Hello you merry people! After some suggestions from several reviewers on my previous stories, particularly from the likes of the user AnimeMasterDub, I've decided to have a go at my own attempt at a Ben 10 and Boku no/My Hero Academia crossover! As like my two other works, the premise will be that of a 12-year old Ben venturing off into another Universe, only this time, it's an actual planet Earth.

This is going to be a little bit different from my other stories. As you could probably tell, I try to change the behavior of the Bens depending on the crossover.

My first crossover, the Null Fairy, featured a slightly cocky, anxious and excited Ben Tennyson, while my RWBY crossover, the Huntsman from the Void, featured a more emotional and timid version. These natures were all a result of the damage to Ben's physics from being exposed in the Null Void. If you're a new reader to this, please refer to the first two chapters of the Null Fairy. This Ben Tennyson will be featured with a colder, more blunt and stubborn personality as a result of being forced to survive and kill in the Null Void. Let me know in the review section what you guys think about it!

And as always, I'll be going with my typical trademark intro. I own nothing related to the subject of Ben 10 nor Boku no/My Hero Academia. Ben 10 belongs to Man of Action, and Boku no/My Hero Academia to Kōhei Horikoshi. Please enjoy the first chapter of this new crossover, and have a good rest of your day!

Chapter One: Across Earths…


The state of the Universe was unknown to many people. Others may simply not be interested in it, as they may not be even aware of the area around them. When people do learn about the world around them though, what happens to said individuals when they are suddenly thrown into a volley of crazy adventures and things that any sane person would deem as unresponsive, impossible, or outright stupid?

That was the case for the young, 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, who experienced some of that today currently. In fact, he hadn't done anything special to get into that himself. As things were the most dangerous thing that could happen to him was getting a brain freeze from a strange, cold liquid he was drinking, it was likely that nothing would happen, at least today.

However, it was not the case. Now typically, a normal boy of his age would've been spending a joyful time doing fun things on a summer vacation after the ending of a school semester. However, that went all down the drain during the first day of that event. After discovering that extraterrestrials really did exist, his own family having ties to outer space and its inhabitants, and even inheriting a piece of powerful technology by accident, the normal life of the ten year old suddenly became one uncontrollable event of awe and action.

It was not all sunshine and rainbows though. During this spectacular summer vacation, an encounter of the nemesis of his grandfather, the boy ended up fighting against said enemy alongside another foe he made during his misadventures. That encounter ended up with him and said enemies being transported into an alternate dimension. This world was eerie, dangerous, and most of all…mind boggling.

Since that incident passed, many things had changed. From the fact that Ben was unable to escape through this world, now known to him as the Null Void, it only added to damage his psyche. The Null Void was basically a prison, and not an ordinary one at that. Whether it was full of bloodthirsty denizens that would stop at nothing to kill, eat, and possibly…do other things to their prey, or that the fact that this void was endless, directionless, and possessed everything possible to destroy the innocence and pure nature of anyone that came into there, all of these started to apply to Ben.

And now, the story takes place, two years later…

"You…you're Grandpa's old Plumber teammate, Phil. What are you doing here?" Ben's eyes narrowed.

Inside of the Null Void, he stood on top of a large asteroid and was currently facing off against a middle aged man wearing some sort of space suit. Ben was currently wearing a grey shirt with a black stripe, and dark olive green cargo pants.

This person, Phil, was a former accomplice of his grandfather's. He smiles at him as he stands behind him, with Ben turning around to face him. "Surviving here in the Null Void just as you have ever since you and your wretched cousin trapped me here. I knew you would try to find a way to escape. Ever since I saw you fighting Vilgax and his lapdog those two years ago, all I needed to know was I needed to wait."

Ben glares the man while backing up. "You saw me fighting those two, and didn't even bother to help? Typical."

"Whatever. The only way out is through a Null Void Projector, so even someone like Vilgax is fodder. It's a good thing they were sent off though…" Phil responds. "As long as you have that Omnitrix of yours, you're guaranteed to survive."

Ben goes for his left arm as he said that. The device that he called out, the Omnitrix, was located on his wrist. The Omnitrix looked like a very big wristwatch, primarily black and grey in color, with a black dial in the middle of the watch face which had a green hourglass shape. Four emerald green circles were located on each of the four directions, and two green buttons were located on the left and right sides. Two white like protrusions wrapped itself around the device, circling itself back towards the dial.

"So, what do you want then?" Ben responds with a cold-like tone. Phil smiles as he goes for a holster on his hip.

"I seem to recall that it was you and your family's fault in the first place for my trapping here… So I propose this: I get to use that portal, and you get to live." He said while aiming a pistol at Ben.

What he was referring to was a machine located behind Ben. It was currently maintaining a vortex of red, with mounts of complicated machinery keeping it up as Ben and Phil talked with one another.

"You must be crazy if you think I'll let you travel back to Earth. Your exploitation of that Mount Rushmore Null Void Projector is more enough of a reason to keep you here." The youth barks.

"Oh?! Fine then, suit yourself, Tennyson!" Phil growls as he pulls the trigger. Ben, reacting in time, manages to roll and dodge. Phil begins to run towards Ben, bringing out a pole from a holster on his left, extending it to its full length and attempted to swing it at Ben. Ben dodged again and tried to activate the Omnitrix by pressing its two buttons, but was thwarted by Phil.

"You can't use that watch of yours if I don't give you a chance to use it!" Phil said in an evil smirk. However, Ben merely responded with a small smile of his own as he stands up.

"I don't know if you heard, but who said I had to manually activate it now?" He corrects him as the green hourglass on the Omnitrix flashes, wrapping Ben in a dome of green light.

As the emerald flash vanished, Ben was revealed to have been replaced with a creature resembling a blue monkey, the difference though was that it had four arms and eyes. It wore a coat of blue fur, with a darker blue tone for its skin color. A uniform of black and white was shown as his green eyes glared at Phil. The Omnitrix dial was on its chest, now resembling an emblem of sort as the green of the hourglass turned to white.

"Come on Philly! I can beat you with three hands tied behind my back!" Ben jokes as he taunts him with a silly gesture.

"Grr… Damn Spidermonkey! Show me then, you smart alec!" Phil yells as he charges at him once more.

"Oh, nice guess at this form's name!" Spidermonkey compliments. As the man began running to attack, Spidermonkey grinned while bringing up his tail. Aiming it at Phil, his tail released a string of strong webs, splattering Phil in the white substance and tangling him up, causing him to fall onto his back. Phil grunted as he struggled to get out of the webs.

