Chapter 21
Goodbye to You

"Kagome..." Inuyasha whispered. "I'll save you..." He ran as fast as he could, bending over a little to avoid hitting his head.

When Inuyasha came to where Kagome's muffled screams could be heard, a youkai held her with a knife to her neck in a safe room of the tunnel. Kagome breathed heavily and Inuyasha began to snarl. "Let Kagome go... now," Inuyasha exclaimed.

The youkai simply chuckled, its yellow, dagger teeth exposed to Inuyasha. "No..." it replied with a devious tone in it voice. This youkai was red and had markings all over its self. It wore a pair of baggy, black slacks and its black hair swung down to its lower back. The youkai chuckled again; "I'm Kidoban."

"What do you want with Kagome!"

"I only want the shards she's collected... Thanks to this little girl, I was able to get here..." Kidoban held up a red shard between his fingers. "Strong love she has, eh? She's probably feeling so lonely in this world with no one to love her..." The youkai leaned down and whispered something so quietly, not even Inuyasha could here. Kagome could, and it shocked her, as her eyes grew dilated.

"What'd you tell her!"

A sheer, red cloud spun around Kagome and Kidoban. Inuyasha threw the knife and it struck Kidoban in the shoulder. Kidoban screamed out in agony and his eyes released a blinding white light that shined at Inuyasha. He smirked the cloud grew thicker.

"Kagome is mine now," Kidoban's voice echoed, "and she might be more useful to me than just finding heart shards to gather."

The light still blinded Inuyasha and the cloud lifted through the ceiling of the tunnel and left Inuyasha behind. When Inuyasha opened his eyes, Kagome and Kidoban were gone. Inuyasha snarled, Kagome... no... no!

Inuyasha threw a rock down the tunnel, "No!"

Miroku and Sango caught up with Inuyasha and saw that Kagome was most definitely gone. "Inuyasha, calm down," Sango said. "We will get Kagome back."

"No, I will."

"You can't do this on your own, Inuyasha," Miroku said, "you're unstable and enraged. You don't have Tetsusaiga, and you know what'll happen."

"Yeah, why is that," Sango asked.

"Too much attention will be drawn to us, so he left it in some shadows of the small shrine."

"Both of you make an extremely stupid baka," Sango hit both Inuyasha and Miroku upside the head. "If Inuyasha's youkai blood takes control of him, then we're all screwed! What do you do? You leave Tetsusaiga for any human to take! We have to go get it, now."

"Yes, ma'am!" Miroku rushed off and Sango dragged Inuyasha out. "You're not turning into a youkai... and keep your temper under control, you're youki is getting stronger."

Inuyasha growled and his eyes flashed red a little. Sango gave him an evil look pushed him outside. Inuyasha ran to the well as fast as he could, leaving Sango and Miroku behind. Sango called for Kiara--who was waiting near the bar just in case Sango needed her--and as Kiara transformed, Sango jumped on her back, pulling Miroku sitting behind her.


Inuyasha lunged himself into the well and sniffed around. He eagerly sniffed more and more, but he found nothing. He snarled and sliced at the trees surrounding him. He was so frustrated, depressed, angry, confused, and--

"Inuyasha," a voice said from behind him.

Inuyasha spun around, growling. He blinked and the red tint in his eyes drifted a little, "Ki-Kikyou..."

"Why are you searching for that girl if she can't love you?"

"Kagome can love!"

"She can't if she doesn't have the shards..." Kikyou held up a glowing red shard that lit her face.

"Give me that." Inuyasha lunged at Kikyou, but he was launched back by a blue shield protecting Kikyou.

Kikyou stared at him as Inuyasha snarled at her. "You never gave up until that night you let me die."

"Fuck you!"

"Sayonara, Inuyasha..." Kikyou walked off.

Inuyasha lunged at her again, but he was thrown back by Kikyou's shield once more. He watched her disappear until he took out his anger on a slashed tree. He punched a hole through that tree and then knocked it over.

Kaede approached the noise of anger and fury, but only saw Inuyasha. Kaede held out Tetsusaiga and Inuyasha snatched it, attaching it to his waist. All the red that was in his eyes disappeared and Kaede went to him.

