerical. Ares was trying to calm her down.

"It's okay Xena...it's okay honey... don't cry baby..."

"How can you say that? We lost our baby... I killed it...how could I do that???"

Ares' eyes met hers. she could see his pain and that made it even worse

"don't talk like that! it wasn't your fault. Do you know who did it?"

"It was one of Athena's followers. I don't know why but he had a knife. I tried to leave and then.." just remembering the incident got her on the verge of crying.

Ares' eyes darkened. He hated his sister. he hated her so much. he would kill her. he promised himself that he would do it. for xena. for his lost baby girl... She wasn't going to get away with this.

"I'll kill her, baby. I swear it she will die. She will suffer!"

" I don't give a fuck about her! I want my baby back! I'm stupid! How could I've been so stupid!?"

"My love...don't say that...don't do this to yourself. We will get through this. I promise."

He didn't know what else to say. He was devastated but she couldn't know. She couldn't know that for split second he actually did put the blame on her. He was so angry. But, no...it wasn't her fault. And even if it was he was never going to tell her.


Xena was sitting behind a tree trying to cry without him seeing her. even if she knew that he could see hee everywhere, it was worth trying. She was way to stubborn to let anyone see her crying. Especially Ares. She had already let herself cry back in his temble.

So...he was right. She was killing everything shw ever loved. she was a monster.