"Ohhhh… Guess you're all tangled up! Ha, get it?" He jokes once again, this time while scratching his armpits in a matter to real life simians.

The taunt only made Phil more furious. Breaking the bundle of web in a rush of aggression, Phil quickly rushes towards Spidermonkey, catching the Arachnichimp by surprise. "TENNYSON!"


Phil rocked his pole back, before swinging it down in Spidermonkey's direction. The alien monkey managed to dodge in time by leaping into a somersault above his figure, but the moment he landed, a clash of metal was heard, making the chimp dart his head behind him.

"Oh no!" His eyes widened. He didn't notice that he was right behind the portal's generator, and as a result of Phil's blunt trauma onto the machine, it began to spark out of control.

"Look at you've did! You'll PAY for this, you hear me?!" The blue alien screeches with anger towards Phil. The elder man looks at the machine in slight surprise, before turning back to Ben with a smug smile.

"Aw, well too bad then." He simply says with a shrug. The situation was now reversed, with Spidermonkey becoming pissed off now.

"Alright, that's it! You're DEAD!" Spidermonkey grits his teeth as he slaps the Omnitrix dial, causing him to flash green again.

In his place was a crystalline humanoid like alien. It was a silicon based alien made of extremely durable crystal. The rock-like cover on his body was overall purple, with several dark lines and spots. His hands and face were made of a magenta like crystal, and he also sported six magenta shards on his back, two on his chest, and one on the top of his head that resembled a horn. His face consisted of a mouth and one large green eye at the center. Wearing a black and white brace that went around his neck and went down to his torso, the Omnitrix dial was located on his collarbone.

"What the heck is that…?" Phil narrows his eyes. "That a Petrosapien or something?"

"I'll tell you something! This is Chromastone!" The crystal alien roars as he clenched his fists, firing beams of ultraviolet light in Phil's direction. Phil used his pole to whack a few a few of them from harm's way, then proceeding to twirl it to scatter the rest.

Chromastone jumped up and fired another beam, causing Phil to dodge roll. After recovering from the movement, Phil rushed towards the rock alien. The magenta creature crossed his arms as he rammed himself into Phil.

The two began exchanging blows, with the two of them occasionally taking hits from one another. Chromastone's crystal-like skin however simply mitigated the damage as Phil continued to take more and more blows from Chromastone's punches and kicks.

After whacking his pole away, Phil growls as Chromastone knocks him back with a front-kick, causing him to land on his bottom. "Any last words, Phil?"

"Pft, lucky shot." He spits onto the ground as he stands up. Going for a pouch on his belt, he smirks as he pulls out a small, remote like device that had two stick like protrusions.

Narrowing his one eye, Chromastone was about to release another beam, but it was then that the former accomplice of his grandfather tapped a button on it. Waves of sonic vibrations became to sound off in an omni-effect, causing Chromastone's crystal-like body to crack from the force, even from within his exterior layer. He grunted in pain as he kneeled, making Phil smirk.

"How's that for you, Ben? A Sonic Emitter, courtesy of your own dear o' Grandpa Max." Phil said as he waved the said the device.

Expecting more groans of anguish, instead though, Phil was introduced to a pained smirk as Chromastone slowly stood up. "You must be a doofus, aren't you?!"


"There's no point in using such a thing if you know that I can transform!" Chromastone yells as he lunges towards Phil, the Omnitrix dial flashing once more.

Enveloping him in a flash, this time, Ben was replaced with a large, humanoid alien. He was approximately twelve feet tall, had well developed muscles, two pairs of four-fingered arms, and red skin. A black stripe went from his chin to his lower lip, and he had four eyes: a main pair, and a smaller pair below them that were colored green. He wore a grey t-shirt with a black line going down it, black pants, and fingerless gloves. The Omnitrix symbol was located on his upper left shoulder.

"…Uh-oh." Phil gulps as he quickly takes his blaster out, shooting a few shots at his face. As the cloud of smoke dissipated, it was revealed that it did no harm to him.

"…You should really get your alien know-how started up again, Phil! Don't you know that Tetramands, like Four Arms, are resistant to lasers and fire?!" Four Arms barks as he slaps the gun away, before grabbing all four of Phil's limbs with his four appendages.

"AAAAH! Get away from me, you freak!" Phil shrieks as Four Arms moves his face closer to his.

"…I'm going to make this as painful as I can…but I would like it if you didn't resist. So here's what I'm gonna do, Philly…" Four Arms smirks, releasing his hold on Phil's left leg.

With his arm now free, he goes for the area between the shoulder and neck on Phil. Pinching it in an aggressive way, the two hear an eerie sound going off as Phil's entire body goes limb.

"AAAAAH…! What…did you do…to me?!" He growls in pain, unable to move any longer as Four Arms holds him upside down by his legs. The red alien folds his bottom arms as he smiles.

"…Hephaestan Neuro Grip, useful for subduing all matter of prey…" Four Arms quotes, before swinging Phil at a wall. The man cries out in pain as he leaves a slight indentation. He hits him a few more times, before standing on the edge of the asteroid.

"W-Wait a second!" Phil gulps.

"Don't worry. The effect should only last a few more minutes. And since you're a former Plumber, you should have experience in falling from immeasurable heights." Four Arms replied.


"So long, Phil." He simply says as he lets him go. Phil could be heard screaming the entire time as Four Arms turns back towards the vortex generator, frowning.

"Now…to deal with this." He sighs. He taps the Omnitrix dial, reverting back to Ben.

Ben struggled to recalibrate the machine, doing all he could to try and stabilize the system. He started to sweat a little though, as the part that Phil smashed was the main battery, meaning that no matter what he did, it would break down.

"Oh no…" He says as the terminal he worked on exploded. Immediately, the portal started to spark and began to become a suction vortex.

Yelping as he began to fly into the portal, he struggled to hold onto the rim. Ben's expression turned from one of mild concern to extreme shock. He reached for the Omnitrix to turn into an alien, forgetting that he could activate in in his mind for that split second, but before his hand could even reach the dial, an intense white light engulfed his vision, effectively blinding him as he covered his eyes.

After a moment of shining brightly, the white light disappeared in an instant. There was nothing left. No portal, no Ben Tennyson, nothing. The Null Void, was now devoid of one of its many prisoners, but to who knows where?

In the night lit sky of Japan, the spring winds blew across the town of Musutafu. A giant mansion stood proudly as the lit lights within it dazzled through the surrounding area. The building was a fair distance away from any urban locations, most likely because of all the borders and decorative greenery.

