Chapter 5


Grevin Hades

"Mmmm…Jaune…My Pet."

Those words…the sensation of her hands on his arms, the sight of her black hair with red tips on his bare chest, the feeling of her light frame resting on top of him, all of it slammed into Jaune with the intensity of a boulder slamming into a small wooden building. Anger, violation, fear, all washing through his very being…what had she done to him? What had he managed to get himself into? How could he escape?"

His thoughts were pulled from him when he felt the silky-smooth skin of Ruby shift over him as she slid her hands up his chest to and over his shoulders pulling herself up over him, her soft silver eyes meeting his in a gentle stare, her entire form showing relaxation and…affection?

"Hmmm…Good evening Jaune. I trust you slept well, I know I did." She smiled warmly and leaned her head down to place a kiss on his cheek but before she could he turned his head away causing her to frown. "Jaune…are you upset with me? What bothers you lover?"

Lover?! His head snapped back to face her his eyes locking on hers, anger showing vividly across his face, his entire form tensing. "Upset? Upset?! After what you did?! You manipulated me! You went in my head and change my memory and forced me to f-HRRK!"

His rant was stopped when a slender hand wrapped around his throat tightening enough to cut off his air. Ruby tilted her head slightly to the side as she watched his face begin to redden while her hand clutched his windpipe. "Oh, you're angry? I can understand your frustration, but you have to remember something…you're my pet now. You are my property and the property of the brood. I shared a wonderful moment with you. You should be honored, very few have had such pleasures. Very few can claim to have their first time with one such as I and even fewer would I consider a proper lover."

She released his throat causing him to gasp and cough while she rested her head down on his chest somehow finding a comfortable spot even as he shifted and shook with coughing. Finally, he managed to gasp out a single question. "W-why?"

Ruby smiled as she lightly kissed at his bare chest while she let her fingers lightly dance over his hands and arms. "Because you're perfect. Your scent, your taste, your innocence…all ideal, all exactly what I want. Your blood ignited a fire in me, a need…a primal desire that could only be resolved with you and me together."

"You…you violated my mind…violated me…"

She smiled wickedly up at him fangs peeking out from under her lips easily reminding him that she wasn't a typical girl but a dark creature of the night that could end him in an instant. "I opened you to the possibilities…I allowed to get to know me in your memories, let you learn about who I am at heart so we could truly have a special you could have a first time worth remembering."

Jaune could almost feel the pain in his heart at her words and he certainly felt his stomach roll as she made her statement. A first time worth remembering? He couldn't recall a thing, he can remember trying to resist her and her biting him but after that it was a blur of sensation and flashing images. "I…I don't…no I don't remember….no…you…how cou-…you had no right! …no right…."

Ruby gave a sad smile and reached up cupping his cheek in her hand stroking her thumb over his lips. "Shhh, it's alright now pet. I know it seems scary right now but in time you will adapt and understand, you'll see. Give it time." She leaned up and lightly kissed his chin before turning her head slightly to she could look at the silver haired woman standing against the far wall. "Oh…you're finally awake, excellent."

Turning his head Jaune saw the silver haired woman from the previous night but instead of looking battered, dirty or even injured she looked almost…angelic. Her hair was done up in a bun that allowed some of it to hang down over the left side of her face obscuring her eye a bit. Her lips were lush and red, her cheeks pale with a hint of rosiness to them but her eyes, they were a stunning piercing ice blue. She wore a beautiful, low cut version of the manors maid outfit but it didn't reveal as much as one would suspect. Instead she looked rather tasteful with long, shapely stocking covered legs with a pair of nice black heals which complimented her form nicely.

The fact that she appeared here so unscathed was enough to stun the young man but when she focused her eyes on him with a small smirk coming to her lips. Instantly he could see a hint of fangs peeking out from behind her lips and he felt a shiver of fear rush through him. "Uh…"

The woman took two steps forward and gave a small bow to Ruby before again looking at Jaune and licking her lips slightly. "Good evening mistress. Yes, I have awoken after my transition. Pyrrha and Blake both helped me find my proper attire and I have been waiting here for you to awaken from your…activities."

Ruby smirked as she sat up on Jaune allowing the blanket to fall from her bare shoulders exposing herself to the other two. She lightly pushed herself down against Jaune making him grunt slightly as she brushed over him once again. "mmmm, wonderful. I'm surprised you're so calm Winter. Normally new vampires tend to be a bit ravenous when they first awaken. Tell me, are you hungry?"

The woman nodded slowly as she continued to stare at Jaune with a small smile. "Yes…mistress. I'm trying my best to restrain myself…it is difficult."

Ruby smiled widely now and slid her hands up Jaunes chest which caused winters eyes to focus on that, causing her lip to quiver slightly. "So…can you smell his scent Winter? Can you see his blood coursing through his veins?"

Jaune felt his heart rate increase as Winter took another step forward beginning to close the gap between them. Ruby simply continued to grind down against him the intimate touch creating her desired reaction from the young man.

