Chapter One "Excalibur"

"No, Kaichou! You cannot be part of Shirou' Harem! Tell me that it's all a lie?!" Seji, Sona's newest Pawn, screamed in horrified tone at the news that he could hardly believe as he threw himself at Sona and hugged her.

"Seji! Who is saying that?" Sona shouted in disbelief at what she was hearing.

"Everyone is talking about." Seji replied and Sona gave him a demanding look. "Not the school of course." Sona looked relieved until she heard what Seji said. "It's all over the devil associated news media. They are claiming that you have finally decided to tie up the knot with Shirou."

"WHAT?!" Sona screamed in disbelief as her eyes widened. "How? There was only one person that… Only Grayfia…" Her voice became quiet. "Shirou!" Sona screamed as she threw Seji off her and rushed over to grab Shirou's collar and shake him. "This is your fault! She had to open her mouth."

"Calm down, Sona!" Shirou replied as he was violently shaken. "Grayfia-nee had to report it. This isn't something that can just be swept under the mat. We are talking you, Sona Sitri. Heiress of one of the most powerful devil clans and remaining 72 Pillars. You are also the younger sister of one of the Four Satans, Serafall Leviathan. If something was to happen to you than it wouldn't just be one of the most powerful devil families that will be shaken, but also one of the leaders."

"That is true…" Sona replied as she calmed down somewhat and accepted the rational explanation. Shirou let out a sigh of relief and thought Sona had finally calmed down when she suddenly exploded again for no reason. "No, this is your fault! Such important news as any possible marriage between the 72 Pillars is a political sensitive event that is carefully controlled. I bet your brother leaked the information because he has been trying to play matchmaker for years!"

Shirou resisted the urge to reply that his older brother wasn't the only one playing matchmaker. Another prominent individual that was trying to play matchmaker also happened to be Sona's own sister. He could further list many more people that had played and tried to play matchmaker into getting Sona and him together. That included both their parents, and their extended families.

"Ahem…" Several voices coughed in the background. Sona's snapped out of her anger and her eyes widened as she remembered that there were many others in the room.

"Sorry…" Sona whispered as she released her grasp on Shirou.

"How is the situation?" Shirou asked.

"Sona was very thorough in her work. Nearly all the fallen angels and stray exorcists that she fought were killed. Only a few survived. The stragglers were easily dealt with," Akeno replied.

"We encountered a number of opportunists that had been watching and ready to bounce at Sona's mortal injuries. They have been dealt with." Kiba added.

"So much blood…" Koneko shivered at the battlefield she had been part of cleaning up as per standard procedure to eliminate any traces of the supernatural to prevent the humans from learning.

"Sorry, Koneko-chan," said Shirou as he patted Koneko at her weak points that she purred and unconsciously released her cat ears and tail.

"You own me a good S&M session," said Akeno as she shivered in pleasure and had a sultry smile.

Everyone's spine shivered. No one knew why Shirou indulged in Akeno's hobby. They had been shocked to the point that they didn't believe that someone like Shirou fulfill Akeno's dark fantasies. When asked why he did it, Shirou would only reply with the lines of "deepening their relationship."

"That is likely going to be put on hold for a long while," said Shirou as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "I will no doubt have to deal with a lot of political fallout of my actions. Talking to people is something that I can take, not the paperwork."

Sona's eyes widened as she shared the same sentiments of her childhood friend. Paperwork was the greatest fear of her life. Just thinking about it made her eyes and hands hurt.

"Political fallout?" Seji asked in confusion. Before anyone could open their mouths, Akeno was the first to kindly explain the situation to the former human now newly reincarnated devil.

"How are you feeling?" Shirou asked, watching carefully at Sona's body language.

"I am having some emotional turmoil," said Sona honestly. "I should have reined in my jealous of you. It had made me desperate to disregard common sense. I charged into a situation without properly thinking of what I am doing and nearly paid the ultimate price."

Shirou winced at Sona's blunt response. He knew that Sona was jealous of him. She had a great deal number of insecurities that came about when people compared them from each other. Sona while she was a very powerful and talented devil for her age was often behind him as a fighter. Sona's strength lay as tactician, not as a fighter. She had the ability overcome superior enemies with tactics to compensate. His thoughts of her insecurities had been completely off if Sona lost her normally calm and rational composure to try doing something as emotional and irrational as try and take down a horde of fallen angels and stray exorcists. To try and show of that her strength wasn't inferior to his.

