The Guest- Chapter 10

Kagome's POV

All of us sat down for dinner that night while mom served us. Then she sat down herself with a concerned look on her face.

"Kagome.Inuyasha..what went on with you? What's going on with you now? One minute Kagome, your with that Kouga.and.and.I don't know whats going on!" exclaimed my mother.

"ok! Well.Inuyasha and I had a fight. I thought he cheated on me so I got together with Kouga. But I broke up with Kouga and Inuyasha had never been cheating on me in the first now were back together!"

"so the wedding is still on? I'm going to be a grandmother?"

"umm.sure Mrs. Higurashi.." Inuyasha said while his cheeks flushed.

"yea.whatever you want mom!" I said. Then she squealed so loudly and high pitched it could rival that of a teenager. She was just so cute.

When we got tired and were about to head off to bed, Inuyasha stopped in his tracks.

"um Kagome?.were back together right (I nodded my head). Does that mean we can share a room again?"

"if you want, Inuyasha. I have to admit was hard sleeping without you!" with that I realized what it meant and blushed. "well you know what I mean."

Inuyasha just laughed, which reminded me of how glad I was to be back with him. Kouga was just so.serious. I don't think I ever heard him laugh.

We were just about to go to sleep when something struck me.

"umm.Inuyasha?" I said hoping not to make him mad. He wrapped his arm around me and said "what is it Kagome? Cant sleep?"

"well.I was just thinking..what are we going to do about Naraku?"

"well you know.he tried to break us up.and he killed my parents. I have to avenge them.I'm the only one left!"

"um.when were you planning to do this.avenging? Oh inuyasha! Don't take this the wrong way!" I said, but he just laughed.

"well, kagome. Oh don't worry! I love you! I was planning on getting it over with, so.soon I guess."

"um ok.I was just worried! Kikyou and Kouga said he was dangerous.I'm just scared you might get hurt!"

"ill be lets go to bed, my love." With that he shut off the light. My heart melted at how romantic he was. I felt so lucky..

Inuyasha's POV

Kagome was so cute with her concern it actually helped me sleep. Finally someone was concerned for me. Of corse Kagome had no reason to be concerned. When my parents died when I was 11 (A/N: Inuyasha's 17 right now) I was determined to avenge them. But I had to train myself. Always training for that one day when I would find Naraku and make him pay.

Around the time I met Kagome I had been traveling around trying to find a place to stay. I had tried many placesonly to be turned down. That is.until I met Kagome and her mother.

They showed me true kindness. And truthfully, I know I was mean.I know I was bossy when I was in the Higurashi household. I ordered Kagome around like a slave, and now I feel horrible about it. It was Kagome who changed me, who showed me true love. She showed me the first love I'd sseen since my parents died. And I was eternally greatful.