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Chapter 11: The Final Six

Monoma certainly expected his opponent to use one of his amazing transformations… But who would've thought that he would have to fight a copy of himself?

Sludgestrike undoubtedly got the reaction that he was expecting. Practically everyone in the spectating stalls had their eyes glued to his Lenopan form, and even more so because of the fact he copied Monoma's form.

He glanced towards the commentator's building to see Aizawa's beady eyes watching over him like a hawk.

'Well, I expected as much.' He thought, smirking inwardly. 'Now then… Let's get this started.'

Monoma stared over his opponent with an added dose of interest and caution. "So… The power to transform, as well as all those other abilities? You truly are the most unique person here, Tennyson."

"I'd rather not go into details… But let's make one thing clear!" Sludgestrike grinned as he suddenly charged forward while twisting his body, forcing Monoma to block a roundhouse kick.

"And what's that?!" The blonde growled, his arms straining from blocking the unexpected blow.

"Let's see what you can do against yourself!" Sludgestrike alleged out.

In response to his previous strike, Sludgestrike winded up his body as one of his arms propertied itself the floor, knocking the other side of Monoma's temple with his right foot as he did a kickstand.

"Ooof… Right in the temple with a wondrous kick from…uh… That was Tennyson, yeah?" Present Mic was already starting to lose track of which blond was which.

Aizawa, more focused on the match than the Voice user's commentating, simply grunted in response, which was basically saying that it was a "yes" in his own category.

Monoma growled as he fell to the floor, but he soon got up a few seconds later. He rubbed the side of his cheek as he gave his copy a snarky smile.

"I'm pretty sure that I can't do those kinds of acrobatics…" He admitted in between groans of increasing discomfort.

"At least you admit it. Well, see if you can keep up for a little bit then!" Sludgestrike grinned as he rebalanced himself and blasted forth once more at his opponent.

Charging at him, Monoma attempted to nail down a counter as Sludgestrike came by, prompting the shapeshifter to stick his tongue out as he flips backwards, landing in a crouch. Monoma proceeds to walk up to Sludgestrike as he stands up, where the two stare at one another for a moment; Monoma with a twitching smile and Ben with an amused grim.

"Th… This is going to be too much to watch…" Itsuka groaned, rubbing her forehead. "I can handle one Monoma, but two…?"

"Well, we'll see, ribbit." Asui looks down. "It can't be a boring match at least. Ben always seems to brings something new to the table."

Back down to the fight, Monoma begins the next part as he tightens his fist, throwing a forward punch towards Sludgestrike's face, which was deflected however as the Lenopan's right arm morphed into a purple tendril, causing him to stumble back. Sludgestrike's arm reverts back into Monoma's as he gestures towards him, making the blond chuckle darkly.

He dashes forwards once more, unleashing a flurry of several punches in the hopes of getting one touch on him, though resetting each time instead of redirecting his blows, as Sludgestrike's body structure allowed him to simply dodge each attack, moving his body swiftly in order to avoid them in a very laid back, but extremely effective style. With every unsuccessful punch, elbow, and kick, Momona continued moving forward as his last three blows bring him to a knee, in which he then attempts a roundhouse kick as Sludgestrike was brought near the border.

However, this merely allowed Ben to dodge and deliver a spinning hook kick, knocking him to the ground, as the former's guard was completely open on the left side.

"What kind of reflexes does he have?!" Mineta barked.

"Certain forms allow him to have different sets of bodily movements I assume…" Bakugo muttered to himself, which was a surprise to those around him.

Midoriya himself also began to note take as the fight went on, jotting down anything he could think of during this doppelganger showdown. Asui and Uraraka could see that the expression in his eyes were a bit more frightening than usual, as this was one of the few cases in which he could completely study one of Ben's forms, as with the rest of the audience.

"Hmm… Well, this seems promising." Sludgestrike admits out loud.

"You know… This is really starting to bother me!" Monoma growled.

While on the ground, the blond frowns in annoyance, to which Sludgestrike responds by attempting to perform a drop kick. However, Monoma dodges by rolling away, and subsequently springs up to attack once again, allowing his fist to get a good hit on his enemy's cheek.

"And Monoma finally gets a solid hit! Will he be able to Copy Tennyson's Quirk?!" Present Mic stood up.

'…We'll see.' Aizawa narrowed his eyes.

Monoma grinned as Sludgestrike landed on the floor, and was about to try Copying his "Quirk"… However, as much as he wanted to, and as much as the crowd wanted him to do so as well…


Nothing had happened. Nothing could be Copied.

'…What?' Monoma looked down at his hands, trying to will his Quirk to activate. "…Why can't I Copy it?"

"…That's all I needed to hear." Sludgestrike grinned as he stood up.

"N-Nani?! Monoma was unable to Copy Tennyson's Quirk?! What blasphemy is this?!" Present Mic stuttered, with Aizawa's eyes widening.

'…I'm beginning to think that this Quirk of his might be a special case then… A mutant type? No… Does it even belong to one of the three categories?' He gave his thoughts a good time to collaborate together. As he did so, his eyes glanced over to both Midoriya and Toshinori from the sidelines as Monoma struggled to try and activate his Quirk.

"Why? Why?! WHY?!" He roared, before glaring at Ben. "What is with your Quirk?! I can't Copy it, Eraserhead can't Erase it; just what are you?!"

"That's for me to know—" Sludgestrike whispered as he approached towards Monoma's side all of a sudden.

Throwing a punch in rage, the transformed Lenopan counters through a pull in redirection of force technique, pulling his arm in with his own left arm, and performing a well-executed axe kick to hit Monoma on the chin, before kicking him in the stomach with a side kick. The blond nearly vomits as he lands with a thud a few meters away, clenching his stomach as his eyes glared back at Ben.

"—And for you to find out!" He finished. "Is that good enough?"

"You little…! You were just experimenting with me?!" He groaned with detestation in his voice.

"Ah… You finally found out." Sludgestrike bows gracefully, making him roar in anger as he charges at him.

"…I've never seen Monoma so mad before." Setsuna noted.

"…Guess this is bringing up something unpleasant in his memories, I suppose." Itsuka narrowed her eyes on her classmate. "Come on, Neito. Don't get consumed by anger…"

As Monoma approaches Sludgestrike, the doppelganger smiles, taunting him once again. The blond growls as he throws a kick, though Ben counters by grabbing it, pushing him back as he charges forward. The two spar briefly, hand to hand, before Monoma grabs Ben's foot, and pulls him closer in an attempt to slug in him in the face, only for his opponent's foot to morph back to its original form. With his grip loose, Sludgestrike morphs back to his mud form, grasping Monoma with one of his arms.

"This was fun." Sludgestrike smirked. "No hard feelings?"

"…I hate Class A." Monoma grunted as he was thrown out of bounds.

"That… Was…" Present Mic and Aizawa, along with the rest of the crowd could only stay silent as Sludgestrike reverted back to Ben.

Midnight was surprised as well. She blinked a few times, before regaining her posture and announcing the winner of the last match of the first round.

"M-Monoma-kun is out of bounds! Tennyson-kun is the winner!"

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Momo pretty much tore Ben's ear off from the devastating beatdown he gave Monoma.

"I was… Experimenting." Ben admitted with a chuckle, rubbing his afflicted ear as he did so. "Ow…"

"To see if Monoma-kun could copy the powers of the Omnitrix?" She asked. He nodded in response. "But still… There probably could've been better ways to go at it…"

After the last round had ended, Ben and Monoma relocated back to their respective classes. Naturally, Ben and Monoma were both swarmed by their classmates, some for questioning, and some for…requests, of various sorts. Nevertheless though, the blond did admit that he let his anger suddenly get the better of him, and apologized to the brunet…

Well, as best as he could for someone like himself. Monoma was still the faulty person of Class B, as usual.

While Ben and Monoma's round ended, the second series of fights could not start until Kirishima and Tetsutetsu settled the score between each other. By the fortune of Kirishima, the latter was able to take advantage of his opponent's fatigue going out during their decided arm-wrestling match. To say it was certainly manly was an understatement, and the two even found a sense of comradery from their little engagement, as silly as it sounded. Midnight certainly was delighted to see the two going that way.

However, after that score ended, the second round finally began to go underway. While the preparations were beginning for Todoroki and Midoriya's fight, Momo took the opportunity to question her butler before things started.

As they returned back to the stands, the commotion from Ben's fight had finally died down. Uraraka and Iida were seen sitting with their fellow classmates as the two came back.

"Midoriya and Todoroki's match hasn't started yet?" Ben wondered. "Oof… This ought to be good."

"Tennyson-kun, Yaoyorozu-san! Just in time." Iida called out. "Come, join us!"

Sitting between Tokoyami and Uraraka, Ben and the others watched as the flames of the stadium finally lit up. The tournament bracket flickered to show the current placements, before switching over to the portraits of both Midoriya and Todoroki.

"Thanks for waiting, everyone! The first match of the second round is going to be a big one!" Present Mic announced as the two fighters began to exit out from their respective entrances.

Todoroki was the first to enter the grounds, sighing a little as he waiting for his opponent. Unlike the last round, he didn't appear to be having a frustrated look on his face, at least not as bad as before with Sero.

"…Here we go." He mutters to himself.

"The man who won a rightful place in both the Obstacle Race and Cavalry Battle, and one of U.A.'s recommended students! He's some hot stuff, but with a cold exterior to match it! From the Hero Course—Todoroki Shoto!"