"Yes…he smells amazing…better than anything I've ever eaten in my life…I can see his veins pulse with every beat of his heart…" She took a long breath of air closing her eyes a moment, her hands clasping together and being held to her chest before letting them fall to her sides again and once more snapping her focus directly on his eyes. "Mistress…please…"

Ruby gasped as she ground down against Jaune once more, her left hand snaking down to grasp him causing him to jump at her touch as she began to position him. "Hmmm? Please what? Are you saying that you'd like to have a drink of my pet?"

Winter nodded again while taking another step forward. "N-no…yes…please…I'm so hungry…"

The red headed vampire gasped as she claimed her prize, taking Jaune within herself, sinking down until she fully rested on top of him causing them both to close their eyes and let out quiet moans. "Hmmm…if you do you'll have to take care of him Winter. His blood is a gift…it is something to cherish. Ah! Yes!" She arched as she hilted herself on him once again.

Winter watched them with wide eyes, taking in the sight of her mistress claiming her pet openly and without hesitation in front of her, spearing herself on him again and again while he clenched his teeth and looked away in an attempt to resist the pleasurable sensations washing over him. She felt her very core begin to warm as she focused on his neck, easily locating his Jugular vein through its subtle pulsing showing on the surface of his neck. "Mistress? I'll do whatever you require of me…I'll place myself in service of you, I'll place myself in service of your pet, I'll clean your manor, I'll…I'll...provide services to-"

"Ahh! Mmmm….no…no need to babble needlessly Winter." Ruby gasped as a large grin washed over his face, her fangs glinting in the dim light. She placed a hand on Jaunes chest and began to roll her hips stirring his member deep inside her making him slam his head back into the bed as he clenched his hands against the sheets attempting to resist his body's natural urge to buck up into her. "You stir me so well pet, it's as though you're made for me."

Ruby drew her half-lidded silver eyes to Winter, locking eyes with the fledgling vampire and gave a slow knowing nod. "Yes…I cannot deny such sustenance to a new member of my brood. Take him Winter, taste perfection and sustain yourself. Give him a thrill at the same time, I want him to be overcome with pleasure."

Jaune began to panic and Winter didn't hesitate. She surged forward falling to her knees next to the bed her hands sliding over his chest to his neck using her new strength to 'gently' turn his face to look at her and she quickly closed the gap pressing her lips to his in a fierce kiss tasting him as she darted her tongue into his mouth, wrestling with him for dominance.

Ruby moaned and brought a hand to her chest as she felt Jaunes member twitch inside her pushing her closer and closer to the edge. "Yes, that's it. Taste him Winter, savor him."

Winter pulled back from the kiss and quickly lowered her head to Jaunes neck brushing her lips over it allowing her breath to wash over his skin. She let out a soft moan and mumbled into his ear "I'm sorry…" Then she lunged.

Jaune tensed as he felt her fangs pierce his neck a gasp escaping him as a surge of pleasure washed through him overwhelming his senses. He could feel his heart racing, his pulse pounding, every single beat sending more and more of his blood into Winters mouth where she greedily drank from him.

Ruby moaned as she felt his member begin to twitch and grow harder in her, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her frame. "Naahh! Yes! That's it, drink from him and send him over the edge! He's close, so close! Fill me Jaune, give it all to me!"

He was at his limit. His body trembled as he felt his vision begin to fade and he let go. All resistance fell as a grunt of pleasure escaped him and he bucked up into the brood queen releasing his pent-up passion filling her with rope after thick rope of his seed, making her shiver in pleasure and her tight stomach show a slight bulge before leaking out and washing over them both.

Ruby closed her eyes reveling in the pleasure of his warmth filling her, her hands reaching out to Winter, gently pulling her away from her meal. She could feel herself squeezing her prize as aftershocks of pleasure washed over her and she quickly pulled Winter into an embrace her hand sliding through her white locks pulling her into a deep kiss.

Winter moaned as she felt Ruby's tongue dart into her mouth, both wrestling to taste the remaining crimson from her meal. Slowly breaking the kiss Ruby allowed herself to rest back just enough to stare at her new brood member. Winters eyes were glazed and unfocused now, her hair slightly mussed and her lips stained with Jaunes blood…it was beautiful.

Looking down at her pet, a small smirk came to her face when she saw that he had passed out from the pleasure, his form still twitching from time to time. She slowly reached out and took Winters hand in hers and guided it to Jaunes forehead allowing them both to brush some of his blonde hair from his face. "Now Winter…what do you think of my pet?"

Winter moved back to sit on her legs resting her hands on her knees her head lowered in a slight bow of obedience. "I…he…amazing mistress. I think he is amazing. Never have I tasted something so good and based on his flavor and the scent of his essence combining with yours is enough to make me lose control of my desire."

Ruby smirked and nodded. "Yes, he is a one of a kind. Winter your job is to watch over my pet. You will be like a guardian to him. Watch him, help him become comfortable with his surroundings and the others living here, follow the orders they give you and all will be well. He will resist, which I would be surprised if he didn't, and he will try to return to his normal life, but we will keep him, and we will show him that being here with the brood is far better than anything he could have in his old life."

