A Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel / CSI crossover. This story is the fourth in a series, the earlier parts are Should Have Gone To Vegas..., Manhunters, and Slayer, Las Vegas. They should ideally be read in that order, since the events of previous stories are mentioned. This story is set immediately after the Angel season 4 story "Orpheus", and contains spoilers for BtVS up to "Lies My Parents Told Me" and Angel up to "Orpheus". I've no idea where it fits in CSI continuity, if there is such a thing.

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I'm British, so's my spelling. Live with it. Reposted to fix characterisation and continuity errors - Many apologies!

Potential Problem

By Marcus L. Rowland


We were somewhere on the edge of the desert when the magic took hold, and Willow turned to me and said "I think it's done now. Take a look in the mirror."

Not easy when you're driving on a poorly-marked back road, but I pulled down the visor and took a quick look in the vanity mirror. Still me, sort of, but not... light brown hair, pale freckled skin, softer nose. So cute I could puke.

"Did'ya have to make me look so... girly?"

"Pretty much. The spell messes with your actual appearance, not an illusion, so all of that is latent in your genes; some of the choices you didn't make as an embryo. It's cosmetic, doesn't change your fingerprints or anything. It'll go in a couple of days, this is just to get you well clear of LA."

We stopped for a minute and Willow took a couple of Polaroids of me, front and side views.

"Just so long as you remember I'm not your girlfriend. You've made me so pretty..."

Willow blushed, and said "Actually I think I preferred you as you were, but either way you're not really my type. Yay for Slayer strength and all, but I've been the bad girl, I don't want to date one."

"You really tried to destroy the world?"

"If Xander hadn't stopped me..."

"Okay... remind me not to make you mad. So this disguise will last just long enough to get back to Sunnydale, where the cops know my face."

"I can renew it if I have to, and we'll come up with something better, Faith, maybe a spell to make everyone remember you as having been pardoned or something. Giles is working on it. Besides, when did you last hear of the Sunnydale police being able to tell their asses from their elbows? Except when they wanted to get rid of Buffy, of course..."

"True. Okay, next question, why are we taking this route? We're so far East we're practically in Nevada."

"Synchronicity. I cast the runes before we left, this is the way we need to travel. We may end up crossing the state line, which is one reason why I wanted to change your looks. There's probably a police check there, you weren't the only prisoner to go missing when Los Angeles went dark."

"Crap. Okay, better think of something to call me then, it'd be a nuisance if you called me Faith and a cop overheard and took my prints."

"Hope... nope. Charity... I don't think so."

"Charity, right." I couldn't help grinning.

"Joyce? Doubt you'll forget that."

"Hey... That's a low one. B won't like it, I'm not sure I like it. Joyce was okay, and I hurt her. Couldn't even send a card to the funeral."

"But you won't forget it, will you? Look, Buffy needn't know, it's just to cover you until we get to Sunnydale. What about a surname?"

"Easy. With this nose and the freckles I look a little like you. Okay, I'm Joyce Rosenberg, your cousin from LA. Your atheist cousin, if someone says something Jewish."

"Both wearing crosses here... Joyce."

"Jews for Jesus, baby."

"Oy... take a right up ahead."

"That's got us heading for the state line and the freeway. Are you sure?"

"Yeah, the road is calling me."

"Now that's scary. You channelling Drusilla or something?"

"No, I just know it's the way we need to go. Keep on this road, and let me work on your driver's licence and ID. The papers are easy, it's getting you onto the computers that's the hard part."

We drove on that way for ten miles or so, then her mobile started beeping. "Hello? Oh, hi Buffy... Yeah, I'm on my way back to Sunnydale. Stop off?... Ooh, I wanted to meet them, see the labs... No problem, I'm not far from Nevada. Okay, tell them we're coming." Her face reddened again, and she said "Sorry, I should have said, I'm with a friend... No, not a girlfriend... Not a boyfriend either... Don't worry, it'll be okay. I'll tell you when I see you. 'Bye." She rung off, and said "Slight change of plans, Faith... uh Joyce. We're going to Vegas."

To Be Continued