The Afterparty to Remember

The triads were then defeated, along with the Christie. Christie's death appeared to be necessary, since she was changed to the point of no return. Fortunately, the sisters were not the ones who had to vanquish her, Billie did, and only due to the defensive deflection of Christie's attack. Standing there in the sun room there were four generations of Halliwell family, gathered together in one room, and the only thing that was missing, unfortunately, was off limits.

Wow… you can't say that you see, four generations of the family of somewhat same age standing together in one room, every day, or ever - calmly concluded Piper, leaning against Leo's chest, joyously basking in his embrace, - the only person that is missing, and not to mention terribly missed around here, - she exhaled with great disappointment, - is…

Is Prue, - interrupted Phoebe, - terribly missed. By the way, - she turned to Leo with her full of hope eyes, - it's been five years since we lost her, and, - affirmatively rambling continued Phoebe, - just out of curiosity, how long does it usually take for them, - she lightly swung her head upwards, - to allow spirits to visit their families. If you know what I mean, - she kept rumbling, - is there a specific time threshold, or something.

Well Phoebe, its never black and white simple, there are many things that are factored in, like for instance, the preparedness of the families, - he said, - and that, meaning, whether the family will be able to perceive the person as a spirit, - he shook his shoulders, - its never quite predictable, in accordance to one's personal standards, it is only up to their higher power of sensing the intensity of your residual grief. Also, for that matter, spirit's peace is also highly considered, they want to be sure, that the spirit will not be constantly dragged down from there, since time has different dimensions in their, a month can sometimes be equal to an hour there, and what seems for us to be a long time, for them can be a minute or so, - explained Leo, - thus...

Well, they could have let us see her just this ones, while our entire family is here, - said Piper, looking up at Leo, - I mean, wouldn't it be wonderful…

Well, honey, - hugging her, said Leo - you are talking to me like I am in power of changing something.

I know, I know- flipped Piper, - can I openly express my wishes , at least?

Of course, Piper, - exclaimed Phoebe, - you might as well speak for all of us, since I do believe, - nodding in an agreeing agony said Phoebe, - or rather I have a feeling that all of us have pretty similar emotions, when it comes to that matter.

Especially those of us, who have just learned this disappointing truth, - sadly stated Patty, - its not that it is easy to learn that your five-year-old daughter is not going to make it to her forties, not to mention, that you, yourself won't be there to protect her, - she whispered through her tears.

Conversation was interrupted by emerging white orbs, from which the angel of destiny, the one that took Leo once before, has appeared. Her appearance, has tensed Piper up, she squeezed Leo as tight as she could.

Don't tell me, - Piper pronounced with careful expression of anger, - that you are here to take my husband away from me again, cuz if you are, you can count me in, since I refuse to participate in any other battles, - shaking her head exclaimed Piper, - without him being present by my side.

Don't worry, Piper, - the angel of destiny said with warm smile, - today's mission of mine, is rather pleasant.

Piper exhaled, and looked up at Leo, carefully smiling with relief, while the angel of destiny turning away from them and to the rest of the family calmly continued.

I have to say, today's unusual matter is as pleasant for me as it will be for you. First of all, I have to explain the order of things to you, since, what we are about to do, has never been done before, and is, or rather has been made possible only because of your, girls! Your resilience to everything that has been happening to you, despite all the losses, all the injustices, you have managed to retain the goodness of your hearts, and although have attempted to give up, never did, always coming to terms with your destined duties. Even at such hard times, when good has strangely sabotaged itself, with Gideon at first, and betrayal of magical community at last, you have been able to stay true to the nature of good, and have surpassed all of the expectations. It is highly important to me to let you know that, the ease with which magical community, has abandoned their loyalties, was shocking to us, and that subject will be given a significant part at millennial divine convention, to which, I am happy to announce all of you will be invited, as an exception and of course, hardly earned trust of the highly empowered, not to mention pride, that you with your deeds make them feel, given that for the first time, the beings enabled with such a power, as you are, have never gave into that power completely, and have been able to retain humanity, which by the way, has never happened before. That's why it has amazed all of us, the way you have managed to handle things, although betrayed so many times, you have never lost your understanding of good. You have to understand that the elders are also only the agents, they are the mediators, between humanity or the best of it, or in other words somewhat empowered, and the higher power, they also are prone to judgement, and mistakes, however, it has to be also considered that the chances of the mistakes have to be hundred times lower than in any other cases, since all of them have been practically hand picked. We've been telling you all these years that creatures like us, cleaners, or the tribunal are independent powers, neutral to the sides, however, it is not quite true, it's just the level of our operations, is higher, than the elderly level. Like anything in the world, nature has a hierarchy, as do we as well, however it is crucial that the previous are always convinced that the next ones are the only higher power, with the purpose to avoid undermining of their authority. Therefore, we had to have you convinced, like every other magical being, that the elders are the only authority above you, which they were never supposed to disclose to as anything other than that, as every elder is sworn to secrecy, the holy one, before those who are above the elders.

Did you know that? - interrupted Piper, turning her face up to Leo.

Yes, he did, - said the angel of destiny, however, once Leo clipped his wings, his memory of that faded over time, turned into a mental residue, something like after dream, its like a simple notion of God people tend to have, its rather uncertain, but kind of naturally occurring, - she clarified, kindly smiling at Leo.

I guess, - Leo responded with confusion, - I've been through so many changes through these years, I can't always say, what was for real and what was just a dream, or else what if that was a reality that I altered, traveling back in time when I was an Avatar, - said Leo.