She turned her head and gave a soft pat to Winters head. "It will be a transition for the both of you but together it will be easier. Already you have shown the ability to adapt to your situation, perhaps you can help him as well. I do have a single rule though."

Winter nodded "I will follow any rule you give mistress."

"No matter what, he isn't allowed to be killed or turned. If we feed too much or afflict him with our curses, then all would be lost. No, he is precious and must be treated as such."

"I understand Mistress. I will be his shadow…I will make sure all moves smoothly."

Ruby smiled and nodded in acceptance. "I'm glad to hear that. Now, let us attend to the matters at hand. I am going to go find Yang and while I do, you are to help him to his room and put him in a bath. After what we just did it's safe to say he needs to clean up a bit."

Winter slowly rose to her feet, her icy eyes glued to Ruby's hips watching as the small woman rose off of Jaunes hips, his still hard member slipping from her folds slick with her juices and covered in his cum. Ruby giggled and placed a hand on her stomach as she moved to her feet. "If he feels this good now I can't wait till he grows more confident."

She glanced at Winter then back to Jaune noticing just how much she was watching him and giggled once more while walking over to a nearby dresser and pulling a robe from one of the drawers. "Go ahead and take him to his quarters Winter. Help him get cleaned up. "

Hesitating no longer, Winter stepped forward moving with the cold precision she had learned in her other life she reached down and easily scooped the man up with her superior strength and proceeded to carry him across the room and out the door. Ruby stood sill for a moment a small smile remaining on her lips as she continued to rub her stomach through the cloth of the robe she wore. "Something special indeed."

*With Winter*

Her mind was a blur, racing with thoughts of all kinds. What had she done? What had she become? Why did it feel so good? Why did she obey so easily? Why is she feeling so drawn to this boy? This boy…no, this man. He wasn't a child, that much was clear simply based upon everything she had just witnessed.

No, if she had to attempt to know his age, she would place him around the same age as her sister. He was handsome…perhaps he would have been someone her sister would have been interested in. He clearly looked strong, perhaps years of working in fields…if she was being honest with herself and her new nature…he did look delectable.

She shook her head mentally chiding herself. She was a knight of Atlas…used to be a Knight of Atlas. She should be in more control of herself. When she was changed, it wasn't just her physical form that was affected…no, something else deep inside changed with it. She could feel strange and powerful urges…and despite what she thought of herself they weren't unwelcome.

Some involved the man in her arms…she wanted to do things with him…very primal things…taste him, feel him squirm under her, couple with him. The sight of her mistress riding him to climax nearly made her as well, never in her life would she have even allowed herself to witness such an act between two others but now…now it didn't bother her…in fact she enjoyed it.

Instinctively she made her way through the second level of the manor making her way to the man's room not even pausing when she passed Nora and Blake in the hall, both of whom stared at the naked man with great interest, smiles growing on their faces. "I know that scent! She took him! Ha! When is my turn!"

Winter ignored the bubbly redhead and simply maintained her pace to her destination. Finally, they arrived and the moment she stepped over the threshold with him, she knew what needed to be done. She gently laid him out on the bed and made her way to the bath where she began to fill it with hot water. Within minutes the tub had been filled with steaming water and she proceeded to disrobe letting her clothing drop to the ground as she returned to the bedroom. There she stood over him for a moment simply staring at him, enjoying the simple way his chest rose and fell with each breath…so peaceful.

Not waiting any longer, she again gently picked him up and made her way back to the bath and then carefully stepped into the steaming water. She maneuvered him with her and began to sit until she was sitting comfortably neck deep in the tub with Jaune now resting against her in her lap, his head tilted back and resting on her shoulder.

For a few minutes all was still. The only noise was the gentle sound of his steady breathing and the water lapping against the edge of the tub. She had her arms wrapped around him, holding him against her enjoying the way his muscles felt against her. Slowly she allowed her hands to begin to wander around his waist feeling the slight muscles present on his abdomen then moving up to his chest feeling how firm his pectoral muscles were against her touch. Allowing herself to relax further she tilted her head down and placed a soft kiss on his shoulder before resting her chin there closing her eyes.

The moment she did she could feel something change. She could feel his heart rate increase slightly and his muscles began to tense. As if on instinct she gently increased her hold around his body and the moment she did he surged back into consciousness.

"Nooo! No! No!" Jaunes eyes snapped open and he attempted to throw himself forward, panic overwhelming him. He thrashed and struggled to get to his feet, to run, to try and escape but something held him back, something kept him from being able to get a foothold. "Let go! Let me go! No!"

"Shhhh, shhhh, it's alright…you're safe, its ok. Shhhh, breath, just breath." A soft and gentle voice sounded in his ear attempting to comfort and calm him. As he gained his bearings he was able to feel the soft arms around him and the distinct presence of a female form pressed against his back.

Slowly turning his head, he saw a glimpse of Winters white hair and he felt another surge of fear wash through him. "Oh no," He reached down and attempted to pry her arms from around him with no success, her strength to great for him to break. He tried to surge forward again only to be pulled back into her tender embrace. "No! Let me go! No more! No more feeding from me! I'll kill myself before I'll let it happen again!"