"On the other hand, while this funny little guy did indeed win the Obstacle Race, he barely made it through the first round! Will he show us a different fight from before? From the Hero Course—Midoriya Izuku!"

Todoroki watched as his green haired opponent got onto the stage. He narrowed his eyes as Midoriya sweat dropped.

"You're finally here." He called out. "It's time…"

"…Todoroki-kun." Midoriya uttered. "Do you still mean what you said before?"

From the sidelines, Ben tapered his devotion to the fight. Even Bakugo was attentive to this as Iida turned to Tokoyami for questioning.

"Tokoyami-kun, what do you think of this fight?" He asked.

"In all honesty, I feel as though it'll depend on whether or not Midoriya chooses to jump in on Todoroki." The bird headed teen answered.

"That's true. Deku-kun's gonna have to figure out how to get through that ice." Uraraka added.

Toshinori and the others seemed to had been observing this upcoming fight as well.

"…Those two have demonstrated some traits of reactive action." Thirteen noted.

"Indeed. From what I heard from the USJ incident, those two took charge in handling the situation thrown at them." The blond surmised. "I'm eager to see how this will go… Because even though it's a gut feeling, I feel that those two have the same vibes to them."

"At this year's Sports Festival, both of these men have shown top class performances! It's like two great rivals finally having the chance to duke it out with one another!"

"So then… Here we go, folks! Midoriya versus Todoroki!"

As he said that, both fighters took a stance, with Todoroki extending his right foot forward, while Midoriya was first seen clenching his fists as he aimed his fingers at Todoroki. He also seemed to be preparing to do something else as well, but only a few people could figure out what.

'…He's gonna come at me with ice, for sure.' Midoriya gulped. 'But I shouldn't have to waste all of my limbs with this…'

'I have to watch out for that dangerous power of his… A direct hit can be fatal.' Todoroki warned himself.


'The moment we start…!'


The moment that Present Mic announced the start of the match, Todoroki stomped the floor as he activated his right side, forcing a wave of ice towards Midoriya.

Knowing that he'd try that however, instead of getting ready to perform a Delaware Smash at 100%, Midoriya instead began to surge One For All through his body, using the miniscule amount of enhanced effect to dodge the attack by leaping to the side with a hop. He managed to land on a chunk of ice that remained relatively flat as he breathed in.

Toshinori and a few others could now see that Midoriya had activated One For All: Full Cowling, at 3%, with glowing eyes and sparks of turquoise all around himself. The former was a bit surprised at these actions.

'…He's activated One For All in hopes in using it to escape. Rather than trying to guess and even the scale of young Todoroki's attack, he instead chose to do an action that would save him and give him a guess to what he'll do next.' The blond mentally explained.

'Midoriya's going to try outlasting the situation by seeing what Todoroki's weaknesses might be, as he doesn't have much data on him.' Ben added. 'And that in turn might provide him opportunities to fight back.'

"Midoriya dodged Todoroki's attack! What reflexes!" Present Mic yelled.

'…He chose to dodge? Not what I was expecting.' Todoroki narrowed his eyes as he summoned ice behind him.

Midoriya breathed in as the effects of Full Cowling began to take hold in full effect. While he wasn't hurting nearly as much as when he first activated it, he felt a tidbit of discomfort upon activating it.

'From what I know from my data on Todoroki-kun, he always attacks in an instant. He doesn't really leave openings… So, I need more data.' He decided, looking back. 'And that layer of ice behind himself is probably insurance in the case I'm forced to use One For All at 100%...'

Todoroki proceeded to launch another wave of ice, this one being significantly larger than the previous, as it basically swallowed the previously existing ice in its entirety. Midoriya glared at the attack as he leaped up into the sky to avoid it, standing a firm distance between the ground and sky.

"A chance…!" Todoroki rumbled to himself as he sprung up a rising platform of ice underneath his feet.

Launching his body straight at Midoriya, the devastating scale in which Midoriya was facing was making him think. However, as Todoroki drew near him with his right hand nearing his body, Midoriya growled as he leaped back and clenched two of his left fingers; his thumb and ring finger respectively.

'50% Delaware Smash!' He yelled mentally as he snapped those two fingers.

Todoroki's eyes widened immensely as his face and the surrounding ice was met with an upsurge of wind pressure, which was so powerful in fact that it blasted him back, as well as destroying the ice he initially created. It seemed to be in the bag for Midoriya, but before Todoroki could fall out of bounds as he landed, he quickly created a wall of ice behind himself to force his skidding to halt.

Midoriya gritted his teeth as he landed back at where he started, clenching his ring finger. "Managed to secure it…almost."

"He bruised his finger again…" Asui noted with worry.

"But Todoroki-kun was able to survive that though… Incredible." Iida admitted with an amazed tone.

"…What, are you just trying to run away and defend? You're beating your own body just for that?" Todoroki muttered as he stood up. Leaning back against his ice, he exhaled a whiff of cold air.

However, it was then that Midoriya noticed a small detail… As did Ben. Looking on Todoroki's right side, the green haired teen noticed that his arm was starting to twitch and tremble.

'…Now you've got it.' Ben folded his arms.

'…Is that how it is…?!' Midoriya growled inwardly as Todoroki glanced up towards the crowd.

"…But I have to thank you, Midoriya. Thanks to you, that guy's face is all clouded over." The ice and fire user then said.

'…That guy?' Ben's eyes glanced over to another part of the crowd…and widened. 'Wait… That's…'

He then noticed the figure that Todoroki mentioned. He was a tall man with a muscular physique. He had short and spiky crimson hair with turquoise eyes, and his beard and mustache appeared to had been made of fire. He wore a navy blue bodysuit with flames streaming across his chest, arms, and most prominently, his shoulders. He used flames as a make-shift domino mask, and his boots appeared to be made of flames that were constantly aflame as well. He sported white bracers styled in a cage pattern and a black belt with a white pouch attached to the side.

'Endeavor.' Ben recognized him. 'I see...'

Midoriya himself was observant of the frost building up on Todoroki's arm, but for different reasons. A memory between the two of them flashed in his mind, with the promise from his opponent to never use his left side; his flame side. To win at all costs without using it…to reject everything that his father had done in regard to his very being.

"…Sooner or later, you're not going to be able fight with those arms of yours." Todoroki noted. "It's going to be the end for you, Midoriya."

As he said that, Todoroki glared at him as he released a sharp flow of ice towards Midoriya. This one appeared to be even faster than his preceding outbreaks, focusing more on precision and speed than overall quantity.

"Todoroki keeps on attacking with relentless power! Here comes an extra dangerous ice attack!" Present Mic yelled with concern.

As it focused onto Midoriya, instead of hearing the green head yell with a bitter grunt, what instead was the opposite… Way on the opposite scale, in fact.

"Where the HELL do you think you're looking?!"

Flicking his index finger, Midoriya growled loudly as he let his anger get the better of him. Todoroki's eyes contracted upon seeing his entire wave of ice get obliterated, and even then, everyone else in the audience gasped as he watched the Half and Half user get blown away yet again.

Todoroki struggled to push back as he began to continuously use his right side to generate layers upon layers of ice behind him. It was barely enough to take on the force of Midoriya's 100% Delaware Smash as he was forced back to the wall of ice he generated earlier, but even, he had to reinforce that one just to stay inbounds.

"Why… You…!" Todoroki spat as his body struggled to stand. He glared at Midoriya. "You don't care what you do to your body…?!"

"…You just don't get it." Midoriya growled. His right index finger began to twitch erratically due to the strain he placed on it. "Do you?"

"Why the hell are you going so far…?" He dared to ask.

"Just look at yourself, Todoroki. You're trembling in your own presence." Midoriya simply answered.

"…What?" The red and white-haired teen narrowed his eyes.

"Quirks… They're physical abilities, too. That means that there's a limit to how much your body can take, isn't that right? You could easily overcome that flaw by using the flames on your left side…" He began to explain.

"You dared to say that you'll become number one without using your other half… While everyone else is fighting with all they've got, struggling with all their might to get closer to their dream?" Lifting his face, Todoroki nearly gasped upon seeing Midoriya's frightening scowl.

"You haven't even placed on scratch on me! Come at me with everything you got if you want to be number one!"

Those words of his were heard throughout the entire stage as Midoriya practically declared war against his opponent, clenching his aching fist as Todoroki began to stand.

'Young Midoriya… Are you trying to do what I think you're doing?' Toshinori speculated.

'…Things are going to be rough if it goes that way.' Ben noted with an unsure look.

Todoroki panted as he leaned against some of his ice, before standing up fully.

"Midoriya… What are you trying to say? "Everything that I've got"? What, did my old man buy you off or something…?!" He yelled, before leaping towards Midoriya. "Now I'm mad!"

However, even as the ice user began to charge at him, it was then that many of the spectators begun to notice something different from Todoroki's maneuverability.

'…His movements.' Midoriya was the first to say.

'They're slowing down.' Aizawa then said.

Even Bakugo was paying attention as he cupped his mouth. 'All of that frost that fell onto his body, and the usage of his Quirk throughout the match… Unlike the limit to my power, Half-and-Half's case is like having a bar of MP…'

'His limit must've been during the case when he released that Giant Ice Wall against Sero.' Ben then thought.

As much as Todoroki thought he had this in the bag, Midoriya however simply took a stance as he activated Full Cowling once more. 'In close quarters, Midoriya can't do anything to me without inflicting more damage to himself!'

However, right as he leaped off his right foot, it was then that Midoriya began to lunge low, making the ice user's eyes widen in response.