"What's wrong, Inuyasha," Kaede asked.

Inuyasha snarled in reply, "Some youkai took Kagome! He said something to Kagome, but I couldn't hear it... She's probably back to a hanyou now anyway..."

"What did this youkai look like? What'd he call himself?"

"He was red with markings all over his bodies... and he had yellow, dagger teeth--"

"He calls himself Kidoban?"

"Hai. What do you know about him! Tell me!"

"Kidoban is a new youkai trying to take over our world. He's gone from village to village, taking hanyou slaves and youkai companions, killing any human he sees. From any that have survived have said that he gathers red shards that appeared from the sky. He calls them miko shards..."

"Where does he return to! Where's his headquarters!"

"No one knows. Gomen, Inuyasha."

"Fuck!" Inuyasha began to walk in circle just as Sango, Miroku, and Kiara came through the well.

"Inuyasha, what happened," Sango asked.

"Kidoban took Kagome," Kaede replied.

"Kidoban," Miroku replied shocked.

"You know him," Inuyasha snarled, taking him by the collar.

"Hai, I heard of his destruction."

"Where does he return to after he destroys the villages!"

"They say he heads west."

"...West..." Inuyasha looked to the west; "We're going to the Western Lands!"

"What about the village," Shippo said, lunging himself from behind Kaede on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"Who gives a fuck? I'm going and if you're not coming, you can't stop me!"

"No way I'm letting you go alone! I'm coming with you to get Kagome," Sango exclaimed, stepping next to him. "If we're heading west, we might run into Kidoban, and if he has Kagome, he's not gonna get away with her. I'm not letting my best friend die."

"If Sango's going, so am I," Miroku stepped in front of Inuyasha. "Kagome's my friend too."

"I'm coming too," Shippo cried, "I don't want to be alone!"

"Then it's settled! We head west at sun rise!"


"A beast to haunt all that fear," said Kidoban in his echo-like voice. "A nightmare to remember forever... A curse that kills the innocent. The storm that finishes the beginning.

"What was dreamed, is now feared. What was happy, is now teared. What was loved, is now alone. This is a curse powered by pain.

"A pain unknown to the young, but known by the helpless. A curse not casted by the dark, but brought upon the light.

"This is a curse, this is the pain. This... is... love."

"Love," Kagome said in hypnotic state.

"Love is terrible, love is only hides the true pain. You must get rid of love."

"Terrible... Pain... Rid..."

"Yes, Kagome... get rid of love. You must hate love. In order to hate love, you must hate Inuyasha."

"Hate love... Hate Inuyasha..."

"Get rid of Inuyasha, get rid of the love! Get rid of the pain!"

"Yes, Kidoban-sama..." Kagome grabbed a black bow and a dozen black arrows filled with instant poison. Kagome's outfit had changed, she now wore a tight, short, black kimono with a pair of black combat boots that went up to her mid shin. Her hair was wrapped up into a high ponytail like Sango's hair did. Her bangs hung above her eyes still, but her eyes were now blank, empty, and unclear.

"If you come across the village, kill all the humans, make the youkai join us, and make the hanyous your slaves..."

"Hai, Kidoban-sama."

"Come across Inuyasha and his little friends, kill them on site."

"Hai, Kidoban-sama."

"Now go, start your journey across the Western Lands, towards the east. You should come across Inuyasha."

"Hai, Kidoban-sama." Kagome was about to leave when a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"If you meet a tall youkai with long white hair, markings upon his face, and a tail over his shoulder like a boa, convince him to join you to destroy Inuyasha. Another youkai will be with him. Destroy her if he refuses while he's out of sight. Make it clean and gather Inuyasha's blood to surround her. That youkai will join you then."

"Hai, Kidoban-sama."

Kidoban gave Kagome a round container. "A monk will be with Inuyasha, and within his right hand is an air void. If he reveals it, open his shell and release the contents. They shall hurt the monk and leave him without his kazaana.

"After the contents have been released, use the shell to gather Inuyasha's blood."

"Hai, Kidoban-sama."

"Go and don't disappoint me."

"Hai, Kidoban-sama."

Kagome left the cave hidden by a barrier and walked east, carrying out her mission.