A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Part 4

Dark Swan


Lady Razeli

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Author's Note: As promised here is part four. I was scheduled to post this next week after school officially ended but I honestly just couldn't keep you waiting any longer.

Chapter One

Storybrooke, Maine town intersection

Regina couldn't breathe, every time she tried to intake even just a tiny bit of air it was like icy knives going down her throat and she immediately forced it back out. Emma had saved her and Viveka, sacrificed herself for her family, and now, now she was gone, she was gone again. And all she could see was the look on Emma's face as the darkness consumed her. She knew what kinds of thoughts must be going through her head, and if she wanted to save Emma she had to show her the good she had done for their daughter, she had to expel that darkness, she had to do that, because they had plans, they were going to run away together and be free with their family and welcome their baby girl without fear. Not in cold, dreary Storybrooke, Maine with a new big bad as Emma sometimes referred to them every week, but in sunny beautiful Cuba.

They were supposed to be at home right now putting their kid to bed and cuddling as they imagined what Viveka would be like, secretly already making mental changes in the house to accommodate her. Making more plans to build their dream house together. Instead, Emma was gone, Regina was lying on the ground clutching hard at her three-year-old son. The fear that the darkness would suddenly snap away from Emma and take him had been there as well. She didn't know how powerful Henry would be, but the darkness could manipulate him so easily in comparison. It had seen the potential in Viveka, why not lurk in Henry, stay by her side until Viveka was born. Regina shuddered.

'Oh no,' Regina thought and suddenly her breaths came faster and were expelled even faster. It made no sense even if Emma had the dagger, why had it pulled away from Viveka, the darkness was not stupid, Gold had proven that, it drove him, but he had lifetimes of knowledge and not just centuries of his own. It would not have given up it's hold and claim on Viveka without a fight unless….

"Regina!" Mary Margaret exclaimed and slapped her hard. Suddenly Regina was back in Storybrooke in the real world. The air was thick with sorrow, and cold. The white noise that had been in her hears was now clearly Henry's screaming. His jacket was missing, and he was shaking now in her arms. She immediately took off her leather jacket and wrapped it around him.

"Mama, Mama!" He cried as he clung to Regina.

"Regina are you all right?" Robin asked glaring at Mary Margaret as he helped her stand. He already had his jacket off and gave it to Regina, but she shook her head, he put it on her shoulders anyway. "And I mean physically, emotionally I know you're a wreck."

"Then yes, physically I am without injury," Regina replied as she checked Henry as well. He was all right physically if not cold. "How could she be so stupid…." Regina was staring at the ground, at the dagger that now held Emma's name, but something in her felt more than wrong about it. Already Viveka was sending her the same sad emotions Charlotte had once sent her. The darkness had affected her, and now she worried for Emma just as Charlotte had worried for her family. This was all so very wrong.

"She saved you," Mary Margaret cried. "There was no other way. She saved your life."

"Don't you think I know that!" Regina yelled at her. She had saved Viveka's life too and at what cost.

"She's the dark one," Robin said still a little bit in disbelief that this was their Christmas, it had been such a happy day for them all.

"No, she's a problem for all of us," Regina told them. There were so many things these idiots around her didn't know or understand. Either an already powerful Emma was the dark one or something much worse was on the horizon and they just didn't know it yet.

"No, she is still good," Mary Margaret insisted.

"I hope so it's not like she road off on a unicorn, she got sucked up by a vortex of Evil!" Regina sassed. Her hand automatically rubbed up and down Henry's back in an attempt to sooth him, but how could she when she wasn't even calm.

"But where is she, where did she go?" Robin asked dumbfounded.

"Doesn't bloody well matter," Hook told them as he walked forward.

"Mate don't, Henry's here he can't see his Mum like that," Robin tried to stop him, but he pushed him off.

"She may not be here, but I can bloody well bring her to me," Hook told grabbing the dagger.

'Did he not just hear me did I not just say she got sucked into a fucking vortex, stupid fucking pirate needs to go back to jail,' Regina thought rolling her eyes.

"Dark One with this dagger I command thee, return!" Hook ordered. "Dark One appear!"