"It was just good fortunate that the fallen angels and stray exorcists that you fought didn't anticipate the type of magic on the amulet I gave you. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been alerted of your predicament and come to save you." Shirou sighed. "I hope you have learned from this experience because there might be no next time."

"I have," Sona snapped. "I will not make the same mistake again."

"Kaichou," Seji called out. "So, the rumors are not true? That you don't love Shirou? You are not getting married?"

"No," Sona blushed red and quickly fought to rein in her blush as she looked away from Seji.

"NNNNNNNnnnnnnnnOOOOOOOoooooooo! Kaichou! Your heart has been taken." Seji shouted as he dropped down onto his knees and slammed the ground with his fist. "Please tell me that he hasn't taken your maidenhood?!"

"Seji!" Sona protested vehemently as her mouth finally snapped open, but her blush became even more pronounced.

Shirou' brows twitched. His twitching brows became even more prominent when he thought about having to deal with Sona's fanboys, and even worse Sona's suitors that would no doubt become furious with his "marriage" to Sona. The fanboys he could easily deal with as they were mostly ordinary humans with just unbelievable passion for Sona. The suitors were something that might cause him a few headaches as they ranged from low-level to high-level devil nobles as they had the wealth and connections to do everything from gathering blackmail material to attempting to outright assassinate him.

"Ara, ara," Akeno laughed. "If you want to ravish someone, I am always here."

"Pervert…" Koneko said in a deadpan tone, but Shirou knew her enough to know that she was a closest pervert.

"Shirou is not someone like that," Kiba defended Shirou' honor.

"Please stop," Shirou cringed at the antics before him. "Thanks, Kiba." He looked at Kiba gratefully. Shirou soon turned to Sona. "We have strayed from my original purpose… You may come in now!"

Shirou' Peerage looked confused and looked slightly anger before they adopted polite looks as two girls wearing white cloak entered the room. Politely, Shirou gestured to where the two girls could sit. Shirou, Sona and the guests sat down on the sofia while the rest of Shirou' Peerage and Seji stood up behind Shirou and Sona.

"Hello and thank you for having us, Shirou Gremory," said the brown-haired girl. "My name is Irina Shidou and my partner is Xenovia Quarta."

"Greeting," The blue-haired girl with fringe of green dyed nodded. "Recently the Excaliburs that were kept by the Catholic Church Headquarter Vatican, Protestant Church, and Eastern Orthodox Church were stolen."

"Stolen? Are you referring to yourselves? The two of you are carrying two pieces of Excalibur, Mimic and Destruction. Have you decided to betray the Church and Heaven? Come here to seek refuge with Hell?" Shirou asked in a smooth tone.

"WHAT?!" Everyone beside Shirou shouted in disbelief as they looked at Shirou for answers.

Shirou simple remained quiet. He didn't explain himself. It would actually help him that others thought to how he could know about the Excalibur fragments. They would reach all kinds of conclusions, all of them likely far from the truth and give him an edge in any talks as the exoricsts would be worry of his information-gathering ability. He had to hand it to the exorcists though as they had done a rather good job to hide their holy aura. Such a thing wouldn't fool him as it would take more impressive magic to hide such potent weapons from him.

"We would never do such a thing!" Xenovia and Irina shouted in anger at the accusation of them betraying the church or heaven.

"If that wasn't what you were meaning, I am terribly sorry. It just seemed very strange the Excaliburs go 'missing' and two exorcists with Excalibur Mimic and Destruction to come meet the younger siblings of the current Satans." Shirou explained to why he mistaken the situation.

"The devil does have a good point…" Xenovia grumbled.

"We were given the Excaliburs because only an equally powerful weapon can hope to withstand the weapons that the enemies we are hunting possess." Irina explained.

An amused smile grew on Shirou' face. He wanted to comment why such a comment was completely untrue. A weapon was only as good as its wielder. Not even the most powerful sword, for example the True Excalibur would be completely useless if someone released its Anti-Fortress ability only to accidently be aimed to hit the user themselves instead of their target. Although, Irina's point had some truths as if two sword fighters on equal grounds fought than it was normally the one with superior equipment that came on top.

"I presume these enemies they you are hunting is my territory, given that you have come to talk to me, the supernatural owner of Kuoh?" Shirou asked. Xenovia and Irina nodded their head. "For the records, I am not behind the stealing of the Excaliburs nor providing refuge for those who did. They are hiding in my territory without my knowledge."

"Heaven and the Church presumed the same." Irina added.

