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When Todd wakes up, he's cold. It's not the kind of cold that comes from lack of blankets, or having the air conditioner on too high. No, this cold came from loneliness. This happens a lot. But he deals with it. It never goes away, but it's not as prominent sometimes. Right now though, he feels almost like ice. For a few minutes, he just sits in his bed, deciding if he should go downstairs or not. When he sees it's almost three in the morning, and he thinks he won't disturb anyone, he walks downstairs.

Almost immediately he realizes that people are awake. There's only one possibility, after all, they're the only students who haven't left Brakebills. He doesn't want to annoy anyone, but he really needs some warmth right now. Deciding to risk it, he walks into the kitchen and begins to make hot chocolate. He can hear them all in cottage's living room, Eliot's voice just a little louder then the others. They're talking about Blackspire. He knows it's probably an important conversation so he does his best to hurry up as to not disturb any of them.

"That shit will kill you." He jumps when he hears her voice. When he turns to her Margo is simply staring at him with a single eyebrow raised, arms crossed.

After his heart stops racing from the scare she give him, he gives her a shy smile and shrugs. "There's worse ways to go." When she simply keeps staring at him, he rubs the back of his neck in guilt. "I-uh, I'm sorry. I really didn't know anyone was awake until I came downstairs, I didn't mean to bother you all."

She squints her eyes at him, both of them. He's still getting used to the fact that she has two eyes again, though he'll never say it out loud, or course. After a moment she uncrosses her arms and shrugs. "You didn't. They all have their heads so far up Blackspire's ass they didn't even notice you."

He nods, clasping the warm cup in his hand. "You did." It's not a question. He can't tell if she's mad or not.

"I notice a lot nowadays." She points to her right eye. "Fairy eye."

"Holy shit, really? That's so cool!" He doesn't mean to get excited, he really doesn't. They never told him how she got a new eye, he just knew she did. He had assumed Julia had fixed it for her. While Julia is cool, this was off the charts awesome and he couldn't contain the outburst. He blushes slightly. "Sorry."

She waves her hand, signaling it's fine. "Your aura is practically buzzing. I may not like you all that much, but being a High King has unfortunately made me more caring, so, you wanna spill and tell me what's got your panties in a twist?"

He wants to ask her about his aura, so badly, but he doesn't. "Oh, no, I'm fine, just a little cold is all." She clearly doesn't believe him but she lets it slide. She leaves the kitchen and he's not sure why, but he follows her.

She's not far. She's leaning against the entryway to the living room, watching all her friends. That word rattles around in his for a few seconds.

Julia is sitting between Quentin and Eliot on the sofa in front of the window. They're all looking at some sort of map but Todd doesn't miss the way Quentin and Eliot look at each other when they think the other isn't looking. Josh is sitting on top of the table, talking to Penny twenty three about something while he lounges on the couch. Kady and Alice are more separate from the group. Alice is sitting in the hidden nook by the bookshelf reading a book that he immediately recognizes as the Tale of the Seven Keys. Kady is simply leaning against a wall, not looking at anything in particular, but sometimes her eyes move towards Penny twenty three and her face doesn't show it, but to Todd her eyes tell a lot, and he knows she's sad. He can't even begin to imagine what she's feeling.

It feels almost like he and Margo are on the outside looking in. But it's really only him. She belongs, he doesn't. Her face and eyes barely reveal anything but he knows she's upset about something. He's awkward, and probably unwelcome. He knows that. But he admires these people, Margo especially, and he doesn't like when any of them are upset. "Can I tell you a secret?"

Margo looks at him like he's grown two heads but eventually nods at him. "If we never get magic back, I'd be okay with that."

Her eyes widen slightly. "Are you shitting me? A world without magic is fucking hideous."

He smiles at her and shrugs. "Not to me. When I was accepted into Brakebills, I thought magic was going to fix everything. I thought I'd never be lonely or have any problems ever again. Obviously, I was wrong. Even when I had magic, I was still lonely. I still didn't have any friends, not really. And after it was gone, that really didn't change at all. But." He moves his eyes away from her and back to the group. "But what did change was how I looked at things. How I look at people changed. I thought magic was my answer to loneliness, but it's not. People are. Now that it's gone I can see that. People are better than magic. Being able to move stuff with a flick of my wrist and learning how to do all kinds of magic was great, but people? People are magic too."

She rolls her eyes at him. "I'd tell you that if you were even sappier then you already are you might be accused of having a pussy, but, I've seen your dick."

He ignores her harshness and smiles sadly at the group. "Magic isn't a permanent fix to anything, but people are. People will love you unconditionally and they'll listen to your thoughts, your worries, your hopes, and when you're sad or lonely, they'll cheer you up. And to me? That's magic. I haven't ever gotten to experience that kind of magic before, but I know if I ever do, I'll be extremely lucky. People are magic, Margo. They really are."

The two of them don't say anything for a while, just stand in silence and watch the others.

"You know," He looks back towards Margo when he hears her voice. "You're kinda not the worst." He beams at her. From anyone else, that wouldn't be a compliment, but coming from Margo, it's the biggest compliment he's ever gotten. She walks towards the group and looks at him, silently asking if he's coming and he almost trips in his rush to follow her.

And when Margo subtly asks for his opinion on something, he knows it's her way of telling him that he's welcome in the group in her eyes.

He shyly asks Josh if he'd like his hot chocolate because he knows Josh loves sweets and when he smiles at him and takes it, thanking him, Todd feels lucky. Todd doesn't need the warm drink. Especially not when Penny twenty three meets his eyes and nods to the spot next to him on the couch, telling Todd he's free to sit there. And he does. Josh and Penny quickly add him into the conversation they're having about music and Todd looks over at Margo where she's sitting next to Eliot, hoping his eyes are conveying how extremely grateful he is. She rolls her eyes and mouths the word pussy at him but he knows there's no true meanness behind it. When Penny asks him a question, he's more than happy to answer.

Suddenly, he's not cold anymore.