Winter shifted her position and pulled him down further into the water forcing him to sit back against her so his head was now cradled between her breasts. She locked her legs around him and used one hand to hold him while she used the other to run her fingers through his hair. "Sssshhhh, its ok. You're alright. I'm not going to feed from you. That's done. You can calm yourself, you're safe."

Jaune felt his cheeks redden at the close proximity of his face to her cleavage so he tried to close his eyes and take some breaths to calm himself. "W-why are you here with me? Why are we in the bath? Why are you naked?"

She let out a soft giggle and lightly nuzzled against the top of his head. "In that order? I was told by my mistress to be with you, to be your shadow. We are in the bath because you were covered in love juices and needed to be washed. We are naked because baths are more effective that way."

She smirked as she imagined him rolling his eyes at her little joke. "I know I fed from you Jaune but you need not fear me. I will not feed again, not for some time and I've been given clear instruction to keep you from harm." She lightly ran her hand over his cheek and gently pressed him further against her breasts and let out a breathy sigh. "Mmm or are you afraid of being alone in a bath with a beautiful woman who could show you a thing or two."

She had to suppress a laugh when she felt his heart rate increase and his cheeks redden from the blood rushing to them. "N-no…"

She let her leg slide over his making her form brush across his while letting her nails lightly brush across his chest. "Oh really? Perhaps after a night with the mistress you can show me a thing or two?"

That got a response. Jaune tried to pull back from her violently causing the water to churn around them. She let him go and sank down so her chin brushed the water, her eyes easily locking onto him, a sultry smile coming to her lips. He was fun to tease…he would have been a wonderful suitor for her sister…but now…now she would enjoy him.

Jaune had shot himself across to the far side of the tub doing his best to cover his shame with his hands. He had sunk down as well so his red face was the only thing above the water. "Just stay away from me."

Winter simply licked her lips and began to move herself forward slightly her eyes locked on his giving her the sensation of a predator stalking her prey. "Why? I'm not going to harm you Jaune. Far from it. You're not much younger than me…in fact you're about my sisters age. I think we'd get along well."

He shook his head as he tried to push back further from her, his back touching the edge of the tub. "No, I want you to stay away from me. I want to leave this place and never return. I'll not speak a word of what I saw here to anyone."

She gently shook her head. "No…I'm sorry but no. You belong to them now…as do I."

He raised a single hand attempting to make her stay away "Weren't you a knight? Weren't you a holy warrior meant to stop this? How can you so easily change? How could you give up on your vow and become this?"

She reached his hand and gently took it in her grip letting her nails slide across his palm before placing it on her chest, smirking at his reaction. "I was…I was a proud knight…in ways I still am. However, when I changed something left me. Perhaps it was my inhibitions or perhaps a sense of limitation. I knew I wanted to live to see my sister again…I wanted to live so I could see her smile once more. I also found that I have a wanting to do more in this world,to enjoy more things, have more do more, to be more."

She pushed his hand to the side and closed the gap between them allowing her supple form to press into him, her free hand reaching down to remove his remaining hand from covering himself. She gave him a sultry smirk and pushed both his hands against the tubs edge while enjoying the feeling of him pressing against her. She let her forehead rest against his and spoke softly now. "What about you…surely there is more you wish to do…more you wish to know…more to experience…" She let her eyes flutter closed as she tilted her head. "Maybe I can show you, I'd like that…wouldn't you? Would you like me to teach you? Wouldn't you enjoy having a new experience?"

He could feel her…he felt her breath, he smelled her natural scent wafting through the air to his nose, it was beautiful, warm, comforting. Her body felt warm against his, her form soft and smooth…he could feel desire building in him despite what he had just been through…was it a magic that she was using against him? Was it just the allure of a woman?

No. No! His very soul seemed to scream at him now as he jolted awake and quickly turned his head to the side whilst trying to push her hands back. "No! I won't give in to you! Release me!"

Much to his surprise she did indeed release her hold of him and floated back two feet staring at him with a small smile on her lips. "Very well…I will not force you but know that I am always, always willing to teach you. It would be quite enjoyable…for both of us."

Jaune stared at her with an open jaw before slowly shaking his head. "Were you always this…perverse…before you were changed?"

She smiled and slowly stood up allowing her chest to be seen openly as she slowly, teasingly reached for some soap and a washcloth enjoying the way he stared at her as she moved. "No, I was much more reserved…but this does feel quite liberating. Now…turn around and let me wash your back."

He averted his gaze, his cheeks turning red once more. "N-no thank you. I'm capable of cleaning myself up."

She gave a small pout as she closed in once more as she built up a small lather. "A man should never turn down a woman washing his back Jaune. However, if you don't want me to wash your back I will understand…perhaps I can wash your front instead." With that she ran the cloth over his chest and shoulders spreading the soap evenly over him, her eyes never leaving his.