A large gate with the surname "Yaoyozoru" was seen in the front. Beyond that, a large road of pavement that was decorated with a splendid amount of tiling was seen. But, from the rooftop though, a trapdoor was seen opening up, with a young woman exiting out. She sighed with joy as the wind blew against her long hair. She wore a sky blue nightgown as she sat.

"…Ah, such a wonderful evening." She smiles.

She looks up to see the full moon. As she continued to enjoy the scenery, she glances down at her hand. Her palm was the object she was looking at as she held it up. A particle mix of pink, yellow, and green could be seen as something began to form from underneath her skin, before popping itself out with a simple puff. The girl smiles as she catches the object, revealing itself to be a small analog clock.

"This day has gone out perfectly! I got my hair done, the recommendations to U.A came like wildfire… And to top it all off, I finished all of my assignments on record time!" She cries out in joy as she lays down.

"…I think I deserve a bit of shut eye before dinner." She then yawned a bit. Before she could close her eyes though, from the corner of her view…

"Ale~?" She blinks, sitting up.

Properly turning her head to face the predicament that attracted her eyes to look at, she finally realized that it wasn't merely a light, but rather…a vortex of some sort. Immediately, she stood up because the portal was right above the vicinity of her home, the Yaoyozoru mansion.

'A Quirk?!' She says. She quickly took off her gown as the familiar glow that she emitted covered her entire body. A few seconds later, an entirely new outfit fitted itself onto her rather mature body. This costume consisted of a red leotard-like vest with silver linings and edges and matching red boots. She sported a gold utility belt that matched a band that goes across her chest. Her vest left space open from the center of the collar to the waist above the belt. And to top it off, a hairband formed on her hair, tying her long appendages into a spiky ponytail which left bangs on the right side of her face.

As she waited for the vortex to commit an action, the first thing she saw was a humanoid figure. Her eyes widened to see the speeding person flying out, and at the rate he or she was going, they would be splattering themselves onto the floor like a meat pancake.

"Oh no!" She yells.

Looking around, she began to predict the landing area of the person in question, and after doing so, she quickly opened the front of her outfit. Fortunately for her, there was no one able to see her voluptuous body as she began to activate her ability once more. Generating a black panel with a gray-colored spring attached it to, she huffs as she jumps onto it. Upon making contact, she was flung quite the distance towards the figure's location.

"Come on…!" She growls as she gets a little closer.

In an attempt to gain another advantage favor in height, the girl quickly creates another spring and jumps off from it. The figure gasps as she catches her, although her plan quickly backfires since she failed to take the rest of the fall into account. The girl gasps as the two begin to fall, but it was then that the figure she caught turned to her.

"Quick, let me go! I can get us out of this!" He yells. The girl turns to him, seeing only the reflection of his emerald eyes as she obliges his command. She looks down to see a familiar hourglass shaped dial as it flashes green.

Covering her eyes, she once again upon feeling an unfamiliar material touching her. Opening her eyes, they widen immensely at the sight of what she saw. Replacing Ben was a rocky, humanoid alien. He was a large, bulky, reddish-brown alien with rocky skin, a giant mouth and a molten lava planet core at the center of his body. His feet were tan with three toes. He had three fingers and one thumb on each hand. He wore black pants with green stripes and black arm braces. He wore the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

"W-What in the name of…?" She opens her mouth in awe, but before she could get a proper response, the giant figure looks at her with his green eyes.

"Heads up. This may get a little bumpy." He simply says an arm of his begins to exert a green aura. The girl freaks out a little as he lets go of her body, only to feel no force exerted on her from the flow of gravity.

"Huh?" She blinks, before shrieking a little from the sound of the alien landing in the yard of her home with a loud thud. The ground shook a bit as a small crater was formed from his landing.

"Ooof…" He grunts, letting his powers cease as the glow from his hand dissipates. The girl lets out a slight yelp as she falls down once again, this time landing on the rocky hand of her savior. As the alien let her down, she first dusted herself off, before looking at the heaping figure with a shocked look, as if a delayed reaction happened within her body.

"Um… Excuse me, but… WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU?!" She yells, before covering her mouth a slightly tinted face. "Sorry about that."

"Er… no harm done." He says, before lifting an arm towards her. "My name is Gravattack."

"Gravattack? Now that's a Hero name I've never heard before." She says as she accepts the gesture. "My name is Momo Yaoyozoru."

While Momo smiled at her savior, Gravvattack simply gave her a confused look. "…A Hero name? I think you've got something confused, lady."

"Eh? But, that's your Quirk, right? Your ability is to turn into this form, is it not?" Her bangs twitch a little as she blinks. She pokes his rocky exterior as Gravattack sweat drops.

"N-No, wait a second. This form's name is Gravattack. I'm actually human, just like you are, though I don't have the ability to create objects from nothing however…" He answers.

Gravattack then reached up to the Omnitrix dial on his forehead and tapped it. The resulting green flash forced the creation girl to shield her eyes, and when she uncovered them her jaws almost dropped half way to the ground from what she saw.

"But, my real name is Ben. Ben Tennyson." He introduced himself with a neutral expression. "Thanks for the help."

Inside the Yaoyozoru Mansion…

"So..." Ben rubbed his neck. "I don't suppose you could tell me where I am exactly?"

"Well, you're in the town of Musutafu. You're in a part of Japan." Momo asks. She was quick shake off her initial shock, albeit not entirely, and proceeded to answer Ben's question.

"Japan…" He murmurs from atop a bed. The two were currently residing back in Momo's room. When Ben first entered the place, he immediately noticed how fancy everything was, but he wasn't going to be as rude as to just straight up ask about her family and her history.

"Do…you not know what that is?" Momo asks as she takes off her hair band, letting her hair flow down freely. By now, she had returned back to her night gown, storing away her costume in a nearby closet.

"No, I know that is a country, I was just surprised. Earth looks…futuristic, as compared to the last time I was here?" He reveals to her. "…What year is it?"

"Year? It's around the 20XX's. When was the last time you visited Earth, if what you're saying is true?" The Creation user asks.

"…It is true, though the idea I'm getting is that this might be an alternative world, an alternate Earth. The last time I was in my Earth, the surroundings were not as clean and futuristic like. It was the mid 2000's when I was last there." The Omnitrix wielder answers.

"An alternate Earth? That's…a bit unbelievable." Momo admits.

"Well, you saw me come out from a worm hole, and you have the ability to make things from nothing. Speaking of which, what is that anyways?" Switching the topic, Ben started to ask Momo about her abilities. "You called them Quirks, right?"

"Oh…yes. I was assuming that the form you took on earlier was your Quirk. I guess it has something to do with that thing on your wrist." She points at the Omnitrix. Ben instinctively covered the watch-like device as he frowned slightly.