'This guy—The moment that lifted and leaped off my right foot…!' He quirked.

Midoriya began to mutter stuff in his mind as he began to surge more of One For All's power into his right fist. Todoroki could only watch as his hand balled into a fist.

'Imagine the microwave… Control the spread…!' He thought as he felt One For All surging into his right fist.

'20% Detroit Smash!' Striking Todoroki's stomach with an enhanced right hook, Midoriya slugs his fist into him, sending Todoroki off his feet and careening back.

"Why… You—Guuuh…!" Before he was sent flying away though, Todoroki gritted his teeth as he activated his right side on Midoriya's left arm, freezing it partially.

"A solid hit!" Present Mic alerted the crowd, causing to cheer in excitement. "We've finally got some damage being done to someone that's not self-inflicted!"

Midoriya yelps out in pain as One For All causes backlash towards his fist. However, it wasn't as nearly as bad as when he tried to do so with 100% of its power, leaving his arm partially in pain, but still somewhat controllable.

"He got a hit on Todoroki…" One spectator said with surprise.

"But look at Midoriya though. He looks way more messed up… I can't believe he started to go on the offensive here!" Another barked.

Todoroki began to cough loudly as he clenched his stomach. He was starting to sweat quite a bit, though he was more or less focused on trying to alleviate this gnawing pain in his lower torso. He began to pant heavily as Midoriya once again activated Full Cowling, charging at him with a bit of enhanced speed.

"Why…?" He muttered though as he activated his right side.

Trying for another freezing move, Midoriya simply slipped pass it with his agility, bunny hopping with zigzagging movements. This only caused more irritation to pile up in Todoroki's mind as Midoriya drew closer.

"Your ice isn't coming as fast, Todoroki-kun!" Midoriya yelled as his opponent also came up into his face.

Cementoss and Midnight watched as the two began to go through a duke out; Midoriya trying to land a solid punch on Todoroki, while the latter was now going on the defensive. Creating as many ice waves as he could, Midoriya however either just plowed through it due to them being weaker, or just outright dodged them and used the ice to maneuver the battleground.

This began to worry Cementoss, though primarily for Midoriya's case, as his usage of One For All was starting to look a bit dangerous.

"Should we stop this, Midnight? Midoriya might be thinking that Recovery Girl might be able to heal all of that damage." He asked through his communicator in his ear.

"That's true… He might not be feeling a whole lot of pain due to the adrenaline he has at the moment, but if he keeps going, then sooner or later his body won't be able to heal up in one go…" Midnight looked upon the fight with a bit of worry herself.

"Even if he wins, he might not be able to go into his next match…" Cementoss then said as Midoriya then slugged another fist into Todoroki, sending him flying back.

'You're really being reckless, aren't you, Midoriya…' Ben sighed as he ruffled his hair. 'Guess I have to do the usual.'

As the ice user landed on his knee, he clenched his gut as he saw Midoriya coming back at him once again. At this point, Midoriya's body was starting to get a little messed up, though it was mostly through his fingers from the repeated Delaware Smashes. However, they weren't nearly as damaging as it seemed, as the green haired teen still made a promise not to totally destroy his body. Ben did say that he didn't want to have to keep reversing the damage, and that he knew that letting Recovery Girl do the healing would strengthen his own body.

He just didn't have to damage it to the point that his body couldn't actually recover.

Running at Todoroki, the two prepared for another clash as another thought came back to Midoriya. A memory of the two speaking to one another during the break while everyone else was eating lunch.

Discussing about how their circumstances brought them here today, and how they were raised set the goals they set upon themselves. Endeavor and Todoroki, All Might and Midoriya. Their wanting to become number one, but with different origins and different motivations driving them on.

When it ended, it was then that Midoriya noticed that Todoroki began to launch out one more ice wave, though it appeared that this one rivaled in strength as the ones he previously had before the frost on his body began to inhibit his abilities.

"Can't…risk my entire body!" Midoriya growled. He then had a sudden idea, and quickly brought it into play.

With the body of his laying low, it was then that Midoriya's eyes widened as he activated Full Cowling. For a moment, he pushed off the ground with Full Cowl's effect, and right as the ice was about to come at him, Midoriya begins to twirl his body as he swings his left fist out with One For All at 50%.

'North Dakota Smash!' He roared inwardly.

Smashing through the ice like a drill, Todoroki and everyone else could only gasp as the green haired teen's fist went straight at his face, knocking him back with the jaw-breaking attack.

"GAH!" Letting out a cry of pain, Todoroki was barely able to hold onto his feet as he generated a gigantic wall of ice behind himself. By this point, nearly half of his body was covered in frost as he was blasted back for the umpteenth time.

Skidding as he landed, Midoriya's voice cracked as he let a wail. His left arm was now as battered as if he used One For All at 100% of its strength. Ben and the others could see his pained expression as Todoroki as seen visibly shaking. He could barely hang onto his ice, let alone move.

By now, it truly was a question to which if Midoriya or Todoroki would fall first. Either Midoriya would fall to his self-inflicted injuries, or Todoroki would fall to the frostbite. It was looking pretty even.

Todoroki himself was panting heavily, as evidenced by all the hazy air around as he broughthis face up.

"Why…? Why are you going so far…? Why are putting yourself through this?!" He demanded to know.

"Because I want to live up to people and all of their expectations…"

"…What?" He glares at him, now confused at his terminology.

"I want to be able to respond and do good to them… I want to be able to smile at them!" Midoriya yells out as he charges right at Todoroki.

"To be a cool Hero… THAT'S WHAT I WANNA BE!"

At that moment, Todoroki suddenly got flashbacks of an old memory. It was him…as a child, and someone close to him that reminded him of the very words that Midoriya uttered to his ears.

As that memory came to be, Midoriya roared savagely as he gave the ice user a full body slam.

"That's why… That's the reason why everyone's giving it their all, Todoroki!" He finished. "And you should be doing so too!"

Todoroki growled however as he was brought back to reality. "But you know nothing… NOTHING AT ALL!"

"Yes… There's no way I can know what you've gone through, or why you're even here, your own life is so much more different from mine. But for you to become number one, without even giving it all and your full power…? Even if you're trying to reject your father…"


Todoroki was greatly shocked by how blunt Midoriya was. Class A and B were certainly shocked to hear this kind of attitude from this adorable cinnamon roll of a classmate.

"…I didn't Midoriya-chan could get so aggressive." Asui admitted.

"There were some instances though." Ben answered however. "From the Combat Training, and even some parts of the USJ Incident, Midoriya sometimes would show irrational behavior when forced to."

Certainly. Midoriya's words made their work further down Todoroki's psyche, enough to make him recall some memories, some of which were a bit painful to recall…

'Please stop! He's only five years old!'

"Please. If he can't endure this, he can't hope to face All Might, let alone mere Villains."

A memory from Todoroki was now flashing back. He was only a child, forced into harsh training by Endeavor. It was so severe in the fact that Todoroki began to vomit, in which a woman came by, inspecting him for his own safety and concern.

She was a young woman with straight shoulder-length white hair with rather long bangs over her face, and brown-gray eyes with reasonably long eyelashes.

This was his mother… Todoroki Rei. The wife of Todoroki Enji through what was called a Quirk Marriage. These marriages began to appear after Quirks began to manifest in society, during the second and third generation of Quirk users. The purpose of these marriages was for the sake of choosing mates for the sole purpose of enhancing a specific Quirk to be inherited down the bloodline.

Due to Endeavor's abhorrence for All Might and his wanting to become the number one Hero, if he couldn't do it himself, he would attempt to make and groom such a person into that. Thus, the case of his son, Shoto, was the reason for his existence in the first place.

"He's already five, he can take it. Get out of my way!" Endeavor growls, slapping her away.

The young Shoto gasps at hearing her collision to the ground. "M-Mother!"

This, as well as other painful memories started to manifest as Todoroki began to cover nearly his entire right side in anger in the present. He glares at Midoriya as he does so.

"Shut up…!" He growls as Midoriya begins to channel his Quirk into his fist.

However, further memories of his mother made him stop before he could unleash another attack, allowing Midoriya to land another punch to his stomach.

'But… You want to be a Hero too, don't you, honey?'

'Just remember…to be yourself. It's okay for you to be one. As long as you have a future that you can feel strongly about.'

"I…will reject… That bastard of a father…!" He continued to argue.

However, Midoriya had enough of it. Gritting his teeth, he breathed in, roaring loudly the words that Todoroki would think that he would never hear in his life… And for one final memory to resurface back in his mind.


"Yes! Children do in fact inherit the Quirks of their parents, or even develop powers similar to them!"

In another one of Todoroki's fonder memories, he was seen sitting down with his mother as the two of them watched a TV interview with the number one Hero himself.

"But the most important thing to remember is what you make of it, and your history! It's you who decides your fate! That's why I say, "I am here"! Only you can decide to become a Hero, no one else!"

"He's right, you know." Rei smiles as Shoto's eyes gleam in fascination.

"Take this to heart, kids! You've got the stuff!" All Might then ends the interview with his signature grin, gesturing a thumbs up to the millions of watchers of the show.

As young Shoto smiles, Rei places a hand around his shoulder, leaning against him as a memorable set of words from his memory were evoked.

"Honey, you still want to be a Hero, don't you? Just remember; stay true to yourself."

'…I didn't realize, just how much I've forgotten.' He thought to himself as he feels a shackle being released from himself.

