Quick Disclaimers!

-Obviously, I never have and never will own Inuyasha unfortunately... I wish I did, though! Would that be fun or what! :D
-The song Kagome sang in Chapter 10 (Kiseki Ai) is "Hello" by Evanescene. I never have and never will own this song.
-In Chapter 12 (Kitsune-Neko Hanyou & Taiji Hoax) and Chapter 13 (Smokey Night) there's a character called Amanda Marcus, she's my friend and story characterizingly speaking, I own her, damnit!
-In Chapter 14 (Unfortunate Suffer), the poem that Amanda Marcus recites in the flashback belongs to the wonderful poem-writer and my very good friend, Amanda Marcus herself! The poem that Inuyasha recited, I wrote myself, so don't laugh at me!
-Well, the song "Everything" by Lifehouse belongs to Lifehouse. Jason Wade is hot... Um, yeah! Anyway! I already put a disclaimer in Chapter 5 (Nanimokamo), but I'm putting one here anyway!

Thanks to:

-Rumiko for writing Inuyasha and creating such a grand series!
-Mandy (Amanda) for letting me use her poem!
-Lifehouse for writing and singing "Everything"! Jason's voice inspires me, he's really hot too!
-Evanescene for writing and singing "Hello"! The lyrics and songs inspire me too.
-All my reviewers! I heart you all, you've been great, some of you demand something, I'll try and give it to you!

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