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Note: First published April 1st, 2003. Song lyrics removed May 14th, 2005 to comply with new policy. The fic itself sucks regardless, and will be de-suckified once I'm done with this cold/school/bout of writers block/all of the above.


(Kikyou's POV)

"Why won't you kill me?"

That's what he had said. That's when I explained to him that we were the same, both outsiders. I thought Inuyasha was different.

I was wrong.

But I don't understand it. My revenge is complete, why am I still here? I thought my soul would be able to rest once he was dead.

There is nothing inside of me. I am heartless, soulless...I have no meaning...there is no purpose to my vain existence...

But I ask myself a question I know the answer to. He is following me...watching me...wanting answers...

I try to ignore it, but my efforts are futile. My mind drifts back to when Inuyasha was still alive...and I was here, living on this earth, with one purpose - to kill Inuyasha.

That's when I would remember the last time Inuyasha tried to steal the Shikon No Tama.

When he was pinned to the tree, I could feel his last heartbeats pounding in my ears. When they stopped...it was an eerie silence I'll never forget.

I hear the rustle of leaves overhead, and I craned my neck, almost hoping to see a familiar red kimono darting through the trees.

It's stupid, I know...but he is following me. Watching me move through life as a brainless puppet, with this cruel fate as my puppeteer.

It is all because of Inuyasha that I am still here. His presence lingers, damning me to wander this earth for eternity.

It is strange, how Inuyasha is the only thing that keeps me alive.

Yet, he's taking it all. "Do you know what you have done to me, Inuyasha? Do you see what I have become!" I cry to the tranquil forest. The animals living here spring to life, startled by my voice. "You took it all away...I have lost everything..."

"Leave me alone!" I scream, ranting like a child.

I press my fingers against my cheek, startled to find tears there. I sink to the ground, frustrated and utterly confused. I am heartless...how can I cry?

And why am I crying? Fear? Anger? Confusion? ...Love?

I don't understand...I was so strong...yet I let this chilling presence destroy me...what is happening...?