"Ah, don't worry! I won't tell anyone." Momo smiles. "And since you've asked, let me explain to you what a Quirk is."

"…Alright, I accept." Ben agreed as he started to calm down a little. Momo crosses her legs as she wonders where to begin her explanation.

"Well, first things first: What is a Quirk?" She begins as she smiles with a finger up.

"Quirks are a special, superhuman ability that an individual can possess. Quirks are generally unique to their user, and are classified in multiple categories." Momo first explains.

"Are Quirks natural? It sounds like quite the extraordinary thing to have." Ben admits a little while gesturing her to go on.

"Certainly. Quirks are inherited genetically and typically manifest in children by the age of four, at the latest. Children will either manifest one of their parent's Quirks or if the two are compatible, a new composite Quirk formed by the fusion of the two. This composite Quirk may sometimes give the appearance of the person having two separate Quirks. However, there are even rarer cases, in which a child may manifest a Quirk that is entirely unrelated from their genetic lineage, akin to a mutation." She bluntly finishes.

And to her surprise, Ben actually understood all of that. She was about to apologize for going so quick, but he quickly shot her down with a considerate nod. "It's like a genetic function that goes along with Human evolution. But, if what you're saying is true though, there's a chance that people may not be born with a Quirk, right?"

"That is a thing, yes." Momo nods. "The currently global population of humans have their Quirks divided into the following categories: Emitter, Transformation, Mutant, and Quirkless. A majority of the human race, around 80%, possesses Quirks, while the remaining belongs to the other 20%."

"So, in the case of yours, it would be considered an Emitter class?" Ben guesses based on her explanation.

"Correct. My Quirk is called Creation. It allows me to produce different objects, such as weapons and tools, from any exposed part of my body. Apart from living things, I create virtually any object. All I need to know is the understanding of the object's atomic configuration in order to do so." Momo smiles proudly.

To demonstrate it, she holds her hand out towards Ben. "Think of an object."

"…How about a pillow?" Ben decides, holding up the pillow that belonged to Momo's bed. She nods, and after concentrating for a second, the familiar glow she exerted a few moments before began to occur once more.

After the light dissipated, a small puff was seen as the same exact pillow was created. Sitting on the palm of her hand, she handed it to Ben. He compared the two; their weight, thickness, material, etc.

"Interesting…" He mutters. Momo smiles, but then adjusts her legs.

"So, what do you plan on doing now?" She asks. Ben turned to her, dropping the two pillows. "You can't exactly go back to the Earth you came from, I guess."

"Un…fortunately, yes." Ben glooms a little. Momo looks down at the sad face she made. Thinking of a way to lighten up his mood, a light bulb forms in her mind…as well as in reality. Not accounting for that creation, the small glass creation shattered upon reaching contact with the floor, making the Omnitrix wielder flinch as Momo grabbed his shoulders.

"Why don't you live here then?"

Waking up early was one of Ben's strong suits, heck, it was probably the best thing about the young man since his entrance and living in the Null Void. As he felt someone shaking him, the Omnitrix immediately opened his eyes to see that the sun was barely over the horizon.

Just as he was about to get up, his early satisfaction from sleeping in a bed was crushed at the moment he felt the being thrown on top of him. Instantly, the young man jumped off the bed and found himself drenched in cold water. He then heard someone trying to hold back their laughter as he instinctively went for the Omnitrix.

Looking to his left, Ben saw the familiar Creation Quirk girl named Momo Yaoyozoru, who was currently laughing at the state in which Ben was in at the moment. He saw the metal bucket in her hand, realizing that she threw the water on him to wake him up.

A scowl appeared on the young man's face, "…Really? You seriously threw a bucket of freezing water on me. If I didn't know it was you, I would've attacked, you know."

Momo looked at him with a small smile and shrugged, "You wouldn't wake up and I tried shaking your body, but that didn't work... so I decided to try something new. I created a bucket and I thought I could wake you up like that."

Ben just muttered something under his breath, hoping that the older girl wouldn't hear him. Standing up, he began to look for his clothes. Momo noticed his strange gestures, merely giggling as he turned back to her with a frown.

"I took the liberty of having one of the maids clean your clothes. I have to admit, she was quite surprised with the materials that they were composed of." Momo reveals.

Ben was currently wearing black and green pajamas, something that he thanked the girl for prior to last night. She didn't want him to sleep in the clothes that he was currently wearing, and if his story was correct, it would mostly likely have been a while since he properly cleansed himself. To Ben's embarrassment, she actually offered to help him, but he quickly denied her access.

"Well, they were made from materials from creatures in the Null Void." He answers her. "I couldn't keep wearing the same thing for two years."

"Oh, right… You were in that place for two years. It's quite surprising that you were able to stay sane." The Creation user says.

"I survived, but I did things that you'd probably not be proud of." Ben grunts. "Anyhow, what should I change into?"

"This!" Momo smiles as she holds a butler outfit in front of his face. "I take it you wouldn't like to freeload in here."

"I…was going to talk about that, yes." Ben admits. "You want me to work here as a butler in your household, I assume?"

"Yes, but as my personal butler, you see." She adds. "I… Well, if you hadn't notice, I'm the rich girl type... That means that it's a bit harder for me to make…friends. I had acquaintances from my family, but they were more like business partners."

"I get it. It's hard to make friends that see you for the person you actually are, rather for the things that you have." Ben smiles a bit. "Alright, I accept."

"Wonderful!" Momo claps her hands.

Momo had explained to her parents that Ben was the son of one of her friends. Making the excuse that his "parents" had run off on him, he decided to look into a friend that would try to help. Momo's friend would recommend him to try and find her, as she "said" that the Creation user was looking for a person to truly call a friend. And after hearing her story, they decided to let Ben stay with them due to her previous accomplishment of getting into U.A Academy.

And while he wasn't exactly thrilled to be wearing such an outfit, Ben nonetheless took a moment to dress after Momo exited the room. After putting the uniform on, he placed the wet pieces of his pajamas on a hanger next to a window, allowing the morning sun to begin its process of drying.

Once he stepped out of the room, he saw that the room to Momo's room was slightly ajar. Fixing the black bowtie that he wore around his neck, he waited patiently for his new master to finish dressing, leaning against the wall next to the door. Typically, he thought that a girl of her caliber would take a little bit of time to dress, but unexpectedly enough, it he didn't even have to wait half a minute.

"Ah, did I keep you waiting?!" Momo yelps out in a jittery matter, now wearing a white karate gi.