She moved the cloth over his neck taking care to wash away any stain of his blood there then moved to his other shoulder and then back to his chest. "You feel very tense Jaune. You're like a coiled spring ready to snap…you should let yourself relax."

He frowned and looked away from her "That is hard to do when I've been assaulted, bitten, violated both physically and mentally and am being cornered by a woman who has been trying to tempt me from the moment I woke up. I want away from this place. I wish to return home…"

Winter said nothing as she continued to wash over his shoulders and arms. She then gently pulled him to turn around which he did with no resistance allowing her to move the cloth over his back as she initially wished but upon seeing the look of defeat and anger in his eyes she decided to not tease the man further. Instead she focused on her current task while her mind wandered.

He wasn't too different from her to be honest. She had been human less than two days ago and now she had changed. Before she was prim and proper, dedicated, rigid…now she was loose, relaxed…free spirited. While she would always enjoy watching men from a distance in the past, none would have been able to bed her but now…well, it was all she could take to keep herself from showing Jaune just how well he could please a woman.

He needed comfort…familiarity. He needed to be shown that despite his circumstances he wasn't doomed. As she trailed the wash cloth down his back she realized what she could do. Something simple and kind…something to remind him that he isn't going to suffer. She dropped the wash cloth and wrapped her arms around him pulling him into a tight embrace nuzzling his shoulder. "I'm sorry…I know you're scared, and I know you've been through a lot…but you're not alone. I'm here with you..."

Jaune froze as he felt her take hold of him. Her touch this time felt different than before…it didn't feel perverse…it wasn't her trying to feel his flesh. It felt…real…genuine. Slowly he let his hands reach up and touch her arms. "I…I don't know if I can believe that. You're one of them..."

She nodded but continued to hold him. "I know…but I was human once too…and while my new nature does call out for me to do things…I know why I was told to be your shadow. I'm meant to help you and you're meant to help me. I will give you companionship, friendship and you can help me retain my humanity…so know that I will do everything in my power to be there for you."

"But, what if your new nature takes control?"

She sighed and shook her head "Well…we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it, but I can tell you that I will not kill you and I will not turn you."

Jaune went to turn his head but a loud knock from the bedrooms door startled both. "Oh no,"

Winter released him and pulled herself out of the large bath not caring that she just gave a show to the young man and as she was taking a towel to her form and drying off the sound of the door opening echoed through the room followed by a rather cheerful voice. "Come out, come out where ever you are! It's time to enjoy some time with your resident she-wolves!"

Before Jaune was able to scramble his way out of the tub Yang rounded the corner, hands on her hips and a wild looking smirk on her lips. She wore a simple t-shirt and shorts that left little to the imagination and her hair was up in a ponytail letting it hang neatly down her back. She took a single look at Winter than at Jaune and her smirk grew into a feral grin. "Well, well, well. Have I interrupted something here?"

Winter stood unashamed as she continued to dry off in front of the buxom blonde. "No, I was simply washing Jaune after his time with mistress Ruby. She had left quite a scent on him and wished him cleaned."

Yang licked her lips as she looked back to Jaune, her sharp teeth seeming to glint in the light as her red eyes flashed with a hunger. "Hmmm, I see. Shame that I missed that. Perhaps another time you can come join me in a bath Jaune, I promise it will be something to remember."

Jaune said nothing as he kept his gaze down and his hands covering himself. Yang continued to smile as she stared at him like a piece of meat. "Go on and step out of the water Jaune. Let me see all of you. I want to know if you'll be able to please all of us or if you'll just be another meal for Nora and I."

He didn't move and instead mumbled a small response. Yang tilted her head a bit. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you…say that again."

He looked up at her now, defiance showing in his eyes. No…not defiance…desperation. "Is that what you do to men you trap here? Am I going to just be a meal to you?"

Yang giggled a bit as she turned her head and popped her neck. "Only if they are the scum of the earth. We're not heartless despite our nature. No, we're not going to eat you Jaune, at least not right away and not in that fashion," She gave him a small wink. "Now get up, I want a proper look at you," She turned to Winter who had begun to put on her uniform again. "Help him won't you?"

Winter said nothing for a moment then gave a curt nod before walking to the edge of the water and with great ease reached down taking Jaune by the shoulder causing him to flail about in protest. She proceeded to all but jerk him out of the water causing him to fall to the floor on his stomach leaving him fully exposed to the lustful gaze of the blonde-haired werewolf.

Jaune gasped as he tried to get his footing on the slick tile forgetting his lack of clothing for the moment as he climbed to his feet. The moment he stood upright Yang moved in close leaving only an inch between them. Her red eyes pierced into his as she continued to smile. "Hmmm, so this is what you look like under all that cloth."

Jaune took a step back only to find himself press against Winter who stood firm and placed a soft hand on his back. "Wha-Winter! What are you doing?"

"I'm following orders, I was told to assist the others when it came to you. Mistress Yang wishes to inspect you so I'm going to let her. Just relax, she won't harm you."

Yang chuckled as she let her leering gaze move up and down his form pausing at his hands which had again moved to cover himself. "Not bad so far…you have good muscle tone, a handsome face…but I want to see all of you. Would you move your hands for me lover boy?"

