Two days passed while Harrison considered the options. He knew the clan was right. Neutrality was the best option for not only him but the clan. Otherwise the entire clan could be dragged into the Wizarding War.

During this time he also had a visit from Kuroh. It had been a surprise and not a pleasant one. He found out that Ichigen was dying and he wanted to see Harrison. Of course the young man agreed to go see him.

Harrison wore a black t-shirt with a fox crest on its shoulder and black dress pants. The sword that Ichigen gave him was belted at his side. He looked like the King he was. Side apparating took him to the mountains. The house hadn't changed much since the last time he was there. The only thing he noticed that had was how quiet it was. There weren't even any sounds of animals. It was eerie.

When he entered the house he was immediately hit with the scent of sickness. Harrison froze. How had it gotten this bad? Ichigen had worked with them for so long. If the scent was anything to go by the old King was not long for their world. He would miss the man that was for certain. Ichigen had been his first introduction into the Kings and now he was dying.

Kuroh stated with a pained look, "I'll stay here. This meeting is to be between the two of you. Take as long as you need."

Pain tore at his chest at the implication. He was pretty much declaring this would be the last time Harrison saw Ichigen alive. If he had anything to say now would be the time to say it. All he could do was nod mutely at Kuroh. Harrison took the familiar route to Ichigen's rooms.

The door to his rooms was plain. There was no physical indication that someone so powerful was behind it. If it wasn't for the scent that lay so heavily behind it he would never have known. Here he hesitated unsure if he really wanted to see Ichigen. The King would not begrudge him leaving. Then again Harrison would always have the what if? in the back of his mind.

Harrison raised his hand to knock and hesitated again. Only for a voice to come from the other side weakly, "Come in, Harrison."

Harrison did just that. He entered a simple bedroom where Ichigen looking frail in his bed. He wore a light grey shirt and the blanket lay half way up his chest.

Ichigen greeted, "Harrison come over."

Harrison slowly walked over. He tried to give the man a happy smile. Ichigen rolled his eyes and Harrison knew he had failed. Oh well. He tried.

Once he stood in front of the older King the man smiled up at him. He took a hold of Harrison's arm in a weak grip. Despite his dislike of touch he allowed the touch.

"I'm glad you came, Harrison," he said, "I'm sorry that it came to this. I thought I had more time than this."

"What happened?" Asked Harrison pained.

Tiredly the man said, "Pancreatic Cancer. I was diagnosed earlier in the year. Unfortunately it's not treatable and it's spread to my other organs. I was doing the best I could to visit you before."

"Why didn't you say anything?" He mumbled.

A soft look entered the sick man's eyes as he replied, "I didn't want you to worry, Harrison. You've had enough on your plate since meeting your father. Unfortunately for you things are only going to get worse."

"What do you mean?"

A cryptic smile crossed his face as he answered, "Do not doubt your thoughts on the agreement. Make an unbreakable vow and get out of the war. Or someone will try to force you into the war between wizards."

Harrison felt the blood drain from his face. How did he know about the war and the offer? Then he remembered the ability that Ichigen held. Clairvoyance. Could he see what was happening?

Ichigen continued, "Trust your gut and don't let the HOMRA get a hold of you. Kusanagi still remembers you stealing his lighter. They don't take kindly to being a thief."

Harrison gave a goofy grin but it only lasted a few minutes before he became somber. What could he say here? Ichigen was going to die and there was nothing he could do.

Ichigen released his arm and said, "Shift please. Stay here one last time."

Harrison's eyes went wide with surprise before he nodded. He could shift and stay with Ichigen one more time. Shifting was easy and he jumped up onto the bed. As he laid down he placed his chin down upon Ichigen's chest. A hand came up to pet his fur.