This is basically a waaaaay overdue story I wrote for Halloween but was too lazy to publish. So here have some explicitly sexualized fictional lesbians!

P.S. I'm trying very hard to ignore my second hand embarrassment right now because I recently just re-watched all of their episodes lol

As the last week of October rolled around, Vastra just couldn't seem to grasp the logic behind the human tradition of celebrating Halloween, donning masks and costumes, and running amok in the streets causing all sorts of mischief. Though she can hardly bring herself to complain, now that Jenny was posing in the bedroom doorway, dressed in a racy black and white corset that does wonders for her figure, along with decorative leather bat wings, black lace undergarments, shiny thigh length black leather boots, fish net stockings, and a pair of curious looking bat ears perched upon her head while her dark brown hair cascaded in perfect ringlets across her shoulders. She was only able to catch a brief glimpse of Jenny's provocative smile before a blindfold was lowered over her eyes followed by Jenny straddling her hips.

Vastra herself was wearing nothing but a thin white chemise and her hands were tied above her head using a length of silk attached to the bedpost, leaving her completely at Jenny's mercy.

Vastra couldn't help the amused chuckle that escaped her lips,"Hmm…so this is the special surprise that you've been talking about. I must say that you've really outdone yourself this time, my Dear."

"Are you scared yet, ma'am?" Jenny purred seductively into Vastra's ear, causing the Silurian's scales to turn noticeably darker. Her hand traveled deliberately slow up Vastra's chest toward her heart, where she relished in the strong Silurian heartbeat pounding with arousal."Because trust me, I'm just getting started here."

Vastra then released a sharp gasp when she felt Jenny's teeth suddenly sink themselves into the scales of her neck. The dual sensation of pleasure and pain sent a most delightful shock buzzing through her entire nervous system, causing her body to buck slightly underneath Jenny. The restrictions imposed on her limbs and sense of sight merely served to enhance the experience tenfold.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Vastra replied rather breathlessly, "Oh, believe me, darling, I am absolutely terrified."

Hearing Jenny's cheerfully mischievous laughter against her neck was the only warning that Vastra received before the wickedly good times officially began.