Wilbur vs Donald.

Jack and Wilbur released their evil robots. The monks have to do everything to stop them, even if that means relying on Donald. But luckily they also got help for the old dragons. Are they able to stop Jack and Wilbur?

(Just a few meters away from the temple. The monks, Dojo and Donald see the robots flying in the sky.)

Angelo: Dio mio that is a big army of robots

Hudson: And it doesn't like that they are at our side.

Gamila: Guys do notice which direction they are flying at.

Dojo: It looks like they are going West.

Gamila: No, I didn't mean that.

Kofi: Oh no, they are heading for the temple.

Hudson: Quick we must hurry back to safe the others.

(Dojo sizes up, the monks and Donald take off and fly towards the temple)

(Meanwhile in the Xiaolin Temple. Clay and Omi are guarding the entrance, while Raimundo and Kimiko are guarding the Shen Gong Wu vault.)

Kimiko: This whole situation is making me nervous.

Raimundo: Yeah I know what you mean. Not knowing what's coming is terrible.

Kimiko: Where is Selina?

Raimundo: She sleeping over at a friend's house, she is safer there.

Kimiko: To be honest, I'm a little bit scared.

Raimundo: Don't be scared Kimiko. The evil that we're talking about is Jack Spicer, he will probably mess up at some moment.

Kimiko: Remember what Master Fung said, that we never should underestimate the enemy.

Raimundo: I know that. I'm also a little bit scared.

Kimiko: Really, you're?

Raimundo: Yeah, I mean I'm for myself and that something can happen to Selina.

Kimiko: I thought that we had let go off all this, that we just help they others from time to time.

Raimudno: Instead we're back, where we were 20 years ago. Fighting evil.

Kimiko: Guess we can't let go the past.

Raimundo: We did let go of some things from the past.

Kimiko: Do you mean the feelings you had from me back then.

Raimundo: Yeah, that's what I mean.

Kimiko: Yeah, we both let go of that.

Raimundo: I'm gonna be honest with you.

Kimiko: What's is Rai?

Raimundo: Ever since I saw you again, my feelings for you came back.

Kimiko: Raiā€¦

Raimundo: I know, I know it can't happen, you don't feel the same way.

Kimiko: Rai, I've feelings for you to.

Raimundo: You do?

Kimiko: Yes, I've feelings for you.

(Raimundo smiles, he walks towards Kimiko. both meet eye to eye. They lean closer to each other and share a kiss. They get interrupted when they hear a strange sound. Both pull back from each other)

Kimiko: What was that sound?

Raimundo: I don't know, but we better check it out!

(Kimiko and Raimundo leave the vault and join Omi and Clay)

Clay: I'm guessing that you guys also heard that strange sound.

Raimundo: Yeah we did.

Kimiko: What was that?

Omi: I think that it was those robots that are heading for us.

Clay: those aren't Jack-Bots.

Omi: No these ones look way more dangerous.

Raimundo: Now let's prepare to this things.

(The four old monks stand in battle mode.)

(At same time Dojo is flying towards the temple.)

Angelo: Come on Dojo, faster.

Dojo: I'm going as fast as I can.

Gamila: You need to try harder.

Dojo: I'm sorry that I'm so slow. But don't forget that I've five passengers on my back and guys aren't exactly feathers.

Kofi: Please Dojo try, Master Fung and the others could be in danger.

Dojo: Oh no! not my baby blue eyes.

Hudson: Yes and you don't want him to get hurt.

Dojo: Okay kids hold on, it's going be a wild ride.

(Dojo speeds up and flies towards the temple. The monks and Donald see the robots)

Gamila: There are the robots.

Kofi: Okay sky attack!

Angelo: You've got it Kofi.

(The monks jump off of Dojo and into the sky. Each of the monks lands on a robot. They try to destroy them, but it isn't going easy)

Hudson: Kofi, I can't destroy my robot.

Angelo: Me neither.

Kofi: Okay, then we have to try to slow them down.

Gamila: On it!

(The monks try everything, but the robots are already landing in the temple. The monks get off and see the old monks. The monks join them)

Raimudo: I see that we got some unwanted visitors.

Hudson: You've got the right mate.

Angele: And they aren't easy to get rid of.

Omi: Yeah, so are we.

(In the meantime, Wilbur is sitting in his jet with Jack.)

Jack: I've to say Wilbur, this is one fine jet.

Wilbur: Thank you master.

