Xena was sad. Ares was ashamed. And time just passed by like that. He would show up every now and then at her mother's house, where she was staying, he would beg her to forgive him, but she wouldn't.

One day, after almost a month from incident, Xena thought that she had to move on. There was this guy, his name was Filippos, and he was really into her. Her mother liked him too. He had money, he was good looking and, above all, he wanted to make her happy.

He was sitting on the table next to Xena's, as always, trying to create a conversation. This time, Xena thought that it would be good for her if she actually tried to get to know him.

Days passed by and they we re just spending some time together and nothing more.Ares was furious. Only the thought made him angry. One day, after a lot of wine they ended up on her bed. that's how this relationship started

Of course that "incident" didn't go unnoticed from Ares. He wanted to burn the whole city, Xena included! He watched every single part of their night and he was disgusted.

After they finished Fillipos wanted Xena to rest on his arms. the moment she tried to get comfortable in his embrace she opened her eyes and found herself in a strange room. at first she didn't understand where she was but I've more look was enough. She was at the halls of War.

"what the fuck you think you're doing? I know you're playing all angry and sad but dint think for one second that you can hi around and fuck whoever you want! you're still mine Xena! whether you like it or not!"

She didn't speak. no..She was still mad at him. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of hearing her voice.

"Damn it Xena! Talk! use your fucking voice! You can't fucking ignore me!!" She was just looking away...She wouldn't even give him the chance to see  her eyes looking at him again and it was killing him. "Xe...please...I told you I'm sorry...I-I fucked up. I just don't know what to do so that you can forgive me. We can do better baby..Just look at me" Xena didn't know what she was feeling. Was she angry? sad? tired? The only thing she knew was that she was confused as hell. She really wanted to stay mad at him. Not even give him a look...But...it was stronger than her. His voice...He was literally begging her for forgiveness. And she couldn't say she didn't try to forget about him...she just had sex with this other guy..Filippos? She couldn't even remember his name.

"You can't do that, Ares" He immediately lightened up. "Do what?" "Fucking up my life and then coming back like nothing happened acting all jealous. You've done it a million times and I can't get through this again." "You're right...I have nothing else to say...Xena, we both know that we are not over. Everyone knows what's going on between  me and you. You know it too. We need each other. you need me and I need you." Many thoughts were passing Xena's head... He was right...she needed him but he couldn't know that. On the other hand he told her that he needed her... She didn't know how to react. The awkward silence was enough for Ares to understand what she was thinking. He always did. They knew each other well enough to know each other's thoughts. So he just followed his instinct. he grabbed and he just kissed her. Xena at first tried to free herself from his hands but he wouldn't let her. He had missed her so much...He also wanted to remind her that she was his. He wouldn't say a word about the night she spent with this guy but she had to be reminded that no matter what, she was, and always will, be his.

"How can you fucking do that? I wanna hate you so much. Just let me hate you for once." "I feel the same...Well, this is how we are, right?"

Back to you/ Selena Gomez

Took you like a shot
Thought that I could chase you with a cold evening
Let a couple years water down how I'm feeling about you
And every time we talk
Every single word builds up to this moment
And I gotta convince myself I don't want it
Even though I do You could break my heart in two
But when it heals, it beats for you
I know it's forward, but it's true I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to
When I'm lying close to someone else
You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it
If I could do it all again
I know I'd go back to you We never got it right
Playing and replaying old conversations
Overthinking every word and I hate it
'Cause it's not me
And what's the point in hiding?
Everybody knows we got unfinished business
And I'll regret it if I didn't say
This isn't what it could be I'd go back to you
What was there wasn't sure
But I'd go back to you
I know I'd go back to you You can break my heart in two
But when it heals, it beats for you
I know it's forward, but it's true
Won't lie, I'd go back to you
You know, my thoughts are running loose
It's just a thing you make me do
And I could fight, but what's the use?
I know I'd go back to you