"You're not a prisoner of your lineage—It's okay for you to use your power—become who you want to be!"

"…Oh boy." Ben suddenly felt a shiver as the Omnitrix dial began to glow. "He's gonna use it."

"Huh? What do you—"

Before Uraraka could ask what he meant, all of a sudden, from down on the stage, the frost from Todoroki's body evaporated in an instant as a torrent of flames began to surge out from his left side.

"T-This is… Whoa, baby!" Present Mic's eyes widened.

"Oooh goody… The fire's here." Ben, now as Heatblast, stood in front of everyone to make sure that none of Todoroki's flames started to go out of control.

Iida himself had a thought about this. He recalled before the Cavalry Battle that the white-and-red haired teen told him that he would never use his left side… But now, here he was, doing so and contradicting his own words.

"He forced him to use his left side…" He uttered in shock.

'Young Midoriya… Don't tell me you were trying to save Young Todoroki this entire time?' Toshinori gulped as he looked down at his successor.

Midoriya was certainly shocked by the pillar of flames, but the excitement he was currently having from making Todoroki unleash his full potential was giving him a feel of thrill.

Todoroki himself was now in a state of calmness, even though he was now engulfed in his flames.

"Even though you want to win…" He first uttered, making Midoriya alert. "You fool… Even though you want to advance, you're helping your opponent?"

Midoriya could see that Todoroki was now exerting both flames and ice respectively, with his body being engulfed in both as the flames dimmer down to bodily shapes.

"Which one of us is screwing around now?"

As a perfect unison of flames and ice emerge, Todoroki gives Midoriya the biggest grin he's ever made. "I want to be one too! I'll be a Hero!"

Grinning in response to Todoroki, Midoriya begins to eye his classmate's dual nature of Quirks. However, while he was doing so, it was then that Todoroki's actions finally sparked a smile in his father.

Endeavor's flames started to spew out of control as he began to grin immensely, walking down the steps from the stage to get closer to him.

"SHOTO!" He yells with glee, his flames spewing out in a joyous matter.

Present Mic and a bunch of the other spectators blinked at Endeavor's sudden yelling. "H-Huh?"

"Have you finally accepted yourself for who you are?! That's it, good! It all starts here from you!"

"Geez, way to kill the mood, Endeavor…" Heatblast rolls his eyes as the Flame Hero reaches the railings.

"With my blood, you'll surpass me… YOU WILL FULFILL MY AMBITIONS!" He finished. By now, his eyes were almost that of a serial killer, though not the sake of bloodshed…

Present Mic was a bit speechless, but had to commentate regardless. "…Endeavor sudden shouts words of encouragement? Uh… What a doting father."

Back with the fight, as Todoroki began to regain his composure, it was then that he noticed the growing smile on his opponent's face.

"What're you smiling for?" He asked, making Midoriya's expression do a 180. "With those injuries, and in this hopeless situation? You must be crazy… So, don't blame me for what happens next!"

"…Uh-oh." Heatblast yelps. With the flashing of his Omnitrix dial, everyone shutters their eyes as Diamondhead replaces him.

"Huh, what gives?" Kirishima suddenly yelled, entering back into the seating rows. "Woah, Todoroki's using his flames?"

"Yeeeep… And that's why I should probably do this." Diamondhead then said as he slowly rose his arms up.

From the grounds from where everyone sat, a thin layer of crystal began to manifest out from the floor, creating a circular barrier that was transparent. Everyone then looks to Diamondhead as he reverts back to Ben.

"What's going to happen?" Ojiro asked, a bit worried.

"Something big, I guess…" Jiro gulped.

"We should be safe from the incoming blast, I think…" Ben chuckled weakly.

"B-Blast?" Kaminari shuttered as he and everyone looked down.

They could tell that this was probably going to be the last confrontation between the two. Todoroki grits his teeth as he begins to charge both of his sides; a gigantic amount of ice rivaling a pillar of flames. Midoriya himself grinned as he began to activated One For All, though Ben could tell that he was going to use 100%.

Activating Full Cowling around his entire body, he then began to focus 100% of his Quirk's power into his legs and right arm. The force from his charging was so powerful that torrents of wind began to circulate his figure, which made Cementoss's eyes widen in horror.

"Midnight!" He yelled as he slapped the ground with his hands. "If they keep going, it's gonna be bad!"

As a green glow appeared for a moment, Cementoss began to hurriedly mold the cement-based arena. Midnight began to sweat as well as she ripped a part of her costume, releasing a potent cloud of pink gas from her exposed arm.

"His body won't be able to hold up!" The R-Rated Hero grunts as Todoroki and Midoriya begin their final clash.

With his body's temperature at normal levels, Todoroki sends a giant ice wave at Midoriya, which the latter then avoids by using One For All in his legs to jump over it and dive at him.

'I gotta get close… To give him everything I have!' The green haired teen growls to himself.

While he began to get closer, his opponent begins to heat up the air and melts all the ice in preparation for a giant flame attack. As he does so... Midoriya clenches his fist as he activated One For All at 100%.


"Midoriya…" Todoroki mutters as he raises his left palm.

Right as the two attacks were about to collide, Cementoss grunts loudly as he generates walls and walls of cement between the two. However, his interference proved to be null as their attacks broke through his structures like paper-mâché.

"…Thank you."

With the instantaneous heating of the air due to Todoroki's flames, Midoriya and his attacks ended up causing a humungous explosion to occur right in the middle of the stadium, destroying it in its entirety. The shockwaves from their assault hit Midnight and everyone around the vicinity, knocking her and Cementoss back.

Class A was able to be protected, but nevertheless, they were shocked to a T as the shockwave blasted forth around the rest of the stadium.

"Midoriya-chan!" Asui yells in worry.

"W-What the heck happened?!" Mineta flinches as most of the students instinctively rose their arms in defense to block the incoming debris.

"D-Dude, seriously?!" Kaminari's jaw dropped.

"A giant shockwave?" Momo screamed as the protective wall was barely able to sustain them.

A giant screen of steam was seen piling up and away from the center of the arena. Even those outside from the stadium probably heard the loud explosion, as well as all of the residue that came out.

Cementoss was the first to recover. He sweat drops at the condition of the stadium, a mixture of shock and awe as he stands up.

"…You know, they say that something powerful isn't always something good. But man… This is amazing." He admitted.

"W-What… Just happened?" Present Mic croaked. He fell over in shock as Aizawa looked down. "Eraser, what the heck is up with your class…?"

"…The air that was cooled down by Todoroki's ice was thoroughly heated up in an instant by his flames, expanding it in a rapid pace." Aizawa explained in a rhetorical fashion.

"I-Is that what created this massive explosion…?" His fellow commentator quipped he sat up. "Sheesh… Just how hot was that?! Hey, who won that, Midnight?!"

Down by the stadium itself, Midnight rubbed the back of her head as she got up. Her domino mask was blown off, and she even got a few bruises. "Ow…"

As she recovered, it was then that she noticed two figures standing in the middle of the arena. As the steam started to dissipated from the explosion, what was first seen… Was a red shoe. Everyone began to look in anticipation as the two teens' figures finally showed a few seconds later.

"T-The winner…" Midnight blinks as she takes a closer look. "This match's winner is…"

With the steam finally disappearing, Midoriya and Todoroki were seen standing in the middle. Midoriya was just about to land another punch at Todoroki's face… Those upon closer inspection, Midnight could see that his eyes were out of it. Todoroki's left side of his jersey was completely burnt off, with him panting heavily as he eyes the fist right in front of him. Before anything else could happen however, Midoriya's body finally gives in, and he collapses onto the ground.

Midnight's eyes snap back upon hearing the teen's body fall, and she raises her whip in Todoroki's direction.

"M-Midoriya-kun has fallen unconscious. Todoroki-kun advances to the third round!"

"Ugh… Damn it, Midoriya."

"S-Sorry…" The green haired teen whimpered as he tried to give Ben a cheeky smile. "To you too, All Might…"

"You're lucky that Recovery Girl isn't here yet." Ben sighed. "Otherwise I couldn't explain why I'm here for."

The two were now inside Recovery Girl's temporary nursery. The drones had managed to deliver the teen to the room without a problem, but as things would've had it… Toshinori was already there, waiting for Midoriya to be escorted. He wanted to discuss with his successor about the outcome with his battle against Endeavor's son.

It was certainly a bit awkward for Ben and the blond to meet up in person, as Toshinori really didn't tell anyone else of his true identity of his form away from Hero work, besides Midoriya and a few of his coworkers.

"H-Hey there, young Tennyson…" Toshinori rose a hand in awkward greetings.

Ben looked at his instructor. Even he was a bit flustered to seeing Toshinori in his scrawny form. "What happened to you? You got all…thin."

"E-Er… Well, it's a bit hard to explain." Toshinori chuckled. "Do you wanna listen to a short run of it?"

"I suppose…" Ben shrugged.

"Well, long story short… I was injured around 5 years ago, and that began to affect my body as a whole. I was barely able to recover from it, and the injury even limited how long I could last in my normal form. I can only do Hero work for around three hours before I have to take a breather." He surmised.

"I-I see… Well, now that I know… You don't mind if I show you something, do you?" Ben then asked, walking over to Midoriya.

"I don't mind at all. What are you going to show though, young Tennyson? Toshinori blinked. "Another transformation?

"Oh… You're going to be amazed, All Might." Midoriya quirked.

Cocking a brow, Toshinori looked back at Ben as the Omnitrix flashed. He and Midoriya closed their eyes, only to see Clockwork in his place as they opened them back up.