He shook his head. "No, you don't need to-"

She let out a small growl causing a shiver of fear to run through his spine. "Maybe not but I want to know so…move your hands."

Lowering his head in shame Jaune hesitantly began to let his hands slide away allowing her gaze to take in all of him. He wouldn't look up at her and said nothing as she let out a small whistle. "Hmmm, it seems farm life agrees with you lover boy, very nice indeed. Winter, dress him and have him ready to join Nora and I."

She turned letting her hair brush across his face as she left the room. Jaune began to shiver under the cool air of the room but Winter wrapped a towel around him in and instant and began to dry him and escort him into the bedroom. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. She likes to tease…I've known many knights like her, all bluster no action."

He frowned a bit as he pulled the towel around himself. "That doesn't make me feel any better, I'm just a piece of meat to them." She simply smiled and resumed putting on her clothing while he made his way back to the bedroom.


Jaune found himself being brought to an area of the manor which he had never seen before. Winter had taken him down to the main level but then to another staircase which seemed to appear from nowhere which led them down yet another level to what he suspected was a large basement. He didn't know how but there was magic in this place. A magic that allowed it to shift and change at will…ensuring that it had everything the owners needed, and that escape would be all but impossible.

Winter silently led him down a lengthy hallway that was lit with simple torches providing just enough light to keep them from tripping but unable to see any defining features on the walls or floor. Perfect to get lost in. After a few moments they came to a large open doorway that opened into a space darker than anything he had ever seen, it was though light was repelled from it. Standing in front of it were both Yang and Nora, both of which were dressed in the clothing they wore when he first met them.

Yang was grinning in her usual fashion while Nora seemed to be fidgeting with great anticipation, her gaze never leaving him and when they would lock eyes she would give a warm smile and lightly bite her bottom lip. Winter didn't miss this and turned her head smirking at the young man.

"I have brought Jaune as you requested mistress Yang."

Nora laughed and moved forward lightly patting winter on the shoulder. "Don't call her that, it's too formal! That's as bad as calling me madam Nora. Just weird," She focused her attention to Jaune once again her cheeks taking on a red hue. "Hi Jaune…"

Jaune said nothing as he shuffled on his feet and shifted his gaze down to his feet. Nora frowned and closed the gap between them placing a hand on his chin and raising his face to look at her. She smiled warmly the moment she saw his eyes. "Well hello there…not going to greet me?"

Jaune tried to pull back but her hold on his chin was strong and the moment she felt him shift a mock pout came to her lips. "Aww, don't be like that. I'm friendly!" She suddenly wrapped him in a tight hug the force of which nearly removed all air from his lungs making him gasp. She then released him from her grip, catching his arms as he nearly fell. "See?"

Yang laughed as she stepped forward past Winter, her hands on her hips once more. "Oh Jaune, you'll see that Nora can be more than friendly. In fact, that's why we're here."

Jaune took a few steadying breaths before he pulled his attention away from the affectionate red head to focus on the blonde. "What do you mean?"

Yang spread her arms wide and motioned to the area they were in. "This is our domain in the manor. This is where we're going to play with you tonight."

Jaune took small side step attempting to better see his surroundings. "P-play? What do you mean?"

Nora grinned and slammed into him from behind catching him in another hug but this time she buried her nose into his collar and took a long inhale while Yang and Winter looked on. "This is where we're going to hunt you Jaune."

He felt himself pale. "W-what?"

Yang smirked as she locked her red eyes onto his. "That's right. While we like dating like regular girls, from time to time we need to go back to our old ways. Days when we would track down a suitable mate as a kind of hunt. It's thrilling to chase down the one who has garnered our affections so to meet our need we have a maze down here that is perfect for us. Your goal is to make it to the other side of the maze without us catching you. You can use anything you find in there to aid you. If you make it, you're released from your obligations to Nora and me. However, it isn't going to be that simple. You have a time limit. If you're not out of the maze by morning, you lose."

Jaune said nothing for a moment as he looked at the entrance to the maze and then back to the two girls. "If I refuse to participate?"

Nora swung around to his front and gave a pouty face while leaning forward and clasping her hands in front of her, her toe pointed and digging into the ground slightly. "Aww, don't say that…it'll be fun, I promise."

Jaune took a step back a small red hue coming to his cheeks which wasn't missed by any of the girls present. He tried to turn away only to come face to face with Yang who had adopted the same stance as Nora, her eyes wide and a pout on her lips. "Please…you wouldn't let two energetic girls like us be bored all night, would you?"

Jaune blinked and took another step away only to bump into Winter who placed gentle but firm hands on his shoulders keeping him from moving further. He couldn't understand it. The looks they were giving him were having a strange effect, making his resistance crumble. He thought he had developed a strong defense against it what with having seven sisters but these two were masters of the craft…. the dreaded puppy dog eyes. "N-no…stop it…"

Nora batted her eyes at him as she leaned in a little closer, squirming just slightly while Yang continued to give him the strongest stare he had ever seen. "Please Jauney…"

He tried to be strong, he truly did. He resisted as much as possible but in the end their unworldly power won and he slumped over in defeat. "...f…fine. But, what if I lose?"

