Warning: Contains corporal punishment. If you find this offensive, please look for entertainment elsewhere. Thanks.

Disclaimer: Even though I've come to feel that a few of the characters have latched onto me, they are still very much the property of Stephenie Meyers. Thank goodness she lets us play with them. All shall be returned in good working order... I think. Jane might be a little worse for wear, but...eh.

AN: This story was a request by Hetalia Trumpet. Here's hoping I can get it right. I've been asked to write a little something placing Carlisle in the role of disciplinarian to Jane. That's actually not an easy task for either Carlisle or me. Carlisle knows his place with regard to the Volturi and their Guard. While he'll stand up to them to protect his family, he would prefer to keep things as friendly as possible between their covens. With that in mind, I decided to take him back in time and am tossing Eleazar back in the mix to be the voice of reason when the good doctor balks. Fingers crossed that this works.

Considering that I adore Marcus, detest Caius, and am greatly amused by Aro's insanity, I think this will be fun to write. Here's hoping it's fun to read.

It's a short chapter to kick it off, but here we go. Enjoy.

"Something need being done!" Eleazar exclaimed as he stormed into Carlisle's chamber and collapsed in a chair with a disgusted grunt.

Looking up from his books, the blond was surprised to see his friend in a state of disarray. The Spaniard was drenched from head to toe. Water pooled around his feet and soaked into the fine fabric of the chair. His dark hair was wildly tussled and dirt streaked his face. His normally impeccable wardrobe was tattered and soiled.

"Good Lord, Ele. What happened to you?"

"Jane," the man snarled through clenched teeth while raking a hand through his unruly locks to push them out of his face.

"She did this to you? But why?"

"Because I say to her, no."

"You told her no?" Carlisle asked, shock coloring his expression as he closed the book he had been reading and gave his friend his complete attention.

"Not exactly," Eleazar began to clarify. "I more say she must wait. She asked me to do a thing, but I was already doing a thing for Aro. I tell her I'm happy to be of help once my task completes, however wasn't acceptable by the little brat princess so she set me ablaze."

The blond lowered his head in an attempt to hid a smirk.

"There's no humor here, Carlisle," Eleazar snarled as he flicked water from his hand in the doctor's direction.

"I'm sorry, Ele," Carlisle said while wiping the droplets from his cheek. "But you know her power doesn't cause actual fire. It's all in your mind. You have a strong mind and should be able to resist her gift."

"Strong mind or no, it felt all over my body. I jump in the main fountain trying to put out."

"At least that explains your soggy presence," Carlisle said with a smile. When the Spaniard only glared back, the younger man cleared his throat and continued to try to uncover the facts. "What was so important that Jane would expect you to put off doing Aro's bidding to attend to her needs?"

"Rearranging her rooms," the dark haired man answered in a sarcastic tone. "She couldn't get one of the human help to move her furniture. Had to be me. Had to be right then. I say I'm busy. Poof. I'm on fire."

Eleazar shook his head as he stretched out his long legs and settled more comfortably into his chair.

"They let her do these things. Whatever she wishes. She becomes a wild child. I tire of this, and I not be the only one. This behavior can't continue to be ignored."

Carlisle sighed softly as his amusement dwindled.

"She does seems to be getting worse. I've heard lots of talk around the castle of late. Many have complained about her, even other members of the Guard, but I doubt those grievances will be taken seriously. Jane is favored too highly for true constraints to be placed on her behavior."

Eleazar huffed.

"Respect will be lost for the Brothers, and not just from among Guard. How can the three be trusted to enforce law when they keep no order in their own house?"

The doctor leaned back in his chair and met his companion's ruby eyes.

"Their house runs very smoothly. You know as well as I that the twins would never move against their masters, and that's all that the community cares about. Stability of command. Besides, Alec and Jane are devoted to Caius. Everyone knows that. He wields them as weapons against all who would oppose him, and thereby assures himself that no one ever would."

The Spaniard rested his head against the back of the chair and closed his eyes before slowly exhaling.

"Monsters Caius creates," he muttered. "But all monsters eventually bite the hand that owns. Even if that not happen, should Jane continue to get worse, The Brothers will find themselves with no subjects. Who will stay for abuse?"

Carlisle had to agree that Eleazar had a point. By their nature, vampires were loners, forming pair bonds but little more. It wouldn't take much of Jane's harassment to convince many of those in service to the Volturi to break away and take on the nomadic life. That could create an unstable governmental structure. At the first sign of weakness in their leaders' power a new war for control would be the most likely outcome. The carefully constructed ruse that kept vampires hidden in the realm of human fantasy would fall apart, placing all at risk. While he doubted the brothers would ever allow it to go that far, Carlisle had to at least consider the possibility.

"You're right," he finally admitted. "Jane could cause more trouble than any of us wish to deal with. Have you tried talking to Aro about her? Maybe he can convince Caius to rein her in."

"It's not reining in she be needing. It's a rein across her back to firmly put her in place that need to be applied."

"Eleazar," the doctor called with disapproval. "Violence isn't an appropriate response. It's better to reason with Jane. Show her how her actions can affect us all. I'm sure she would amend her ways if she realized the harm they can do."

"Hmm. I see children in the square everyday hauled up by an ear to have their ways amended. Why do you think there stands a whipping post? Pain and fear be powerful instructors, Carlisle, and they are the methods the girl uses herself. Is what she understands. She needs taken in hand good and proper. If I thought I could do it, I would, but you see what even saying wait gets me."

"It's not something that any of us can do, nor should we. The Brothers are the only ones who are allowed to sit in judgment. It is up to them, and them alone, to decide when punishment is appropriate. Besides what you suggest is a punishment for a child, which Jane most definitely is not. She is centuries older than the two of us combined. She's an adult who can be reasoned with."