"Put that thing down before you hurt yourself guyliner," Regina ordered. She didn't want his filthy hand on the dagger no doubt he would use it to keep Emma with him and defy any love she had for Regina. If Gold could find it in him to love Belle, then Emma damn sure still loved her. And she would be damned if he took Emma away from her now. "You know the dagger's rules."

"Yeah with this dagger I can summon the dark one from any corner of the world," He told her. Regina looked at his as if he were an idiot and he was.

"Well there you go, she's not in this world," Regina told him. She moved forward and snatched the dagger away from him. She walked away back towards Gold's shop speaking in a low voice in Spanish to Henry assuring him that they were going after his Mama, and she would be reunited with the family that nothing bad had happened to her. He expressed that Viveka was also sad.

"Whose Viveka?" Mary Margaret asked curiously. She spoke a bit of Spanish so hadn't caught everything, but enough to see the name affected Regina.

"His imaginary sister," Regina told her. "He's been using her to get two cookies you know and stuff. I just think it's part of his wants and desires from earlier, he really wanted Charlotte back," Regina lied. She didn't even look at Mary Margaret as she shoved the door open. She handed Robin back his jacket and glared at relieved looking Belle. "Seriously watch my son this time." Belle nodded as she took Henry and Regina continued into the back with the others to speak with the apprentice. She glared when she saw the blue fairy attempting to look all nice and caring. The gnat was a monster in disguise. She hoped to God she couldn't sense the life growing inside of her, but likely not unless Viveka gave a large burst of power. Viveka seemed to know her thoughts and stopped communicating with her, anything to protect herself from the Blue gnat. She wasn't surprised when Henry was suddenly attached to her leg again. She just stroked the top of his head.

"Apprentice that monstrosity took Emma, where did it go?" Hook demanded to know. Regina looked at him and rolled her eyes. Last she checked Emma was her wife, her family not this douche's, who was he to be making demands.

"Slow your role pirate you aren't going anywhere except back to jail," Regina told him as she nodded to David who gave a small nod back that he would be hauling the bastard back off to jail before they left. Before Hook could lay on Regina the apprentice spoke.

"She is now where all darkness is born, in your realm," He told her.

"Then take us there," Hook ordered. The apprentice didn't seem to hear his tone though.

"I am too weak," He said looking at them apologetically. He lifted his hand slowly and a wand appeared. "But this can take you there."

"It can take us to our daughter?" Mary Margaret asked. Regina rolled her eyes why was she always surrounded by idiotic non-magic users?

"Not on its own, the wand must be wield in the same way it was formed with light and dark magic, the two sides of the coin…" He began to pass out and the blue fairy tried to rouse him a bit as his hand fell and the wand hit the floor.

"Well I guess that's my cue," Regina said when they all just stared at the apprentice. She moved forward and collected the wand. She took a deep breath as she gripped Henry's hand in her own. They were going to get his mother and she would be damned if she crossed realms without her son these days. Normally she might be inclined to argue he stay home, stay out of this realm jumping that kept him in an unstable environment and out of school. But he was three and what if it took her years to get back with Emma. She couldn't risk Viveka being born into a world without her big brother or her other mother. Not on her watch. She raised the wand up to the ceiling and gave it swirl usually that activated a wand as she called on her magic before she flicked it forward intending for it to open a portal to another land and take her to Emma. When nothing happened, she called on her magic again, but again she was thwarted. Viveka was now quite unstable it seemed and was calling on most of her magic to keep herself safe. She wasn't opening any major portals any time soon.

"Ugh enough you're going to embarrass yourself, and waste everyone's time," Hook declared.

"Watch it, I know what I'm doing," Regina told him. Stupid pirate wasn't even coming she didn't think it was any of his business. She thought about being honest about her pregnancy though perhaps not in front of Reul Ghorm, she would likely try to kill her. Either way she needed time she should prepare properly for this, get Maleficent to watch the gnat while she was gone. The bitch was plotting against them. She would help long enough to bring back Emma and have a plan in place to stop them from having Viveka or hurt Viveka.

'What if Emma wants to hurt Viveka, she would eventually be more powerful than her, and right now there's still time for the darkness to snuff her out.' Regina thought.

"Well that's not enough, you heard the man it needs darkness you've gone soft." Regina put the wand down and glared at him. Best start a fight than reveal her real reasons for not being able to activate the wand.