Nora jumped in place giggling while Yang stepped around him and put an arm over his shoulder while pulling him away from Winter. "That's easy. If we win then we get to play with you for a full day…however we want."

They approached the edge of the maze entrance and as they did Yang raised a hand and snapped her finger. Instantly a line of torches began to ignite leading down a singular path that soon branched off into three different directions. "I thought it might be best to let you have a little bit of light so you don't go running blindly into a wall. So…are you ready to be our little toy?"

Jaune glanced over at her a frown showing on his lips. "Do I have a choice?"

"Nope" She popped the P in the word and gave him a shove forward towards the entrance. "Now get started. Your ten-minute head start begins now…after that, its you against the loving Nora and the Alpha Yang."

Jaune glanced over his shoulder noting the gleam in Yangs eyes as well as the pink in Noras cheeks and the smirk on Winters lips. "…Why didn't I just try to go on to the village instead of chasing after that horse…" He broke into a dead run moving as fast as he could sprinting to the right the moment the path split.

Nora waved enthusiastically as she bounced on her feet. "Bye-bye Jaune, I look forward to hunting, catching and taming you!"

Yang simply chuckled as she glanced at Winter and shook her head. "I wonder why they always go right…don't they know that if they go left and stay left they most likely will get out? I thought that was something commonly known."

Winter shrugged her shoulders. "It was something covered in basic schooling when I was younger…perhaps education in the region is failing."

Nora did a little spin before taking a long sniff of the air. "Who cares…I'm going to track him down and I'm going to show him just how much fun we can have together."

Yang grinned and took a long inhale as well. "Hmmm, perhaps but if I get to him first he'll find out why exactly why I'm the alpha."

Both women smirked at one another as they moved to the entrance of the maze their forms beginning to change. Their hands became more claw like, their eyes sharper and their muscles more defined. Both let out animalistic growls as they gnashed their teeth and their hair became more defined and wild looking. Nora turned her head and nodded at Yang. "Think he's been given enough time?"

Yang looked back with a smirk. "Who cares, momma Yang wants her prize."

"Not if I get him first."

Both she-wolves let out an unearthly howl and broke into a sprint leaving a small trail of dust in their wake, one taking the left path, one taking the center. Winter stood there in the remaining silence for a few moments before letting a small sigh escape her. Deciding to try her new abilities she began to rise into the air and in seconds was moving over the top of the maze to get an overhead view of the impending show. "Well…no doubt this will be interesting."


Yang darted along the left path taking familiar twists and turns, moving through with practice ease. She passed through open rooms which provided rest areas for 'competitors' some with beds, others with food and water, others with small catches of items that could help them further in the maze. She took a small inhale and let out a growl of satisfaction as Jaunes scent came to her. She was beginning to trail him now. She intended to work her way around in front of him so he would come to her. It was a tactic which had worked for her in the past and she knew it would work again.

She felt her core begin to warm at the thought of him running into her, his eyes going wide with terror. She could already imagine the sight. He would be sweating, drops of it rolling from his forehead down to his neck, his clothing sticking to him showing off his body to her ravenous eyes. She would stalk forward as he tried to back away her pace matching his until he was backed into a wall. His scent would be pungent to her nose and it would only increase her desire. She would rip his shirt from him not caring if his blood was drawn, the scent of it would only increase her passion.

She would remove his remaining garments as well as her own and then push him to his knees. There she would run a hand through his hair, clenching a fist and taking a firm hold of him. She would stare down at him and make him understand why she was an alpha and that he would now give her the proper respect she deserved. If he did well and pleased her, he would be rewarded…and if not, she would teach him.

A small smirk came to her lips at that thought. The idea of him defiantly staring up at her, challenging her authority. It excited her, for several reasons. Secretly she always wanted to have an alpha male to own her, to make her bend to his desire. At the same time, breaking him…making him submit. That would be wonderful.

"I'm coming for you lover boy…just you wait."


It was so exciting. She loved being on the hunt, the thrill of the chase, the joy of the catch and in this case, the pleasure in her reward. She already had his scent having taken it when she snuggled into his neck earlier and was moving quickly through the familiar path to intercept him. Even as she sprinted from corridor to room back to another corridor she had a bounce in her step. She knew exactly how she would approach him.

She would catch up to him and tackle him in a strong hug before he could try to run. Then she would hold him close and nuzzle him, place her scent on him, mark him as hers. She would nuzzle his cheek, his hands, his neck. She would softly kiss his skin and whisper sweet words to put him at ease. Then she would kiss him.

It would be gentle at first and as she drew out his passion, it would become more intense. Then she would sit back and move him atop her, allow him to take the lead…let him be her alpha male. She didn't mind it and honestly, she wanted it. A strong male figure to raise a family with, what would be wrong about that? Although, at the same time, the idea of taking charge did have its own appeal…she'll have to play it by ear.

"Just you wait Jaune! Nora's coming!"