"…Ben?" She looks around, only to hear groaning behind the door she had a hand on. "Oh my gosh!"

Quickly turning it back around, she gazed at the sight of Ben's face. It was now red from her slamming the door against his nose, to which he grunted a little while rubbing it. She quickly apologized for her mishap, but Ben shook it off, blaming himself for standing at the incorrect location.

It took a moment for the swelling to stop, but eventually, Ben was able to just brush the pain off. After confirming with Momo constantly that it wasn't a problem, she reluctantly accepted his decision. Returning to her perky smile shortly afterwards, Ben began to follow her towards the lower floors of the mansion. Passing by a long dining room that had an extravagant table, he could already see several other maids preparing what seemed to be food of some sort.

"Wait, what time is it actually?" He asks. Momo smiles as she looks down on her watch.

"6:30." She answers. While she expected her companion to flinch or react with some other kind of exaggerated expression, Ben actually smiled.

"It's nice…to see the Sun once again though." He murmurs. Momo felt a little guilty from trying to prank him. Watching his somewhat dismal behavior, she make a promise to act a little more proper, for his sake.

"…Haa! Eruaagh!"

The sounds of smacking and kicking could be heard from within a kendo room. The waxed floor was perfect for quick and subtle movements as Momo repeatedly slapped a shinai against Ben. She had given him a pair of blocking gloves with large red panels to allow himself to defend against her.

Apparently, Ben had learned that Momo practices early in the morning, practically every day and out of her own self-interest. He was a bit surprised that she dedicated herself to doing so.

Blocking the continuous swings onto his gloves, after doing around 60 or more routes, Momo ceased her assault. Ben took the weapon away from her, cleaning it off and handing her a towel to wipe her sweat off. The Creation user's breathing was a little heavier than usual, but it didn't stop her from properly regulating her intake as she stretched her arms out.

"Thanks…" She says. Ben merely nods as he also hands her a bottle of water. She quickly gulps it down, a satisfied groan being heard from her throat as Ben smiles a bit.

"I'm impressed that you're doing this every day." He admits.

"Yeah, but the best part is…" She breathes in.


"Breakfast…!" She drools. Ben backs up slightly as she wipes her mouth, and before he could properly retort against her sudden claim, she grabs his wrist, zipping out of the room at blinding speeds.

Momo's morning training took around half an hour, but her tired state didn't prevent her from immediately throwing her clothes off onto Ben like a rack. The young boy blushed a little as he held the sweaty uniform in his arms as Momo ran into her shower room, but nevertheless began to go to the laundry room, which was located on the first floor. Prior to today, he had studied the entire interior of the mansion, keeping note of all the locations which he would deem as important.

Traveling to the room and interacting with some of the other maids that were on cleaning duty, he had a joyful time until Momo came out around 15 minutes later. She was mildly surprised, as was everyone, that Ben was quite proficient at household work, but he would merely shake it off as something that he could least do for her for granting him a roof over his head.

The friendship between the two had grown quite quickly, giving Ben the confidence to say that he wasn't totally alone in this universe. Many of the household, including Momo's parents, saw this newly established bond as that of a sister and brother, even if Momo had to deal with Ben's silent tendencies and bluntness at times.

After grabbing a quick meal from the dining room, the two started making their way to the entrance of the mansion. Since Momo's parents allowed him to stay with them, they told their daughter that he was her responsibility since she was the one to propose letting him stay with them, which the girl was perfectly fine with.

The first time they went out this early in the morning, Ben was quite curious as to what the girl did. It was that day he found out that she went out into the streets of the city while wearing a casual outfit, heading for a secluded area where she could encounter a chance for something since the new school year at her school was starting up soon.

U.A Academy was the name of this training school, one of the best from what Momo told him. It was an academy where students would learn and train to become heroes. Heroes in this world were individuals who used their Quirks to protect civilians from villains, natural disasters, or any other kind of harm. Those who take heroism as a profession were referred to as Pro Heroes, to which Momo was currently training to become.

Upon traveling to U.A Academy, Ben would be waiting for Momo, as the girl was spending the morning observing the school's surrounds and interior. She had gotten recommendations to pass into the school, meaning that it was not required for her to participate in the U.A Entrance Exam, otherwise known as Plus Ultra.

There were flyers all around the blocks surrounding the school that spoke of such exam. After taking one off from a nearby light pole, he began to read out from the description it held. According to what it said, incoming students that were not granted to the school through official recommendations are required to do so.

"An exam, huh?" He says as he looks towards the building. As he does so, from within his pocket, an object vibrated. Taking it out, it was revealed to be a smartphone, though Ben initially had trouble adapting to this newer piece of technology.

Momo's contact was currently on screen as he swiped right to accept the call. Putting the device to his ear, he was immediately welcomed by the loud voice of his mistress.

"Ben! Get inside the building! You've just been given a wonderful opportunity!" She yells, ending the call immediately afterwards. Ben's eye twitches as he chuckles a little sarcastically, rubbing his ear in response to the loud speaker.

"Well, onwards and onwards, I guess." He chuckles.

The entrance was a fair distance away, and since the sun was really hot of all days, Ben decided to use the Omnitrix after covering his face from the burning hot sky. From underneath his uniform, the Omnitrix's watch face glowed as the signature flash engulfed him.

This time, Ben was replaced with an alien resembling an anthropomorphic battery. He was green and black in color, with plus and minus symbols on his back similarly to a battery, and he had a grey and white lightning bolt-shaped marking on his chest. He stood roughly a foot tall, had pointy legs, and had three fingers on each hand. On the top of his head was a hole in which green electricity released out. He had green, almond shaped eyes, and wore the Omnitrix dial on his chest.

Floating up into the air, he transformed into a bolt of green lightning, zipping to the front entrance in quick succession. The door was an automatic one that opened for only open personal, so he did wonder if Momo knew he had a way to get in. Would she go out and open the entrance to let him in? Too late for that, because he merged with the electronic device, traveling through the networks of circuitry around the entire school.

'Now then, where is… Oh.' From within his electric state, he possesses a surveillance camera that was located in a room with Momo, and what seemed to be a…a white animal of some sort. He mostly resembled a standing humanoid mouse but possessed dog-like paws and a bear-like face. He had black eyes with a large scar going across his right one. He had a long tail and sported an elegant suit with large orange sneakers.

"…Yaoyozoru-san." He calls out. The two look up to see the camera sparking for a bit, until Ben purges himself out as a bolt of lightning once more, landing in front of the sitting duo.

"Oh, Ben?" She blinks. "Sorry. I didn't tell you where to go!"

