"Ojousan, let me get that for you."

"Thank you Duo. Come to see Heero?"

"Of course, just like you are," Duo said with a wink.

Together they stopped in front of the elevator.

Duo pushed the up button. "So, you think, he'll ever figure it out?"

"No. We've been chasing him for over a decade. It seems everyone except Heero knows that we love him. The only good thing about his clueless ness is the fact that you don't have any better a chance then I do." Relena said with a smirk.

"Whoa, Ojousan. Careful, you're starting to pick up his mannerisms, soon you'll start grunting," Duo sighed. "You're right though. Hanging out with the other pilots and Hilde is tough, they keep ribbing me about it every time Heero's back is turned."

"You're the lucky one. You only have to deal with friends making fun of you. Not only do I get that from Dorothy, but I also get lectures from Millardo. And those tabloids -- they're so embarassing."

Ding The elevator doors open and together they step inside.

"Yeah, the tabloids are the worst. At least our friends know Heero's totally oblivious. The tabloids write that he's dating both of us."

"Well, he is. It's all very fair and equal. You get a date, then I get a date. He alternates." Relena felt obligated to point out.

"Naw, they aren't dates. We want them to be dates, but Heero thinks he's just going out with one of his two best friends."

"He said that to you too?"

"Sure, I finally, work up the courage to tell him I love him and what does he do..."

"He says he loves me too and then goes on to talk about how you and I are his two best friends and he loves us both dearly." Relena closes her eyes, as Duo runs his fingers through is bangs in frustration.

"I swear, when he said that I came this close," Duo holding his finger and thumb just a millimeter apart. "This close to just giving up, and then, he smiled at me. Really smiled..."

"That wonderful perfect, innocent and happy smile only Heero has. I fell even more in love." Relena finished for him.

Duo snorts, "It's funny, how he looks like such a psycho killer, except when he smiles."

"I know," Relena smiles, "The only time the paparazzi ever leaves me alone is when I'm with Heero. He frightens them, ever since that first time we went out and he shot every single one of their cameras. It was wonderful, serves them right those vultures."

"I remember that, it was on the news for days. A few of them tried to sue, but got in trouble for trying to bother 'The Savior of the World' and his 'oh so romantic' date with the former 'Queen of the World.'"

"What about you Shinigami, I watch the news too. I notice there are no pictures of you and Heero, when they discuss your dates."

"It's great! None of my fans are willing to brave the Death Glare. When, I'm with Heero they leave me alone."

Ding Again the elevator's doors open. Together they step out and head for Heero's apartment door.