"You wanna see soft?" Regina asked him. "How about I use that hook to show you your intestines?" She got up close to him letting him see the fire in her eyes and the threat. She was more than willing to show him his intestines and she could do it without her magic.

"Oh, you've got the fire love but not the blackness, not anymore," He told her. "How's this for irony, you've done too much good." He pointed at her. "No, we need someone wicked." Regina was turning away from him annoyed about to make excuses about them starting fresh in the morning better prepared to take on Emma. Her head snapped back to him.

"You're out of your mind, and we don't have to stand here and listen to you," Regina glared.

"Maybe he's right though, maybe we do need Zelena," David put in. "Just think about it."

"No, way she'll betray us mate first chance she gets and run off with my baby." Regina frowned as she lightly bit her lip in thought. She just kept herself from resting a hand on her belly. Viveka was important Emma hadn't sacrificed herself for nothing. If she tried to force the use of her magic, and really force it, she'd hurt Viveka, and she couldn't lose her like she lost Charlotte. She wouldn't have a chance to stay in some way this time, it had already taken a lot out of her.

"First, David, you escort Hook back to his cell, he's been free long enough, and secondly we will use Zelena."

"What?" Robin exclaimed. Regina held up her hand.

"We will craft a plan to keep her from running off don't worry, I don't plan on my sister going anywhere. And we will prepare to cross realms, it's late, you three were all about to galavant off without thought to Roland or Neal."

"Hey you weren't thinking about Henry," Mary Margaret shot back upset.

"Wrong, I was, you may be content for your children to live in different realms as you, but I am not," Regina snapped at her possibly a bit too harshly.

"Well if Marco hadn't put…." Snow started.

"No, don't even this is on Blue, she lied to you, she told you only one."

"No this is on you, you shouldn't have cast your evil curse to begin with," Blue chimed in.

"No regrets I was the Evil Queen dear, but you, you are a fairy sworn to protect and you let Emma grow up all alone, at least Pinocchio would have been with Marco." They glared at one another before Blue backed down, with plans in her eyes. Regina turned to Robin. "And you what about Roland. He would have woken up in the morning with no parent. You are his only parent you need to be more careful, he needs you. Especially after what just happened with Marion. He deserves to hear you say you love him and goodbye. Now everyone prepare because tomorrow morning we leave for another realm. And yes Robin, I promise you, your child will be safe, Zelena's not going anywhere." He nodded.

"All right I trust you," Robin told her. "Where's hook?" They all looked around and frowned.

"David leave it to Mulan and Nottingham, they will track him and honestly he's not going anywhere. Go and figure out who will take care of Neal. I will figure out how to control my sister in the meantime." They nodded and all dispersed to take care of their tasks. Regina didn't even give Belle one glance as she was already heading back to Gold. Robin made sure she got home safely not convinced that Hook wouldn't try anything, but Regina simply called Maleficent over and solved the problem.

"There go take care of Roland," Regina told him. He nodded and Maleficent gave him a hand by teleporting him home.

"Your scent is different are you with child?" Maleficent immediately asked. Regina nodded. Maleficent was both excited and sad for her friend after hearing the events of today's evening.

"It's been a long two hours, how could life have changed so much in two hours," Regina told her motioning to their Christmas decorations. Henry was asleep in her lap.

"I know what you mean, it reminds of the night the Charmings took Lily from me," Maleficent grimaced. "But you have a problem with the baby, the life is only just twenty-four hours old and yet it's erratic."

"Because of the fucking darkness," Regina told her. "It wasn't going to take me, it was going to take the baby. It was taking just enough of me to fool, the fools, but I could feel it, it wasn't after me. And after the prophecy with Charlotte who says this kid won't be just as powerful?" Regina shook her head. "And I'm so worried Male, the darkness would do anything to destroy this baby or take over this baby so why then did it not fight Emma a lot harder?"

"I know where your headed, but Emma's magic is true love based and her need to save you was driven by her true love for you. Maybe she had enough power to do the impossible pull the darkness away from a true love baby created by one of the most powerful sorceress in the land plus a true love kid in her own right. She was defeated once by that darkness in Gold when it came to Charlotte, she wasn't going to let it happen again."

"You're right maybe I'm over thinking it you know, but still how am I going to handle Zelena, all my magic is going to the baby right now after the attack." Maleficent nodded and waved her hand. Suddenly there was a potion pot boiling on her family room table.