His heart was racing and with every step he took he could hear its thunderous beat in his ears. His breathing as heavy and sweat was beginning to flow down his neck and sticking to his shirt. He had no idea where he was going and if he could even get out of this place unscathed. Left, right, left, another left then a right, it was too easy to get turned around so he made a simple strategy…just keep going forward.

He ignored the larger spaces he would enter only mildly noting some of the things there. One had food and water, another a table with books, and yet another with what appeared to be a fully usable bedroom. What kind of maze was this? He pushed the question from his mind as he raced onward. Left, right, right, left, left, left, right, right -WALL!

Jaune nearly slammed into the wall before him, his feet sliding across the stone floor due to his momentum. He braced his hands and smacked the cold surface in frustration. "No!"

He needed to backtrack and quickly. Move back to the doorway he came through he found that the stone doorway he had run through seconds before had disappeared. Now he was in a long hallway that seemed to go on far too long for his liking. "No…no-no-no…what kind of maze is this?"

He broke into another run doing his best to ignore the fire growing in his legs as he pushed himself to move even faster than before. Finally, after a minute he came to another doorway to his left which he quickly darted through and turned to resume his initial path of moving forward. One way or another he was going to get out of this maze…at least he thought so until a seed of doubt was planted when he heard a distant voice.

"Come out come out wherever you are! I know you're not far, I can smell your scent all over the place Jaune!"

Fear gripped his heart. It was Yang. He could hear her voice echoing from a distance away but if she could smell him then his chances were worse that he originally thought. Now he needed to be silent and move quickly.

He surged forward again moving as fast as he could allow himself without creating a large level of noise from his feet hitting the stone floor. His mind was already playing tricks on him, making it feel like someone was breathing down his neck with every turn he took. Every time he entered a new room his eyes would now scan for any sort of useful item, something that could be used as a weapon, even a shield.

First room: a table that had some books on it. Nothing of great interest but interestingly, stabbed into the center of the table was a very sharp, ornate looking knife. It was jade in color and had some strange characters etched in it in gold and silver lettering. Moving closer Jaune could see that not only was the blade embedded into the table, but there was a message.

It was hard to make out as it looked like it was done in a hurry and was very faded…worse yet done in a language he couldn't read. No matter, the blade looked sharp and useful, so he reached up and grasped it freeing it with a few quick tugs.

The blade was light in his grip, lighter than he anticipated. Taking a few seconds Jaune slowly rotated the blade allowing himself to see it a bit more up close. It was beautiful…almost as though it didn't really appear to be a melee weapon so much as it was a work of art. His focus on the blade wasn't allowed to last however when another voice echoed through the maze.

"Jaune-Jaune! Where are you? I can smell you, just say a word and I'll join you! We'll have so much fun, I promise!"

He spun on his feet and moved across the room to the next doorway breaking into another run. They were both close now, he needed to hurry. Just how large was this maze? Would he even be able reach the end on time? If he was honest with himself, he didn't know. What he did know is that he wasn't going to just give up and let them do as they wish, not now, not ever.


He was close, she could sense it, she could almost taste him. His scent was strong now. Pungent and raw. He was fearful, filled with adrenaline and ready to run. She could feel her core warming and her own anticipation growing. Slowing to a stop she took a long inhale and let out a slightly ragged gap. Oh yes, he was close indeed. "Oh Jaune…are you ready to lose the game?"


She could almost taste him now, she could almost hear his ragged breathing…a shiver of anticipation washed over her. She was his, she knew it. Just around the corner now. "Jaune…I've found you…don't be upset. We'll have lots of fun getting to know one another."


He made his way into another room stepping slowly doing all he could to not make any sound. The room itself was slightly different than the others. The space was more open and it contained a large plush bed and two dressers all of which look to be quite expensive. Had he stumbled into someone's private chambers? If so he needed to leave, now. Turning his head he found that there were no other exits besides the one he came through…another dead end. "Shit…"

He froze when he heard a soft growl come from behind. He had been found. Slowly his hand tightened its grip around the knife he found. If he had any chance to escape, he would need to fight his way out. Turning without a sound he raised his dagger in the best defensive stance he could manner, his eyes going slightly wide. "…so you found me?"

To be continued:

Authors note:

Hey guys, thanks once again for taking time out of your day to read my work. I know you have a choice in your reading and I am thankful you choose to read mine.

So there were a few interesting things in this chapter. Ruby is clearly masterminding something. Yang and Nora clearly have plans and it seems Winter has made the transition without too much issue. However there still are questions.

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Example, and I'm taking this right out of Les Miserable, If a man steals food this makes him a thief right? What if that food was meant to help a starving family with small children? What if the intention was good? Now we have issues of perspective. On one side we see a thief and the other a man trying to do some good.

Now I know that is a drastic difference from what is happening in the story but it's just a small example. My premise is this. What drives the monsters to do what they do? What would their perspective on everything be? Maybe Ruby is working towards a specific endgame or perhaps from her viewpoint everything being done isn't something truly evil. …Or maybe I just have shoddy writing?

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