"It's alright." He says. Turning to glance at the creature, he bows slightly. "Sir."

"Oh, why hello there! You must be the friend that Yaoyozoru-san was speaking of. You are Ben Tennyson, yes?" He stands up.

"Yes, sir. This form though, is called Buzzshock." He properly introduces himself as the Omnitrix dial on his chest flashes. The two were once again forced to cover their eyes as Ben replaced the small alien.

"A human? Oh, that must be your Quirk then." He says, before gasping a little. "Ah, where are my manners? I am Nezu, the Principal of U.A Academy."

The two shake hands. Nezu then gestures for him to sit with Momo as he himself sits back down. "So, about the proposal you were saying, Yaoyozoru-san."

"Proposal?" Ben turns to Momo.

"Well, I was thinking… Even though you seem to be a person who likes to do housework, I'm more of thinking that you're the type of person who likes action more." She starts.

"I…suppose." Ben admits. Nezu chuckles a little.

"And that's the thing. From what I've heard from your guardian in this matter, you do not know about the standards of Quirk usage in the public, correct?" He asks. "Because if you didn't, the main reason there are Heroes is because of the exploitation of Quirks that an everyday person can use to do things."

"…Villains." Ben mutters. "People who use their Quirks irresponsibly to do petty crimes and the like."

"Exactly. And while we would all like it for everyone else to freely use their abilities, we all have to know the responsibility that comes with having superpowers. I run this school in order to develop individuals willing to put their lines on the life for benefits of those who can't defend themselves. Whether they be criminals or nature itself, our Quirks can do so many beneficial things."

"I see. What are you proposing then, Mr. Principal?" Ben decides to get to the point. Nezu smiles in response.

"Now... I have something important to tell you, Mr. Tennyson. I think you've got the traits of a Hero in the making. So, as a result of that, I would like for you to take a look at something." Nezy said, not wanting to beat around the bush at this point like Ben wanted. He needed to get out of the way early.

"And that would be?" asked Ben.

The intelligent animal took out a piece of paper from a nearby pile and handed it to Ben, who looked hesitant at first, but took the paper from the Hero. At first, Ben wondered if this was someone trying to recruit him or simply threaten him, either way, it was important to someone if they went through all this trouble to find him.

'Well... let's see what he wants.' He told himself.

Opening the piece of paper, the young man would read a note that would change his fate on this Earth. His eyes widened as he looked back at his accomplice, who merely nodded as he folded his arms.

"Mr. Tennyson, I would like you to partake in the upcoming U.A Academy Entrance Exam. From Yaoyozoru-san's recommendation, and to my own observation and feeling, it's what I'm proposing." He says.

Ben looks down at the slip, having a full transcript that would allow him to partake in the school if he were to pass the exam. It was full of information that was already filled out. Test marks, name and age (changed to an appropriate age after Ben told Momo his real age), and a whole bunch of other traits. He reads through it, thinking about the opportunities and consequences he would attain if he were to accept this offer.

'…If I accept it, I'll be able to travel the world freely under the guise of being a Hero. However, that means that I might attract more than enough attention to my side…' He compares the risks and rewards.

"Ben? What's your decision?" Momo looks at him with an anticipated expression. Nezu and the girl waited for open as he began to open his mouth, but…


Before he could answer though, a massive explosion could be heard from outside. Ben immediately averts his gaze as he runs towards the nearby window, with Momo following shortly.

"What was that?!" She yells.

Nezu stands up as well with a disturbed look. Hearing a beep from within his pocket, he picks out a small communication device. "This is Nezu. What is it?"

"This is Death Arms! Villain activity in the blocks near U.A, sir!" A voice yells out. "I'm currently with Kamui Woods, but we need back-up, pronto! The enemy is utilizing an electrical Quirk of some sort—ARGH!"

"Death Arms. Death Arms, can you read me?" Nezu frowns, ending the call once he heard static and looking at Ben Tennyson afterwards. "Alright then, Mr. Tennyson, I have another proposal to you."

"What is it?" Ben replies while opening the window. Momo looks at him with worry as Nezu stands tall.

"Intercept and assist the apprehension of the villain. If you successfully manage to help those two Pro Heroes, you'll be guaranteed a transcript to take the Exam. Hold the enemy off until reinforcements come, or even defeat the villain if you can." He proposes.

"…I accept." Ben responds, taking his black top off, he turns back to Momo. "I'll be back."

"Wait, let me go with—"

"Just a second, Yaoyozoru-san." Nezu interrupts. "I wanted to observe Mr. Tennyson's abilities, so this will be a good preview of things to come."

"…Yes, sir." She humbly sits back down. Ben leaves his top on the nearby couch as he jumps out of the window, running out of the vicinity and towards the streets.

"Well, let's see how he'll do." Nezu smiles as he sits back down. Picking up a remote, it activates a nearby television screen, with the viewing of the criminal activity shown to both. Grabbing a tub of butter popcorn from out of nowhere, he grins as he offers some to Momo.

"Popcorn?" He offers.

Screams and shouts of people in terror rippled across the streets along with the growls coming from those that were causing it. The denizens of the town were currently under siege from a figure resembling a grey phantom, and the situation was growing darker by the minute as they saw him garnering energy that was pouring out from the walls of the buildings around him. It was a race to see what would be first, the collapse of the defenders or the Villain's raid in charging in.

Putting up what defenses they could, the two Heroes, Kamui Woods and Death Arms, fought back to protect their homes and the people, but given the fact that they were a rather small squadron and they were on their own terms of fighting back, there was much ground to cover and way too many people to cover.

Kamui Woods wore a black unitard with a wooden helmet, wooden gloves that reach past his forearm, a wooden belt, and wooden shoes. Death Arms wore a large headband with a yellow and black caution pattern. His shirt only covered his arms leaving most of his torso and abs visible, and on each of his wrists he wore two heavy metal bracelets with the same color pattern as his headband on the sides and wears a light blue pants. His belt also had the same color pattern.

"We can't hold him back for long!" Death Arms, driving a fist into the core of an electric projectile that was aimed at him.

Many of the spectators were forced back as the two couldn't hold off the attacks much longer. Hope seemed lost until they saw something strange though. Numerous sparks flew past them, wrapping around the projectiles and crushing their bodies into spectacles of light. Those that remained had their attention diverted back to a familiar battery alien that began to fly in.

The villain narrowed his transparent eyes as he generated more projectiles, throwing it in Buzzshock's direction. Absorbing them like last time however, he uses the added energy to speed up, ramming his body into the chest of his adversary. The villain growls as he lands on the floor with a hard thud.