"A-A robot?" Toshinori was a bit shocked. "…What does this form do?"

"Well… See for yourself, sir." Clockwork responded as his hands hovered over Midoriya's body.

Toshinori's eyes widened as a soft green glow began to gleam out from Clockwork's palms. It didn't take long for him to see the effect it had on Midoriya's body, reverting the injuries that he inflicted to himself. He could see his fingers reverting back from a dark purple coloration, to a reddish bruising. His other parts that were damaged also began to go back, but…not all the way.

This continued for a few more seconds, until Clockwork finally backed off. Toshinori stood from his seat, walking over to observe his handiwork. He glanced back and forth between Midoriya's limbs, until he nodded to himself and stood straight.

"You… What just…?" He was astounded.

"It's chronokinesis, sir." Clockwork explained as he exhaled. "I merely manipulated the time around Midoriya's body to the state in which he didn't injure himself too gravely."

"W-Why didn't you do it all the way though?" The number one Hero asked.

"For two reasons." The robotic alien explained, lifting two fingers. "One: If I healed him completely, Recovery Girl would start to get suspicious, as I've already done this a few times. And two: If I let him recover naturally, it'll actually strengthen his damaged muscles as they're repaired. You get the concept, don't you, All Might?"

Midoriya grumbled as he sat up, though he whimpered a little as his body twitched. "O-Ow… Y-Yeah, like Ben said. If I let Recovery Girl heal me, my muscles and body will heal up naturally, making them stronger than they were before."

Toshinori could only stare at the two. "I-I see…"

"Well, as much as I want to stay here, I think I need to make my exit soon. I suspect that a bunch of people Class A will come over in concern, so I'll retreat back and then enter with them." Clockwork then saluted to Toshinori, the key on his head starting to spin as he said that.

Right as the two were about to ask what he was about to do, Midoriya and Toshinori could only see Clockwork's key glow for a split second, before seeing him suddenly disappear from their eyes in an instant. They heard the door was shut down along the way, meaning that the robotic alien had stopped time and proceeded to exit out within a moment's notice.

The number one Hero and Midoriya glanced at one another, before hearing the door open up a second later. Recovery Girl entered, sighing a little before glaring at Toshinori.

However, as she turned to Midoirya, she cocked a brow up. She even readjusted her visor as she took a look at Midoirya's body, noting that it wasn't as beat up as it was before the drones brought him in.

"…What happened? How did your injuries lessen?" She muttered, suspicious to a large extent. "It was just like before as well…"

"B-Before?" Toshinori spoke out, feigning ignorance.

"Yes. After that little skirmish he had during the Combat Training, you all saw how Midoriya injured himself by using his Quirk, as well as blocking Bakugo's attack? Well, when I went to heal him up, the injury from his explosion was healed up all of a sudden before I even got there!" The old Heroine explained.

"T-That's…" Midoriya was a bit worried about her finding out, however, she didn't seem to have a clue to piece together that it was Ben who was the culprit.

"And not just that, but also from the USJ Incident. When he was brought in, his back was torn to shreds, and here when I came back after examining him, and all of a sudden they're gone!" She groaned.

"T-That is strange, isn't it?" Toshinori chuckled nervously.

"Bah… Anyways, onto your injuries." Recovery Girl then proceeded to into a drawer to pull out some medical supplies.

It didn't take long for her to bandage up the damaged limbs and fingers that Midoriya sacrificed, but she was still mildly annoyed at the result of all the backlash that he had done to himself in the process.

After placing on the finishing touches, she sighed as Midoriya laid down on the hospital bed, which was angled a bit to allow him to sit up slightly.

"You're lucky that your injuries weren't as worse as I expected." She first said. "If you had kept going without watching out for your body, I'd need to perform surgery to remove the bone particles that were stuck in your joints."

"S-Surgery?!" Both Midoriya and Toshinori exclaimed in worry.

"That was the plan if his injuries hadn't suddenly reverted back… But still, Toshinori, you fool!" She then elbowed Toshinori, causing him to cough.

"O-Ow!" He whimpered.

"…To push a child and light a fire in him, to make him yearn for a goal so much that he would destroy his own body… I don't like it. You're going too far, you and this boy. You can't keep praising him for this." She shook her head.

Toshinori looked down at his pupil. Of course, he felt bad, as he was basically the reason for Midoriya's life goal. He sighed, but as he opened his mouth to speak up, it was that the trio flinched at the sound of the door behind them crashing open.

"Midoriya-kun!" Iida was the first to peek in, with Uraraka, Asui, and even Mineta coming in. Ben was the last, sneaking along with the group.

"Midoriya-chan, are you alright?" The frog girl asked in concern.

"Oh gosh… That scared me." Toshinori nearly spat out blood.

Uraraka walked over to Midoriya, but then noticed Toshinori. She gave him a small nod in greetings. "H-Hello there…"

"Y-Yeah…" Toshinori sweat dropped. He hoped that no one would notice any similarities between his true form and his Hero form.

"Ah… You're all so noisy." Recovery Girl rolled her eyes.

Midoriya grunted as he looked over to everyone. "What's happening? Is the next match going on yet?"

"There will be a brief moment of passing." Iida answered. "Since there was a substantial amount of damage to the stadium arena, we are currently on hold until it is repaired."

Mineta frowned a little as he pointed at Midoriya in a fearful manner. "M-Midoriya… That match earlier was scary as heck! What Pro's gonna want that?"

"Shut it, Mineta-chan." Asui growled, which was a surprising thing to see from her as she slapped his head with her tongue. "I don't like the way you're rubbing salt into his wound."

"B-But it's true though!" The grape haired teen retorted.

"That's the first time I've ever seen you react like that, Tsu-chan." Uraraka blinked a few times. "That's so bizarre to see."

"…Well, he put his all into the match, didn't he? You can't reprehend him for that." Asui explained, which made Midoriya blush a little.

"Thanks, T-Tsu-chan…" He mumbled.

"Alright everyone, back away now for a little bit. I know you're worried, but I have to get on with the healing." Recovery Girl then said, waving her arms around to get everyone to move back.

"R-Right…" Most of them said.

Everyone then watched as Recovery Girl then proceeded to activate her Quirk, her lips extending out to Midoriya's chest. A moment later, and the room started to light up a bit as a green glow surrounded Midoriya's entire body. Slowly but surely, all of the blistering marks on his fingers and limbs began to heal up, reverting back to their normal state within seconds. The only things left were a bunch of scratches and some bruises

Of course, after the procedure was done, as Recovery Girl retracted her lips, Midoriya slowly got up, panting heavily as well as sweating profusely to the same degree. He nearly fell over, but Asui came in time to let him lean on her.

"Watch yourself. I got you." She reassured him.

"Y-Yeah…" Giving her a small smile, Midoriya slowly got off the bed he was on. He was bit shaky as he tried to stand on his feet, but after several more seconds, he was able to stand on his own.

"Alright, you're healed up. But quit hurting yourself, or else I'll stop. You got me?" Recovery Girl huffed.

"Y-Yes, ma'am…" Midoriya nodded.

"Come on, the next matches should be starting within a few minutes." Ben gestured over. "You should get ready, Iida."

"Of course! I am going against Shiozaki-kun, after all." The Engine user rose an arm.

It took Midoriya few seconds to reach the exit, but when he did, he, along with everyone else, gave Toshinori and Recovery a small bow before exiting.

As they exited, it was then that Toshinori let out a hard sigh. He ruffled through his hair, giving his colleague a serious look.

"…Those kids are something else." The nurse admitted.

"…I'm pretty sure that young Midoriya is feeling frustrated about his lost. After all, I gave him some expectations to fulfill, and his conversing with young Todoroki didn't help either." Toshinori first said.

"…But he did accomplish on of my objectives though. Even as he thought that he had to make a presence to make himself known as a Hero, he did in fact still act like one."

"What do you mean?" Recovery Girl turned to him, to which he gave her a small smile.

"…A Hero's job is to mettle in affairs that aren't related to him. Young Midoriya noticed how his opponent's feelings were like, and tried to save him from his lineage." He explained. "…And he succeeded."

"Yes… But is it right for him to do so with no repercussion for his own safety?" Recovery Girl then muttered to herself.

A few minutes later, the stadium had finally been restored to its former glory, courtesy of Cementoss and his Quirk.

The next match in the second round was between Iida and Ibara. However, as much as Ibara was gifted with an absurd amount of versatility with her Quirk, Vines; going up against a foe whose sheer Quirk gave him instant bursts of speed was the worst match for her.

The match itself was self-explanatory, and ended just as fast as Ibara's debut fight with Kaminari. The Vine user knew that she'd have a troublesome moment trying to catch a speedster with her Quirk, but she still made an attempt to do so.

Everyone watched as she clapped her hands together, activating Vines and forcing her thorny hair into deep underground, before springing out towards Iida with intent to tangle him up. Ibara had a good idea to attain victory, but alas…

"Recipro… Burst!" Iida yelled as he took on a sprinting stance.

Overloading the engines and mufflers on his calves, blue flames exploded out from his legs as he made a dash for his opponent, skidding marks seen on the stadium grounds as he appeared behind Ibara in an instant.

"W-Wha—" The green haired girl squeaked cutely as her vines were blown away by Iida's rush of speed, making her detach those vines as she tried to glance behind herself.