"I can understand why only the two of you might have been sent. It was likely not to alarm us as we would never allow a large number of exorcists on our territory," Sona spoke up. "The Excaliburs are very precious and powerful weapons. The two of you are not just recovering the Excaliburs, but also entrusted with two of them. You could lose them. The question is why the two of you? Why not send more experienced and skilled exorcists? Why were you two chosen over the thousands of other exorcists employed by the Church?"

Xenovia and Irina looked offended. Xenovia's reaction was more pronounced as she clenched her teeth and didn't regain her composure like Irina did.

"That is because fate wants me to get my revenge," said Kiba before she disappeared in a blur and reappeared behind Xenovia and Irina.

"Dammit," Shirou cursed as he had completely forgotten about Kiba's history with the Excalibur.

"I will have my revenge! Begone Excalibur!" Kiba screamed furiously as she touched the Excalibur handles and prepared to overload them with magical energy in attempt them to cause them to explode.

"Kiba, don't!" Shirou shouted out, but he was unable to do anything as Kiba prepared to destroy the Excaliburs.

What no one expected to happen next was the room to be blinded by light and Kiba to suddenly collapse onto the ground. Xenovia and Irina could finally respond they jumped away from Kiba and reached for their weapon. Only when they did to their alarm, find Excalibur Mimic and Destruction was missing.

"Arturia?" Shirou asked in disbelief as the normally male-looking Kiba transformed before his very eyes into the Saber-class Servant of his previous life.

"Durandal! Come forth, I, Xenovia Quartra, the blessed descendant of Roland the Paladin, call upon you!" Xenovia shouted as what seemed like a hole in reality was torn up and a large two-handed sword appeared.

Shirou cringed at the sight of ugly-looking sword to what he recalled. This sword marred the beauty of the Durandal stored in Unlimited Blade Works. Durandal had followed the classical European sword design with decorations made out of precious metals and gems. The Durandal looked so unusually large and heavy, Shirou wondered if the blacksmiths and mages responsible for the reforging of Durandal knew what they had been doing.

"Aarrghhhh…" Shirou' Peerage groaned in pain as they felt the holy presence of Durandal affect them.

"I am the bone of my sword," Shirou muttered. The words were muttered so silently that under normal conditions, no one should have heard them. It was because a sense of potent power being called upon that everyone heard the words of power.

"What the hell?!" Seji shouted in alarm.

It was easy to tell what had alarmed Seji. There were an unbelievable number of swords of all kinds floating in the air. Some were ordinary swords, others radiated with power. There were even a couple that came very close to the sheer power emanating from Durandal. The sheer amount of firepower pointed at the exorcists made it seem unlikely that they would survive if all of the blades came raining down on them.

"White Reaper…" Sona and Shirou' Peerage muttered in fear as they saw Shirou' blue eyes and crimson hair change to that of a steel-like eye colour and white hair. It was also the time when they recalled the event that earned Shirou the nickname of White Reaper and many others like the White Sword. Their marveling of the sight didn't last long as they had seen it many times already. They prepared themselves for the possibility of combat.

"So, it seems your reputation wasn't propaganda or fabricated." Xenovia noted as she tried to remain calm despite the ridiculous number of weapons pointed at her. Durandal ready to strike or defend.

"Xenovia, I think it would be best if you put away your sword. I doubt that it will help out at all," said Irina in a nervous tone. When Xenovia failed to response, Irina looked at her beggingly. "Please, Xenovia. I don't think we can come out of here alive. It is rumored that Shirou despite his young age is already an Ultimate-Class devil."

A snort came out of Shirou' mouth as he thought about the rumors about him. No one truly knew what he was capable of. Not even his older brother or his parents. He doubted anyone did as he had gone to all lengths to hide what he was truly capable. Not a single use of any Noble Phantasms or Unlimited Blade Works. Only limiting to himself to his strongest Mystic Codes when the situation had called for it when he could make excuses to how he created them.

"What's it going to be? Is your life worth nothing? If so what about your partner?" Shirou asked.

"I value the life of my partner and myself." Xenovia replied as hole appeared to swallow Durandal back from where it came from. "I would like to know what God's name happened."

"I don't think anyone knows what happened," Shirou replied, but kept out the part that he had some ideas to explain why. He soon dismissed the swords pointed at the exorcists and sealed away the powers of his previous life, as a result his steel eyes and white hair began to fade away to return to their original state. "The only one that knows anything happens to be unconscious." He gestured to the unconscious Kiba. "I also think we should leave her for a while cause the insane of holy energy emanating from her is likely dangerous for even exorcists."

