Pyra and Rex were walking through a grassy field together, trying to find Elysium as it was starting to get dark, with the night coming in as Rex yawned and stretched his arms.

"This walking is pretty good, but man would a good rest be appreciated," Rex stated as he folded his arms together, the urge to rest being on his mind.

"I could cook something up for you." Pyra spoke up as she turned her head to Rex, holding her hands together as she smiled.

"Yeah but we're not at any houses..." Rex commented as he shook his head, facing Pyra.

Pyra blinked as she casually shrugged, rubbing her left face cheek with her hand. "It doesn't mean I can't try."

"Well, I don't have any kitchen utensils on me..." Rex muttered while patting himself to be sure if he any materials on him as both he and Pyra gawked suddenly, with Pyra's stomach growling. "You're hungry too?"

"I... don't think that was of hunger..." Pyra admitted as she placed her right hand on her rumbling belly, with its deep rumbles sounding like a monstrous roar as she then gasped, letting out a fiery fart as she blushed. "Oh my...!"

Rex dropped his jaw in disbelief, having seen the flaming fart escape from Pyra as his eyes widened in shock. "Whoa! I never seen a fart catch on fire before!"

"W-well... I never actually let it out before you... until now," Pyra admitted, being a bit embarrassed that her flatulent outburst sounded like a trombone. "I usually manage to hold it in quite well until you sleep."

"Oh... so how come it doesn't smell?" Rex commented as he sniffed the air, only to cough as he fanned the air. "Ah geeze, never mind! It smells like something's burning!"

"That's probably just me." Pyra admitted as she felt her stomach rumble again, releasing another fiery fart as she could feel how hot they literally were. "Gosh that really burns."

"I'm sure it does! I'd like to have my toot catch on fire sometime!" Rex stated as he then bent over to Pyra, wiggling his eyebrows. "What say you, Pyra? Care to light it up?"

Pyra's eyes shrunk as her blush got bigger, making her sweat nervously as she became hotter. "Oh good lord, Rex! Get a hold of your-" She wasn't able to finish as she felt a big bassy fart explode out of her in the literal sense since there was a huge blast of flames to accompany her fart gas blast.

Rex began to laugh heartily as he couldn't control himself, managing to ignore the burning smell of Pyra's farting as the blade was quite embarrassed from this whole situation, with things only going to stink for her further...