Before she could defend herself however, Ibara blushed a little as she felt her shoulders being grasped from behind. That moment of adorability quickly turned to astonishment as Iida lifted her feet from the ground and proceeded to dash all the way to the borders. Ibara yelped the entire way as her face was plastered with wind, halting once Iida reached the end and let go of her, letting her slide off the stadium and out of bounds.

"Quick as usual, Iida!" Kirishima cheered.

"It's really hard to counter off something that you can't even see…" Kaminari sweat dropped.

"Shiozaki-san is out of bounds! Iida-kun advances to the third round!"

The next course of action was the battle between Tokoyami and Bakugo. And truth be told, as much as the Acid user was persistent in her efforts to stay in the match, even the most physically fit girl in Class A had trouble dealing with Dark Shadow.

Right from the start of the match, things already went onto a full flurry. Tokoyami was the first to attack, sending off his shadowy projectile at Mina.

"Time to go down, Tanuki Eyes!" Dark Shadow cackled.

"Hey! Where did you hear that?!" The pink haired teen pouted.

She quickly crouched down to avoid a swipe from Dark Shadow's arm, letting her avoid a deadly blow out of bounds. Quickly dashing away, the pink haired teenager clustered orbs of Acid in her palms, flinging them in the apparition's direction.

To her dismay however, Dark Shadow's ability to move freely and independently proved to be its ace in the hole, as it easily avoided the lugs of burning liquids thrown at itself.

Everyone looked at the Tokoyami's Quirk with intrigue and slight awe. It wasn't every day you see someone completely made of shadows. In the crowd, Kirishima grinned brightly. He remembered how versatile it could be from all the punishment that it could take from the Cavalry Battle.

"Tokoyami-kun's Quirk works in pretty much any situation." Ojiro commented. "Ashido-san's going to have a hard time trying to directly damage it and Tokoyami himself."

"Sheesh, how do you counter a Quirk that's sentient?" Jiro gulped.

Suddenly, as Dark Shadow came forth for another devastating strike with its large arms, Mina grunted lowly as she slapped her palms onto the ground, her palms exerting a large amount of acid. It suddenly came up, covering the area in front of him as Dark Shadow began to slow itself down to prevent the acid from burning it.

With it distracted, Mina slid off from the side, skating towards Tokoyami while Dark Shadow turned its face around. It gawked at the clever maneuver, smirking in excitement as Mina made her way towards the lonesome Tokoyami.

"How well do you fair in an actual fist fight though, Tokoyami-kun?!" Mina asked with a snarky grin. "I may not look like it, but I've got some experience in CQC!"

She, along with the others, were confident that she had a greater amount of physical power. As she arched her fist, she wondered what her opponent would do. Mina got her answer when he was quick to jump back to avoid her attack, letting her fist strike the empty air between then where he had been previously standing.

When Tokoyami's feet touched the ground again, he shouted forth. "Dark Shadow!"

He stood in a stance as the line connecting him and Dark Shadow grew shorter, the latter pointing itself at Mina as it drew closer. All of a sudden, Dark Shadow launched its arms out, his forearms stretching out to try and grasp onto her.

Mina dodged to the left just in time before the two massive arms blast took hold of her. As Dark Shadow flew into air and hovered in place, it quickly withdrew its arms before firing them off at Tokoyami's adversary. The Acid user squeaked, running in a zigzag pattern to dodge his attacks as she slid on her acid.

It was then that Tokoyami himself went on the offense as he changed course and charged directly at Mina. Dashing off and clenching his leg muscles, he propelled himself toward her with fists ready to slug away. With her trained reflexes however, she ducked and avoided both of their attacks, albeit with some added difficulty.

Still in the air, it was then that Dark Shadow turned its to face her and, shockingly enough, charged straight down at Mina like a bull.

Noticing this, Mina quickly blocked a fist from Tokoyami before kicking him away in the chest. She spreads her legs to give herself a wide base and then shoved her hands out in front of herself. With a large amount of acid forming up in her hands, she hoped to spray away Dark Shadow.

It was then that Dark Shadow's eyes widened, but at this point, it couldn't stop itself as Mina spewed her acid out. "Acid Blast!"

When Tokoyami got up from the ground, he was moderately surprised that Dark Shadow had gone forth. Knowing it would get hit, Dark Shadow clenched its fists and continued its charged forward. Even as the large sphere of acid blasted off against its skin and began to tick away at it, Dark Shadow descended towards the pink head, crossing its arms in an X pattern as it slammed into Mina.

The Acid instinctively tried to jump back right before Dark Shadow could hit, however, despite her well-placed reaction, Dark Shadow knocked itself into her, causing her to skid back, and eventually, cross out of bounds.

"A-Aaah…! Oof…" Trying to maintain her balance, as she eyed her feet from the borders, as she tried to tippy-toe and stay within the stadium, she unfortunately fell backwards, landing on her rear with a thud.

Smiling at the fight's ending, Midnight snapped her whip in Tokoyami's direction. "Ashido-san is out of bounds! Tokoyami-kun advances to the next round!"

"Well, I guess that does it then." Kaminari said. He turned to Mineta with a smug expression as the crowd began to cheer in response to the entertaining fight. "Now then, why don't you go ahead and pay up?"

"A-Ack… I was sure that he would win in an instant as well!" The purple haired teen muttered in disbelief. "Damn it all!"

"As expected, Dark Shadow is quite useful…" Ben jotted down a mental note. "Though Tokoyami himself could probably have a lesson in actual fighting…"

"You can't deny that Dark Shadow is amazing though." Asui added, finger on her cheek as usual. "Those who rely on medium to close range attacks have a hard time getting to Tokoyami-chan."

Understandably enough, Mina did a pretty good job, at least in Ben's mind. She tried to go after the power source for Dark Shadow, which was Tokoyami himself. While the bird headed teen did display some level of close quarter combat efficiency with his case of his previous fight with Momo in the last round, this proved that he lacked the ability to properly stand up against someone like Mina, or at least other people with close range or Mutant type Quirks.

If Tokoyami could learn to not overly rely on his Quirk's omnidirectional attack range, or perhaps use Dark Shadow to cover for his own lack of actual attack and defensive capabilities, then perhaps he could grow into quite a powerful Hero who could adapt to all sorts of situations.

Nevertheless though, the matches continued on.

The next skirmish was between that of Kirishima and Bakugo, the former gaining his ticket through winning the arm-wrestle tie breaker with Tetsutetsu.

This fight brought upon many revealing factors to both sides of the match. As typically, these two students primarily focused on getting their attacks in through close to medium combat, fist to fist being the case for Kirishima especially. The redhead's Hardening grew to be quite a counter to the Explosion user, in which he actually forced Bakugo to go into a defensive matter for a bit.

After taking an explosion to his rib, it revealed to had done practically nothing to Kirishima's Hardened body as Bakugo skid away from the force of his attack. As the smoke cleared out, the only thing that got shredded apart was the Kirishima's shirt that he blasted.

"Ha-ha! That ain't gonna work on me, Bomberboy!" He boasted with a grin as he shrugged off the attack.

Clenching his teeth, Bakugo narrowed his eyes as he wipes off a cut of blood from his cheek that he got from barely dodging Kirishima's Hardened skin. 'Hmm… He's not bulging… Seems like there's more to him than just that Hardening.'

From the student seats unexpectedly, Tetsutetsu rose in support from where he sat, hoping to encourage his fellow Transformation-type classmate.

"Come on, Kirishima! Hit him in the chin! His chin!" He yelled out.

Juzo glanced over, taking note of the metallic student's change in behavior towards some of Class A's students. "…Yesterday's enemy is today's friend, huh?"

Needing time to think of a plan, Bakugo actually started to back off from Kirishima's attacks, dodging his punches left and right. Everyone else in the stands seemed to recognize this unexpected turn of events, as they knew that Bakugo was all about attacking his opponent and not letting his enemy getting a chance to recover and launch back at him.

"Whoa there! Bakugo's having a hard time fighting back against Kirishima's relentless attacks!" Present Mic yelled with a tinge of surprise. "Who would've thought?"

"He's on the defensive? Talk about a rarity!" Mineta noted. "You wouldn't think that guy knew how to dodge."

"It's because of how simple Kirishima's Quirk seems to be." Ben answered, however, he narrowed his eyes once Bakugo started to near the boundary lines. "…However, because it's so simple, given enough time, one could analyze and see some weaknesses."

"Huh?" Uraraka glanced at him, only for her eyes to zip back to the stage upon hearing another explosion coming forth from the stage.

After ducking low to avoid another right hook, it was then that Bakugo finally got a plan together after analyzing and figuring out how Kirishima's Quirk worked out. As he began to rise up, explosions crackled in his right palm as he swiped his arm out and tore into Kirishima's left ribcage.

"OH?! Bakugo counters again! But what's this?" Present Mic and everyone else noted that Kirishima had a pained expression on his face. "Unlike before, Kirishima seems to be taking damage all of a sudden!"

"…I've figured it out." Bakugo glanced up with a violent grin. "About the weakness of your Quirk."

"S-Shit…!" Kirishima growled as Bakugo prepared for his next attack.

"This whole time… You've been straining yourself to keep your body Hardened up and rock hard, right?! In that state, if you attack quickly and continuously, eventually you'll begin to lose your grip, and it'll start coming apart!"

Smacking his hands together, he placed them onto Kirishima's chest, blasting him back with a large explosion. Though he got a direct hit, the redhead managed to block the attack by Hardening his body, though it didn't seem to be as effective in nullifying the damage like before. Raising his arms up in a defensive matter, Kirishima cursed to himself as Bakugo dashed up and began to pummel him with explosions.

