Chapter 16: Kary's Day

It had been four days since the spell had been performed, and now Angel Investigations were gathered in the lobby to honor one of its members.

The room was dark and silent, no one moved or talked, they didn't even whisper.

All of them were dressed in their best and most formal outfits, wanting to make Kary proud. After all, today was Kary's day.

No one else would be coming, so the team could start the ceremony when they wanted to, after all - who else would show up? Certainly not the Council and I don't think anyone from the Lab would be brave enough to face the Fang Gang. No, it was just the group, waiting for the cue to begin.

Suddenly, a dim light came from behind the office door, and out came Wes and Lorne, carrying the dedication to Kary. It was lit by a few candles and gave off a heavenly glow. The room remained silent and undisturbed.

Then, a low, meaningful and emotional note came from Lorne, it was a song dedicated to Kary's life.

"Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…" By now the whole group had joined in and a mixture of high and low and in-between voices filled the air. It certainly wasn't the Grand Orchestra, but it was sweet music to Kary's ears.

When the song ended in four different ways, Gunn flicked the lights on to reveal streamers, balloons, confetti and every other decoration Angel could buy at the local store.

"Here you go hun, this is for you!" Lorne placed the delicate cake in front of Kary, so she could see the way that Cordy and Angel had decorated it. Angel, being the gifted artist that he was, had drawn a sketch of Kary. And Cordy, being the thoughtful person, had got a bakery to put it on the cake.

Kary was touched; she had never celebrated her birthdays like this in the Lab. She just got a new shirt and a cupcake after breakfast. But this, Kary looked around the room and at her family with a smile that showed exactly how she felt.

"Amazing! I can't believe it!" Kary was touched that they had all done this for her.

Angel and Cordy were sitting to her left, Wes was to the right, with Gunn and Fred beside him and Lorne were sitting at the other end of the table. Kary couldn't stop smiling and it wasn't until Conner, who Kary was sitting on, nudged her that she realized everyone was looking at her.

"Okay guys, dig in!"