Jack: But why is the steering wheel on the right side of the jet.

Wilbur: Well this used to be the old car of my grandfather and it's a English car.

Jack: Well it has a very nice look.

Wilbur: Well that was all Donny, he gave it this awesome look. It did all the other stuff.

Jack: You don't need that idiot. I mean where is he good for?

Wilbur: Donny is creative, he thinks of all the cool names of my inventions, gives them nice paints jobs and he's my brother.

Jack: You're not starting to regret dumping him right?

Wilbur: What no, no of course not.

(Jack grabs two remote controls out of his bag and gives one to Wilbur.)

Jack: Here you go.

Wilbur: What these for?

Jack: With these remotes we can control the Chaos-Bots.

Wilbur: Okay, thank you master.

Jack: Now we can take over the world. I'm going to rule Europe.

Wilbur: Can please rule England and Italy?

Jack: Why those two?

Wilbur: Because I'm from England I want to rule my own country and Italy because it's where Angelo lives.

Jack: Fine, but I get to rule China, Japan, Texas and Brazil.

Wilbur: Okay but it get Australia, Egypt and whatever country Kofi is from.

Jack: Deal.

Wilbur: What else are we going to do with the Chaos-Bots?

Jack: I'm going to destroy my enemies, those Xiaolin monks who put me away.

Wilbur: And destroy my monks.

Jack: Good and destroy your brother with them.

Wilbur: Wait what?! You want me to destroy Donny?

Jack: Yes, there is a big chance that he's working together with the monks.

Wilbur: I don't think I can do that, he's still my brother.

Jack: Don't back down now Wilbur, we're so close to world domination

Wilbur: I won't back down master.

(The two stop talking and fly towards china.)

(In the Xiaolin temple there is a battle between the monks and the Chaos-Bots)

Kofi: Come on guys let's just keep fighting.

Angelo: I'm doing the best I can, but there is a whole army.

Hudson: And we've to dodge the lasers they are shooting us.

Gamila: Also they don't break easy.

(One the Chaos-Bots shoots his laser and shoots the hat of Gamila. Gamila looks down at the ground and sees that her hat has a hole in it.)

Gamila: Oh no you didn't!

Angelo: Oh you're in trouble now robot.

Gamila: Do you have any idea how much this hat cost me?

(Gamila runs toward the robot and kicks him against the wall)

Gamila: Nobody messes with my clothes.

Angelo: Note to self, don't mess with Gamila's clothes.

(On the other side of the temple the old monks are fighting Chaos-Bots)

Clay: I hate to do it, but Jack has outdone itself

Kimiko: Yeah, this aren't like any Jack-Bot we fought.

Omi: We don't let Jack win. We didn't 20 years ago and certainty not now.

Raimundo: Omi is right, we can do this.

(The old monks are punching, kicking and using their elements against the Chaos-Bots.)

Raimundo: Kimiko can I ask you something?

Kimiko: Rai, I really think now is not the time.

Raimundo: Well there might be not a next time.

Kimiko: What do you want to ask.

Raimundo: If we survive this attack and Jack is back in prison. Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Kimiko: If we survive, I would love to go out with you.

Raimundo: Great.

Clay: I really happy for you guys, but please focus on the robots that are attacking us.

Kimiko: Sorry Clay.

(The monks and the old monks keep fighting. Donny is lying on the ground still tight up. One of the robots is coming towards him)

Donald: Oh I'm too young and beautiful to die.

(Hudson grabs Donald and brings him to safety.)

Donald: Thank you Hudson.

Hudson: No problem.

Donald: I think I see Jack and Wilbur coming in the jet.

Hudson: I'm going to untie you, no funny business

Donald: I promise I won't

(Hudson unties Donald and walk towards the monks, the old monk join as well. The jet lands and Jack and Wilbur get out.)

Jack: Hello everybody, did you guys like my Chaos-Bots.

Clay: Just give up now Spicer, you know you won't win.

Jack: Look around cowboy, I've the upper hand here.

Kimiko: We kicked your many times, we're not afraid to kick your butt again.

Jack: Not this time. Because I'm the new and better Jack Spicer evil boy genius.

(Everybody looks confused at Jack)

Clay: Boy genius?

Omi: I think that boat has floated away.

Raimundo: That's I think ship has sailed Omi.

Kimiko: Plus I highly doubt you were a boy, with that girly screams of yours.

Jack: Hey, stop that. I've feelings you know.