Letting out cries of effort, as Bakugo continued to lug explosions all over Kirishima's body, parts of his P.E. uniform started to get shredded apart. His lower legs, the side of his shirt, his shins…

As Kirishima felt his limit approach to how much he could take, his eyes widened upon seeing that Bakugo was preparing for the final explosion. "C-Crap…! You little—"

"THE FINAL BLOW!" Giving the redhead a giant uppercut enhanced by a massive explosion, Kirishima was sent off his feet and sent flying off. "DIE!"

"O-Ow…!" Finally releasing his Hardening, scratches could be seen all over the front of Kirishima's body as he landed on his back. He began to pant heavily as Bakugo looked down at him with some slight wheezing of his own.

"Hah… Heeh… Well, I understand why wouldn't want to go out in a drawn-out match with me though, Kirishima..." Bakugo grinned, admitting that well placed and recently discovered fact.

Upon seeing that Kirishima wasn't moving, Midnight called for the end of the match, snapping her whip in Bakugo's direction. "And there you have it! Kirishima-kun is immobilized! Bakugo-kun advances to the next round!"

Tetsutetsu's jaw dropped. "Nooo! You idiot, Kirishima! If you had gotten him in the chin, he wouldn't have been able to move! Agh—You didn't have enough guts in you!"

Much to the dismay of the Steel user, Kirishima was taken away to Recovery Girl, leaving Bakugo with a satisfied smirk as he began to go off stage. It took a few more minutes for the stage to get fixed up from Bakugo's explosions, but soon enough, the next match went on.

This next fight was between two students of Class B, specifically, Tsuburara and Juzo. To everyone's surprise and excitement, along with the matches being between Class B's students, spectators were on ears when they learned that Juzo was one of the few first-year students that was also introduced into U.A. Academy through official recommendations, as with Todoroki, Setsuna, and Momo.

As Midoriya, Iida, Tokoyami, and Mina returned to their seats, it was then that they all looked downwards towards the two students with their classmates as the next match began.

"And here we go, folks! The fifth match of the second round!" Present Mic alerted everyone. "And what do you know? This match is between students from Class A's sister group, Class 1-B!"

"Really brings the crowd out, does he…?" Tsuburara chuckled.

"Well, with so many of Class A's students in the top placements, it's a bit understandable for everyone to be excited for a battle between students in Class B." Juzo responded as the two entered the arena.

"Dense as air and solid as a bone! What will we see from this breathtaking student?! From the Hero Course—Tsuburara Kosei!"


"The sinker! A man of great pulling and potential as a student introduced into U.A. through official recommendations! From the Hero Course—Honenuki Juzo!"

As the two students got ready, everyone had their eyes glue to the stage as the flames from the pillars died off.


Immediately, Tsuburara leaped into the air, breathing in quickly and exhaling out just as fast to create a platform of air to stand on while Juzo stomped on the ground, softening the ground where the brunet once stood.

"Shoot…" The Softening user narrowed his eyes.

"Knew you would try to do that!" Tsuburara grinned. Inhaling more air, he did a standing long jump, blowing down to where would land and creating another platform.

"Hey-hey! Tsuburara's avoided the quicksand-like nature of Juzo's Quirk by creating platforms to stand on!" Present Mic noted out.

And once again, Midoriya got out his notebook, jotting down notes on both students as the fight continued.

Juzo knew that this would prove to be a troublesome match. Both of their Quirks weren't suited for hurting others; they were more likely to incapacitate or capture others instead. Since his Quirk focused on softening the bonds of solid structures, even if he tried to softening and go through Tsuburara's transparent platforms, the teen would be able to create more of them in an instant.

And that applied to the former as well. His only chance of winning was staying above ground zero where Juzo couldn't trap him in. However, his Quirk really didn't have a way of attacking Juzo, so the two had to rely on physically damaging one of the others to end the fight.

Bit by bit, the match did go on however, and eventually, there was a winner. As much as Tsuburara could create platforms to stand on, as he continued to move through the stage, his stamina slowly began to dwindle down. It inevitably came to who would tire out first, Juzo or Tsuburara. In the end however, moving around and having to constantly breath in and out tired the latter, resulting in his movements slowing down enough for Juzo to catch him and sink him partially into the ground.

As the latter incapacitated his opponent, Midnight finally declared the end of the match, placing Juzo above into the next round. "Tsuburara-kun is immobilized! Honenuki-kun advances to the next round!"

"That was… Unique." Midoriya admitted. "It was like a glorified match of Cat and Mouse."

"That's an odd way to phrasing it, ribbit." Asui cocked a brow. "Why do you say that?"

"I think it's because of how their Quirks worked. They kind of countered each other, or at the very least, weren't made to directly hurt someone else." Iida answered.

"Their abilities are more capture and environmentally specific. If Juzo was in a more confined space with more areas to use his Softening, it would be largely in his favor. In Tsuburara's case, that would be similar as well. Creating platforms and walls to isolate and traps others inside is better in closed environments." Ben added onto that.

Commentating further onto the match's results, eventually, the screen transitioned to the brackets once more, with Juzo advancing up to the third round with Todoroki, Iida, Tokoyami, and Bakugo.

"Alright! With that breathtaking match sunken down and settling off, it's time for the last match of the second round! This one will complete our final six combatants for the ending rounds!" Present Mic announced.

Standing up, Ben smiled as he began to go for the stairs. "Alright. It's go time."

As everyone watched him and Itsuka meet up in the arena a minute or two later, the thoughts as to how this match would play out stumbled in everyone's mind.

"So… Kendo-kun, huh?" Iida looked down. "I wonder how this will go out."

"It's more about what kind of form Ben will take on, if anything." Tokoyami went forth with his own thoughts. "Will he show us something we've seen before, or something else entirely new?"

"I know it's a little bad for Itsuka-san, but I want to see what Ben will do!" Uraraka admitted. "Right, Tsu-chan?"

"Yeah. But here's to hoping that he won't humiliate her like Monoma-chan." The frog girl replied with an unsure expression.

"Oh. Regarding those two, I'd say they're pretty friendly." Jiro blinked. "Right, Ojiro?"

Ojiro nodded, smiling a little. "Yeah. They met all the way back during the Entrance Exams with us. I'd say this'll be a friendly competition between the two of them, if anything. Monoma-kun just seemed to be an exception."

With the two students finally approaching onto the stage, they walked up to one another, exchanging a shake of hands. Unlike most of the students between Class A and Class B, these two could care less about the rivalry between the two groups. Though, in the case of rivalry for this occasion, it was friendly at worst.

"Here's to a good match." Kendo smiled.

"Ditto." Ben nodded. "And I think you'll like the form I'll take on for this occasion."

"Here we go then, everyone! The last match of the second round!" Present Mic announced with a grin, with portrait images of the two students appearing across all of the showing screens of the stadium. "Let's introduce our fighters!"

"Gentle and pristine! The big sister of Class 1-B! A helping hand and big contender for greatness! From the Hero Course—Kendo Itsuka!"


"The green blur! The number one of this competition so far, is there any hope for this guy's defeat?! From the Hero Course—Ben Tennyson!"

As Kendo took a battle stance, Ben did so as well, though it appeared to be more of a…sumo wrestler's one, for some reason. This piqued a sense of curiosity in the orange haired teen, but nevertheless, she prepared herself for whatever he was going to throw at her.

As the flames of the stadium died down, it was then that Mic started the countdown. "Okay, let's start it off!"


Once Midnight heard Present Mic's announcement, she took a few steps back and raised her hand. "Begin!"

Kendo smirked as she took a few steps back. Watching Ben defeat Monoma effortlessly was entertaining, as much as she didn't want to admit it; however, it left the orange haired girl wondering how powerful Ben really was. She knew she had only one way to measure Ben's physical strength.

Suddenly, she activated her Quirk, and within a blink of an eye and with quick reflexes, she willed her hands to enlarge themselves to massive proportions, almost three times her own body size if Ben took a quicker look. The brunet's eyes had widened in surprise, but he quickly returned the facial expression as the Omnitrix flashed.

His body was once again shrouded in brilliant emerald light. As it died away, standing in Ben's place was a familiarly recognizable white and yellow pill bug alien. Going back to his sumo stance, he pumped his legs back and forth, stomping on the ground a few times as he gave Kendo an amused smile.

Everyone looked at the roly-poly alien with intrigue and awe. It wasn't every day you see someone who could turn his body into something completely inhuman like. In the crowd, Asui and Midoriya's eyes gleamed a little. They remembered Cannonbolt and immediately were reminded of the stunt that he pulled with Midoriya's Smash attack back at USJ.

"Let's see how you fare against Cannonbolt!" The Aburian Pelarota challenged. "Come at me! I'll show you how a Sumo Slammer goes about!"

"Sumo… Slammer?" The Class B student cocked a brow. "What's that?"

"Let's see… It goes like this! It's slammer time!" The white quickly gives off a gallant cry as he lunges out at Kendo, spreading his arms out in an attempt to dive down on top of her.

The Big Fist user only had moments to react, her eyes widening as she yelped. Being unable to move out of the way, Cannonbolt knocked her off her feet and onto her back, though due to her Quirk, the two were now in a faceoff of who could crush who. Surrendering to pure physical strength was the motto for Sumo Slammers after all.