"Gaaah! What?! I'm supposed to be untouchable!" He yells. "Who are you?!"

Buzzshock, after ramming him, transforms into a lightning bolt to hide his true appearance. The two Heroes that stood behind him could only stare in shock at what they were seeing.

"None of your business. Now, if you wouldn't mind: Go and fall." Buzzshock utters as he zips into his body. The villain shudders in pain as he clenches his stomach. Shortly afterwards, his eyes started to widen as his body started to flash.

"G-Get outta me!" He yells, his body glowing a brilliant yellow before dimming to a halt, his human body remaining in a brown suit as he dropped to the floor. Kamui Woods quickly dives in and catches the villain, sighing in relief once Buzzshock leaves his body.

"Who are you? Are you the reinforcements that Nezu sent?" Death Arms runs up to him. Kamui Woods stands up, joining him as the two began to question him.

"I just heard that there was someone threatening people, so I came into intervene, that's all." He answers, before flying into a pole and zipping away.

"Hey, wait—Damn, he's gone…" Death Arms scratches his head. "Who was that?"

"…I don't know, but he took out the villain with as minimal movement as required." The wooden Hero acknowledges. "We may have a new Vigilante on our hands."

"…A Vigilante? Well, haven't heard that word in a while…" He admits as he looks down at the defeated Villain in Kamui's hands.

"Well, you certainly dealt with that situation fairly quickly, Mr. Tennyson." Nezu smiles. "A splendid job."

"It wasn't much. I merely recognized the type of Quirk the villain was using, and in response chose a form that would be best used to deal with the situation. Buzzshock just happened to be one of the few I had in mind to deal with electricity." Ben states.

"That was quite impressive though!" Momo gleamed as she sat next to Ben. The Omnitrix wielder sweat dropped as he turned back towards the Principal of U.A. Nezu nodded as he handed him the form once again.

"Well, as I promised." He started. "You'll be guaranteed a chance to partake in the Entrance Exam. The choice is all yours if you accept, Mr. Tennyson."

Ben looks down at the paper once more, though not nearly as long as last time before the incident occurred. On the television shown next to them, the local authorities, as well as some other Pro Heroes, were currently shown to be helping out with the damage caused by the villain.

Setting the paper down, he glances at Momo before answering. "If Yaoyozoru-san has to be dealing with these types of crooks on a daily basis, it'll be a bad thing if she were to get attacked. I'll be accepting this, but merely as a way to keep my watch around her."

"B-Ben! Come on, don't be so modest." Momo insisted. Nezy merely smiled though as Ben wrote his signature on the sheet.

"No. I completely understand his motives. A Hero is a person who protects; and whether it's an entire crowd or a single person, a sense of self-sacrifice is what truly defines such a being." Nezu counters. Ben hands him back the paper, with the mouse-like creature nodding once more.

"So, when is the Exam? I read a flyer on it outside before coming in. U.A. Academy's Entrance Exam consists of a written and a practical test, with the latter being the more important of the two I assume." Ben, now accepted the offering, began to gather information.

Nezu nods. Explaining the fundamentals to the two, he went into detail what kind of scenario would most likely occur during the event. Momo and Ben graciously absorbed this information as he went on, with Momo actually taking notes of this until he ended.

After a few minutes, Momo took a look on her clock, gasping a little. "Oh, I've think we've overstayed our welcome, Mr. Principal."

"Do you have something to do?" Ben asks his mistress, placing his top back on. Momo sheepishly twirls her hair as her stomach begins to grumble. By now, after all that happened, it had reached about noon.

"Ah, lunch time." Nezu chuckles. "I shouldn't keep you any longer. Remember though, the Exam will be taking place on February 26."

Bowing as she and Ben got up, Momo proceeded to exit the building with her companion in tow behind her. As they exited the room, another individual entered the room. He was a very skinny man with angular features and long limbs. He had spiky, disheveled blonde hair with two bangs framing the sides of his face. He had a very long neck and his eyebrows are absent, and wore baggy clothing.

"Nezu-san." He calls out while glancing outside. "Oh, you had guests."

"Ah, Toshinori-kun." Nezu smiles. "Please, take a seat."

The skinny blonde nods as he sits down on the couch that Momo and Ben were recently on. "So, how have you been?" He asks.

"Well, alright so far." He says. "I've found someone though."

"Oh? You've finally found a successor to inherit your Quirk I see." Nezu smiles. "Are you sure this lad can handle One for All though?"

"Ah-hah-hah… Well, that's what I'm currently training him to do. While I had the physique to easily use the power of One for All, this one needs to tone his body to at least use it." He admits. "If he were to inherit and immediately use the Quirk, his bones would shatter from the backlash."

"Well, he has until the Entrance Exam to do so." Nezu says. "You think he'll succeed by then?"

"I'm sure of it. He's a bright young lad, encouraged by Heroes of all nature!" Toshinori grins. "I hope you'll look forward to his performance during the Exam."

"You and I both, buddy. I'll have to warn you though…"

"Hmm? What do you mean?" He asks. Nezu smiles as he crosses his legs in a sadistic matter, something that the blonde flinched in response to.

"He won't be the only surprise at the Exam this year…"

After that incident happened, time seemed to pass quite quickly in the Yaoyozoru household. Because of the necessary material that would be tested on during the written exam during the entirety of the day for said Trial, Momo made it her duty to teach Ben all she knew, well, to a degree that he could pass with flying colors.

It didn't help Ben though that he was pretty much learning material meant for a high school freshman. Momo got a pretty vague idea about Ben's level of education: He was stuck in the Null Void for two years, and taking into account that he was 10 when he first got trapped, his education level was that of a…

"Elementary level…" She gulps as Ben grumbles. "You've got a bit of catching up to do."

"Well, on the contrary to everyone's belief, I'm actually quite proficient in schoolwork. Must I tell you that I was too lazy to actually learn in the third grade because I already knew the material, and chose "C" for every slot in my tests? I literally passed with a B+ average." He boasts.

"That's not something to be proud of!" She slaps a ruler on a table next to him. Ben flinched. She adjusted a pair of glasses she wore, her outfit changed into that of a tutor's.

She had explained to Ben that despite him most likely going to be proficient in the practical exam, if he didn't take his studies seriously for his written part, he would fail. While Ben himself didn't really care, it did anger her to a point that she gave him an hour lecture about the benefits of having a higher degree of education and how her family was known for being one of the high spectacles of society due to their well-known levels of education and abilities in the field of their work.

Over the course of a month and a half after January 10th, from which Ben arrived on this Earth, she would drill the knowledge into his brain, whether from her excellent tutorship, to the point of using machines to install knowledge into his head through sleeping.

