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Chapter Four


"Shanny, are you alright?" Jeff asked as SHannon cringed, leaning against the inside of the elevator.

Shannon glanced up quickly, "What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"You just...are you sure? You don't wanna just get to your hotel room and get some sleep?"

"I...I don't have a hotel room to stay in." Shannon admitted, blushing.

"What? Do..do you wanna stay with me? I have plenty of room in mine."

Shannon opened his mouth to speak, but quickly shut it again, and gritted his teeth. Then, he glanced around, "I-"

"Shannon, I insist."

"I don't wanna barge in on you-"

"Shann, don't worry about it. I need someone around about now."

"You okay?"

"I'm fine. But you, you've got quite a bruisin' goin' on there." Jeff said, turning Shannon's face slightly so he could see the developing blue/purple bruise on Shann's right cheek.

"I'm okay." Shannon said quickly.

The door to the elevator opened as the little bell signalled their arrival on the floor. Jeff nodded and lead Shannon onto the floor. He took out his key and quickly slid it into the lock on the door. It clicked open and Jeff led Shannon into the dark room. It was definately not a tupical room that looked like Jeff Hardy was staying there. The bags were all packed up and the bed was made instead of everything all over the place. Jeff turned on the light, "Have a seat."

Shannon smiled meekly and took a stiff seat on the bed as Jeff busied himself around the room turning on lights and things. You want something, a drink or something?"

"Nah, tha's ahlright."

"You look like you got a kink in yer back, ya want a massage?"

Shannon sighed, "That would b'great."

Jeff smiled, "Ya want your shirt on or would you rather it be off?"

"I'm really rather it be on."

Jeff smiled again, "Whatever you want, buddy."

Shannon was glad that Jeff didn't ask any questions and just helped him lay stiffly onto the bed on his stomach. Shann really didn't want Jeff to know what had happened; he might feel obliged or something. And how was he going to explain that he was stiff cause he was raped repeatedly? No, it was better he didn't know yet. Shannon folded his arms under his head and rested on them as Jeff started to work out the kinks on his back through the soft cotton shirt that Matt had let him wear. He was suprised that Jeff didn't comment on it, but he could care less right now; he could always make some kind of phoney excuse like he had lost his bags. Jeff's hands were working magic and Shannon found himself drifting into serenity and, for the first time in a while, sleep. When Jeff noticed that Shannon had fallen asleep, he got up and started to settle Shannon into the bed; he would be fine sleeping either next to him or on the couch tonight, it wasn't like they had never slept in the same bed before.

When Jeff was turning off all of the lights, the phone rang. He sighed and picked it up to the sound of his brothers voice.



"Hey, where's Shannon?"

"He's sleeping, Matt. It's late. Wait, how'd you know he was here?"

"Where else would he got, idiot?"

"Well, what do you want, it's late and I'm tired."

"Did Shann tell you anything?"

"Like what?" Jeff asked suspiciously.

"Like anything."

"Well, he told me high and-"

"Jeff, I'm serious. Did he, like tell you any, like, really shocking news?"

"Are you two dating?" Jeff asked.

"What? No. Listen to me, Jeff. If he hasn't told you already, it probably means he would rather you not know yet, but I think you should."

"Matt, just cut to the point, what do you want?"

"Well, the cops just came and they took Mark away."

"Why?" Jeff asked, blandly.

'He's goin' ta prison for a bit."

"Why?" Jeff repeated.

Jeff could hear a slow intake of breath on his brothers end of the phone line, "He raped Shannon."

Jeff nearly dropped the phone. He glanced nervously over at where Shannon was laying and sunk to the floor next to the bed; lowering his voice as if he was scared Shannon would hear him speaking.

"He what? When? How? I mean...-"

"Jeff, calm down...-"

"Calm down? My best friend just got raped by your boyfriend and all you can tell me is to calm down?" Jeff asked, his voice rising a bit.

"Jeff, me and Shannon went to the hospital and we talked to the police and Shannon told them everything. They are gonna sort it all out."

"Matt, what if something's wrong? I mean what he he gets AIDS or something?"

"I know, I thought of that already. They ran some tests, but they don't think they'll get the results for about a week."

"Matt, what are we gonna do?"

"The cops said that me and Shann have to talk to the police again, but either way Mark'll be jailed and Shannon's gonna need some counciling, In case you haven't noticed, he's acting a bit stranger than usual."

"This is way too much..."

"Jeff, I understand if you don't wanna be here for him; I can do that-"

"No, Matty. I love him. I'll be here for him."

"I'm glad to hear that Jeffy, but, you do know he's not going to be very trustful of people for a bit."

"I know. But let me deal with it, alright?"

"Yeah, Jeff. I'll talk to ya tomarrow. Don't do anything stupid, okay?"

"I would never want to do anything to hurt Shannon."

"Night Jeff."

"Seeya, Matty."

Jeff hung up the phone, definately feeling more somber than he had when he had picked it up in the first place. He took off his t-shirt and his shoes and got ready for bed. He took a spare blanket from the storage closet and set himself up on the couch. Now that he knew what had happened to Shanny, he didn't think that Shannon would want him to be in the same bed with him, or, more or less, be comfortable.

The next morning, Jeff woke early. He had been thnking and writing in his journal all night and hadn't gotten much sleep; but with his old wrestling schedule, was used to having less sleep than a normal person would have. He started on making breakfast, waiting for Shannon to wake up in the other room and eat with him. Almost as soon as he had thought that, the door to the bedroom opened and Shannon quickly slipped out and into the bathroom. The shower started and drowned out most of SHannon's thoughts as he stood beneath the steaming water. Looking at his arms and chest; Shannon realized the extent of the damage done to his body. Picture him in a street-brawl with Tommy Dreamer and Brock Lesnar. As a matter of fact, throw in a Kendo stick, two trash can lids and Johnny B. Badd's and Jazz's fingernails. All after he gotg the F5 from Lesnar a while back. Yeah, that bad.

When he was finished, he turned off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist tentively. HE had a sudden urge to throw up again but he didn't know whether it was from physical pain from sleeping last night or from the drinks that wer settling in his stomach. He hunched over the toilet bowl for a few minutes before Jeff came in. Jeff pushed Shannon's hair our of his sweaty face.

"You alright? Ya sick?"

"I'm alright. I j-just think that I had a few too many drinks last night. Tha's all."

"Matt's out front waiting for ya. He says you have somewhere's ta go."

Shannon looked up, a scared type of look on his face.

"What exactly did he say?"

"He just said that he needed to take you somewhere."

Shannon nodded, accepting the answer, but the guilt of keeping such a big secret from his best friend was burning him up inside.

"Jeff, I was raped."

Jeff was quiet for a minute, wiping away a tear that fell from Shannon's eye.

"I know. Matt told me last night."
"I'm guess it's for the best he told you. I didn't want you to know."

"I understand."

"Thanks, Jeffy."

Shannon smiled, pulling Jeff into a hug. Jeff smelled of that secret cologne mixture he used and soap. Shannon could stay in this position forever, but he knew he had to go with Matt for whatever reason it was.

"I love ya, Shanny."

"I love ya, too."

"Now, go on with Matty."

Shannon nodded and Jeff helped him to his feet and out to the living room where Matt was sittin gon the couch, eating some bacon and reading the newspaper. You could tell he wasn't really interested in what was in the paper and had probably heard what they had said in the bathroom, but Jeff and Shannon could care less. Matt folded the paper and put it in his lap.

"You ready to go to the station, Shann?"


Shannon pulled on his coat and followed Matt outside to his car.

But not before pulling Jeff in for a kiss.

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