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As you might be able to tell, this is my take on what has been dubbed Charmed: The Next Generation. I do already have one way I want to go with this.

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Oh, and I plan for the next chapter to set place at the age of when Wyatt and Chris are 25 and 23, respectably (because Chris had to be the only Halliwell sibling to Piper and Leo who has his birthday towards the end of the year).

I have also guessed Melinda's age, since it doesn't seem like there is a certain date for her birthday, and I made the executive choice to not have it too close to Wyatt's. Correct me if I'm wrong, his birthday is February 2nd.

Phoebe and Paige's kids won't be in this fic much, since I would rather focus on the three most powerful witches in this generation.

Big Author's Note, but I hope it's worth it. Enjoy!

The quiet was rare, days of peace few and far between.

Which was why Piper would pull out on of the family photo albums and study each photograph, recounting the time when each photo was taken.

She mused at how old fashioned a family album was becoming, everything was being stored and shared digitally, nothing was purely physical anymore. At least, anything worth sharing wasn't physical.

Demons didn't come in droves like they used to, the Charmed Ones were too big of a target, and nine of the next generation were all coming into their powers one by one.

Piper stopped on one photo, grazing her fingertips gently on the glossy surface.

Her, Leo, four-year-old Wyatt and two-year-old Chris. They were all smiling; all but Piper looking at the camera which Paige held, while Phoebe holding her shoulders to try and get a peek through the lens. Piper was smiling down at the baby cradled in her arms, swaddled in a light blanket.

Baby Melinda; born March 1st, 2007; the cursive writing below the photo read. Leo's handwriting.

Melinda was eleven now, Wyatt fifteen and Chris was almost fourteen.

"Hey, Mum do you know-" Wyatt opened the door to his parents' bedroom and found his mother sitting cross-legged on the giant bed, her back leaning against the extra fluffy, cloud like white decorative pillows with the family photo album opened in her lap. "Oh, sorry!"

Piper looked up from the photograph, smiling as her eldest son apologetically held his hands up and began to back out of the room.

"What is it, honey?" She smiled, and waved him closer. Wyatt sat on the edge of the bed and leaned backwards so that his head rested, admittedly this was quite uncomfortable for Piper, and Wyatt's head and neck made her shoulder dip down slight from the weight.

"Do you know where my homework is? I think I left it in here last night."

Piper rolled her eyes and shifted to the other end of the bed, pulling out a small pile from the second drawer of the bedside table. Wyatt smiled in response.

Wyatt and Chris were best friends, and close as brothers, almost like nothing would separate them. They ate together, did homework together, played together growing up (though, at their ages of fourteen and sixteen it was considered "hanging out"), made small potions together and studied together, whether it be magic or school work. Chris even took up a job at their mother's restaurant to be with his family.

"Do I need to get your dad to set up a study room?" Piper asked, handing the pile to her son.

"No." Wyatt answered quickly.

Wyatt and Chris favoured being in close proximity to their parents, and if they couldn't do that between Piper running her restaurant and fighting demons, and Leo teaching at Magic School, they would opt for the next best thing.

Taking over their parents' bedroom.

Melinda didn't understand the fascination with her brothers having to be in a space that their parents occupied as frequently as they did. Then again, she wasn't growing up the tumultuous time her brothers did. Most demons were now afraid of the Halliwell family, and any missions involving the Charmed Ones was considered a suicide mission.

Even going after any good beings in the Magic Community would garner unwanted attention from the three sisters.

Leo and Piper knew their sons felt safe when near their parents or occupying space they frequently habited. Living room, kitchen and their bedroom.

The attic wasn't as frequent now, usually Billie would be clanking and tinkering up there when she popped by for a visit, less so since she begun dating. Phoebe never understood why Billie didn't want to settle down with someone.

"Where are Chris and Mel? I thought they wouldn't be too far behind you."

"Chris is asleep and Mel is off reading somewhere. The usual." Wyatt shrugged.

Chris was getting to the stage where he usually only wanted to eat and sleep, and Mel was pretty independent for her age. Piper had taught Mel how to cook basic meals when she was seven, and often was found reading, trying to learn a different language (she was self-taught in Spanish and German) or researching from books from Magic School.

Piper could already see Wyatt and Chris turning into their selves from the future, Wyatt's hair had faded from brown to a dark blonde over time, she knew he'd be taller like his father, with similar eyes and hair.

Chris took on the Halliwell side, resembling more of Prue, which instilled Piper with an odd mixture of mourning and pride. She had never gotten over her older sister's death, but the fact that she had somewhat been reborn with Chris countered it.

Melinda was beginning to look like Piper, as well. Her hair was a dark shade of brown, long and straight, a longer shaped face, brown eyes, freckles below her eyes and around her nose and a smile that would light up a room. Leo mused that Melinda got her smile from her mother, that she and Piper had the same look in their faces when they were overjoyed.

"Is Dad at Magic School?"

"I think so. He spends a lot of time there."

Unfortunately, it was true. Leo adored his children, but even as a mortal was rarely home; most his energy was spent at Magic School, helping the students hone their magic to be used for the greater good. When he was home, he was resting.

Wyatt knew he had to work hard, and magic was something that was hard to separate from Leo, he had been a white lighter for fifty years, after all.

But Piper knew that Chris thought differently. That he would have a spark of recognition when Leo was being orbed to the school by Paige of Wyatt. He had told Piper about memories that weren't his; of a future version of himself fighting demons with the Charmed Ones. Chris knew Leo wasn't around because he didn't want to disappoint his children for his past, to keep them out of harm's way; the guilt of his past from feeling like his death during the war caused so many people to suffer, to not preventing older Chris dying, killing Elders and (though not his fault) abandoning Piper to avoid death by the Angel of Destiny taking him away.

For everything Leo was, he was a broken man with a good heart. Piper wouldn't trade him for the world.

Piper had the best life she could have; a great family, a successful business and the action of blowing demons up.

She never wanted what she had to change.