Days and nights passed, mornings and nights went on for the now daily life of Ben Tennyson as he began his life in the Yaoyozoru household. While occupying himself with cleaning, dealing with the usual shenanigans that Momo started to get herself into, as well as everything else, it was joyful month and a half that passed…

And then, on February 26th…

"And…here we are." Ben looks up as he held onto a small duffle bag; he was currently wearing a black long sleeve shirt with a single green stripe, brown pants, and a pair of black and white sneakers.

He sighed as he closed his eyes, turning to look at the building he stood in front of…with the two golden letters screaming out to the world, U.A. Academy. A large banner reading out the words "U.A. Academy Entrance Exam Location was currently posted on the entrance.

This was the place, and after taking a few steps he notices a young man that seemed to be a few years older than him with a nervous but friendly aura around him.

This admittedly brought a smile to Ben's face, to see people wanting to become a Hero… Although he was sure that his philosophy about being a Hero was very blunt to what the concept was to the majority attending the exam. Many people would have different reasons for becoming one. Fame, fortune; there could be all sorts of things for someone to do once they became Pro.

He sighed lightly and shook away his unnecessary thoughts. He didn't need anything distracting him during this exam, especially if he wanted to move on through the process as smoothly as he could. While becoming a Hero wasn't the upmost important thing to do, he felt an obligation to serve the Yaoyozoru family for their hospitality. That, and he could also gain many opportunities if he were to become one.

So with that thought in mind, he walked past the various sculptures of Heroes, and into the building–

"Move outta the way, Deku!" An annoyed voice growled out.

"Kacchan?!" Deku turns behind himself. While other students continued to stroll along, Ben stopped to turn around himself. Just from hearing his voice, he was already starting to get annoyed. His appearance just gave off the aura of a bully, despite his proper dress code. Typically enough, many bullies didn't have the decency to dress properly.

Said duo were shown to be wearing the same black gakuran, meaning they were from the same middle school, but compared to the one who responded, who had green eyes, messy, dark green hair with black highlights and four symmetrical freckles underneath both cheeks, his acquaintance bore ash blond, spiky hair and sharp red eyes.

"Don't stand in front of me, or I'll kill you…" He bluntly says. Deku flinches a little in a sheepish matter as he steps to the side, attempting to be friendly with the blonde.

'Yep, typical bully behavior.' Ben rolled his eyes.

"A-Ah! M-Morning, Kacchan! L-Let's both do our best…" He tries to say, only to have his familiar acquaintance ignore him. Several people though could be seen murmuring his name as he continued to walk on.

"Hey, isn't that Bakugo? The one from the Sludge Villain incident?" One whispered.

"Yeah…! Hey, it's the real thing!" Another pointed out.

'Slime Villain? Oh, right… The news did mention an attack that happened roughly a year ago. I'm guessing that those two were in the epidemic of that, especially that Bakugo guy.' Ben surmised. Averting his gaze from the back of the grumpy blonde, he turned back to Deku, who sighed in relief.

"Oh lord… I was just scared of him out of habit…" He mutters, before shaking his head.

'No, I'm different from before! I've trained with All Might… Remember those ten months!' He clenches a fist as he tries to take a confident step. Ben however just gazes down as…he trips.

Tripping on his own foot, he immediately began to go to the ground. Ben instinctively dashed and caught him in his arms after performing a slide, noticing a girl in front of him trying to tap his shoulder. Her hand seemed to possess little paws that were reminiscent of those of an animal's.

"Ah. You alright, you two?" She asks the two. Deku, while not processing this for a moment, quickly blinks several times as he looks at Ben dead in the eye.

"Hey, it's kind of bad to be tripping out on the first day, you know." He states as Deku stands up, flustering a little as Ben stands up himself. As he dusts himself off, he turns back to the girl.

"Yeah. I was assuming you were going to use your Quirk or something. Those little pads on your fingers seem to be able to do something, correct?" He points to them.

"Ah, good guess!" She smiles.

"A-A-Ah… Thanks for that, um…" Deku turns to Ben. The girl also puts on a look of wonder as well.

"Oh, speaking of which, you kinda look like a foreigner. Your Japanese is pretty good though." She says. "When'd you learn it?"

"Er… I'd rather not say." Ben averts his gaze for a moment. He couldn't tell them that the Omnitrix had a program called a Universal Translator, which meant it would translate practically any language to the one most suitable for its wearer.

Deku and the girl look at each other, before smiling. "Well, alright then. Anyhow, my name's Ochaco Uraraka, nice to meet you!"

"Ah, my name's Izuku Midoriya. I'm pretty sure you heard my friend call me by the name Deku. That was Kacchan… I mean, Katsuki Baguko." Midoriya glooms a little upon saying his name.

"Likewise. The name's Ben. Ben Tennyson. And you guessed right, I'm…sort of a foreigner, yeah." The youth gives them a small smile as he shakes hands with the two of them.

After the exchange, Ochaco looks at a watch located on her right wrist, gasping a little. "Oh no! We should speed things up, or we'll be late!"

"Late? Ah crap, you're right!" Midoriya blinks as he looks on his phone. "Come on, let's go!"

Running up the stairs towards the entrance, Midoriya and Ochaco grin as they slam through the entrance. Ben followed behind them, but was walking just a little fast. He knew the urgency was high, but he wanted to take things a little slow for the time being. After all…

"This is only the beginning…" He says as he grabs the air with his left hand. The Omnitrix glowed as he entered the building, his figure becoming a shadow as the start of the U.A. Exam begins…

And there you have it folks. The first chapter is now complete! Now, let me go and explain a few things.

1.) Ben's Omnitrix still has the Master Control function enabled. This crossover, as well as my other stories, takes place after the finale of Ben 10 Season 2: Back with a Vengenance. Since he's been stuck in the Null Void for two years with the Omnitrix not coming off him before Kevin and Vilgax could tear it off him, he still has that almighty feature turned on.

2.) Like my other stories as well, it's been a little thing of mine to have Ben be treated sort of like a younger sibling by some part of the cast. In the case of Fairy Tail, it was Erza. For RWBY, it was Blake. Regarding Boku no Hero Academia, I'd say Yaoyozoru fits that category quite nicely, so I decided to have it be the thing for this crossover.

3.) Classifying Ben as a Hero will obviously bring attention to him. Since the Exam will be closely monitored by the staff of U.A. Academy, you can expect quite the uproar from the cast of the series, and perhaps event changes to some of them. Perhaps even the involvement of a certain League of...you know.

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