Wilbur: Master can we go to the part, where we destroy them.

Jack: Yes, good idea Wilbur.

Kofi: Get ready you guys!

Angelo: I hope there aren't coming more.

Gamila: Yeah, I don't think I can't take more.

Hudson: Me neither.

Kofi: We can't give up guys. We won't give up.

Jack: Surrender now or prepare for your worst nightmare.

(Jack and Wilbur grab the remotes, suddenly Wilbur gets tackled by Donald. Wilbur drops the remote.)

Wilbur: Get off of me Donald.

Donald: How could you do this to me Wilbur?

Wilbur: I wanted to rule the world!

Donald: I'm your brother, your twin brother!

Wilbur: You're just jealous of me!

Donald: Why would I be jealous?

Wilbur: Because I'm smarter, that Jack choose me and I carry the team around!

Donald: No I'm jealous, if anyone is jealous it's you!

Wilbur: Why on earth would I be jealous of you?

Donald: Because I'm the creative one, I'm funnier then you and because I'm mother's favorite.

Wilbur: You're not.

Donald: I'm, mommy told me.

(The twins keep jelling at each other and rolling on the ground.)

Angelo: Wow, this is just pathetic.

Hudson: I know mate, it's just sad to watch.

Gamila: That's why they're twidiots.

Kofi: How could they ever beat us in a showdown?

Jack: Wilbur stop fighting and grab the remote.

(Jack reaches out for the remote, but Kimiko is quicker.)

Kimiko: You mean this remote.

Jack: Give it back, it's mine.

Raimundo: You're still a big baby.

Kimiko: Let's see if your robots like a taste of their own medicine.

(Kimiko controls the Chaos-Bots and sends them towards the others and let them fly into each other. The robots explode.)

Jack: No my beautiful Chaos-Bots!

Monks/Old monks: Yes!

Jack: Cheer all you want, I've more Chaos-Bots.

Kofi: Bring it on.

Jack: Just on little push on button and they are on their way here.

(Clay smacks the remote out of Jack's hand and it breaks into pieces. In the meantime Kofi walks away towards the Shen Gong Wu Vault.)

Jack: Noooooooooooooo!

Kimiko: Oh look, Jack was so nice to make a self-destruct button.

Jack: No don't push that.

Kimiko: Okay I want. Gamila the honor is all yours.

Gamila: Glad too.

(Gamila pushes the button and the factory explodes with all of the robots.)

Jack: Noooo, my evil plan.

Omi: Told we would stop you.

Jack: Oh I'm not done yet.

Hudson: You got no army, just give up.

Jack: But I still got the Key of Enchantment and I'm going to free all the Heylin villains. Together we're going to rule the world.

Angelo: Not if we got anything to say about that.

Jack: Wilbur: Give me the key.

Wilbur: Yes master!

(Wilbur throws to key towards Jack.)

Jack: The Key of Enchantment is mine.

Kofi: I don't think so

(Everybody looks at Kofi.)

Jack: And you're going to stop with what?

Kofi: With this Kuzusu Atom!

(kofi gets the Kuzusu Atom behind from his back and shoots the Key of Enchantment into dust.)

Angelo: That was grandioso Kofi.

Hudson: Smart move mate.

Gamila: Alright Kofi.

Omi: That was excellent young Kofi

(Kofi smiles proudly)

(Hudson separates Wilbur and Donald. Angelo grabs the Dashi Yo-Yo from Wilbur's pocket. Angelo gives the yo-yo to Raimundo. Clay grabs handcuffs and puts them on Jack)

Raimundo: We will take care of Jack.

Gamila: What about the twidiots?

Omi: We will deal with them later.

(Raimundo uses the Dashi Yo-Yo. The four old monks and Jack enter the portal.)

(In the meantime Donald sneaks into the jet.)

Donald: Get in Willy.

Wilbur: But Donald.

Donald: Just get in.

(Wilbur gets in and Donald flies off.)

Hudson: They escape.

Gamila: Leave them, they can't do any harm now.

Angelo: Plus I'm all out of energy.

(Master Fung walks towards the monks.)

Master Fung: You've done well my young monks.

Kofi: Thank you Master Fung.

Master Fung: I'm so proud of you.

Monks: Thank you Master Fung.

Master Fung: That's why I'm promoting you monks to Xiaolin Apprentice.

Monks: Yes!

(The monks smile and give each other a high five.)