Kendo grits her teeth as she attempts to push the large alien off of her. After struggling to push him off from the front, she quickly makes up her next move, rolling to the side to off-balance her opponent and push him off. Cannonbolt bounces off the ground a few times, skidding away a few feet before coming to a stop and prompting himself back onto his feet. He grins menacingly as Kendo sweats a little.

"T-That's a big transformation, I'll give you that." She admitted. "Though it's going to take more than that to drive me out of the park."

"Heh! You haven't seen anything yet!" Cannonbolt replied as the two circled around each other, as if the arena they were in were meant for wrestlers.

It was then however when the Aburian Pelarota surprised everyone once he began to curl into himself, his yellow shelled armor circulating around him as he contorted into his spheroid form. Kendo herself was shocked, her jaw dropping slightly to show so, and even more once she saw that her opponent was beginning to somehow rev himself up like a motorized wheel.

Blasting himself right at her, the orange haired girl immediately brought her hands in front of her, her Quirk enhanced limbs attempting to stop the rolling Cannonbolt from smashing into her.

"G-Geh…!" Grunting a bit, Cannonbolt began to increase his revving, skidding against her palms and even beginning to move her back a little.

Plundering back, Kendo glanced behind her, noticing the distance between her and the boundary line shortening bit by bit. As she continued to push against the motorized wheel of death in front of her, she eventually caved into another idea.

Breathing in, she ushered a great amount of strength to her arms, swinging them upwards, along with Cannonbolt. The rolling alien certainly didn't expect that, as well as the fact that Kendo proceeded to then slam her hands onto the air to propel herself up, similar to how Ojiro utilized his tail. Rocking her right arm back, she swatted him down like a glorified volleyball onto the stadium grounds, creating a small crater as he smashed down into the floor.

As the Aburian collided with the ground hard, his collision threw up dust cloud. The spectators of the match all focused on the smoky spot. For a moment, nothing happened. Suddenly, the billowing cloud was blasted away when Cannonbolt rolled out of the way and unknotted himself back to his standing form.

"Oof… That's the second time that someone slapped down on my back like that." He chuckled a little. "Alright, you can handle this form… So how about this then?!"

As Kendo proceeded to question his words, the Omnitrix dial on Cannonbolt glowed, engulfing him in emerald light once more. By this point, everyone immediately knew that Ben was changing forms.

As the light faded away, Mineta cringed upon seeing the form that Ben took. Standing in Cannonbolt's place was everyone's happy go violent attituded tiger alien, who gave off a loud growl before grinning at Kendo.

"O-Oh God!" The midget teen nearly fainted from seeing Rath, something that Kaminari and Sero chuckled to.

"So, it's that form again…" Aizawa actually commentated, his eyes glued on the feisty alien.

Cracking his knuckles, Rath pointed a finger at Kendo, seemingly as a declaration of war. "Lemme tell you something, Kendo Itsuka… Rath is not Cannonbolt, but Rath, is gonna make you cannon as a bolt out of here!"

"That made no sense!" Present Mic cackled in amusement, earning a growl from the tiger alien.

"…I KNOW!" Grinning, Rath came forth, diving himself straight towards Itsuka. "Come on, fight me! This is round two!"

'That… Is a detrimental change in his personality…' Itsuka couldn't help but make that obvious note, but even then, it nerved her a little bit to see this stereotypical sounding wrestling tiger alien suddenly appearing before her eyes and challenging her to a match.

Once again however, because she was distracted by her thoughts, she didn't notice said alien coming right at her face. She gasped a little once Rath knocked her off her feet. Quickly picking her up be her waist, he then attempted to nail her down with a head lock.

"This suddenly turned from a sumo match and into a wrestler's scene? Talk about variety!" Present Mic commentated, slapping Aizawa on the back. "Hey, All Might doesn't really have any wrestling moves in his attacks, does he?"

"Why would I know for?" Aizawa grumbled.

Locked in his grab, Itsuka instinctively tried to get out. Thanks to her Quirk though, this made that action relatively easy. Grasping the tiger alien's with her Big Fists, she easily grabbed him by the neck and through him forward, which surprised everyone to say the least once the orange alien slammed down to the floor, face first of all things.

However, it didn't seem to faze Rath, rather, it made him excited if anything. Quickly back onto his feet, Itsuka reverted her arms back to normal once she saw that he was going for a good old session of hand-to-hand fighting.

The Appoplexian throws his fists out, hoping to slug at the teen's face. Itsuka however blocks each of his attacks, however, as Rath prepares to throw down an axe handle, she brings her arms up, only to see her opponent smile as he instead slugs her in the gut, making her grunt in pain. While she was rubbing her stomach, Rath spins a few times, his fist hitting up against her chin with an uppercut, and as he spun again, slapping against her cheek with the heel of his left foot.

Skidding back, Itsuka quickly shook off the pain, giving the tiger alien a stern look as he gestured her to come towards her. Dashing off, Rath brings his arms up to block a series of kicks from the orange haired teen, and once she prepares for a roundhouse kick, as she sends her leg off, Rath catches it against his rib.

"Grr…" Gritting her teeth, she could only watch as Rath lifted her up, spun around, and then slammed her down onto her back on the stadium flooring.

Present Mic's eyes, as well as everyone else's, were glued onto the fight. "Oof! Another slam to the back! This is more physical than Quirk fighting!"

Chuckling, Rath brings his arms together to slam down onto Itsuka. As the orange haired teen groaned in discomfort, as she opened her eyes, she gulped upon seeing the shadowing figure above her own. Quickly activating her Quirk, her left hand grew as she clenched it. Rath could only notice from the corner of his eye as she then punched him in the face, sending him careening back to the other side of the stage.

"Whoa!" Tetsutetsu's mouth dropped a little. "That was awesome!"

"Haven't you seen her fight before, Tetsutetsu?" Setsuna smiled. "She's pretty good, right?"

"Well, duh!" The metal student nodded. "Her fighting style is like me! Up close and personal!"

"I'd say Kendo has more of a grace to her though…" Monoma rolled his eyes in a sarcastic matter. "Not that it'll do much against Tennyson though, probably."

As she got back to her feet, Itsuka was seen panting a bit as Rath sprung back up, still grinning even as he rubbed his temple. This was going for the third round it seemed!

Charging forth, Itsuka activated her Quirk and began to slug away at Rath. Much to her surprise however, as the tiger alien guarded against her first two punches, as she came by for a third, he balled his fist and smacked it away, leaving her surprised as he spun and kicked her in the cheek. Shaking her head dizzily, Rath came forth behind her, performing a German Suplex after grabbing her waistline.

"Ugh…!" Itsuka could feel her head bursting about, like needles and stones smacking against her skull as she rolled backwards.

Unconsciously deactivating her Quirk, Itsuka stood still as she got up, groaning a little as she began to stagger a bit in a daze. As Rath got back up to his feet, he turned around, only to stare at his opponent and see what she would do.

Much to his dismay however, Itsuka dropped to her knees, raising a hand up. "Oof… I… I think I've had enough. I give."

Upon hearing her words, Midnight blinked, though it was only because that brought her out of her daze. Staggering a bit, she brought out her whip as Rath went up and helped her onto her feet as he reverted back to Ben.

"U-Uh… Kendo-san has surrendered! Tennyson-kun wins and advances to the next round!" The R-Rated Heroine announced.

"With this fascinating fist-to-fist match ending, Tennyson advances to the next third round! This completes the final six contenders for the number one spot!" The Voice Hero alerted out as the screens around the stadium flicker around to the brackets.

"That was more action than I thought I would see…" Iida was surprised to say the least.

"Sumo wrestling, regular wrestling? What kind of fighting styles can't he do, seriously?" Kaminari ruffled his hair.

"…A-As long as Rath stays away from me, I don't care!" Mineta frowned. Momo's eyes gleamed at the opportunity for Rath to act as a guard against Class A's two lecherous students.

As Itsuka recovered from the ground breaking German Suplex that she was given, she chuckled a little towards Ben. "Ah… That was a bit rough, don't you think?"

Admittedly, Ben had to scratch the back of his head, as he had nothing to counter to that. "Ah… Well… Yeah, I've got nothing for that. Rath makes me become a little… You know, overly excited for fighting."

"Well, not to say it wasn't fun. You actually showed me a lot of very interesting techniques!" The orange haired girl nudged her elbow into his chest. "Teach some of the moves next time, yeah?"

The brunet blinked, surprised to see that she wasn't as angry as he expected, or even annoyed to be certain. "O-Oh…! Yeah, sure."

With the declaration of the match finally announced, Ben and Itsuka began to rally back to the student seats. Aizawa continued to eye him down, recounting all of the forms that Ben had shown throughout the entire Sports Festival.

Upgrade, Wildmutt, Bloxx, Dragonaut, Rath, Cannonbolt, Stinkfly, Sludgestrike, Heatblast, Diamondhead… These were the ones that appeared thus far through these events, not accounting to all of the other forms that Ben had shown through the early school year.

'…I need to dwell deeper into his case. Where did he come from? Who are his parents? What… In God's name, is that Quirk?' Closing his eyes, he sighed heavily as he continued to give all of these thoughts some consideration.

As the two previously fighting students came back, the semi-finals were about to begin. Half-and-Half, Engine, Explosion, Dark Shadow, Softening… And "Transformation". Out of all of these students and their respective Quirks, everyone's thoughts fazed over to a certain brunet as their supposed winner.

But who knows? Maybe something might happen. A lucky break perhaps. Or a complete case of devastation… Time will foreshadow this, amidst through while another case is currently happening.

Blood… A cruel sense of justice… And a Stain upon Heroes.

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