"How is she not dead?" Xenovia asked in disbelief at the sight before her.

"Maybe, she has been blessed by the Lord?" Irina quickly suggested without much thinking to the possible implications of her word.

"That is heresy!" Xenovia growled as she turned to her partner.

"How else can a devil survive so much holy energy…?" Irina asked then she kept her mouth shut when she got the murderous look from Xenovia.

"It is likely to do with Kiba's strength as a devil. It is known that the more powerful a devil is the more resistant to holy energies," Shirou proposed a suggestion in attempted to defuse the situation.

Xenovia and Irina was about to respond that Kiba couldn't be that powerful as that would get against the dossier the Church had on Yuuto Kiba, but they shut their mouths when they recalled how many times in the past that information they had regarding on their mission was incorrect when intel could be outdated, falsified or exaggerated.

"It seems what happened was something that no one had planned or expected to happen," said Xenovia as she looked at the devils, who nodded. "To the Church, it doesn't matter if this was an accident or unforeseen event. It has lost two Excaliburs to a devil on devil territory. They will demand action."

Shirou and Sona pinched their noses as they felt a growing headache come to them. They could just imagine the political shitstorm that was brewing. It would be one that would have large political fallout between the Church and the devils. This situation would strain the already tense relationships of mortal enemies that were at a cease-fire. The blame would be largely put on them, and they would most likely be the ones having to resolve a situation. Riding on their shoulder was the possibility of a breakout of hostilities that could lead to scores of dead on each side if fighting was happen over this incident.

"I think we can worry about that later," said Shirou as he pinched his nose. "We need to prepare for the headache that will be the reincarnation of King Arthur, the King of Knights."

"WHAT?!" Everyone shouted in disbelief as they stared at Shirou for answers.

"Well, to be correct. It should be Queen Arturia given that King Arthur had really been born a female and had hid the true nature of her gender." Shirou continued as he struggled to hide back his smirk as he dealt even more blows to the sanity of his listeners.

"What nonsense are you sprouting!" Xenovia shouted as she was the first to recover. "The King of Knights was a male. He was called King Arthur for a reason."

"Did you ever wonder why King Arthur was hidden away in the first place? It wasn't because his father, Uther Pendragon sent Arthur away from the royal palace to be protected from assassins and the enemies of Uther. Do you also ever wonder why Guinevere fell in love and betrayed her 'husband' to elope with Lancelot?" Shirou refuted as his smile grew.

"Then how do you explain, Mordred? He is supposed to be the son of King Arthur and Morgan le Fay. Two women cannot produce a child." Irina asked incredulously.

"That is where Merlin comes in. Contray to popular belief, he was a trickster and womanizer. He just added a temporary 'addition' to Arturia. A male equipment that allowed Morgan to extract the temporarily male Arturia to conceive Mordred." Shirou continued as the looks of disbelief and even horror growing on his audience. He turned to Arturia with a smirk as he clicked his fingers and premade meals that he always carried in Unlimited Blade Works for his Peerage dropped around the unconscious Kiba. "Arturia, what are you doing?! Are you going to miss the food that I, Shirou Emiya, prepared for you? I prepared a feast."

"FOOD! WHERE?!" Kiba screamed as she was snapped out of her unconsciousness and had a look of madness as saw the heavenly food prepared for her. "Thank you, Shirou~!" She shouted in excitement without battering a look away from her food. "Itadakimasu~!"

Shirou blinked in surprise as he saw something that he never thought he would witness. Instead of eating in the graceful manner of nobility and royalty that Shirou was used to seeing in his previous life, Kiba began to devour her food without the usual grace. She basically just stuffed her food in her mouth before moving to the next food. He shook his head, and pinned the change to her eating behavior to the influences of reincarnation and growing up in a different live from her previous life.

"More!" Kiba shouted as looked up at Shirou. "Shirou…?" She asked in bewilderment as Shirou' iconic features of his previous life began to disappear and return to blue eyes and crimson hair of his reincarnated self. "Shirou…?" Kiba asked in confusion before she clutched in pain. "What is going on? I am not Yuuto Kiba. I am Arturia Pendragon… or am I really King Arthur…? This is so confusing?!"

The exorcists and Shirou' Peerage could only stare with slack jaws and wide eyes as they couldn't comprehend what they were witnessing. Some many things happened at once that their brains failed to understand what was going on. The only thing they could properly understand was that fragments of a weapon that matched their imaginations of the Original Excalibur would look like floated around Kiba like a protective barrier.

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