"Drink this, normally this is used by dragons because our pregnancies are so fragile, but they work on other magic users quite well when dosed properly, and even more so on humans when dosed spectacularly." Regina nodded trusting her. She took the potion, and immediately felt better allowing Viveka to release some of her magic to her. She still took a bit, but not nearly as much as before.

"Now you must rest, you need to take this three more times before bed. Think of it as pre-natal pills, which you need to take with you. We don't know how long you will be gone, but we'll make sure your well stocked with a tea, it will be easier to hide that, and you can make it anywhere." Regina nodded.

"I'm so glad I have you Male, without you I would be so lost right now." They hugged.

"No, dear, I'm so glad I have you, because of you I have Lily back and we have a second chance. And I will die before I let anyone take this baby from you, especially that damn gnat. Rest assure she will be under surveillance." Regina nodded. Soon they both went up to bed. Maleficent moved Lily magically to a second bed in Henry's room. And while Regina slept she watched over the woman who had always been like family to her.

Storybrooke Hospital 10 Am,

"Finally, I've been waiting an hour," Regina grumbled as they all showed up. Robin looked apologetic as he nodded to Maleficent and Lily.

"Roland's still with Little John, but they'll be coming into town every day, so Roland can spend time with Lily, instead of being the only boy in camp," Robin told Maleficent.

"Good, I'll keep a good eye on him don't you worry." Maleficent turned to Regina.

"Are you sure you want to take Henry with you?" Maleficent asked her. Regina nodded as Henry sat on her hip, well dressed as usual and hugging his bear.

"Yes, it wouldn't be right to leave him, he and I are joined at the hip forever and ever," Regina told her kissing Henry's forehead. He had woken up entirely scared that she had disappeared into a black vortex as well. The nightmares were all Regina needed to know, to know that Henry wasn't staying behind ever in any realm without her as a child. She would not find herself separated from her boy for three decades like the Charmings were from Emma. Damn whoever else to hell, but if he died she died. If she was cursed, he was cursed. They stayed together. Which was why they were going after Emma together. She meant a lot to the both of them, and not just to one of them.

"Good then let's get Zelena and go," Robin told them.

"Are you sure you don't want to take Roland with you?" Maleficent asked him. Robin nodded.

"This is the best place for him, he will be safe and warm and educated. I don't want him trapped in the Enchanted Forest. This is a better life for him, and he is not a magic user like Henry, he won't find his way back one day."

"Henry doesn't have magic," Mary Margaret commented.

"Yeah actually apparently Santa brings magic," Regina shrugged. "All right, Henry you wait with Aunt Maleficent and Grandma while we go get your Aunt Zelena, we'll be right back and then we are all leaving on our trip okay?" Henry nodded and grudgingly got down to stand next to Maleficent and Mary Margaret holding Neal beside him. Regina went downstairs with Robin. They greeted Nurse Ratchet who stood up and walked ahead of them to open the door. Zelena was sitting on her bed pretending to meditate really in her opinion.

"What is it Regina, I'm trying to meditate it's good for the baby, you're messing up my chi." Regina rolled her eyes.

"We need your help," Regina reluctantly admitted. Zelena opened her eyes a grin on her face as she hopped off the bed and giggled.

"Wow you must be really desperate," Zelena told them. She moved to Robin. "Unless someone was just looking for an excuse to come and see me." Robin glared at her as she touched his face. Regina glared as well and removed Zelena's hand.

"Careful," Regina told him. Zelena sneered a bit but moved back crossing her arms.

"What do you need?" Zelena asked eager to get out of her cell and possibly escape to have her baby in peace, and well after that who knew what kind of wickedness they would get up to, together. They explained to her what occurred.

"Will you help us?" Robin asked her. "We can rid the world of this darkness for good, we can protect our baby, don't you want that?" He tried to appeal to her maternal instincts.

"My baby," Zelena snapped. "This is my baby you were just a willing pawn in it's creation."

"Unwilling," Robin growled.

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I didn't enjoy it," Zelena told him. "Matter of fact I don't know what you ever really saw in him sis…" Regina rolled her eyes and growled.

"Zelena, we don't have time for your games," Regina told her. "Are you going to help us find Emma or not?"