Eleazar raised a brow as he considered his friend's argument.

"She's a twelve year old girl who abuses power just like the niña she is."

"She's a centuries old woman," Carlisle repeated.

"In a child's body," the Spaniard clarified. "She has self important attitude of the child. Yes, she has walked the earth longer, but the world view is that of a over indulged brat. She thinks only of Jane. She needs to be taught that consequences come to her like everyone. Even to Caius' princess."

The doctor held his tongue and shook his head in disagreement.

"You know she now uses her power on humans, sí? She had begun to torture her meals. Claims it improves the flavor," Eleazar said in disgust as he attempted to exploit Carlisle's fondness of their human prey.

"No one, regardless of what they've done, deserves to be abused," the Englishman stated firmly.

"That's what I say. She abuses..."

The blond held up a hand to halt his friend's train of thought.

"You misunderstand, amigo. Yes, her habits repulse me, particularly with regard to humans, but Jane doesn't deserve to be harmed. That's a barbaric method of controlling behavior that should be outlawed. Think of what she was forced to suffer before she was born to this life. It's physical and emotional pain that has turned her into what she is today. Abuse is the root cause of the problem we wish to fix. She needs to be shown kindness and understanding. If her mentality is really limited to that of a child's, then that is how you teach her. You be the example you want her to follow, and she will emulate it."

"She emulates Caius well, no? The rod has been spared for too long, and look at what has become."

Carlisle frowned.

"This entire discussion is purely academic anyway. The point is mute. There's nothing you nor I can do about Jane. She's Caius' prodigy, and he is the one who trained her to be as he wishes her to be. It's something that we just have to learn to live with or avoid as best as we can."

"Her last meal was a child. A boy of maybe eight. She tortured him for several hours before finishing him off. That has been Caius' teaching. For the sake of all things holy, it must stop."

"Caius, your pet really must be brought to heel. The complaints are getting out of hand. You have to gain control over her. This has to stop."

"There are always complaints, brother," the eldest leader said as he shot Aro a withering glare. "They've never bothered you before. What's so different now?"

"They've never posed a problem in the past," Marcus pointed out. "Now Jane shows no self control."

"And why should she? As a member of the Guard, there's no reason for her to worry about such things."

"You of all people know that isn't true, brother," Aro stated as he settled into his seat. "It was you who was the most influential in creating our laws. You know better than most how important it is that we have rules and abide by them."

"She's broken no law."

"No, she hasn't. Not yet, but this new fixation Jane has with exploiting her power is unbecoming and feasibly dangerous. If she uses her power for every little thing, how long until she does something to expose us? How long before she causes a revolt?" the charismatic master asked as he rested his elbows on the arms of his throne and steepled his fingers together. "It's not that I mind personally, but you can't fail to see how problematic this behavior can become."

"And what do you suggest I do?"

"Talk to her? Maybe? Beat her if you must. What do I care as long as it stops this constant abuse of her abilities? I had to kill my favorite human concubine when she tried to escape after a run in with Jane."

"Such a loss," Caius coldly remarked.

"It was. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find one that doesn't prattle on and knows how to take instruction?"

"I'm sure you'll find a suitable replacement."

"I shouldn't have to."

The ancient brother waved his hand dismissively in response to Aro's insignificant problem.

"Then there's the issue of the Guard," the outspoken leader remarked.

"What issue are you talking about?"

"There are rumblings of defection. Jane has turned on her own more times than can be counted."

"247," Marcus dully injected.

"There. See? That is a problem."

"See what? So they argue among themselves from time to time. It's to be expected," Caius answered. "It means nothing."

"It means we could lose some of our most valuable assets."

"Jane and Alec are our most valuable assets."

"Perhaps, but a complete set is of far greater use than a single piece. Are you willing to turn over power to our enemies, because if we don't employ our talented brothers and sisters it's only a matter of time before others will. You don't think the Romanians wouldn't eagerly welcome those who leave us with open arms?"

"We've destroyed them once. We would do it again."

"At what cost?"

Caius scowled at his brother's comment, the quietly growled.

"I will not reprimand Jane for being who she is."

"Someone must teach her proper decorum for the good of us all."

"She behaves well enough."

"Here, in our presence, but obviously not away from the throne room."

"Why not have someone else act as disciplinarian since that isn't a responsibility Caius desires?" Marcus suggested.

"Like who?" the eldest asked while a frown continued to darken his expression.

A wicked grin suddenly graced Aro's face and he clasped his hands together in delight

"I know just the person. What say we pit your pet against mine?"

"Carlisle?" the elder sneered. "He doesn't stand a chance. Jane would eat him alive."

"Not if she is told to obey him."

"I would never give your aberration control over my prodigy."

"It wouldn't be permanent. Just until she has learned to better temper her ways in more public settings."

"My answer is no."

"A wager might make things more interesting," Aro said, his smile never faltering. "I'll accept whatever terms you desire on a bet that my pet has a stronger will than yours. Carlisle will have Jane on her best behavior inside of a month. What say you?"

Caius' eyes narrowed as he carefully considered the deal placed before him.

"Jane will break your Carlisle before the end of the first week. His strange ways are no match for her ability."

"Since the idea is to get her to make better use of her abilities, she won't be allowed to use them on Carlisle unless she feels threatened."

"And if she believes he is acting in a threatening manner, no quarter will be given. He will bear the full brunt of her gift."

"Agreed! This will be a delightful change from the ordinary."

"Does Carlisle have any experience with children?" Marcus wondered aloud to himself.

"Who cares?" Caius snarled. "Jane will have him begging for death before long, and I would be only too happy to oblige."

"We shall see, brother. We shall see."