You did that? - Piper came forward, - you actually have more memories of us than we do? - excuse me, - when exactly and how exactly did you do it?

Piper, - Leo looked at her, with the face that had "its not the time and the place for it" written all over his face, - Piper, all of us have quite a few memories like this, just think of how many memories you have of today's events that are unknown to either Paige or Phoebe, - he marked.

Yeah, I guess, - she paused, and continued, - I guess you are right.

Anyhow, - the angel of destiny began again, - as a reward for your infallible loyalty to the good, along with privilege of knowing the above the elders higher powers, we have decided to give your destiny another turn.

I hope, - Piper exclaimed, - it is not another one of those offers to resign from our magical duties, because, if yes, - she said affirmatively, - I'd have to decline, - we did not fight these battles over our son's right to practice magic, and use it for the good, just so we can now take all of it away, its not only our life anymore, its the heritage that we are supposed to pass onto the next generations which we can not take responsibility for obliterating.

I am glad, - smiled the angel of destiny, - that you Piper think that way, since, I do remember that you were the first one to give up your powers, the last time it was offered to you.

Yes I know, but, - she started explaining, - lots has changed, now its not just my heritage, its the heritage of our children, which we cannot deny them.

Yes, that sounds about right, Piper, that is how you were supposed to feel all along, alas, late is better than never, is that what they say, - laughed the angel of destiny, - but, it's not why I am here today, I sincerely think that today's news are going to change your lives on a significant level.

White orbs lit up the room, more of those than usual, and out of orbs there appeared Prue, flesh and blood, looking as beautiful, as she looked five years ago. She stood there, tilting her head a little to the right, and smiled at Piper and Phoebe with the unbearable excitement. Her posture exhibited peacefulness and tranquility, like she has never been gone whatsoever, even the to be expected thrill of being embodied again did not look surprising to her.

The room was quite, Grams from the past and Petty from the even farther past looked astonished, given the fact that they weren't quite sure what was happening exactly, since, they haven't yet fully absorbed the loss of Prue, since they never experienced it. White and Chris were standing startle free, since that future was familiar to them already, they giggled to themselves, and shined with pride to be witnessing the moment of the birth of new kind of power, that they descend from.

Oh My God, - uttered astonished Phoebe, - is this really happening, or am I dreaming, cuz if I am it would be really cruel, - she turned to the angel of destiny.

No, Phoebe, - kindly smiling, answered the angel of destiny, - it is not a dream, nor will you wake up from it, Prue has been brought to life, for all of your achievements before the world, so to speak, to reimburse you for all that you girls have lost in the process, and to add up to your collective power as witches and protectors of the humankind. - she spread her arms open, as if she was getting ready for a hug, - with that, I am obliged to leave you to handle this event on your own, I am sure Prue here would be more than capable of answering all of your questions. Aren't you Prue?

Absolutely, - she stated firmly, not being able to take her eyes off Phoebe and Piper.

An additional reward, that one is on behalf of elders is for you, Leo. It has been acknowledged that as a white-lighter you were one of the very best, you have always remained objective and never abandoned the notion of grey area, not all the good is purely good, and not all the evil is purely evil, that is what keeps this world cracking apart. Well, long story short, we believe that this family needs a white-lighter, and considering your naughty disobedient demeanors, - she cracked up, - no one will ever be good enough… we thought it would be wise that Leo had his white lighter powers back, but be the white lighter of only this family, that is a handful already, I suppose, besides we really hope that Leo takes care of that school, and it wouldn't hurt that the headmaster was magically wired.

With that, the angel of destiny disappeared, and kisses and hugs were the subjects of the next ten or so minutes, as well as reality checks, vitality checks, and constant "Oh my God" expressions.

At the dinner table prepared by Piper, there was never before that many members of the family. Piper has truly gone beyond and above her own abilities, and filled the table up with delights and delicacies that looked like they were never to be touched. Everyone sat at the table joyfully questioning Prue on her years up there…

Really, guys, my years up there, can't compare to what you guys have been through, Piper, you are a mom, twice.

Yeah, I am, twice.

And Phoebe you are a celebrity, I am so proud of your achievements.

Oh, Oh… really? - she granted happily, leaning towards her shoulder, and squeezing her with both of her arms.

And, moreover, look at Paige, I am flattered to finally meet you, - she looked at her with a kind sisterly smile.

No, it's me, me, I am flattered, so many years I've been trying to live up to you. I actually can't wait to see, what kind of great deeds we'd be able to do all of us together. - I am just curious though, what happens to the power of three, will it become a power of four? Does it affect the triquetral balance?

Paige, honey… - addressed her Piper, - I am sure all of it was thought of… I kind of believe that the power of three will just remain the power of three… three Halliwels… - Piper paused for a second, trying to come up with an eloquent explanation for what she meant, - Power of three has proven to work with either combination of Halliwells.

Yes, I suppose…it's true… actually…yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

You worry too much…

Grams, sitting at the head of the table, suddenly spoke.

Alright, children, it's time for us to go back in time to where we belong, and leave you four to gossip and giggle. I am starting to get a bit of a headache, which I don't know whether is due to being in a wrong time, or witnessing so many things that I could not even imagined could happen so close removed from my time. I am blessed, proud and most of all eternally pleased that all of you have earned such a respect for this family. Lets go up all of us, and send our butts back to where we belong, shall we?