"Of course," Zelena answered with a smile.

"What?" Regina asked in shock, she was sure she would say no just to keep her from Emma.

"Well pregnancy has changed me, dear, I'm going to do whatever I can to free Emma of the darkness," Zelena told her still smiling a smile that said trust me. "Just let me see that wand." Regina frowned and pursed her red lips. "Oh, don't worry this little love bracelet you put on me neutralizes my magic. I am powerless." Regina pulled out the wand and handed it over. Zelena grabbed at it eagerly before she fingered the wand. Robin and Regina glanced at each other still worried.

"Ah yes, so simple, you simply need an object that guides the portal to it's destination. Something that belonged to Emma, something meaningful to her."

'Fine, that I can do,' Regina thought, she was a walking symbol of meaningful to Emma. She took the wand back and started to walk out. Now that her magic was back in her control for the moment thanks to Maleficent she shouldn't have any trouble with the wand, she hoped. She wasn't at one hundred percent just yet.

"No, you can't, your magic isn't powerful enough, there's only one little thing stopping me," Zelena told her pointing to her cuff.

"Never," Regina told her before she left out and with Robin and Nurse Ratchet shut the door. Zelena turned to a pile of blankets and clothes and unearthed Hook.

"Well she really holds a grudge doesn't she," Zelena told her. "You know you should really steal that wand from her because I may be your only way to get Emma back. She doesn't love her, she's just stringing Emma along until she gets that mutt baby back. Think of all that power she'll gain." Hook looked furious.

"Aye, and we can't let that happen now can we," Hook said. "You will help me with the wand?" Zelena nodded.

"Yes, I want out of this place, I will help you get to Emma," Zelena told him.

"Well I'm going to need some insurances first love, I don't want anything to happen, unexpected." Zelena let out a breath.

"On my unborn child's life," Zelena declared.

"Afraid I'm going to need some real assurances." He took out a potion and poured it over his hook.

"What's that?" Zelena asked genuinely afraid as she was a bit defenseless. She was suddenly wishing Regina might come back in and catch the pirate.

"A potion given to me by your sister, to allow me to take out someone's heart."

"Why would she do that?" Zelena asked suddenly knowing that Hook's attempt was futile. Still she took an almost involuntary step back, a fear that with the cuff on her spell would no longer work in protecting her heart.

"Because she wanted me to take out your mother's heart, you can't be surprised your family's troubled. Now then this might hurt a bit." He raised his hook intending to slam it down into Zelena's chest. He was immediately thrown back by a blast of green light. The door fell off the hinges where Smee had carefully took the bolts out before and after Regina and Robin left and the nurse couldn't see. He was hiding in an empty cell where they had cut a hole into.

"Well now my family may be troubled, but we all know a heart is a precious thing, I cast a protection spell on mine eons ago, so you're going to have to do better than that." She told him amused as she walked forward, and he groaned as he tried to get up. "Oh, it appears you were right it did sting." She grabbed the dagger in his belt. "Now than do you want to see something really painful?" She raised the blade and he cringed thinking she was going to stab him, but instead Zelena brought it down onto her own arm behind the cuff.

"What?" Hook asked stunned as he saw the fallen hand on the ground, the wrist in the cuff. There was only a few drops of blood on the floor, but more on the blade.

"Now than, much better." Zelena picked up her hand and the cuff was left on the ground. She reattached her hand with magic. "You should have listened to my sister, she knew better not to trust me." With that she disappeared in a puff of green smoke just as Nurse Ratchet came back down the hall.

"You idiot what have you done?" She asked him. "The mayor will hear about this!"

"You let her out, you moron!" Regina exclaimed. They were at the mayor's office, they had put Kathryn in charge of paperwork, and Maleficent on defense for the town. Henry sat in her chair watching everyone and coloring.

"Technically I let her escape," Hook told her annoyed.

"Moron!" Regina declared. How was she supposed to leave with Zelena on the loose terrorizing the town? She didn't want to leave one crisis to go deal with another crisis and then come back to the old crisis. She wanted to come back and rest, and nest and prepare for her baby.

"Watch it your majesty, at least I'm doing something to get Emma back," He snapped.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Regina asked him ready to choke the life out of him. How dare he tell her she wasn't doing anything. She was dropping everything to go after her true love. She wasn't letting Emma slip away from her again.

