February sat cross-legged on the floor of the Starship, debating over which color of nail polish she should use on Bug's toenails.

She smiled, reaching for a sparkly blue that she knew would bring out Bug's eyes.

At least this "bored day" would be spent in an enjoyable manner.

"Ouch! That hair is attached to my head, you idiota!"

Taz's yell came out of nowhere, startling February and making her accidentally spill the sparkly blue nail polish all over Bug's feet.

"Taz, you made me mess up! I was supposed to be painting Bug's toenails, not turning Bug into a Smurf!"

"Don't blame me," Taz replied, glaring at Mega-Girl, "blame this heap of metal junk!"

Mega-Girl angrily stuck her tongue out at Taz but didn't say anything.

Taz rolled her eyes.

"But... if it bothers you, I won't yell at her."

"Thank you," February said, turning back to Bug, "I'll be right back. I have to grab some nail polish remover."

"Come on, Taz, let me do your hair," Mega-Girl pled.

Taz folded her arms across her chest but leaned back so that Mega-Girl could do her hair.

"I just hate bored days so much," Bug admitted, "as much as I love having the time to hang out with you guys, I didn't join the G.L.E.E. as a Starship Ranger for this."

"I know, right? Por que sucede esto?" Taz asked, nodding her head to the best of her ability while her hair was being pulled and yanked every which way.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

Why does this happen?

They could think of nothing.

A pounding at the door that night awoke Taz.

"What is it?"

She shuffled towards the door and opened it before whoever was there could knock again.

There, standing just outside of her door, stood three figures.


Bug- wait... that was the Bug they had first met. Not the insect Bug, but human.

And a young woman, strangely familiar, who stood stiffly next to Bug and Up. Her clothes were all white and her hair, chin-length with long bangs, was chestnut brown.

"What is going on? What is happening?"

As soon as these words escaped Taz's lips, she knew the answer. She wanted to take back the question, take back this night, forget what she was seeing.

But her fears were instead confirmed.

"Something happened, Taz," Up said in a hushed voice, "and now we're all completely human."