Life up until now has been good. I have a mother, a grandfather and a little brother and we all live in this shrine. I have great friends.I do good in school and have NEVER been grounded! And yes, I am proud of that! But despite all of that...my oh-so-wonderful life had been shattered.by a certain boy named Inuyasha.

It all started about two months ago.It was a regular day in the Higurashi household it was about 6 o'clock. My mom was cooking something that smelled wonderful to me and I was doing my homework while Souta, my little brother, played video games. It was all great until we heard a knock on the door../

"Kagome, can you go get that? I have my hands full with dinner right now." said my Mom.

"sure, mom!!" I said, getting up and being thankful for a break from the mound of homework that was still lying on my bed.

When I opened the door I saw THE hottest guy in the world.he was soaked by the rain but other than that he was like a god. He had long black hair and piercing violet eyes.I remained in that trance before my mom noticed my not showing whoever it was at the door in. she barged in front of me and grabbed his hand and dragged him in..

"Ooh dear you must be soaked! Let me show you in!" said my mother as I followed her and the hot guy to our living room. I followed her, still in a bit of my trance while I watched him take his damp coat off and sit in my dad's old arm chair. But mom snapped me out of it..

"Kagome! Will you be a dear and go get Mr... Mr..what is your name?" she asked, turning to the guy.

"Inuyasha" he said calmly..and then he winked at me.which I assure you, that pretty much freaked me out.

"Well Kagome will you go get Mr. Inuyasha a towel?" all I could do was nod as I dashed into the bathroom to get away and think about what had just happened.

When I finally got back with the towel my mother had already squeezed most of what was left of him out and she had pretty much learned his whole life story. I gave him the towel and he smirked...making me blush.

Jeez.was I falling for this guy or what?