"Maybe you like being with Henry alone," He accused. "Maybe you like not having Emma around."

"Maybe you like having a hook, maybe you would like another," Regina threatened.

"Enough!" Mary Margaret exclaimed. "We don't have time for this nonsense, Emma is out there and we need to find my daughter come hell or high water, I think we can all agree on that for one reason or another. Since Hook you can't be trusted, you will be staying with us, this way we can keep an eye on you, and so help me one wrong move and I won't blink an eye when Regina snaps your neck. Now Zelena is a much bigger problem."

"Fine I'll behave with her majesty long enough to win Emma back," Hook told them. "I have a new plan. We get the author's pen, and we have young Henry here write that Emma was not the dark one and write her here. He can even write Zelena back into her cell." Regina scoffed.

"You're an idiot, we can't do that, that's exactly the kind of crap that got the last author in trouble, and I won't allow that for my son. Not to mention, he broke it."

"I'm sorry he what?" Hook asked.

"He broke it, he was smart enough to know that as the author he should have only been writing down our histories accurately. He didn't want that much power, so he broke it to avoid corruption and both Emma and I supported his decision."

"Ugh, looks to me that you're the idiot for letting the boy do that," Hook told her.

"And that is why you're still the real villain here," Regina declared.

"So that plan aside, let's handle Zelena and then go after my daughter," Mary Margaret told her. She picked up a white draw string purse that Regina had given her to put her things in for Neal. It was bigger than it appeared and held a lot of items. Regina picked up Henry and grabbed her own. "All right now where would Zelena go?" Mary Margaret asked picking up Neal.

"Not where, but more like whom," Regina told her. "Robin's still my friend and she'll destroy anyone close to me, and right now Robin is the easiest target." They left and it didn't take long for them to find Zelena waiting for them in the middle of the town intersection.

"Hello sis, I see you fixed the clock it would be a shame to break it again." Regina wasn't even surprised that Zelena was standing next to Robin with the grey sleeves her cardigan rolled up while she had Robin in a magical grip he was struggling against. "Although it might be fun to see Robin fly through the air like one of his arrows." She motioned in a way as if she were tracing his flight path.

"You lay another finger on him…." Regina started to threaten.

"Oh I'm not here to hurt Robin, I'm here to trade him for the apprentice's wand," Zelena interrupted. Regina frowned as she looked at the wand in her hand.

"What the hell do you want with this?" Regina asked.

'No way she wants to help with Emma," Regina thought. 'She must want to break it.'

"I am tired of losing to you, you continue to get everything, and now, now I have someone to love me and only me. See this is my future, and I am not going to let anyone take it away from me so I am going as far away from you and Robin as possible, over the rainbow, where you can't follow."

"Back to Oz," Regina said but she wanted to say more in that moment, never in all their squabbles had her and Zelena ever been more alike, thought the exact same way. Henry he had been her future, she understood Zelena's need to keep that baby from her enemies, she was the Snow White here. They had ripped Henry away from her and it had been painful. They had turned him against her and it had been agonizing. She thought she would do a lot of things to Zelena, but turning her baby against her well she didn't think she could do that. Emma had been right when she had said they would be no better than Blue trying to take Charlotte or when Henry had been taken from her before. She understood Zelena so well it was scary.

"I might have been feared there, but at least I was in control. So if you want your forest smelling boyfriend to live through the day, you'll give me that wand." The magic continued to crush in on Robin painfully.

'Fuck she just wants to be with her baby and Emma wouldn't be proud of me if I let Robin die. Well maybe she would now, but later when we free her, she won't be,' Regina thought. 'No, Regina you are not letting anything keep you from Emma, and you can do right by Zelena and your niece or nephew.'

"Regina, you can't please," Mary Margaret begged as she put Henry down.

"Don't do it," Hook growled.

"I'm sorry I have too," Regina told them.

'The portal will weaken her, we can capture her again, and we can get to Emma.' Regina thought remembering the black cuff in her pocket. She handed over the wand and Zelena released Robin. Regina pulled him away and he grabbed Henry dragging him back a bit more.

"Now a little trinket from home to do what you couldn't," Zelena sneered. Regina wasn't surprised as she opened the portal using a necklace. Regina only watched as the crazed look appeared in Zelena's eyes, she really felt she had one that it would be just her and her baby. And while maybe the others just thought she was crazy, Regina saw the relief too, that maybe just maybe no one can take her happiness away. Suddenly a blast of green sparked near the wand and Zelena's hand. Regina lurched forward put the black cuff on her again and took the wand. David moved into action immediately and grabbed her.

"I knew you could open that portal, and I also knew it would weaken you, so you sis there's something else we do well in this family and that's exploit weakness." She looked back at Mary Margaret. "We aren't taking that portal to Oz, we're taking it to Emma."

"Papa!" Roland cried appearing with Granny, Maleficent, and Lily.

"Roland, it's okay we're safe now," Robin told him.

"Come on we can't stay out here," Regina declared.

"Back to Granny's then, should I take Zelena?" Maleficent asked.

"No, just to be safe, we may need her to get back," Regina grumbled. Maleficent nodded.

"Then safe journey, come on Roland," Maleficent said. He shook his head.

"I'm going with Papa," Roland insisted. "I don't wanna lose him." Maleficent nodded respecting that. Far too many people in this group had lost loved ones. She disappeared with Lily and they hurried to Granny's who insisted she was coming because Mary Margaret couldn't look after an infant by herself. Regina wanted to roll her eyes.

"Favorite Charming has me," She grumbled as she picked up Henry again. They hurried to granny's, tied Zelena to a chair as Granny made sure all was in order while she turned off the fryer's and more. No need for them to accidentally go up in flames.

"I don't think the insurance covers getting pulled apart in a tornado," She grumbled.

"How are we going to direct this thing to Emma?" Hook asked. Regina reached into a larger black bag Henry had insisted on carrying for her.

"Emma's baby blanket," Mary Margaret said. Regina had to choke back some tears, she had let a few fall earlier when she collected it as it reminded her of Charlotte's, but now she stayed strong.

"Yes, well I couldn't very well bring her bug," Regina told her sadly. Mary Margaret gave her a small smile back when the dwarves came in.

"Tornado!" Leroy yelled.

"We know we called it, it's taking us to Emma," Mary Margaret told them.

"No, go home dwarves, adults only allowed," Regina told them annoyed. He frowned at her than refused. He started in on this speech, but Regina was immediately pulled away by a tugging on her jacket. She looked down and saw Henry looking up at her. She bent down to his level and stroked his head.

"Hey my little prince, everything is going to be okay, all right?" He nodded.

"Mommy, we're going to find Mama?" Henry asked fiddling with the swan necklace Emma had given her for Christmas. She gave him a reassuring smile.

"Yes, my little prince, that's why we bought Mama's baby blanket, she takes it with her every where normally so it's going to help us find her. Remember I said it's not good to attach magic to people when we want to find someone just because they love you and you love them with all their heart." He nodded.

"I use magic to help you find Mama?" Henry asked. Regina shook her head.

"No, honey, you already helped me by keeping Mama's baby blanket safe and now it's my turn. You just wait and hold on tight to me." Henry nodded.

"Regina come on this thing is nearly on top of us," David told her. Regina nodded seeing that the dwarves were staying after all. She began to wave the wand over the baby blanket as she stood up. She was going to find Emma. The baby blanket began to glow and not long after that the diner shook as they were being taken up into the air. They all moved to the counter to hold on. Roland had initially hugged a scared Henry but as soon as she was also trying to brace herself they were both in her arms immediately.

'Hold on Emma, we're coming for you, your family is coming,' Regina thought. "All of us including Viveka.'

"Mommy is it all black like the one that took Mama?" Henry whispered his face buried in her neck.

"No honey it's green, like a beautiful grass field, because we're using light magic to take us to Mama. It won't hurt us." He nodded, but still held on tight. "Oh my little prince we are more than safe because Mommy is more than in control now."

"I thought I was your little prince," Roland frowned.

"You're my little archer, you're much better than your daddy." Roland gave her a huge grin at that. Robin's skill was legendary and apparently the skill had been passed on to Roland.

"Good I like that better Regi…" he was cut off by a scream as they rocked dangerously, and Regina continued to assure them the rest of the way that the ride to the Enchanted Forest was safe.

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